How To Create An Indian Inspired Living Room

Creating an Indian inspired living room is all about mixing traditional Indian decor traditions with more modern architectural elements.

An Indian themed living room is a wonderful way to add an exotic touch to your home. Today we show you how to incorporate traditional Indian decor techniques into your living room.

Add a Jhoola


(Photo source:

A Jhoola is a traditional Indian swing that can be found in traditional and contemporary Indian decor alike. The Jhoola dates back generations and is most commonly found in South Indian homes.

Although Jhoolas are traditionally made with bamboo, more modern versions are made of wood and metal.

A Jhoola will make a fantastic alternative to a sofa. Add an array of Indian printed pillow covers for an instant Indian inspired living room.

Get The Look

A printed table cloth will give your Jhoola a traditional Indian edge. Team with cool-hued printed pillow covers for a modern Indian inspired look.

Ocean BlueOcean BlueBlue

Ornamental embroidered table cloth, floral embroidered pillow cover, jacquard damask pillow cover

Opt For Floor Cushions


(Photo source:

In traditional Indian homes most families ate their dinner on the floor. Oversized floor cushions are a fantastic way to add comfort to this tradition.

Opt for a low-lying wooden table with artisan or carved detailing. When Indian homes first began to incorporate furniture, the pieces were low-lying and placed on woven floor carpets. Bolsters, which are long, sausage shaped pillows in traditional Saree fabric, were often styled alongside the furniture.

To create a modern Indian inspired living room, place your wooden table on a printed table runner and add printed pillow covers.

Get The Look

To recreate this purple and blue Indian inspired living room, opt for cool-toned hand embellished pillow covers and compliment with a gold table runner.

Golden OrangeCoffee BrownGoldSilverBlue

Saree border table runner, hand embroidered throw pillow cover, hand painted deluxe accent pillow cover, exotic oriental pillow coverornamental embroidered pillow cover


Add Wall Hangs


(Photo source:

Wall hangs are a wonderful way to add a modern Indian edge to a home with white or neutral walls.

The exotic oriental table runner will add a regal Indian element to any home.


Clash Your Colors


(Photo source:

Traditional Indian livings rooms incorporate a wide array of clashing, vibrant colors. Popular tones include cerulean, mauve, magenta, brown, orange and orange-red.

Create an impressive statement by placing clashing colors next to each other. For example, an orange throw will look fantastic topped with purple and blue pillow covers.

Get The Look

These clashes are key to a stunning Indian inspired living room


Hand painted table cloth and floral paisley placemats


Exotic Oriental table runner and elegant dahlia pillow cover

Carved Furniture


(Photo source:

Carved furniture is commonly found in traditional Indian homes. Furniture carving became a key element of Indian artistic traditions during the rise of the Mughals and the Raj. Alongside this, pottery, sculpting, hand printed textiles, embroidery and crochet all became synonymous with Indian art.

Carved wooden sofas and tables are a wonderful way to incorporate this tradition into your home.

If you opt for a carved wooden sofa, add an element of comfort with traditional Indian printed pillow covers.

Artisan Fabrics


(Photo source:

Hand spun fabrics are another Indian art and decor tradition. As a matter of fact, India is famous for its beautiful, hand-crafted fabrics.

Artisan fabrics can be incorporated into an Indian style living room in several ways. Firstly, hand embroidered or hand beaded fabrics can be used to add detail to sofas, tables and walls.

Secondly, hand spun silks and fabrics can be added as curtains or as statement drapes.

We recommend adding detail to your living room through traditional Indian table runners, table cloths and printed table runners.

Types Of Indian Artisan Fabrics

Hand Painting

Rustic Orange

Hand painted deluxe accent pillow cover, hand painted floral table runner, hand painted tissue box cover


Black & GoldBlack & White

Hand embroidered brocade pillow cover, hawthorn leaf table runner, embroidered leaf place mats


King Blue

Hand embroidered throw pillow cover, hand embroidered table runner, hand embroidered table cloth

Want to give your entire home an Indian makeover? Here’s how to create an Indian bedroom.

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7 Blue Living Rooms That Will Life Your Spirits

As juxtapositional as it sounds, blue living rooms are a fantastic way to embrace the Summer spirit in your home.

Blue (adjective): “depressed in spirits; dejected; melancholy”.

In linguistic terms, “blue” is often associated with low moods. In terms of color and it’s effects on the spirit and emotions, this definition couldn’t be more contradictory.

