Indian Wedding Table Layouts To Inspire Your Big Day

Whether you are planning a traditional Indian wedding, or just want a bright and vibrant theme for your wedding, these Indian wedding table layouts will give you all the inspiration you need for your big day…

Warm Oranges


(Photo source:

This warm orange and fuchsia table setup is a wonderful choice for any bride-to-be looking for a vibrant and colorful edge. The towering bouquet centerpieces  add detail and romance, whilst the lime cushion covers add a beautiful contrast.

Top tip: Compliment warm-hued table cloths with gold cutlery.

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Golden OrangeOcean Blue

Handpainted round floral tablecloth, Saree border table runners, hand embroidered pillow cover

Arabian Banquet Table


(Photo source:

Deep purples and classic Arabian prints make this more of a quirky choice for any Indian wedding. The glitzy gold table cloth and light up letters keep it fun and modern.

Top tip: Drape table runners, cloths or wall hangs behind a display table for a stunning color clash.

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Exotic Oriental table runner, velvet floral embroidered table runner, luxurious artistry table runner

Pink & Peonies


(Photo source:

Whether you are having a floor banquet or traditional seating arrangement, this pink and orange set up is pretty and colorful. Best of all, it mixes traditional elements of Indian design with more modern ones.

Peonies are a wonderful traditional Asian flower and are a fantastic option for Spring and Summer Indian weddings.

Top tip: Purchase table runners and napkins in the same print, then alternate them across the table.

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Damask style elegant table runner, floral paisley placemats, hand painted deluxe accent pillow cover

Orange & Aqua


(Photo source:

We love contrasting colors in any situation and this combination of turquoise and orange has to be one of the prettiest we’ve ever seen!

Don’t even get us started on the elephant and flower centerpieces, they are literally a work of art!

Top tip: If you can’t find a sheer patterned table cloth, use confetti or sequins to create a similar contrast.

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Hand embroidered rectangular table cloth and tropical floral placemats

Floral Wonderland


(Photo source:

We are not sure which incredible florist created this incredible set-up, but we want their number!

Deep purples, shimmering gold and pops of aqua make this Indian wedding table layout straight out of A Midsummer Night’s Dream.

Top tip: Place a table runner horizontally across the table under each place. Top with plates and glass.

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Hand embroidered table runner and luxurious artistry table runner

Spring Hues


(Photo source:

Apple green and demure coral make this table layout a fantastic option for a Spring or Summer wedding.

Bowls of fruit, vintage etched glasses and printed plates give it the picnic vibe that is great for outdoor weddings.

Top tip: contrast plain glass vases with etched and patterned drinking glasses.

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Velvet sparkle table runner and shimmering spiral hand embroidered placemats

Regal Elegance


(Photo source:

Indian wedding table layouts are known for their regal edge, but this one truly takes the crown (pardon the pun)!

Rich oranges and shimmering golds surround one of the most stunning center pieces we have ever come across. We adore the matching flower candle holders too!

Top tip: Adorn your table with various runners of the same color for a stunning mix of embellishments.

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Golden OrangeRustic Orange

Saree border table runner and hand painted deluxe table runner

Center Statement


(Photo source:

With floral center pieces like this why wouldn’t you let them be the focal point?

This wedding set-up remains chic and simple, allowing all the attention to be on those beautiful blooms.

Top tip: Pair beige-toned creams with gold or gray-toned creams with silver.

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Ornamental embroidered tablecloth and exotic Oriental table runner

Cool Blues


(Photo source:

Warm hued Indian wedding table layouts may seem unsuitable for a Winter themed wedding. Luckily, this stunning blue and green table layout is perfect for Winter weddings!

Sparkling glass candle holders resemble ice, whilst branch-y centerpieces make this table layout feel like a Winter wonderland.

Top tip: Add pops of beige and neutral hues to tone down this color combination.

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Velvet sparkle rectangular tablecloth and hand embroidered table runner

Which of these Indian wedding table layouts is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below.


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20 Indian Inspired Rooms You’ll Fall In Love With

Looking to give your home an essence of the exotic? You’re in luck! Here’s 20 Indian inspired rooms that you are guaranteed to fall in love with…

1.The true blue


(Photo source:

This blue dream will make a wonderful addition to any hallway or outdoor area. The combination of dark wooden furniture and printed blue cushions makes this Indian inspired room is totally gorgeous.

