10 Small Patio Decor Ideas

With Summer about to hit the Northern Hemisphere, don’t let your small patio stop you from getting outside and soaking up the rays.

That tiny square of yard can easily be transformed into a relaxing mecca for entertaining, eating or simply chilling out.

Here’s 10 small patio decor ideas that you need to incorporate for Summer…


(Photo Source: thecraftedlife.com)

This cool gray theme will look equally as fantastic on small patios in July and December!

Keep your area private with a wooden screen, even wooden crates will work wonders. Add a touch of magic with fairy lights and plants.  We recommend succulents and evergreen plants for an equally beautiful area all year round.

Benches against your patio’s perimeter are a fantastic way to make the most of the space. Create an optical illusion by sectioning off the area with a printed rug.

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If your small patio is on the micro side, create the same optical illusion with a printed table runner. The damask style table runner is fantastic for a palette of grey and neutrals.



(Photo Source: hackthehut.com)

This small patio decor is a fantastic way to add vibrancy and atmosphere to a dull yard.

Find a snug corner and paint the walls Egyptian blue. Create a makeshift sofa with concrete blocks or crates and finish with the same paint.

Top with a red-coral cushion and add the same hue around your windows.

Finally, add a table and top with cushions in the same hue. We recommend the following combination:

OrangeCoffee Brown

Floral embroidered pillow cover, paisley embroidered pillow cover, solid geometric pillow covers, hand embroidered pillow covers


(Photo Source: twotwentyone.net)

All you need for this one is a concrete block!

Top with a statement colorful rug and a plain dining set. Decorate with cute pillow covers and a rainbow of potted plants.

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Jacquard floral pillow covers, elegant dahlia pillow covers


(Photo Source: emilyaclark.com)

A small covered patio or verandah is made for pretty fabrics and textures as it is more protected from the elements.

Neutral tones are great for any home and make a fantastic multi-seasonal entertainment area.

The patio above uses symmetry to stop the small area from looking swamped. How cute are the upside down barrel tables?

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Coffee BrownBlack & Gold

Hand embroidered pillow covers, hand embroidered brocade pillow covers.


(Photo Source: sortra.com)

This patio is another great example of how benches against the perimeters are a fantastic way to make the most of your space.

Add neutral hues and natural textures for a versatile, yet snug look that is perfect for relaxing in day and night.

Finish off the look with rustic pots and vases filled with leafy greens.

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The shimmering spiral hand embroidered placemats are a fantastic way to add natural textures to your table.


(Photo Source: hackthehut.com)

This minimal bohemian wonderland is a true wonderland. The hanging swing is made for lounging and reading a book, whilst the abundance of plants make it a low maintenance, whilst equally stunning garden.

To recreate, go for a bohemian-meets-industrial vibe with antique silver, hanging lights and exposed beams.

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Hand embroidered table runner, hand embroidered brocade pillow cover


(Photo Source: keenondesign.blogspot.com)

This cute patio has a stunning European vibe to it. This coffee shop style table and chair are a fantastic place to relax with a glass of wine and cheese platter.

To emphasize the ‘backstreet European’ theme of this long and thin patio, the owners have cleverly placed bushes on each side.


(Photo Source: sortra.com)

No garden? No problem! This hanging garden wall is a fantastic alternative for those in small apartments or inter-city spaces.

Make it cute, cozy and shabby-chic with mis-matched wooden furniture, floor cushions and wall hangings. Get thee to the thrift store!

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Printed pillows are a fantastic way to liven up an outdoor area with very little effort. This combination is fantastic for a shabby chic and homey vibe.

PurpleGoldOcean Blue

Velvet sparkle throw pillow cover, hand painted deluxe accent pillow cover, floral embroidered pillow cover


(Photo Source: woohome.com)

A simple courtyard can be given a new lease of life with wall-edge garden beds and a simple seating area.

Turning the wall itself into a long bench is a clever way to save space and looks interesting too.

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This rainbow of printed pillow covers compliments the edge gardens perfectly…


Elegant dahlia pillow covers, damask throw pillow covers, paisley leaf pillow cover


(Photo Source: monicawantsit.com)

Those home owners with just a front patio shouldn’t have to miss out!

This incredibly small space can be made over into a cute social area with single wicker sofas and a round coffee table.

Keep the color palette limited to ensure it looks streamlined rather than cluttered.

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Opt for two printed pillow covers in blue & white and monochrome to add detail, but not create too much fuss.


Jacquard paisley pillow cover, modern two tone accent pillow cover

Want more outdoor decor inspiration?

