How To Create An Indian Inspired Living Room

Creating an Indian inspired living room is all about mixing traditional Indian decor traditions with more modern architectural elements.

An Indian themed living room is a wonderful way to add an exotic touch to your home. Today we show you how to incorporate traditional Indian decor techniques into your living room.

Add a Jhoola


(Photo source:

A Jhoola is a traditional Indian swing that can be found in traditional and contemporary Indian decor alike. The Jhoola dates back generations and is most commonly found in South Indian homes.

Although Jhoolas are traditionally made with bamboo, more modern versions are made of wood and metal.

A Jhoola will make a fantastic alternative to a sofa. Add an array of Indian printed pillow covers for an instant Indian inspired living room.

Get The Look

A printed table cloth will give your Jhoola a traditional Indian edge. Team with cool-hued printed pillow covers for a modern Indian inspired look.

Ocean BlueOcean BlueBlue

Ornamental embroidered table cloth, floral embroidered pillow cover, jacquard damask pillow cover

Opt For Floor Cushions


(Photo source:

In traditional Indian homes most families ate their dinner on the floor. Oversized floor cushions are a fantastic way to add comfort to this tradition.

Opt for a low-lying wooden table with artisan or carved detailing. When Indian homes first began to incorporate furniture, the pieces were low-lying and placed on woven floor carpets. Bolsters, which are long, sausage shaped pillows in traditional Saree fabric, were often styled alongside the furniture.

To create a modern Indian inspired living room, place your wooden table on a printed table runner and add printed pillow covers.

Get The Look

To recreate this purple and blue Indian inspired living room, opt for cool-toned hand embellished pillow covers and compliment with a gold table runner.

Golden OrangeCoffee BrownGoldSilverBlue

Saree border table runner, hand embroidered throw pillow cover, hand painted deluxe accent pillow cover, exotic oriental pillow coverornamental embroidered pillow cover


Add Wall Hangs


(Photo source:

Wall hangs are a wonderful way to add a modern Indian edge to a home with white or neutral walls.

The exotic oriental table runner will add a regal Indian element to any home.


Clash Your Colors


(Photo source:

Traditional Indian livings rooms incorporate a wide array of clashing, vibrant colors. Popular tones include cerulean, mauve, magenta, brown, orange and orange-red.

Create an impressive statement by placing clashing colors next to each other. For example, an orange throw will look fantastic topped with purple and blue pillow covers.

Get The Look

These clashes are key to a stunning Indian inspired living room


Hand painted table cloth and floral paisley placemats


Exotic Oriental table runner and elegant dahlia pillow cover

Carved Furniture


(Photo source:

Carved furniture is commonly found in traditional Indian homes. Furniture carving became a key element of Indian artistic traditions during the rise of the Mughals and the Raj. Alongside this, pottery, sculpting, hand printed textiles, embroidery and crochet all became synonymous with Indian art.

Carved wooden sofas and tables are a wonderful way to incorporate this tradition into your home.

If you opt for a carved wooden sofa, add an element of comfort with traditional Indian printed pillow covers.

Artisan Fabrics


(Photo source:

Hand spun fabrics are another Indian art and decor tradition. As a matter of fact, India is famous for its beautiful, hand-crafted fabrics.

Artisan fabrics can be incorporated into an Indian style living room in several ways. Firstly, hand embroidered or hand beaded fabrics can be used to add detail to sofas, tables and walls.

Secondly, hand spun silks and fabrics can be added as curtains or as statement drapes.

We recommend adding detail to your living room through traditional Indian table runners, table cloths and printed table runners.

Types Of Indian Artisan Fabrics

Hand Painting

Rustic Orange

Hand painted deluxe accent pillow cover, hand painted floral table runner, hand painted tissue box cover


Black & GoldBlack & White

Hand embroidered brocade pillow cover, hawthorn leaf table runner, embroidered leaf place mats


King Blue

Hand embroidered throw pillow cover, hand embroidered table runner, hand embroidered table cloth

Want to give your entire home an Indian makeover? Here’s how to create an Indian bedroom.