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Chic jacquard table runner, damask pillow cover, jacquard paisley pillow covers

2. The Warm & Traditional


(Photo source:

Looking for a more traditional Indian inspired room? This bedroom is sure to add an authentic essence of India to your home!

Deep tawny reds and burnished oranges make it the perfect decor to warm you up on those cold days. Carved wooden details and an array of Indian prints prove that there is never such a thing as too much detail!

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Ocean Blue

Ornamental embroidered table cloth, hand embroidered 7 piece duvet cover set

3. The bathroom that’s straight out of a palace


(Photo source:

This bathroom looks like it’s been copied and pasted from a luxurious resort!

A clean white sink and live greenery are a wonderful and modern contrast to a traditional gilded mirror and pendant.

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Luxurious artistry table runner

4. The New Modern


(Photo source:

After Indian inspired rooms with an eclectic twist? Look no further than this living room.

The bright pops of colors and pop art prints make this room the perfect combination of 60s chic and Indian luxe.

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Solid geometric pillow covers, damask throw pillow covers

5. The exotic lobby


(Photo source:

The deep purple walls and cut-out nook make this room scream ‘traditional India’.

Luxurious velvets and burnished gold accessories add to the regal essence of this room.

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Elegant dahlia pillow cover, deluxe accent pillow cover, Arabian velvet table runner

6. #SplashbackGoals


(Photo source:

This Indian inspired kitchen splash-back takes this kitchen from cute to quirky.

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Luxurious artistry table runner

7. The Boho Bliss


(Photo source:

The combination of colors and prints in this boho bedroom are perfectly balanced.

This is a fantastic example of how Indian inspired rooms can be both traditionally inspired and on-trend.

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BlueOcean BlueGold

Hand embroidered 7 piece duvet cover set, floral embroidered throw pillow cover, hand painted deluxe accent pillow cover

8. The Hot Pink


(Photo source:

Hot oranges and pinks majorly clash with lime green in the best possible way.

The sheer fuchsia curtain makes this room a fantastic option for a teenage girl.

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GoldOcean Blue

Luxurious artistry table runner, hand painted deluxe accent pillow cover, floral embroidered pillow cover

9. The New Traditional


(Photo source:

Fresh bricks and orange cushions make are the perfect combination in this dreamy indoor-outdoor set-up. Live greenery makes a wonderful contrast.

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Golden OrangeOrangeBlack

Saree border table runner, paisley embroidered pillow cover, solid geometric pillow covers

10. The minimalist


(Photo source:

The carved headboard adds a wonderful ethnic essence to this trendy minimalist bedroom.

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Coffee Brown

Hand embroidered throw pillow cover

11. The secret garden


(Photo source:

You don’t need a garden to have a beautiful outdoor area! Exhibit A: this Indian inspired, cacti-dotted balcony.

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Floral embroidered pillow cover, game of chess pillow cover

12. The haute hippy


(Photo source:

This living room is a total bohemian dream!

A traditional Indian sofa and gilded mirrors add a beautiful Eastern essence to this colorful boho living room.

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Hand painted deluxe floral table runner, jacquard damask pillow cover

13. The loft bed


(Photo source:

Add Indian embellishments and prints to a loft bed to give it a quirky, bohemian edge.

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Rustic OrangeSilver

Hand painted floral rectangular table cloth, exotic Oriental pillow cover

14. The cozy reading nook


(Photo source:

Comforting shades of red and stunning drapes make this reading nook the perfect space to cuddle up with a good book.

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Golden OrangeGoldBlack & Gold

Saree border table runner, hand painted deluxe floral pillow cover, hand embroidered brocade pillow cover

15. The cute corner


(Photo source:

Cut-out wooden furniture and solid oak pieces make this corner a talking point of any room.

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Vibrant floral pillow cover, elegant dahlia pillow cover

16. The actual masterpiece


(Photo source:

This veranda is so stunning that it deserves its own symphony!

An Indian-style structure surrounded by a lush green entrance makes this set-up a total utopia.

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Hand painted floral table cloth

17. The elephant embellished


(Photo source:

Elephant printed accessories and printed mandalas go together like strawberries and cream.

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Hand painted 7 piece duvet cover set, floral embroidered pillow cover

18. The banquet


(Photo source:

When it comes to Indian inspired rooms, the more bright colors the better!

This table set-up will make every meal feel like a celebratory banquet.