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Fall Porches That Will Give You A Warm Fuzzy Feeling

Fall porches have the capability of giving your guests that warm fuzzy feeling before they’ve even stepped through your door. Although you may think that outdoor decor is best left to the warm and sunny days of Summer, decorating your porch or outdoor area for Fall can have a whole different purpose.

Whether you want an outdoor area to sit outside with, snuggle up and drink tea, or are just trying to give your home an Autumnal edge, Fall porches are a wonderful way to do so.

Today we show you our favorite Fall porches that are guaranteed to make you feel warm and snug.

The Outdoor Verandah


(Photo Source: stonegableblog.com)

If your missing Summer barbecues and long, warm nights sipping cocktails, this outdoor area will give you the chance to return to the great outdoors. Situated on the porch, this decor gives your home an Autumnal edge, as well as serving a more practical purpose.

If you have a large verandah, recreate this look with a large, monochrome printed rug. Add two rocking chairs and top with Fall-toned cushions and snug blankets. Finally, bring the harvest home with an array of pumpkins and fresh fall Flora.

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When choosing cushions for Fall porches, it is important to stick to warm Autumnal tones. We recommend our pumpkin-hued paisley embroidered pillow and our vibrant floral throw pillow cover.


An Autumnal Swing


(Photo Source: countryliving.com)

This autumnal swing is what dream Fall porches are made of! Instead of leaving a statement chair or swing bare, take inspiration from this photo and add snug Fall-hued blankets and luxurious creamy pillow covers.

Recreate the rest of the porch area by adding lanterns, Fall flowers and a bucket of harvest vegetables. Finally, add a stunning Autumnal wreath to your door for a warm welcome.

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This porch juxtaposes a stunning tartan throw with creamy cushions. Let the tartan do the talking and combine your throw with our neutral-hued hand embroidered brocade pillow cover and hand painted deluxe accent pillow cover.

A Rustic Harvest Table


(Photo Source: ellaclaireinspired.com)

If we saw this stunning set up outside someones home, we would instantly be impressed! Old tin buckets and a rustic wooden desk gives this Fall porch a really on-trend edge.

To recreate, place a rustic wooden desk or table on your porch. Top with a tartan table runner and a wooden tray. Adorn the tray with vintage bottles and old jugs filled with Fall flora. Finish by a taking two metal buckets or jugs and filling with leafy Fall plants.

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The warm and vibrant table runner here really compliments the burnished orange tones in the plants. The hand painted deluxe floral table runner is made to compliment an array of Fall flora.

Rustic Orange

The Maxi Wreath


(Photo Source: pinimg.com)

Who needs a Fall wreath when you can literally create a stunning floral border around your entire door? This sunflower and leaf concoction really has the wow factor. Keep the flowers within the warm end of the color scale and embellish your door with a matching centerpiece.

No flowers? No worries! Fake flowers will look just as lovely and will be able to be reused year after year.

The Harvest Gathering


(Photo Source: fancitaste.tumblr.com)

In traditional terms, Fall is all about the harvest. Bring the hearty goodness of the harvest to your porch and remind passers by of all the things they have to be thankful for!

To recreate this oh-so-warming porch, you will need a few rustic barn items: a barrel, a chest and a table. Stuff the chest with an abundance of hay and top with berries and squashes. Don’t be afraid to get messy; the key here is that it needs to look authentic. A basket of stunning pumpkin-hued flowers is the perfect way to compliment the pumpkins you have in your fall set-up. Sprigs of berries and spiky twigs will ensure that the set-up looks effortless, rather than too overdone.

The Wreath n’ Seat


(Photo Source: houseofhawthornes.com)

Fall for one? Yes please! Out of all of the Fall porches, this one takes the best elements of all of them and places it in a trendy, yet traditional, set-up. Bundles of corn are contrasted with ferns, while traditional Fall wreathes are pulled forward to 2016 with this high-shine black rocking chair.

Ready to recreate? Find an old rocking chair and give it a makeover with a high shine black paint. Add a monochrome printed cushion for comfort. Add traditionally Autumnal elements by hanging a leafy wreath on your door. Tall corn in bundles makes an effortless statement, but ensure you keep it polished by adding pretty flower-filled baskets. Lastly, dot with pumpkins, because Fall without pumpkins is like Christmas without Santa!

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Monochrome printed cushions, such as our solid geometric pillow cover, give this ode to Fall a modern twist.


Which of our Fall porches is your favorite?