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Inside Kendall Jenner’s House: A $36Million Mansion

Today we step inside Kendall Jenner’s house and it’s oh so lavish…

Whether she’s strutting her stuff on the catwalk, or causing a stir on ‘Keeping Up With The Kardashians, Kendall Jenner has proved herself to be one of the most influential figures of the 2010s.

At just 21 years old, the second-youngest Kardashian sister is worth an estimated $36million. With that kind of bank account, Kendall has a lifestyle and wardrobe that most of us could only dream of.

But what about her house?

Well… it used to belong to Emily Blunt and John Krasinski, it’s worth 6.5million and it has a 24 hour valet.

Let’s take a look at this little slice of Californian heaven…


(Photo source:

Kendall Jenner’s house isn’t shy of the spotlight. Before Jenner purchased in 2016, the sleek pad belonged to actress Emily Blunt and her beau John Krasinski.

Located in West Hollywood, the home is pretty much what haunts us in our sleep at night. Modern furnishings, a rooftop deck and trend architecture are just some of the things that undoubetly tempted Kendall into forking out that six million!

The home reportedly has six bedrooms and four and a half bathrooms. It has three floors and towers 4,800 square feet high.

In true Kardashian style, Kylie Jenner’s house is decked out with state of the art appliances, including a massage room, an Italian-style kitchen and a gigantic walk in closet.

Dear Kendall, please may we have permission to raid your closet?


(Photo source:

If this isn’t #kitchengoals, we don’t know what is! Clean white cupboards, wooden floors and a center breakfast bar make this sleek and modern.

We wonder if Kendall actually cooks any of her own meals here?


(Photo source:

Oh the stories that this dining room would have to tell! This dining table will have seated some interesting guests!

Although Kendall’s gal pals aren’t obtainable to us, we can totally copy the contrasting dark wood and white dining set.

Get The Look

Give a plain dining table a dark and neutral edge with the organza hand embroidered table runner.



(Photo source:

Behind the dining area is this retro and quirky wine bar area.

The 70s vibes are making us crave Fleetwood Mac and flared pants.


(Photo Source:

This living room is so awesome that we sort of think it deserves it’s own theme song. Maybe Kanye West with some chilled coastal beats in the background?

The living room area is cleverly separated from the rest of the open plan living room with a large rug. Pops of blues give this neutral decor a relaxed, coastal feel.

Get The Look


Elegant dahlia pillow cover and hand embroidered throw pillow cover


(Photo Source:

One living room doesn’t cut it when you’re a Jenner!

This jazz-inspired lounge makes us want to don a silver sequin dress and dance on tables (in the classiest way possible).

Get The Look

Decorate a plain sofa with deep bronze, mauve and purple pillow covers.

BlackCoffee Brown

Modern two tone accent pillow cover and hand embroidered throw pillow cover


(Photo source:

Oh look: a third living room! At this rate there will be one for each sister!

This living room has a corporate artsy vibe about it, with leather sofas, a statement artwork and leafy greenery.


(Photo source:

Oh to soak in that bathtub with a bottle of bubbly…

If we weren’t already convinced that we wanted to move into Kendall Jenner’s house ASAP, this luxe bathroom has convinced us!

A clean white palette, oodles of marble and an above-ground tub make this oh-so-instagrammable.


(Photo Source:

We’re pretty sure that Kendall will enjoy kicking off her high heels in this cosy bedroom.

The neutral palette continues, with creams, browns and warm beiges giving a cozy, yet luxurious feel.

Get The Look

BlueCoffee Brown

Jacquard paisley pillow cover and Arabian velvet table runner


(Photo source:

This second bedroom is also filled with neutral-hued lusciousness.

We are copying that freestanding black mirror ASAP.