Often compared to the serene hues of the ocean, blue brings about wonderful daydreams of long, sunshine-drenched Summer days, exotic holidays and enough vitamin d to make your face seamlessly melt into a Cheshire Cat grin.

With the Summer solstice upon us, it’s time to uplift your living room and inject that irresistible Summer spirit.

Here’s 7 blue living rooms that are sure to lift your spirits…

Clean & Blue


(Photo source:

This soft conglomeration of gray, navy and steel blue fabrics is about as laid back as blue living rooms get.

Add cool-hued, industrial, wooden furniture into the mix and it becomes something modern, clean and versatile.

Also, is that pendant light some sort of hanger? We need this!!

Make This Blue Living Room Yours

Keep it cool and steel-hued, and avoid ruddy or overly warm woods at all costs.


Solid geometric pillow cover and damask throw pillow cover

Classic Greenery


(Photo Source:

There is something so stunning about pops of kelly green next to bold zaffre!

To keep it looking streamlines, opt for a color palette of predominately blue and  off-white, then add adornments of green with effortlessly placed accessories.

The inspiration photo above beautifully utilizes vintage-inspired furniture and prints to add further detail to the set up.

Make This Blue Living Room Yours

If you don’t want to invest in a giant rug or carpet, add a clever retro pop with the damask elegant table runner.  A floral, green cushion, such as the jacquard floral pillow cover will add that green hue whilst adhering to the theme.


Warm Meets Cool


(Photo Source:

This living room proves that blue and coral are a love affair that may just work. The key lies in the neutral base hues, which tie these opposite ends of the color spectrum together seamlessly.

When adding these hues, you need to be very careful. Add accessories, such as printed pillow covers, flowers, or art, in specific colors and keep them consistent.

Make This Blue Living Room Yours

Muted blue and pink-coral pillow covers are the easiest way to add this stunning clash to your living room.

Paisley embroidered pillow covers

Beautiful & Boho


(Photo Source:

Blue living rooms don’t get more uplifting than this! Soft bohemian textures, natural woods, nomadic prints and pops of cacti have us filled with wanderlust.

Although bohemian decor can often be incredibly vibrant, this muted palette has just as stunning an effect.

Also, how well are those pillows organized? If you’re not sure how to arrange your pillow covers, check out our guide.

Make This Blue Living Room Yours

A mix of blue pillow covers in various boho prints to recreate this look.


Jacquard paisley pillow cover, exotic oriental pillow cover, vibrant floral throw pillow cover

Modern Luxe

(Photo Source:

This relaxed, coastal living room mixes classic nautical elements with the clean lines of Scandinavian Minimalism.

Those smoky gray walls and that deep Oxford Blue sofa together are literal heart eyes. Add the marbled, matching artwork into the works and you have a stunning living room that will leave you feeling relaxed all year long.

Make This Blue Living Room Yours

Invest in a deep blue sofa and adorn it with retro blue printed pillow covers.


Jacquard floral pillow covers, damask throw pillow cover,

Add the hawthorn leaf table runner along the floor next to your sofa.

Black & White

Coastal Chic


(Photo Source:

Another example of how less is sometimes more! White walls, a jute sofa and white furniture make this coastal chic home fresh and chic.

Navy and white prints add an inevitably nautical edge, whilst live greenery brings the air of the Summer outdoors in.

Make This Blue Living Room Yours

Opt for nautical, navy cushion covers and a blue table runner to contrast with the white furniture.


Hand embroidered blue table runner and modern two tone accent pillow cover

Clean & Crisp


(Photo Source:

This abundance of baby blue is cuter than cute! Pops of gold and classic furniture makes this living room a set-up that will last for year!

There’s absolutely no trend fads here!

Make This Blue Living Room Yours

Opt for the lightest baby blue pillow covers and accessories you can find and combine these with neutral pieces.

Looking to makeover your living room? Check out these articles:

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5 Ways To Transform An Old Sofa

Your sofa= your throne. Today we show you 10 ways to transform an old sofa.

You are the monarch of your home and the sofa is your throne. So if your couch isn’t exactly the standards you’d expect to see in Buckingham Palace, something needs to change!

Problem numero uno: new sofas are super expensive! And chances are, you can’t afford to fork out two grand as soon as your couch starts to show a few signs of wear and tear.

Luckily, there are easy ways to transform an old sofa that won’t leave your poor wallet emptier than a drought-plagued desert. Believe me, I’m a first home buyer.. I know all about saving that dollar.

Watch and learn…

1. Throw On A Throw


(Photo Source:

Let’s play spot the ugly sofa.