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DIY Boho Outdoor Area

It’s August the 31st. My jaw drops to the ground. Summer seems to have flown by like a turbo jet, leaving the Northern Hemisphere basking in the last few days of sun until the trees start to brown and knitwear becomes a must. I order you now to get out of your living room and into your garden! Sure, it may not be as glam as a celeb retreat in The Hamptons and hey; your lawn might need mowing, but I forgive you! But guess what? You can enjoy the last few days of Summer in a Pinterest-worthy outdoor abode. All it takes in some boho decor, a ladder and ten minutes of your time to create this boho outdoor area! So let’s get on it like a car bonnet!

P.S. Why not invite your friends round for some end of Summer drinks? They are sure to be impressed by this boho paradise! After all, Summer may not last forever, but memories do!

Step One: Create Wonder Walls


Before I loose myself in a chorus of ‘Oasis’, let me tell you something: even the ugliest outdoor walls can be completely transformed by beautiful fabrics. I added a giant printed mandala to make my white criss-crossed walls look less vast. The brick pillar was looking a little worse for wear, until I completely covered it with the hand painted deluxe floral table runner.  I topped it with a printed canvas and dream catcher for that stunning gypsy-style clash! For some reason, the brick pillars in my yard are already full of nails (don’t blame me, we’ve just moved in!), but if you’re walls are nail-less, blue tack works a treat. I then created a draped feature by draping the jacquard floral table runner between walls and layering the chic jacquard table runner over the top. And ta-da! Not an ugly wall in sight!

You Will Need

Rustic Orange

Hand painted deluxe floral table runner in rustic orange

Jacquard floral table runner in gold

Chic jacquard table runner in sky blue

Add as many wall hangs, paintings and general pretties as you want, this look is all about being random!

Step Two: Brick Floors, Be Gone!


Ugly red bricks are barely the height of decor fashion! I covered my less-than-lovely, paint-stained (yes, really) floor by layering up printed table runners and topping with a fluffy rug. To keep the floor looking less cluttered, I opted for two table runners in purple, which complimented the gray tones of the fluffy rug to perfection.

You Will Need

Exotic oriental table runner in purple

Jacquard paisley table runner in purple

Add a faux fur rug or throw to mix up your textures.

Step Three: Mix Up Your Levels


The key to any good decor is levels and outdoor areas are so exception! My yard has a random risen, box-like area, which I covered with a throw and topped with the hand embroidered table runner to make it look chic. This could be recreated using a large cooler or coffee table. I also added height by placing a stool in the center of the outdoor area. In short, it’s all abut levels baby!

You Will Need


Hand embroidered table runner in beige.

A few stools, a coffee table, or whatever takes your fancy.

Step Four: Comfort Is Key


Never underestimate the comfort power of cushions! I gave my outdoor area a touch of boho comfort by layering up different cushions to create three ‘seats’. I also added a knitted throw to a bean bag and topped with two exotic oriental print pillows.

You Will Need

Exotic oriental print pillow covers in coffee brown


Jacquard damask pillow covers in blue

Hand embroidered brocade pillow covers in beige


Jacquard paisley pillow covers in blue

Floral embroidered pillow covers in king blue

Step Five: Green It Up


Is it just me, or do green leaves make everything more fresh and appealing? I topped off my boho outdoor area with randomly placed greenery. How lush!

You Will Need

Potted greenery. Go for fakies if you can’t even be trusted with a cactus!


Enjoy your boho outdoor area and live up those last few days of Summer like a total Queen!



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DIY Outdoor Meditation Area

Meditation retreats are the new all-inclusive cruises. In today’s fast-paced, post-modern, society, those with blessed bank accounts are switching the glossy, Las Vegas resorts for something a little more zen: the meditation retreat. It seems that the phrase vacation is finally living up to it’s unwinding definition!

Meditation is an easy and relaxing way to escape and alleviate from everyday stresses, and with one in four individuals suffering from mental health issues, it’s time that we all sat down and got our ‘ooooom’ on!

Unless you’re Bill Gates, chances are you can’t escape to a meditation retreat every time your stress levels peak. So why not create your own outdoor meditation area at home?

Whatever your level of building expertise, there’s a DIY outdoor meditation area for you to create in your own home. Time to find yours…

For The First Time DIY-er

If a hammer and a saw are your arch nemeses, this easy to create area is for you! All it takes is a whole lot of patience and some cracking decor….oh yeah, and maybe a ladder.


(Photo Source: lovemeagan.com)

The wonderful thing about this meditation mecca is that it takes absolutely zero building skills! Wahoo! Let nature be your structure, and find a tall, sturdy and leafy tree in your back yard.