Get The Look

Hand embroidered 7 piece duvet cover set


(Photo source:

This rooftop deck ensures that the stunning panoramic views of Los Angeles certainly don’t go to waste!

We wonder how many parties Kendall has already thrown up here?

Get The Look

Grey and white cushions look fantastic with deep brown wicker sofas.


Damask throw pillow cover and solid geometric pillow cover


(Photo source:

Kendall Jenner’s house is all about those city views! Large, floor to ceiling windows make for an airy, naturally lit space.

With so many rooms, we are intrigued to know exactly what purpose the starlet has for them all.

When can we stay?

Want more celebrity décor inspiration? Check out these crazy celebrity homes that will put Willy Wonker to shame.


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7 Blue Living Rooms That Will Life Your Spirits

As juxtapositional as it sounds, blue living rooms are a fantastic way to embrace the Summer spirit in your home.

Blue (adjective): “depressed in spirits; dejected; melancholy”.

In linguistic terms, “blue” is often associated with low moods. In terms of color and it’s effects on the spirit and emotions, this definition couldn’t be more contradictory.

Often compared to the serene hues of the ocean, blue brings about wonderful daydreams of long, sunshine-drenched Summer days, exotic holidays and enough vitamin d to make your face seamlessly melt into a Cheshire Cat grin.

With the Summer solstice upon us, it’s time to uplift your living room and inject that irresistible Summer spirit.

Here’s 7 blue living rooms that are sure to lift your spirits…

Clean & Blue


(Photo source:

This soft conglomeration of gray, navy and steel blue fabrics is about as laid back as blue living rooms get.

Add cool-hued, industrial, wooden furniture into the mix and it becomes something modern, clean and versatile.

Also, is that pendant light some sort of hanger? We need this!!

Make This Blue Living Room Yours

Keep it cool and steel-hued, and avoid ruddy or overly warm woods at all costs.


Solid geometric pillow cover and damask throw pillow cover

Classic Greenery


(Photo Source:

There is something so stunning about pops of kelly green next to bold zaffre!

To keep it looking streamlines, opt for a color palette of predominately blue and  off-white, then add adornments of green with effortlessly placed accessories.

The inspiration photo above beautifully utilizes vintage-inspired furniture and prints to add further detail to the set up.

Make This Blue Living Room Yours

If you don’t want to invest in a giant rug or carpet, add a clever retro pop with the damask elegant table runner.  A floral, green cushion, such as the jacquard floral pillow cover will add that green hue whilst adhering to the theme.


Warm Meets Cool


(Photo Source:

This living room proves that blue and coral are a love affair that may just work. The key lies in the neutral base hues, which tie these opposite ends of the color spectrum together seamlessly.

When adding these hues, you need to be very careful. Add accessories, such as printed pillow covers, flowers, or art, in specific colors and keep them consistent.

Make This Blue Living Room Yours

Muted blue and pink-coral pillow covers are the easiest way to add this stunning clash to your living room.

Paisley embroidered pillow covers

Beautiful & Boho


(Photo Source:

Blue living rooms don’t get more uplifting than this! Soft bohemian textures, natural woods, nomadic prints and pops of cacti have us filled with wanderlust.

Although bohemian decor can often be incredibly vibrant, this muted palette has just as stunning an effect.

Also, how well are those pillows organized? If you’re not sure how to arrange your pillow covers, check out our guide.

Make This Blue Living Room Yours

A mix of blue pillow covers in various boho prints to recreate this look.


Jacquard paisley pillow cover, exotic oriental pillow cover, vibrant floral throw pillow cover

Modern Luxe

(Photo Source:

This relaxed, coastal living room mixes classic nautical elements with the clean lines of Scandinavian Minimalism.

Those smoky gray walls and that deep Oxford Blue sofa together are literal heart eyes. Add the marbled, matching artwork into the works and you have a stunning living room that will leave you feeling relaxed all year long.

Make This Blue Living Room Yours

Invest in a deep blue sofa and adorn it with retro blue printed pillow covers.


