15 Stylish Ways To Use A Table Runner

On first glance, table runners may seem to be limited to fancy dinner parties, dining table-scapes and the odd picnic, but do not be fooled! These items are absolute gold when it comes to decorating! What if I told you that there were five stunning ways to use table runners in your bedroom alone? Yep: you got it!

Whether you want to uplift your lounge room or add a colorful edge to your office, here’s 15 unique and stylish ways to use a table runner. So get those table runners out of your linen closet and have a go at recreating some of these!

In The Bedroom

A Boho Wall Hang


Who needs a fancy bed head when a table runner can create just as stunning an effect? To recreate this look, blue tack your table runner above the center of your bed, securing with blue tack all the way down.

For my room, I used the exotic oriental table runner in purple and complimented with hand embroidered pillow covers in black and gold.

A Runner For Your Vanity


A retro-print table runner will finish off your vanity to perfection! Plus: if you spill makeup, you can wash it and not sacrifice ruining your wooden furniture.

I gave my dresser a shabby-chic edge with the jacquard paisley table runner in purple.

A Bed Footer


You know the ugly part where your mattress meets your bed stand? Hide it with a table runner. Simply tuck in the top edge of the runner under your mattress for a regal look.

This exotic oriental table runner gives your bed that luxury edge.

A Bed Runner


A table runner is a cheaper alternative to a defined bed runner and looks almost identical.

I clashed this mandala print table runner with my mandala print bedding for a look that’s oh-so-boho. The hand embroidered pillow covers in black and gold adds some extra boho luxe.

In The Living Room

A Statement Throw


Break up a long or square sofa with a printed table runner. Compliment plain sofas with vibrant patterns, or tone down an overly-brash sofa with a solid-colored runner.

Keeping in line with the beach theme of my living room, I lifted my knit-grey sofa base with the suitably oceanic chic jacquard table runner. I injected a bit more tropicana with a stunning pair of floral embroidered pillow covers.

Ocean Blue

A Messy Shelf Hideaway


We all have that shelf in our home that is choc-o-block full of absolute random junk. If it’s things you really do need, you can hide it away from eager eyes with the simple addition of a table runner.

The chic jacquard table runner hides mine and my partners mess to a tee!

A Sofa Topper


If you want to add a simple embellishment to your sofa, add your runner to the very top!

I kept things simple and creamy with the hand embroidered table runner and made things a bit more boho with a jacquard damask pillow and a jacquard paisley pillow cover.


A Furniture Makeover


This old set of drawers NEEDS to go! But until we can afford a stunning TV unit, this chic jacquard table runner makes it look far more presentable!

A Rug


Me and my partner are not exactly electricians, hence the huuuuge, whopping, argghhh-look-at-it power cord running all the way down the room. What cord, I hear you ask? Well, this one has being chic-ly masked by the jacquard floral table runner. Yep: they make great rugs too!

A Breezy Window Blocker


Long, tall windows are about as 80s as Tina Turner’s hair. Give them an oomph by hanging a table runner over them. Extra points if your runner is an exact fit to your table!

The hand embroidered table runner lets the light through, whilst minimizing the chance of neighbors seeing me in my bloomers.


In The Kitchen


Our kitchen table isn’t exactly as hot as Channing Tatum. But with the simple addition of the deluxe floral table runner, it’s a fair Zac Efron.

Rustic Orange

Everywhere Else

A Boho Nook


A chill out area next to an office may seem crazy to you, but I adore it! Create a simple, but stunning, boho hangout by attaching and draping runners from the ceiling or walls.

To create my nook, I draped the embroidered floral table runner across the corner and highlighted with the jacquard floral table runner. The exotic oriental pillow covers really complimented the burnished color scheme.

A Hallway Rug


Before the addition of this damask-style elegant table runner, my hallway was about as interesting as a broken kettle.

A Chair Topper


Believe me when I say that you do NOT want to see this chair sans runner. A printed runner and pair of printed cushions are a comfy way to upgrade your office chair!

This ugly duckling became a swan thanks to the floral embroidered table runner and exotic oriental pillows! Pssst- spot the cute tissue box cover!

Rustic Orange

A Beanbag Cover


It’s official: you can throw a table runner on any cosy area and make it instantly look chic! The jacquard floral runner makes this beanbag look expensive!

Time to get those runners out and let the fun begin!