  1. Let’s start from the top! Take two large, plain white sheets and secure to the center-point of the tree. Take the fabric and create drapes, securing to near-by tall structures of trees to create a shaded cover.
  2. Whilst you’ve got that ladder handy, hang a string of fairy lights underneath the white sheets. I suggest you hang these i the central focal point of the drapes, as they may come in handy for meditation!
  3. Hang two dream catchers or hanging macrames at either side of your drapes, creating a welcoming ‘entry’ to your meditation area.
  4. Take three Arabian velvet table runners and layout consecutively on the ground, creating an Indian-inspired meditation mat.
  5. Dot around colorful, bohemian print cushions and enjoy!

You Will Need

3 x Arabian velvet table runners

2 x Elegant dahlia pillow covers
Black & Gold

2 x hand embroidered brocade pillow covers

2 x exotic oriental pillow covers

2 x large white sheets

2 x dream catchers/ hanging macrames

1 x string of fairylights


For The Handyman

With only one timber structure and a whole lot of prettiness, this four poster bed style retreat is ideal for anyone who has a little bit of building knowledge.


(Photo Source: theownerbuildernetwork.co)

What’s more zen than a four poster bed and fresh air combined? This Meditation area is all about options, with mat-covered floor areas or a make-shift bed both ready for your relaxation techniques. The mini Buddhist shrine on the wall gives in a extra edge of spirituality too.

  1. Let’s get the hardest bit out of the way first! Create a timber four poster bed frame and secure on top of a raised area.
  2. Once secure, hang plants and lanterns from your frame to create a zen atmosphere.
  3. Take an old mattress and adorn with the hand painted floral duvet cover set. Place this under your frame and dot with colorful cushions of your choice.
  4. Decorate the lower-level ground with the hand painted floral table cloth and the hand embroidered table cloth.


You Will Need

1 x hand painted duvet cover set

2 x paisley embroidered pillow cover

1 x floral embroidered pillow cover

1 x solid geometric pillow cover

1 x hand painted floral tablecloths

1 x hand embroidered table cloth

1 x single matress

1 x wooden frame

3 x hanging lights

For The Building Guru

Up for a challenge? This curtained gazebo is what meditation dreams are made of! So get yourself a hammer, an array of wood and a builder, if needed, this one is well worth the hard slog!


(Photo Source: decoist.com)

Who needs to go to some swanky resort when you could have this in your backyard? It’s fabulous for outdoor entertaining as well as meditation. If you are not a pro builder, entrust your mecca in builder or a handy friend.

  1. Lay down timber boardwalk in the area you wish to have your meditation retreat.
  2. Build a gazebo on top of the boardwalk and adorn with drapey white curtains.
  3. Surround by statement shrubs and plants in stone columns.
  4. Add a stone coffee table to the center-back of your area and dot with vases of fresh flowers.
  5. Add neutral, Moroccan decor and add a few of the floral embroidered pillow cases for comfort.

You Will Need

2 x floral embroidered pillow covers

1 x high quality timber gazebo

White curtains

Timber board walk

1 x stone coffee table

1 x mini table

A variety of adornments

4 x vases of fresh flowers

Have you tried Meditation before? Let me know your techniques in the comments below…


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7 Seriously Stunning Outdoor Boho Areas

If I had a time machine, I would set it straight to 1972. I would dance around in a crowd of the young, wild and free with daisies in my hair and dream catchers around my neck. My cares would drift away to the beat of psychedelic tunes and I would be solidified in the beginning of youth culture.

Unfortunately, I do not own a time machine (darn), so I’ll have to make do with turning my home into a wild, bohemian, abode. And with the garden flowers finally peeping up to greet Spring, what better way to embrace your inner hippy than with a relaxing outdoor area?

We have searched the internet far and wide to bring you the most lust-worthy bohemian outdoor areas in existence! And if you thought these habitats were out of reach, I ensure you that they are totally do-able! Here’s how to get your own pretty, hippy den: Banarsi style…

Blue Boheme


(Source: ruemag.com)

Snorkel blue continues to reign on her color throne this season. Presented in a plethora of ditsy floral prints and geometrics, this oceanic tone truly brings this patio to life. To recreate, invest in an outdoor seating set in classic, neutral tones. Adorn your sofa with the hand embroidered table cloth in blue and add printed cushions to your hearts desire.

This table could easily be DIY-ed by painting an old wicker basket. Turn it on its head, tell your friends you made it, and watch as they gawp at your ‘American Rehab Skills.’