Ok, this one is from personal experience! After my boyfriend and I bought our first home, his parents kindly donated us their old sofas so we could actually #NetflixandChill. As sweet as the gesture was, the battered, 80s floral print was pretty much the antithesis of my decor taste.

What did I do? I ran to the hills! Nope, just kidding: I’m still here! I simply grabbed some pretty knitted throws and turned a monstrosity into something rather cute.

Although they smell a little musky (nothing perfume can’t fix), my throw-covered sofas are super cosy and stylish.

2. Adorn With A Table Runner & Printed Pillow Covers


Above: My hideous 80s sofas were given a new lease of life with throws, printed pillows and a table runner.

To add further life and style to the said 80s sofas, I added an array of cute printed pillow covers. To highlight the larger sofa, I also added a printed table runner directly down the center.

When choosing your decor pieces, it’s important to keep both your color palette and home decor theme at the front of your mind. For example, as my home decor style is beachy, with a neutral, gray and blue palette, I chose pieces that would fit well with this theme.

The products I used:

BlueOcean Blue

From left: chic jacquard table runner, jacquard paisley pillow covers, floral embroidered pillow cover

3. Reupholster


(Photo Source:

This option is great for DIY lovers who are looking for a large rewarding project. As long as your sofa’s shape and foundations are in good form, this could be a wonderful option for you.

Re-upholstering is a fantastic way to transform an old sofa to make it completely gel with your living rooms interior. We recommend opting for a neutral, sturdy fabric to ensure your throne is worthy of your palace for years to come.

First home buyers: why not buy a cheap sofa from a thrift store or garage sale and reupholster? It will save you a fortune. Don’t fret: that hideous, loud Seventies print won’t be part of your decor forever!

Once you have reupholstered your sofa **a round of applause to you**, add interest, prints and color with printed pillow covers.

This selection adds texture and print to any monochrome home:

BlackGoldCoffee Brown

From left: Solid geometric pillow cover, hand painted deluxe accent pillow cover, hand embroidered throw pillow cover

4. Add Buttons


(Photo Source:

Love the color, but just want to transform your old sofa? Adding cute buttons or tufting details can really bring an old sofa back to life, especially if the fabric is starting to sag.

Whilst you’re at it, why not change your sofa legs to something more on trend too? After all, it’s the little details that really make a difference on expensive your home looks.

5. Boho It!


(Photo Source:

The best thing about boho decorating is that absolutely anything goes. So if your sofa has a retro print or is looking a little shabby, work with it!

The first option is to work with the sofa print you have and compliment it with various printed cushions and throws. Or if you really hate it, cover it with a mixture of throws, fabrics and pillow covers.

Remember: Nothing is too much when it comes to boho!

Time to upgrade your thrown, your Royal Highness!

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The Living Room Through The Ages (1920- 1990)

We’ve all heard those stories set in living rooms of the past. From your Grandmother’s recollection of glistening geometric prints, to your mothers giggles about that ‘pop art floral’ wallpaper you had once. Maybe you even remember your entire house decked out in Laura Ashley chintz, circa 1989?

Living in a post-modern era, home decor trends form the past come and go so fast, that literally, you can do whatever you please! If you feel like making your home a blast from the past, read on for a decor history lesson on the living room between 1920 and 1990.


The 1920s were undeniably the birth of modern culture, and with this, came the idea of interior design. With the rise of flapper culture came the arrival of Modernism and the Bauhaus. Living rooms were transformed into lavish meccas to host cocktail parties and dinners.


(Photo Source:

Taking inspiration from the beginning of Hollywood and the silent movie culture, the living room in the 1920s was sophisticated, with a touch of the exotic. As in fashion and art at the time, the main trend in home decor was art deco, which was materialized through high-sheen metals, geometric shapes and patterns and tiles. With this, came a touch of the Eastern world with Moroccan prints and animal skins showing that the patron of the home was wealthy enough to travel.

Get The Look

great gatsby movie set design - jay gatsby mansion ballroom

(Photo Source:

Metallic, exotically printed fabrics scream Great Gatsby!


Exotic oriental table runner

Black & Gold

Hand embroidered brocade pillow cover



Carrying on the art deco trend of the ‘roaring 20s’, the 1930s cleverly combined this with elements of Scandinavian minimalism, which was known as ‘moderne.’ This look was stripped of all ornament and was incredibly streamlined and focused on clean lines.