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Safari Inspired Homes

When it comes to life bucket lists, an African safari is inevitably a popular occurrence. But if you can’t afford to fly to Cape Town for a face-to-face rendezvous with Lions and Zebras, we have a second option for you: Safari-style home decor!

Lashings of rich wooden tones, animal prints and vibrant, tribal patterns make African-inspired decor a sure-fire way to add a warm, exotic edge to your home all year round!

Today we show you how to style Safari-inspired home decor in every room in your home!



(Photo Source: gypsyyaya.com)
This bedroom is all about taking something raw and plain and adding an abundance of texture and color! The clashing colors and prints of the bed throws make it look very raw and undone, and the even more vibrant printed cushions add to this look. The touch of animal print through the zebra cushions makes it quintessentially African, which compliments the raw bed ends. The plethora of artisan pieces and pottery above the bed ensures that all of the focus is solely on the area of the room containing the bed. The lace curtains add an air of femininity, which compliments the African themed decor beautifully. Despite the large amount of adornments in this room, it still looks clean due to the white falls and floor and natural fabric furniture.

Get The Look

Coffee Brown

Arabian velvet table runner

Hand embroidered brocade pillow cover



(Photo Source: pier1.com)

The hallway is often the part of the room that we don’t put enough effort it! But, if done right, it can really set off the over-all look of your home, especially if your hallway is directly behind the front door!

African-themed decor ensures you receive a warm welcome every time you enter your home. Terracotta tiles are stunningly complimented by an Aztec-printed carpet, which is beautifully adorned by a vibrantly printed cushion. Wooden animal statues add an air of safari to an otherwise plain wooden table, whilst carved mirrors turn the hallway into an African hallway. Faux flowers in a weaved basket incorporate warm, red tones into the hallway, which warms up the color scheme even more.

Get The Look

Oriental blossom table runner

Floral embroidered pillow cover

Living Room


(Photo Source: homedit.com)
Who knew that such harsh fabrics could look so fresh? Grey floors are given a funky edge with a chartreuse rug. Animal prints and black marble tables make a welcome clash, whilst complimenting the darker floor. Tan leather sofas scream Africa, especially when they are adorned with lashings of brown, tribal printed cushions! But the perfect finishing touch? Those beautiful leafy greens that shade the living room window!

Get The Look

Jacquard damask pillow cover

Solid geometric pillow cover

Velvet sparkle rectangular tablecloth




(Photo Source: cdn.decoist.com)

Ethnic, rustic and minimal, all rolled into one, this African-inspired kitchen would look at home in many abodes! Classic, wooden tables and chairs are given a minimalist ethnic edge with a fringe table throw. The burnished metal vase and flowers make another lovely juxtaposition. However, the real stand-out aspect of this room has to be those stunning, weaved artisan wall hangs!

Get The Look


Chic jacquard table runner

Paisley leaf placemats

Outdoor Area


(Photo Source: bohemianshoebox.tumblr.com)

With outdoor areas like these, who needs to take a vacation? This beautiful, undercover area is some kind of natural pagoda surrounded by giant branches and leafy bushes. Perhaps the most African element is the furniture, which quite literally looks like Artisan sculptures. The colorful and vibrant aspects of African culture are brought in by printed cushions n an array of warm orange and red tones. How cute are the elephant print cushions? The colors are enhanced by the fabric draping that cascades from the center of the roof. The result? This warm, uplifting and artistic outdoor area!

Get The Look

Beige & Maroon

Glamorous border table runner

Ornamental embroidered throw pillow cover

Modern two accent pillow cover



(Photo Source: bloglovin.com)

We have never ever seen printed walls and floors that look this classy and expensive! Sticking to a monochrome palette and understated, geometric prints, this wall and floor clash is anything but unsightly! Add some natural textured baskets in hickory and peanut shades, and it becomes oh-so-quintessentially African! The faux leaves add a much welcome touch of the outdoors, whilst burnished metal taps make it just the right amount of rustic. However, what we are really drooling over is this intricately, printed rug: Yes please!

Get The Look


Shimmering spiral placemats

Arabian velvet table runner

Are you a fan of African artisan decor? Which of these Safari Inspired rooms would you like in your home?



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Rustic Home Decor: The Fail-safe Guide

When thinking of rustic home decor, what images flood to mind? Burnished metal? Lashings of unpolished wood? Or perhaps exposed brick and ceiling beams? Despite its popularity in the recent years, rustic home decor is a term that is, in itself, hard to define. The Oxford Dictionary defines rustic decor as decorating in ‘A plain and simple fashion, in particular made of untrimmed branches or rough timber.’ (Source)

Despite the obsession with the ultra polished Scandi minimalist trend, there seems to be an air of rustic that is gaining popularity and pushing the more ‘pretty and perfect’ look to the sidelines.