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BeigeJacquard Floral Table RunnerRustic Orange

Hand embroidered table runner, jacquard floral table runner, hand embroidered 7 piece place mat set, hand painted floral table cloth

19. The draped damsel


(Photo source:

This bedroom is what we’d imagine the inside of a genie’s lamp to look like!

Luxurious drapes and jewel tones make this bedroom a stunning set up that will never go out of style.

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Exotic Oriental pillow covers

20. The dream bath


(Photo source:

A bath with drapes? Yes please.

Take your home a little bit closer to a royal palace with this stunning set-up.

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Velvet sparkle throw pillow cover, paisley embroidered pillow cover

Ready to give your home an Indian inspired makeover? Browse our range of Indian inspired home decor today!


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How To Create An Indian Inspired Living Room

Creating an Indian inspired living room is all about mixing traditional Indian decor traditions with more modern architectural elements.

An Indian themed living room is a wonderful way to add an exotic touch to your home. Today we show you how to incorporate traditional Indian decor techniques into your living room.

Add a Jhoola


(Photo source:

A Jhoola is a traditional Indian swing that can be found in traditional and contemporary Indian decor alike. The Jhoola dates back generations and is most commonly found in South Indian homes.

Although Jhoolas are traditionally made with bamboo, more modern versions are made of wood and metal.

A Jhoola will make a fantastic alternative to a sofa. Add an array of Indian printed pillow covers for an instant Indian inspired living room.

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A printed table cloth will give your Jhoola a traditional Indian edge. Team with cool-hued printed pillow covers for a modern Indian inspired look.

Ocean BlueOcean BlueBlue

Ornamental embroidered table cloth, floral embroidered pillow cover, jacquard damask pillow cover

Opt For Floor Cushions


(Photo source:

In traditional Indian homes most families ate their dinner on the floor. Oversized floor cushions are a fantastic way to add comfort to this tradition.

Opt for a low-lying wooden table with artisan or carved detailing. When Indian homes first began to incorporate furniture, the pieces were low-lying and placed on woven floor carpets. Bolsters, which are long, sausage shaped pillows in traditional Saree fabric, were often styled alongside the furniture.

To create a modern Indian inspired living room, place your wooden table on a printed table runner and add printed pillow covers.

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To recreate this purple and blue Indian inspired living room, opt for cool-toned hand embellished pillow covers and compliment with a gold table runner.

Golden OrangeCoffee BrownGoldSilverBlue

Saree border table runner, hand embroidered throw pillow cover, hand painted deluxe accent pillow cover, exotic oriental pillow coverornamental embroidered pillow cover


Add Wall Hangs


(Photo source:

Wall hangs are a wonderful way to add a modern Indian edge to a home with white or neutral walls.

The exotic oriental table runner will add a regal Indian element to any home.


Clash Your Colors


(Photo source:

Traditional Indian livings rooms incorporate a wide array of clashing, vibrant colors. Popular tones include cerulean, mauve, magenta, brown, orange and orange-red.

Create an impressive statement by placing clashing colors next to each other. For example, an orange throw will look fantastic topped with purple and blue pillow covers.

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These clashes are key to a stunning Indian inspired living room


Hand painted table cloth and floral paisley placemats


Exotic Oriental table runner and elegant dahlia pillow cover

Carved Furniture


(Photo source:

Carved furniture is commonly found in traditional Indian homes. Furniture carving became a key element of Indian artistic traditions during the rise of the Mughals and the Raj. Alongside this, pottery, sculpting, hand printed textiles, embroidery and crochet all became synonymous with Indian art.

Carved wooden sofas and tables are a wonderful way to incorporate this tradition into your home.

If you opt for a carved wooden sofa, add an element of comfort with traditional Indian printed pillow covers.

Artisan Fabrics


(Photo source:

Hand spun fabrics are another Indian art and decor tradition. As a matter of fact, India is famous for its beautiful, hand-crafted fabrics.

Artisan fabrics can be incorporated into an Indian style living room in several ways. Firstly, hand embroidered or hand beaded fabrics can be used to add detail to sofas, tables and walls.

Secondly, hand spun silks and fabrics can be added as curtains or as statement drapes.

We recommend adding detail to your living room through traditional Indian table runners, table cloths and printed table runners.