(Photo Source:

Although art deco was still prevailing home decor trend, the introduction of mass production meant an increase in chrome, plastic and high-shine furniture. The exotic and geometric prints remained similar to that of the previous decade, although they were mixed with ‘moderne’ elements to create statements, unlike the all-over glamorous decor of the 1920s. The color palette in this era also took a turn towards more muted tones, such as cream, ivory, light green and light pink.

Get The Look

Clean lines, muted tones and a hint of art deco… it can’t get much more 1930s!

Solid geometric pillow cover

Elegant colorblock Place mats


Following the return of soldiers from World War Two, decor in the 1940s was both homely and nostalgic. Warm, rich colors, cottage-y prints and upholstery were all the rage. Due to the increased demand for housing in this period, rooms often had multi-purposes.


(Photo Source:

Wooden floors and vinyl were both common due to unavailability of materials. Living rooms were beautified with lace curtains, bows and vibrant floral prints. Wooden furniture was often painted in bright colors or white. These elements made up the Early modern or ‘colonial’ trend.

Get The Look

Floral prints in cheery colors will add some colonial homeliness to your abode.

Jacquard floral table runner

Hand painted 7 piece duvet cover set


The 1950s saw a huge change in the home decor market. With the invention of the trolley and ironing board, to name a few, this was truly the ‘age of the housewife.’ With consumerism on the rise, living rooms were bold and brash, in bold neon and bubblegum hues. Add in the influence of Surrealism and the 1950s was like living in a rainbow.


(Photo Source:

1950 also saw a new structural element change home decor: the open plan. Checkerboard tiles and vinyl floors were both funky and brash. But if anything is important in this era, it’s the accessories; the more the merrier! Toasters, alarm clocks and swing bins were huge and chrome and anything plastic was very on-trend. As for prints, they included space-inspired, florals and zigzags and animal prints.

Get The Look

Pops of color and vibrant prints are a sure-fire way to give your living room that 1950s edge.

Damask throw pillow cover

Chic jacquard table runner


Ah… the groovy era! The 1960s saw the rise of youth culture, popular music and modern fashion. Staying close to it’s rebellious spirit, 1960s decor mis-mashed past home decor styles, including Victorian and the 1920s, and combined them with pop art.



With the 1950s obsession with the space age and everything plastic and disposable still in tow, the 1960s living room took these elements and translated them into a more earthy palette. Monochrome was a popular choice, as were earthy greens, wooden tones and burnt oranges. There were also bohemian elements of Indian and Moroccan prints. Pod shaped furniture perfectly complimented pop art flowers or groovy circle wallpaper.

Get The Look

Brash, burnt and a hint of Moroccan…take a leaf out of the book of the groovy 60s.

Floral embroidered pillow cover

Saffron Red

Ornamental embroidered 7 piece duvet cover set


If we could some up Seventies decor in one word, we’d have to say BROWN. Despite this, the Seventies living room was a conglomeration of contradictions. Earthy brown tones and natural bohemian prints were contrasted with psychedelic patterns and futuristic design.


(Photo Source:

Decor was inspired by the eco nature of the decade. Hanging plants, macrame and greenery were commonplace in living rooms. Despite this, technological-inspired pod shapes and clashing-toned plastics were also popular. Orange, brown and burnt reds were the most used color palettes and were presented in a variety of bold patterns such a bohemian prints and plaid.

Get The Look

Paisley prints in oranges and browns are a silent scream of ‘Seventies’.


Jacquard paisley table runner

Paisley leaf pillow cover


The 1980s saw the rise of technology begin to develop at a sky-rocket pace. With this, home decor took a bit of a nostalgic turn, rejecting the futuristic trends of the past two decades and going back to floral chintz prints similar to those in the 40s. Add frills and wallpaper borders into the mix and the 80s living room was the epitome of twee femininity.


(Photo Source:

The burnt orange tones of the past decade were swapped for something more demure. Dusty pastels made their mark in frills and florals. The living room was not complete without a glass table or overhead track lights.

Get The Look

It’s an easy equation for this one: florals + pastels.

Vibrant floral throw pillow cover


Floral embroidered placemats


After the bawdy maximalism of the 1980s, the 1990s slowed it down and took it right back to the basics. Much in contrast to the rapid evolution of technology, this era was all about creamy tones, wooden furniture and beige sofas. Perhaps due to the beginning of the recession, living rooms were plain, clutter free and zen.










(Photo Source:

Of course, there was the slightly tacky element to 1990s decor. Who can forget inflatable sofas and lava lamps? Aside from neutral colors, another Nineties color fad is Hunter green. The late 90s also saw the return of prints, namely damask and florals.