Looking to give your home a rustic edge? Read on for our fail-safe guide on how to achieve that rustic look…

Warm & Wooden Color Palettes

rustic home decor

(Photo Source: architectureartdesigns.com)

Think about the last time you strolled through a sunshine-filled, Summer forest. Take these colors and mold them into your home decor. Warm, oak browns, leafy greens, river greys and the blue of the Summer sky are all commonly used in rustic decor. The general rule of thumb is to stick to a mostly neutral palette, then bring in hints of soft color to add a natural edge.

As for textures, the more the merrier, just ensure you keep them more towards the natural side of the spectrum. The inspiration photo above has a beautifully balanced amount of lighter and darker neutral tones and the darker wooden ceiling and floors really adds to the warm, rustic atmosphere.

We Recommend

Bring in little pops of color to your neutral palette with our printed pillow covers.

Floral embroidered pillow cover

Jacquard damask pillow cover

Burnished Metals


(Photo Source: minimalisti.com)

Burnished metals are a must when it comes to getting that rustic look! Opt for metal pieces that look worn in copper, rose gold and antique silver shades.

This bathroom takes the burnished metal trend to a whole new level with a copper bathtub! Although it may be a little too much metal for some, we can’t deny that it looks absolutely stunning against the exposed brick walls.

If large chunks of metal are not your thing, opt for statement embellishments in burnished metal, such as vases, hanging lights and Moroccan-style lanterns.

Natural Textures

rustic dining room

(Photo Source: wakecares.com)

If it’s from the earth, it belongs in your rustic home! Marble, wood, bamboo, wool and brick are all huge a huge yes when it comes to this trend. The best part? Nothing is too much! Simply keep your palette fairly neutral and throw in as many natural textures and building materials as you like.

This open plan kitchen, dining and living room is what rustic dreams are made of. Exposed brick walls, a wooden table and floor and bamboo chairs give it that soft and homely ‘thrown together’ look.  The mish-mash of textures works especially well as the room stays towards the light beige-y end of the neutral palette, meaning more textures can be clashed without it looking cluttered.

The dining area is cleverly separated from the rest of the open-plan design by a carpeted floor. The dining area itself is kept tidy and polished through a raw wooden table and bamboo chairs in very similar beige shades. A simple table runner brings in the tonal elements of the living room, whilst remaining relatively simple.

We Recommend

Decorate your table with natural textures and tones to add detail, but not overpower your dining room.

Black & White

Hawthorn leaf table runner


Shimmering spiral hand embroidered placemats

Exposed Building Materials

rustic bedroom

(Photo Source: housely.com)

Rustic decor is all about the raw and unfinished, so if you have an exposed brick wall or wooden beams, use them to your advantage! No plastering needed! As well as saving you your precious earnings, exposed building materials give an air of something vintage and  cottage-y.

Take the stunning rustic living room above as a prime example. The exposed brick feature wall makes a stunning contrast to the rather lavish four poster bed, with dark polished wood. This air of luxury is carried on through the house in more dark polished wooden furniture and textured rugs. The exposed beams come with an air of Tudor to them and give across the vibe of a snug and homely country cottage.

When using exposed bricks in your home, particularly the bedroom, I would suggest having one feature wall. An entire room of exposed brick risks feeling cold and messy.

We Recommend

Exposed brick walls provide the perfect backdrop for a lavish and over-stated bed, so add silky textures, hand embroidery details and subtle patterns to your hearts’ content.

Hand embroidered duvet cover set

Solid geometric pillow cover

Elegant dahlia pillow cover

Are you a fan of rustic home decor? Let us know in the comments below…




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7 AMAZING Nautical homes to copy

Home decor trends come and go, but there are some that can truly stand the test of time. One of those trends is nautical. Uplifting, colorful, and full of positive, wanderlust-filled vibes, a nautical themed home has been a popular choice for the last few decades. Whether you live near the beach or simply which for a seaside lifestyle, this sailor-esque theme is sure to turn your home into a relaxing mecca.

With Summer on the way, what better time to inject that touch of nautical into your abode? Today we share seven of our favorite decked-out nautical homes.