Jacquard floral pillow covers, damask throw pillow cover,

Add the hawthorn leaf table runner along the floor next to your sofa.

Black & White

Coastal Chic


(Photo Source:

Another example of how less is sometimes more! White walls, a jute sofa and white furniture make this coastal chic home fresh and chic.

Navy and white prints add an inevitably nautical edge, whilst live greenery brings the air of the Summer outdoors in.

Make This Blue Living Room Yours

Opt for nautical, navy cushion covers and a blue table runner to contrast with the white furniture.


Hand embroidered blue table runner and modern two tone accent pillow cover

Clean & Crisp


(Photo Source:

This abundance of baby blue is cuter than cute! Pops of gold and classic furniture makes this living room a set-up that will last for year!

There’s absolutely no trend fads here!

Make This Blue Living Room Yours

Opt for the lightest baby blue pillow covers and accessories you can find and combine these with neutral pieces.

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Decor Trend Alert: Leaf & Palm Prints

Be like a palm tree: Stand tall, wear a crown in your head and bask in the sun.

As Summer starts to appear on our radar, we find ourselves craving more and more leaf and palm prints in our abode.

Arguably one of the most popular trends on Pinterest and Instagram currently, leaf and palm prints offer more than just another decor style’. They allow us to live in a tranquil, tropical oasis. Bliss.

With greenery and kale the hottest hues of the year, greenery has made the transition from potted plants, to on our walls, sofas, and, well… everywhere!

From Balinese-style, palm-dotted bathrooms, to farm house fern prints, palm and leaf prints are headed right to the top of the 2017 decor trends.

So stop dreaming of blissful vacations under the palm trees, and experience them everyday in your own home. Here’s enough leaf and palm print inspiration to fill the entire Hawaiian coastline…

A Wall Of Palms


(Photo Source:

Floral wallpaper may be as goudy as sparkly dresses with shoulder pads, but palm prints seem to have transcended this ‘hideous flora’ mold.

Clean, simple and green, this simple palm-covered wallpaper turns any room into a resort. Pair with wooden furnishings and live plants for a laid-back, tropical haven.


(Photo Source:

Palm and tropical leaf prints will always be associated with the ocean, so they are perfect for bathroom walls.

When opting for a bold, leaf print wallpaper, keep the rest of the decor, clean and simple. This white, gold and palm bathroom looks like something from a luxurious, tropical resort.

Relaxed Minimalism


(Photo Source:

Stuck in your minimalist mindset? Add a bit of fun to your abode! Don’t worry, we don’t expect you to turn your home into a walk-in Mardi Gras, but a bit of print never hurt anyone.

Add an instant spark of Summer into your home with some palm print decor pieces. Pillow covers will instantly change things up, whilst real plants will, quite literally, liven up any room.


(Photo Source:

Canvas prints are another cheap and easy way to inject some tropical charm into your minimalist abode.

Add them to your office to spend hours dreaming of that special vacay you have booked…

Palms and Pink?


Palm prints and pink may seem like cheese and chocolate, but they actually melt together into something pretty tasty…

To keep it in trendy territory, keep the rest of the palette clean and minimal. However, don’t be afraid to add a pop of green here and there.


(Photo Size:

Flamingos and palm prints= double the dreamy tropical vibes…

In The Jungle, The Mighty Jungle…


(Photo Source:

If minimalism isn’t your middle name, turn your house into a chic jungle! As you can see by the bohemian dream above, anything goes! So if you want to combine wild wallpaper, with vintage furniture; be my guest!


(Photo Source:

Checkered floor, blue wall, hanging lights: it shouldn’t work, but it totally does!

Sweet Leaves


(Photo Source:

If you live in a colder climate, palm leaves may seem like a bit, fat lie. If you would prefer a print that blends more seamlessly into your outdoor environment, various leafy green prints will do just the trick!

