10 Stylish Halloween Costumes

10 easy to create stylish Halloween costumes for the ladies who want to look cute, not creepy!

Halloween parties are just around the corner, but who wants to look like a witch, ghoul or member of the undead?

**Raises hand**

Thought so!

Luckily, we are on your side and we’re here to bring you 10 stylish Halloween costumes that are cute, on-trend and easy to recreate.

After all, who wants to go to a party looking like a corpse?

1.Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast At Tiffanys


(Photo source: tressugar.com)

It doesn’t get much more chic than Audrey Hepburn in breakfast at Tiffanys! Best of all, this costume uses pieces you are likely to already have in your closet!

As for the cigar, make one out of a pencil!

You will need:

  • A little black dress
  • A statement necklace
  • Black gloves
  • Tiara or jewelled hair piece
  • Statement jewel studs
  • DIY cigar/ pencil

2. Gypsy


(Photo source: maskerix.de)

Boho is still all the rage, making the gypsy a very stylish Halloween costume indeed!

You will need:


3. Mary Poppins


(Photo source: popsugar.com)

If it’s good enough for Lauren Conrad, it’s good enough for us!

We bet that you already own a black skirt, black heels and a white shirt. All this one needs is a bow tie, a top hat and an umbrella!

You will need:

  • White shirt
  • Black skirt
  • Black tights
  • Black heels
  • Red bow tie
  • Umbrella
  • Black hat
  • Red flower (for hat)

4. Mime


(Photo source: cosmopolitan.com)

Although mimes can be pretty creepy, they can be totally sexy too! A striped top and overalls make this stylish halloween costume super easy to recreate using pieces you already have.

You will need:

  • Black overalls
  • Black and white striped tank top
  • Black boots
  • Beret
  • 1 x red scarf

5. Unicorn

BEVERLY HILLS, CA - OCTOBER 28: Actress Jenna Dewan Tatum arrives to the Casamigos Halloween Party at a private residence on October 28, 2016 in Beverly Hills, California. (Photo by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images for Casamigos Tequila)

(Photo source: instyle.com)

Don’t pack away your white Summer dress just yet! Layer it up with tights and go as a magical unicorn!

The horn can easily be made with a silver scarf and rolled up cardboard.

You will need:

  • White dress
  • White tights
  • White shoes
  • DIY horn

6. Butterfly Snapchat Filter


(Photo source: youtube.com)

This has to be the easiest of all our stylish Halloween costume, as it’s just hair and makeup!

Rock your fave party dress and adorn your hair with glittery gold butterflies and voila!

7. Pineapple


(Photo source: pinimg.com)

Got a bright yellow dress and intermediate craft skills? This pineapple costume is cute and creative!

Fake leaves are a fantastic way to make the spiked head piece.

You will need:

  • Yellow dress
  • Retro sunglasses (optional)
  • Spiky head piece

8. Regina George


(Photo source: seventeen.com)

The queen bee from the iconic film may have a few different looks, but we are loving this back brace Regina costume!

You will need:

  • Strapless pink dress
  • Fake flowers
  • DIY back brace

9. Marilyn Monroe


(Photo source: pictify.com)

It doesn’t get sexier than Marilyn Monroe in that white dress!

Get yourself a white halter dress, some red lipstick and get ready to be the most stylish lady at the party.

You will need:

  • White halter dress
  • Red lipstick
  • Silver heels
  • Statement gem studs

10. Wednesday Addams


(Photo source: popsugar.com)

Although the youngest member of the Addams family is kind of creepy, she’s still quite stylish!

You will need:

  • White shirt
  • Black long sleeved dress or black long sleeved top and black skirt
  • Black tights
  • Black brogues

After more Halloween stylish Halloween costumes? Here’s 10 cute halloween costumes that are surpisingly easy.

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5 Work Christmas Party Themes That Are Hilarious

Ah…the work Christmas party… loved by most, dreaded by some. This is the one night of the year where you get to see all your work buddies in a totally different light! Away with the suits, work-place formalities and stressful work loads, you get to see your colleagues as not just another office slave, but as an actual human being.

So how do you ensure that everyone is able to throw away that metaphorical suit and tie and actually enjoy themselves? Fun and silly work Christmas party themes! From completely ridiculous party games, to dress themes that are interesting to say the least, here are 5 work Christmas party themes that guarantee the night will be full of giggles!

The Grinch


(Photo Source: blog.peopleschoice.com)

If your boss is laid-back and up for a laugh, they may want to play the part of the Grinch themselves. However, I wouldn’t advise that you suggest it! The rest of the office can go all-out crazy and dress like the theatrical residents of ‘Who-ville’!