(Photo Source: homedecorscoops.com)

The perfect balance of rustic and minimal, this living room swaps the more common palette of navy and red for something softer. Neutral bases with pops of cheery mint make for something truly timeless. Rustic details such as a cracked paint table and an old lamp give it more of a homely vibe. This is truly somewhere that you can put your feet up and relax in style.

Get The Look

Printed mint-hued cushions add an air of tropical seas to an otherwise neutral color scheme.

Damask throw pillow cover

Exotic oriental pillow cover

(Photo Source: nauticaldecor.info)

Rather than opting for bright blue walls, go for a pale blue duck egg. Bright white window frames will give across the air of being in a boat. Timeless white sofas and wooden furniture are a stylish way to say ‘ahoy there matey’, whilst nautical-specific decor such as ropes, boats and driftwood will polish the theme off perfectly. The main talking point of this room? That patterned blue rug.

Get The Look

Rather than forking out big bucks on a carpet, add a nautical flourish to your floor with our damask style table runner



Does your little boy want to be a pirate? If so, this nautical bunker room is made for them! A wooden bed frame can easily be turned into a first mates camp with some royal blue bedding. Add some legitimate boat items to the wall, such as a rope ladder and life ring and watch him go ‘wow’!

Get The Look


Hand embroidered 7 piece duvet cover set

(Photo Source: gonautical.com)

Now that’s what we call a kitchen with a view!! This dark marble table top is the perfect contrast to the white base and chairs. Aqua serviettes and jugs add a touch of the ocean too.

Get The Look

Create the contrast of a dark table top by adorning your table with our hand embroidered table runner.

Then add a splash of aquatic blue with our elegant color block placemats.


(Photo Source: hamptons-magazine.com)

It doesn’t get more nautical than the trio of red, white and navy! Top your cushions with contrasting printed cushions for a really vibrant look. Keep the walls and furniture white and let those sofas do the talking.

Get The Look

A combination of navy, red and white cushions are an instant win.

Solid geometric pillow cover

Modern two tone accent pillow cover


(Photo Source: completelycoastal.com)

If the thought of anchors and buoys is waaaay too loud for your taste, perhaps this sophisticated bedroom is more up your alley. Simple and clean, the cream and beige bedding really pops fro the dark navy walls. The nautical theme is really embodied by the large painting hanging over the bead head. This is nautical done minimalist style.

Get The Look

Create a creamy base with a luxurious, embroidered bedding set. The hand embroidered duvet cover set is a perfect choice.


(Photo Source: nauticaldecor.info)

How amazing is this boat shaped book case? If you’re feeling crafty why not head to a boat junk yard? This humble abode is the definition of timeless: painted white walls, white sofas, polished wooden furniture and wooden flooring. They say that the devil is in the details and this couldn’t be more correct in light of this living room. Printed cushions, wall decor and striped curtains are, in fact, what completely transforms this room into a nautical haven.

Get The Look

Transform your white sofa with our jacquard paisley pillow covers and elegant dahlia pillow covers.


Are you a fab of the nautical trend? Got any decorating tips you’d like to share? Let us know in the comments below…

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15 Instagram Decor Inspirations

Once upon a time home decor inspiration came in the form of magazines and showrooms. Fast forward half a century and finding the latest interior trends are literally in the palm of your hand! Thanks to our love of Smart Phones, finding the newest look for your bedroom is as easy as Sunday morning. Our app of choice? Instagram. Boasting a huge 40 million users, the social media site is full of home decor inspiration from real people just like you and me and all it takes is a hashtag!

Today we show you fifteen squares that are choc-a-bloc full of home decor goodness. So whether you’re a #boho, or more of a #modern type of person, you are such to find something that will inspire you to take your home to a whole new level.



This pastel-toned living room leaves us with a sweet longing for candied tones and feminine prints. And don’t even get me started on the lamp that looks like a stack of light bulbs! This cosy, yet fresh, set up is perfect for the upcoming Spring. As a matter of fact, this photo makes us practically smell the floral, Spring breeze.


Add the damask and jacquard floral throw pillow covers to your sofa.




This warm, Moroccan-inspired space is a fresh and non-cluttered way to nail the bohemian trend. We are loving how much character that wall mural adds. Can we have the lampshade please?


Hang the Arabian velvet table runner on your wall and compliment with a matching pillow cover.



This is every matchy-matchy stylists’ fantasty! With geometric prints in an identical palette, this living room gives across a perfect juxtaposition between minimalist and quirky. P.S. This couch totally looks like a real life version of one we had in our Barbie dream house!