Even if the stars aren’t shining, give your area a constant majestic aura by winding fairy lights in nearby bushes and trees.

Get The Look

King Blue

Hand embroidered tablecloth

Paisley embroidered pillow cover

Damask throw pillow cover

Hipster Patio


(Photo Source: hotelkiya.com)

All this Aztec-influenced set-up is missing is a ‘Chai latte hipster’ to rock that guitar! The sheer beauty of this patio lies in it’s mish-mash of patterns, textures and ornaments. Recreate by adding random furniture that has a worn edge to it.

A simple beanbag can be transformed into a work of art with a nonchalant throw of a tropical floral scarf and a guitar. Similarly, this sofa would be anything but cool without those funky cushions!

The only rule: cactus. They may be prickly, but they have undeniable ‘road trip’ vibes and are waaay harder to kill than your standard orchid.

Get the look

Tropical floral scarf

Jacquard damask pillow cover

The Ultimate Daydream


(Photo Source: vtwonen.nl)

I don’t where this outdoor dreamy, beach-y, **insert amazing synonym here**, bed is, but I will find it! Lying in the lines between a tropical resort pool-side hangout and a Swedish hippy bedroom, this four-poster sun lounger on steroids is what dreams are made of!

If you live somewhere that has little rain, this one’s for you! Search the thrift stores like a pirate for a four poster bed and a vintage baroque bed head. Ditch the curtains and add an airy ceiling made of light, white fabric.

For bedding, opt for monochrome minimalism, taking in as many prints and textures as you can darn well find!

Finally, adorn your bedside table with the damask table runner for an instant boho lift.

It looks so blissful that I could sleep there every night!

Get the look

Hand embroidered duvet cover set


Damask style table runner

Solid geometric pillow cover

Parisian Touch


(Photo Source: architectureartdesigns.com)

Oooh-la-la, it looks like the bohemian trend has taken a trip to our favorite European capital! The best thing about this area is that you don’t need a gold medal garden. Scruffy works just as well!

Candles, birdcages and other adornments are filled with roses and plant pots to perfection.

Give your old garden chairs a facelift by adorning them with a bohemian print table runner. Then sit back, relax and pretend to be Parisian… Repeat after me, ‘Bonjour’.

Get the look

Arabian velvet table runner

Exotic oriental table runner

Fairy Hideout


(Photo Source: houzz.com)

This forest hideaway looks like somewhere couture pixies would hang out and drink green tea. If you have a large garden or yard, this idea would make a lovely ‘secret garden’ where you could head to for an escape. Well, if he gets a man cave…

Aged furniture is central to this fairy tale vibe, so why not search thrift stores for well-worn wooden furniture? Alternatively, create this vintage look yourself with paint and sandpaper.

Block your hideaway from the rest of the world by hanging the velvet sparkle tablecloth from a tree. Fill your table with potted plants in teacups, add random nick-knacks and enjoy!

Get the look


Velvet sparkle tablecloth


Floral embroidered placemats

Moroccan Wanderlust


(Photo Source: pinterest.com)

Well isn’t this fit for royalty? Embrace your inner Moroccan Princess by creating an outdoor palace! Ok… let’s keep it real here, we don’t expect you to have this kind of grand structure in your back yard. But why not take the wanderlust-filled vibes of this abode and apply it to your porch or verandah.

Here’s how: take a large sofa or bench and top with black velvet cushions or a throw if you’re watching the pennies. Add exotic print cushions, making sure you are using a palette of clashing colors.

Embellish with metallic flashes, such as lanterns, foot rests and tables. Finally, hang an Eastern-inspired artwork over your seating; you can’t go wrong with a Buddha!

Get the look

Ocean Blue

Floral embroidered pillow cover

Jacquard damask pillow cover

Exotic oriental pillow cover

The Haute Hippy Hut


(Photo Source: boredfastfood.com)

Erm…is this big enough to get married in? Jokes aside, this lace teepee and its accompanying seating area, are seriously like something from a dream.

I’m not an expert at teepee making, but I assume this baby takes a whole lotta lace to create! Once you’ve nailed it, add mismatched sofas and a round coffee table.

To add a sense of continuity and style, add cushions in a palette of burnt orange and garnet. The sophisticated two tone placemats are the perfect finishing touch for any unruly tables.

Get the look

Velvet hand embroidered pillow cover

Exotic oriental pillow cover

Sophisticated two tone placemats

**Sighs** and there you have it, the most beautiful outdoor areas the online world has to offer….. Which are you craving this Spring?

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