Just the hair is enough to make any sane person erupt into fits of laughter!


(Photo Source: insidethemagic.net)



(Photo Source: raininghotcoupons.com)

These cute little Grinch kebabs are sure to please the more health-conscious of your colleagues!

(Photo Source: sandytoesandpopsicles.com)

This ‘Grinch juice’ could really get the party started! Opt for a vodka-infused cocktail for those who want to drink and create a virgin fruit version for any designated drivers.


A Grinch theme is the perfect excuse to go for the classic Christmas red and green combo. However, switch out that Christmas tree green for something more lime hued.

For fun tables that look like they have been stolen directly from ‘Who-ville’, begin by layering your table with the hand embroidered table cloth in red. For that Grinch-y vibe, add the hand embroidered table runner in green.


Dress As Your Decade


(Photo Source: partycity.com)

If you have a very eclectic work place with a mish-mash of age groups, this is the creme-de-la-creme of all Christmas party themes! Let your colleagues get all nostalgic, as you all dress up as the decade in which you were born. This hilarious theme could result in a handful of Mod’s, some Eighties lycra and even the odd Spice Girl!

Best of all, this theme is the ultimate  conversation starter! Get ready for your older colleagues talking about ‘the good old days’, whilst you take a trip down memory line and discuss the decade you remember for your childhood.


There are so many party food options to suit this theme. The general rule of thumb is: keep it nostalgic!


(Photo Source: blog.hwtm.com)

Retro cupcakes are sure to be a crowd pleaser!


The best thing about table layouts for this theme is that it can be a total mish mash! However, we recommend styling up a table for each decade between the 50s and 90s for something really memorable!
Go for a retro damask style table runner for the 1950s table runner and top with the typically feminine floral embroidered placemats.

For the 1970s table, opt for a nostalgic bohemian theme. The exotic oriental table runner is perfect for this.

Christmas Down Under


(Photo Source: blog.workingin.com)

Let’s get things straight: we can only see so many snowmen, snowflakes and Santa’s until we want to rip our own hair out! To be completely different, opt for a beach themed Aussie Christmas Down Under! Beach balls, Hawaiian shirts and sandals are an uplifting change from Winter-y knits and bobbly hats!

Christmas party games can include giant, inflatable beach balls, balancing on surf boards and a variety of hilarious beach-themed games that are sure to get even the shyest member of your office involved!



(Photo Source: aandklollybuffet.com.au)

Keep it all beach themed! Dot blue cupcakes and macaroons among beachy table decor for a unique dessert display. As for the main, go for a classic Aussie barbie! (Shrimps included!)


Go for vibrant oceanic hues with pops of sand to recreate Bondi Beach! The chic jacquard table runner is perfect for this.

12 Days Of Christmas

12 Days Of Christmas Dress - Best Template Collection

If any Christmas carol could provide hilarious costume inspiration, it’s this one! Grab your work colleagues and prepare to indulge in a number of fun costumes, including drummers drumming, french hens and of course the partridge in a pear tree!


A great idea here is to do 12 different dishes! If you really want to get creative, you can decorate your dishes to represent the twelve days.


(Photo Source: sweetsugarbelle.com)

These partridge in a pear tree biscuits are a work of art!


Make your table decor as brash and Christmassy as possible! Begin by layering your tables with the ornamental embroidered rectangular tablecloth. Next, add a festive metallic edge with the luxurious artistry table runner.

Ugly Christmas Sweater Party


(Photo Source: eighteen25.com)

This one’s a classic! Best of all, everyone in the office already owns an ugly Christmas sweater, even if they deny it! Make your ugly Christmas sweater party a little bit different by presenting an ‘awards ceremony’ awarding the ugliest, tackiest, most colorful and most sparkly sweaters.


Anything goes with this one! As ugly Christmas sweaters remind us of the older relatives who have lovingly knitted them for us, go for snug comfort  food like pies, cakes and casseroles.


Keep it classically festive with an array of reds, greens and metallics. We recommend the arabian velvet table runner and the hand embroidered table placemat set.

Which of our work Christmas party themes do you think would be a hit at your workplace?

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10 Cute Halloween Costumes That Are Surprisingly Easy

Remember that scene in ‘Mean Girls’ when Lindsay Lohan entered the party looking like a demented corpse bride? That is our worst nightmare right now! Luckily, cute Halloween costumes can be easier than you think and can often be created using pieces that you can wear again and again.