Types Of Indian Artisan Fabrics

Hand Painting

Rustic Orange

Hand painted deluxe accent pillow cover, hand painted floral table runner, hand painted tissue box cover


Black & GoldBlack & White

Hand embroidered brocade pillow cover, hawthorn leaf table runner, embroidered leaf place mats


King Blue

Hand embroidered throw pillow cover, hand embroidered table runner, hand embroidered table cloth

Want to give your entire home an Indian makeover? Here’s how to create an Indian bedroom.

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7 Beautiful Indian-Inspired Bedrooms

Indian-Inspired decor is colorful, exotic and timeless. From luxurious embroidered detailing, to silky fabrics and chunky wooden furniture, Indian decor is as versatile as it is stunning.

If you are not already a fan of Indian style decor, I can bet my bottom dollar that you will be by the end of this post! Here’s seven beautiful Indian-inspired bedrooms that we want to copy pronto!

All About Those Shapes



(Photo Source:

Anyone who has ever visited India, or even watched a Bollywood movie, will know that Indian decor is all about contrasting architectural shapes.

This bed head is a perfect example of taking something quintessentially Indian and making it modern. The pointed dome shapes is reminiscent of Indian palaces. The classic lanterns add further to this traditional element.

The embroidered bedding is luxurious and versatile in equal part due to its monochrome palette.

Get The Indian-Inspired Look

To recreate this monochromatic, Indian-inspired bedroom, use our white hand embroidered duvet cover on your bed. Use our hand embroidered table runner for a printed contrast.


Genie’s Palace


(Photo Source:

This decor looks like what we would imagine the inside of a genie’s bottle to look like!

Sloped ceilings add a further air of luxury to gold-embellished oranges and royal purples.

Get The Indian-Inspired Look

This one is all about contrast! Get a stunning purple base with our hand painted duvet cover set. Next, add an orange clash with our saree border table runner. Finally, pull it all together with orange and purple pillow covers.

Golden OrangeSilverYellow

Simple & Modern


(Photo Source:

60s bohemian style became popular after icons such as The Beatles visited India. After falling in love with the atmosphere, they brought back these patterns and decor styles to the Western world.

The simple bedroom above is a wonderful example of Indian-inspired boho decor. Embellished, purple bedding is surrounded by clean white drapes and walls. Western wooden furniture is clashed with artisan-style foot stools. This truly is the best of both worlds.

Get The Indian-Inspired Look

Contrast clean whites and vibrant purples. Top a white bed frame with the hand painted duvet cover in purple. Add printed blue or purple pillow covers, such as the hand embroidered pillow cover on your bed and any bedroom furniture.

Coffee Brown

Burnished Palace


(Photo Source:

Who wouldn’t want to live here? The lavish and detailed architectural design of the room is enhanced by carved walls, hanging drapes and detailed wooden furniture.

The fabric is a dark, moody palette of maroon, orange and burnished browns. Although this may seem understated, the detailed nature and prints of the fabric make it work wonderfully.

Get The Indian-Inspired Look

To recreate this warm and earthy bedroom, opt for bedding, pillow covers and rugs in burnished orange, maroon and brown hues.  We recommend the hand painted duvet cover set, hand embroidered brocade pillow covers and hawthorn leaf table runner.

Bold & Bright


(Photo Source:

If the contrast of the Indian-domed doorway and the wooden ceiling wasn’t enough, add turquoise into the mix and it becomes a masterpiece.

The bedding itself is kept relatively simple and uses accents of warm hues to compliment the carved wood details  on the ceiling and windows.

Get The Indian-Inspired Look

This one is all about those pops of fun, Summery colors. Go for coral pillow covers, such as our hand embroidered pillow cover. If you don’t feel like painting your walls deep turquoise, use the ornamental embroidered table cloth to create this stunning contrast.

Ocean Blue

Haute Hippy

(Photo Source:

This one is all about the accessories. However, the kale green walls and floor inevitably make those colorful accessories pop.

Nonetheless, an aurora of colors and patterns make this bedroom the ultimate gypsy dream. Hanging lanterns and fairy lights make it look effortlessly thrown together.

Get The Indian-Inspired Look

This aurora of color is a perfect example of ‘more is more’ boho decor. Make it yours with the stunning azure hand painted duvet cover set. Next, opt for contrasting printed pillow covers in contrasting warm hues. We recommend: hand painted deluxe accent pillow cover, floral embroidered pillow covers and elegant dahlia pillow covers.

GoldOcean Blue

Demurely Done


(Photo Source:

Indian decor can be demure! This bright, yet feminine combination is perfect for Vintage lovers.