This geometric pillow cover and two toned place mat has your matching geometric style covered!



This inspo is so earthy that it makes us want a clay-mask facial and a turkish bath. Woven baskets act as a makeshift frame for this earthy and low-maintenance floor bed. Note to self next time I’m shopping: If it’s weaved, get it!


Dot your bedroom table with the suitably earthy color block placemats. Then add some neutral boho vibes with the jacquard damask pillow cover.



Somewhere in between the offset of mod and the intro of boho in the 1970s, lies this groovy living room. With an eclectic east meets west vibe, this room could easily be a home anywhere in the world.


Beige & Maroon

Top your coffee table with a bright ethnic print, such as this table cloth. Clash with the glamorous border table runner.



If you’re feeling feminine, but don’t want to look like the inside of a Polly Pocket, why not take inspiration from this muted living room? With fluffy pillows like these, who needs a boyfriend to snuggle up with? We’ll have that cute fox statue as our living room companion instead!



Top your sofa with a stunning grey and pink combo. The jacquard floral pillow cover and spring garden floral pillow cover will work a treat!




Who said that boho had to be brash? With a plethora of nomadic textures and aztec patterns, this neutral bedroom is anything but brash or boring!


Top the beige hand-embroidered bedding set with the brocade pillow cover for a minimalist boho vibe.




We’re not quite sure whether this room looks like somewhere Daenerys Targaryan has conquered or some exotic holiday destination circa 1860. Either way, the combination of vintage, Moroccan print, carpets, wooden beams and furniture, and a shabby quilt has an otherworldly feel to it. And check out the roof: It looks like something from the Tudor times! Romeo and Juliet would approve!


Adorn your tabletops with the exotic silk scarf for an instant Moroccan injection. The oriental table runner will add an exotic, vintage vibe to your bed or table.




Warm Mediterranean nights come to mind when gazing at this lush inspo photo. The perfectly symmetric cushions, sleek glass table and greenery are so stunning that it makes us wonder what that view would be like. That tempting slither of palm trees makes us want to jump on a jet and head to the tropics!


Opt for a range of accessories in oceanic hues. The floral embroidered pillow cover and dahlia pillow cover are essential!



**Sighs** Does it really get anymore idyllic than this? Bohemian prints, natural materials and fresh greenery are the key ingredients for this serene conservatory. That basket weave chair looks like a throne to me, and one that I’d happily while-away the day in!


Black & White

Inject earthy tones with the hawthorn leaf table runner and juxtapose with the boho-bright damask pillow cover.




They say to eat a range of vegetables that cover the spectrum of the rainbow, so why not make your place setting equally as vibrant? This uplifting place setting cleverly combines a mixture of warm and cool colors. The result? Something deeply relaxing…



Now this is what we call a happy clash! Pop a plate on the floral paisley place mat and juxtapose with a rolled up hand embroidered place mat.



Erm… I don’t mean to be rude, but can I move in? Neutral furniture and decor is uplifted by an array of tribal print accessories. Everything is picture-perfect, from the texture of that faux-fur rug, to that piece of coral sitting on top of those perfectly placed books. #lifegoals.


This boho printed tissue box cover is an easy and practical addition to your living room table. Add some warm hued cushions and you’re on your way to this picture perfect room!



We’re not sure if this is a reading nook or a random corner of the room, but we love it! It’s utter randomness (curtain anyone?) and thrown-together look makes it straddle the line between art and home decor. Special point out to that hanging plant: Love it! Now just one question remains: is there actually a window behind there?



Feeling blue? Hang this floral tablecloth on your randomly placed curtain rail. If you’re feeling extra random, drape this scarf over a chair. Perfect for a quick cold weather fix too!



One word: aztec! This beauty is like a mish-mash of Mexico through the ages, cacti, guitars, sombreros and aztec prints give this living room a certain air of wanderlust. Over accessorizing without cluttering can easy be done wrong. THIS is an example of how it can be done right!



Go for natural materials and bright, aztec prints. We recommend the ornamental embroidered pillow cover and the hand embroidered place mats.



Sleek, simple and chic, this is the type of kitchen that both your mother and grandmother would approve. Why? Because it’s timeless! Wooden furniture and shimmering beige’s make up this classic crowd pleaser.



The chic jacquard table runner is timeless and clean with a touch of glamour. Add a feminine edge with the floral place mats.

Which Instagram inspo photo was your favorite?

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