Get The Look

Opt for beige, brown and clean lines.


Shimmering spiral placemats


Embroidered table runner

Which decade was your favorite?


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Inspired By The Best Hotels Around The World

Do the hotels on your bucket list seem a bit, ahem, out of your reach? Don’t worry I’m in the same boat and I’ve come up with a solution. Instead of spending a years wages on one night in that dream hotel, why not bring that dream hotel to your home for a teeny fraction of the price?

Here’s our favorite hotel rooms from around the world and how to re-create them in your home…

The St Regis, New York

You can’t get more glamorous than the St Regis. Located in the Big Apple’s trendy district of Manhattan, the hotel describes its vibe as ‘sophistication meets downtown chic.’


(Photo Source:

In a partnership with iconic jewellery brand ‘Tiffany’, the Tiffany suite in the St Regis looks like you have stepped into a magical land in a Tiffany’s jewellery box. With sparkling chandelliers and a giant engagement ring console, guests are expected to fork out a whopping $8,500 a night. Ouch! Luckily, with our home decor hacks, you can bring the sheer glamour of the Tiffany suite to your very own home.

For an elegant silver touch in a leaf print, opt for the damask throw pillow covers and jacquard floral pillow covers.

Give your tables a sparkling makeover by topping them with the hand embroidered table runner and placemat set.

If diamonds aren’t always a girls best friend, why not opt for another designer-inspired suite? The Dior suite takes inspiration from the brands Parisian ateliers and consists of the brands classic soothing and neutral palette.


(Photo Source:

The classy element of this suite lies in the hints of warm tones among the cool grey palette. The burnt orange cushions add a warming, yet soothing element. Re-create this effect in your home with the exotic oriental pillow covers in golden orange.

Qualia Resort, Hamilton Island, Australia

Located on a private beach on Australia’s Great Barrier Reef, Qualia has seen more than its fair share of celebrities. And who can blame them? Although the views of the turquoise waters may be impossible to recreate, the minimal decor is rather easy.


(Photo Source:

Clean, crisp and nautical decor makes up this beach-side wonder. To add a little nautical hint to your bed, opt for a stripe scarf as a bed runner. The stripe scarf in green is what nautical dreams are made of.

Add some wooden brown tones to your white or cream bedding with the solid geometric pillow cover in gold.

Now add an arty beach portrait to your wall, turn on some oceanic sound effects and pretend you are in paradise.

Viceroy, The Maldives

Costing a whopping $1,500 a night, this private villa includes a master bedroom that leads to an outdoor shower and a hot tub set amongst a lush, tropical garden. **Sighs**

Although our bank balance won’t let us have a few nights here, it certainly can stretch to give our home decor a little injection of the Maldives.


(Photo Source:

The neutral palette of this private villa reminds us of a soft seashell on a bed of white sand. To recreate this soft and fresh look, top your sofa with four gently patterned, yet neutral cushions. The jacquard paisley pillow covers would make a lovely choice.

Next, highlight your cushions with a soft blue cushion as a center piece, such as the ornamental embroidered pillow cover.


Keep your bedding neutral with cream sheets and inject some snugness with a grey fleece throw. The key to making this look work is simplicity, so make sure to clear your home of all that clutter!


The Ritz, Paris

The ultimate European destination has just been refurbished! But with Palace-like interiors and a magnificent attention to detail, rest assured that it still gets the prize for France’s swankiest joint.

Photos SITE Ritz hotel Paris 2010
(Photo Source:

Hello: Marie Antoinette called and said that she wanted her palace back! Jokes aside, how regal can one hotel room be? Luckily, you can the Princess of your very own Palace with a few, quick, DIY tips!

For this jacquard print, golden bed, begin with a gold-hued, silky quilt set with metallic flecks. At just $180, the hand embroidered duvet set is fit for royalty; and you can sleep in it every night!

For an extra royal injection, the hand embroidered brocade pillow covers have the same regal feel as the Ritz’s top suite.

The golden decor of The Ritz is broken up with regal pops of serene pinks and deep purples. The vibrant rug at the bed’s foot adds a certain air of Middle Eastern royalty, which adds a playful edge to the quintessentially European, Romantic-era decor.

To add this air, simply take the hand embroidered rectangular tablecloth and place on the floor at the foot of the bed.

And voila! Your palace is complete!

Which hotel decor will you be copying? Either way, it’s sure to bring you that holiday feeling all year round!

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