Although the color combination is a little unusual, the embroidered fabrics make it work wonders!

Get The Indian-Inspired Look

This soft array of apricots, azure and apple green is a total dream. To make it a reality in your home, layer up table runners as bed runners to create a multi-tonal look. We recommend the saree border table runner  & luxurious artistry table runner. Next, add printed pillow covers in the same combination. The floral embroidered pillow covers are great for adding that turquoise hue to your home.

Golden OrangeGoldOcean Blue

Love Indian-style boho decor? Check out these dreamy boho kitchens…

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A Beginners Guide To Indian Ethnic Decor

Indian Ethnic decor has been a popular trend in homes all around the world since the 1970s. From vibrant bohemian mandalas, to burnished metal accents, Indian style decor is always vibrant and uplifting.

Looking to give your home a warming uplift this winter? Indian ethnic decor has the ability to create a snug, zen atmosphere that has an air of exoticism that will completely transform your home. Best of all, Indian ethnic decor never goes out of fashion.

Here’s our beginners guide to giving your home that ethnic Indian edge…

Indian Ethnic Decor For The Bedroom

Make It Vibrant


Indian decor is known for its vibrancy, so opt for warm tones in their brightest, such as crimson red, hot magenta and deep carmine. Choose fabrics with fine, handcrafted embellishments to keep it looking traditional. Hand painted floral details, paisley prints, sequins and embroidery are all wonderful choices.

This bedroom above looks like it has been taken from a traditional palace, with intricately carved bedheads and draped curtains. Despite its lavishness, this room is surprisingly easy to recreate. Begin by adorning your bed with the hand painted floral duvet cover set. Next, add the ornamental blossom table runner along the foot of the bed to add some classic paisley prints. Finally, adorn the head of the bed with the hand painted deluxe accent pillow covers in red and pink.


Use Wall Hangings


(Photo Source:

Forget expensive artworks, wall hangings are a cheap, yet effective way to make your walls more interesting. Opt for one large hanging for a statement look, or, if you fancy something a bit more modern and fun, opt for three long and thin hangs in a line.

The rustic and earthy palette of the above photo can easily be recreated with the exotic oriental table runner,  the glamorous border table runner and the saree border table runner.

Beige & Maroon

Indian Ethnic Decor For The Living Room

Create Contrasts


(Photo Source:

For a modern Indian ethnic vibe, contrast a clean, white base with pops of pattern and color. The clean white walls and sofa create a soothing zen element, whilst adornments of traditional Indian prints in cushions, paintings and table runners ensure it looks quintessentially Indian.

Recreate this look by giving your plain sofa an uplift with printed cushion covers. We recommend the floral embroidered pillow cover and the hand embroidered brocade pillow cover.

Go For Hanging Lanterns


(Photo Source:

How beautiful is this aurora of colors and prints? The wonderful thing about Indian ethnic decor is that you can combine as many colors and patterns as your heart desires!

One easy way to add an element of India to your home is to hang some mosaic lanterns from the ceiling. As well as giving your home that massive ‘wow factor’, the lanterns will also act as mood lighting.

Opt For Natural Materials


(Photo Source:

Natural fibers are the perfect choice for Indian ethnic decor. Weaved water hyacinth fabric makes a fabulous neutral canvas for the bright fabrics that are the epitome of this trend. Stone, wood and woven bamboo are all great choices too.

Indian Ethnic Decor For The Dining Room

Go For Decorated Table Runners


When it comes to your dining table, the more colors, patterns and embellishments, the better! Rich purple hues will give your kitchen a regal feel, whilst gold adornments will ensure that every meal time feels like a celebration!

For this rich purple decor, begin by layering your dining table with the hand embroidered table cloth in purple. Add stunning sparkle with the exotic oriental table runner.  Opt for contrasting orange plates for a wonderfully uplifting juxtaposition and top with silver bowls. Add another colorful element by using our floral embroidered placemats as napkins.

Create an even more impressive centerpiece by adorning your runner with antique silver candle holders and vases and add tinted glass candle holders.


Adorn With Ethnic Candles


(Photo Source:

Whether you want to give your home a little injection of Indian ethnic decor, or want to go all-out, detailed candles are a wonderful addition to your kitchen. Opt for ethnic patterns, beading details, stained glass and burnished metal for a real ethnic injection.

Candles are a wonderful centerpiece for dining and coffee tables alike, plus: they ensure your kitchen smells great!


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