Oak leaf prints and dark kale hues are a match made in heaven. Add undone wooden furniture and shabby chic accessories for a forest take on farmhouse style.


(Photo Source:

Finer leaf prints look fantastic with dainty and vintage-style furniture. Instead of styling with vibrant green and kale tones, pair pine prints with soft duck egg blues and pale mint hues.

Our Picks


Clockwise from top left: Jacquard floral table runner, paisley leaf pillow cover, embroidered leaf placemats, ornamental embroidered duvet cover set, floral paisley placemats, hawthorn leaf table runner, velvet floral embroidered table runner

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Classy Ways To Add Velvet Decor To Your Home

For us home decor moguls who went through the 90s, velvet will inevitably remind us of turtleneck tops, The Spice Girls and Drew Barrymore. Fast forward almost 20 years (gosh, we are old) and velvet is making a return on a different cultural scene: velvet decor.

So how exactly do you embrace the velvet decor trend without it looking tacky? Don’t worry: we aren’t going to turn your home into Hugh Heffner’s mansion! We’ve trawled the world wide web for these surprisingly classy takes on the velvet decor. Believe us when we say: once you go velvet, you never go back!

So blast The Spice Girls from your speakers, don your tattoo choker and get ready to add velvet decor to your home…

Emerald Is In


(Photo Source:

If you want to kill two home decor birds with one fat trend stone, opt for dark green velvet.

With both greenery and kale topping the charts in Pantone’s 2017 colors of the year, it seems that green is coming off our plates and into our home decor.

As both velvet and dark emerald are not for the faint hearted, we recommend incorporating statement pops into neutral or minimalist decor set ups. This foot stool and cushion combination is stunning and classy, without being too garish or overbearing.

Put A Pillow On It


(Photo Source:

Our number one rule for testing out any trend in your home is: put a pillow on it!

Why? A pillow cover is a small, yet statement piece that will instantly transform any piece of furniture. Plus: it doesn’t cost an arm and a leg if you decide that the trend is not your cup of tea.

Get The Look

See how the velvet trend would look in your bedroom or living room with one of our velvet pillow covers.


Velvet throw sparkle pillow cover

Think Pink


(Photo Source:

Ok, so velvet and pink may sound rather twee, but hear us out! There is something so sweet, sugary and feminine about plush velvet and pink, that it is rather irresistible.

If a whole sofa of this unicorn-like goodness is too much for you, opt for velvet accessories, such as a table runner, a pillow cover, or a bed throw.

Get The Look

Pink may not be the most popular choice with the hubby, but pink velvet really lights up our inner princess. Go for small, statement accessories for an easily interchangeably, non-permanent look.

Creamy Brown

Velvet hand embroidered pillow cover

Dark Neutrals


(Photo Source:

Velvet and brown may make you think of those vile, Seventies sofas from your Nan’s house, but it doesn’t always have to be that way!

Neutral hues are often the best way to style any tricky decor trend and when it comes to velvet, it’s all about choosing the right neutral hue.

Lighter beige and brown tones can look slightly ‘mucky’, whereas tan hues are smack bang in tacky 70s territory.

So how exactly do you nail neutral velvet decor? The trick is to opt for tones that are on either end of the lightess-darkness scale. Creams will look clean and cute, whilst deep chocolate tones will add an understates regal air to your home. Contrast the two tones for something that will look truly magical.

Get The Look

The Arabian Velvet Table Runner will add an on-trend touch of velvet to any room. Glam up your kitchen table or dresser, or drape over your sofa for an instant style update.

Coffee Brown

Green On Green


(Photo Source:

If you haven’t already guessed, green really is the color of 2017! What makes green even more appealing and on-trend? Greenery!

Add a leafy friend next to a green velvet piece for a beautiful textural contrast. The sheer luxury of the velvet next to the raw and natural leaf is the definition of a beautiful juxtaposition.

Get The Look

Opt for our green velvet table cloth and dot with fresh greenery for an instant take on the velvet decor trend.


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