Halloween may be all about blood and death, but that’s just not us! Here’s 10 cute Halloween costumes that are surprisingly easy to recreate.



(Photo Source: costumepedia.com)

Suede and fringe are all the rage right now! If that wasn’t enough of a reason to invest in them, they can also be put together to create a stunning Pocohontas costume.

Opt for a suede, fringe embellished top or skirt, than cinch in with a brown leather waist belt. Recreate her iconic necklace with blue ribbon and a plain pendant.

Daenerys Targaryen


(Photo Source: pinterest.com)

Costumes don’t get much more stunning than the Mother of Dragons. Best of all? You can recreate it with a versatile Grecian maxi dress. Tie a scarf between your shoulders, such as our solid color scarf, to recreate her cape. Finally, curl your hair into effortless waves and add a Daenerys style braid.

1950s Rockabilly Babe


(Photo Source: perfectsuits.tumblr.com)

This 1950s costume is about as easy as Halloween costumes come! Begin with a high waisted flared midi skirt or a pencil skirt and team with a bustier or collared top. Polka dots and gingham are a sure fire way to get this one right! Finish with a bold red lip, a hair bouffant and a silk hair scarf. Our artistic print silk scarf has 1950s chic written all over it!



(Photo Source: tumblr.com)

This one is perfect for any makeup moguls! This cute and sculpted deer makeup can easily be recreated with a highlighting and contouring kit.  Add a cute pair of antlers or even braid your hair into two ‘ears’. So cute!

As for the costume, a brown top or dress will suffice. Hardcore costume-ers can stick felt circles onto the back of a brown jumpsuit for a more authentic Bambi look.

Haute Hippy

(Photo Source: luvit.com)

With so many gorgeous bohemian pieces around at the moment, a stunning hippy costume is really easy to put together. The general rule is the more textures and fabrics the merrier. Opt for suede, lace and bold prints. Embellish with chunky belts, lashings of jewellery, flower crows and hair pieces. Finally, drape a floral scarf, such as the Spring Flowers Wool Scarf over your shoulders for a final touch of effortless 70s style.

Greek Goddess


(Photo Source: stylishwife.com)

Got a white maxi dress or even a sheet? Boom! Your Halloween costume is sorted!

Turn a white maxi into a stunning Greek goddess outfit with chunky gold arm cuffs, gold leaf crowns and gladiator sandals. All of these pieces will make wonderful additions to your outfit too.

Cookie Monster


(Photo Source: punchedclocks.com)

If you’re after cute Halloween costumes that no one else will never even consider, look no further than this cookies monster ensemble! Simply take a blue t-shirt and attach two felt circles for eyes. Then do your best art with a permanent marker. Add a blue tutu or skirt and embellish with cute cookies.



(Photo Source: pinterest.com)

This leopard costume is another one for the makeup moguls! Team this stunning face makeup with a cheetah print outfit and you will look grrr-eat!! (Sorry: had to!)

If you don’t have any animal print clothes in your wardrobe, this leopard print scarf is the answer to all your problems.



(Photo Source: pinimg.com)

Fear not: this scarecrow costume is anything but Jeepers Creepers! All it takes is a plaid shirt, some distressed denim and a bandana. Our stripe print scarf would be a great addition to your scarecrow costume!

Then all that is left to do is add a hat and get funky with some facepaint!

Marilyn Monroe


How to guarantee you’ll have the cutest costume at the party? Recreate the most iconic look of the sexiest woman alive.

Recreate Miss Monroe’s famous ‘Seven Year Itch’ look with a white, halter neck dress. Add red lippy, pearl earrings and tightly curled hair and you’re ready to go! Watch out for those pesky vents though!

Which of these cute Halloween costumes takes your fancy? Happy Halloween!




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10 Cute & Creative Baby Shower Ideas

If life were a book, having a baby would undoubtedly be one the longest and most important chapters. A baby shower is a wonderful way to celebrate the start of this new chapter, and to share your joy with your loved ones.

So how exactly do you make that baby shower an event that will be remembered? Whether you’re the Mum to be, or a friend or relative of the expected mother, here are 10 cute and creative baby shower ideas that are sure to result in a cooeing of ‘eees’ and ‘awwws’.


(Photo Source: 100layercakelet.com)

Baby Shower Games

What better way to celebrate a new child, than to act like a total one yourself? These baby shower games will be a huge hit with your guests

The Guess The Baby Game


(Photo Source: raisingmissmatilda.com)

Don’t worry, this has nothing to do with the little bundle of joy that’s on the way, this one is all about the lovely ladies! Get all of the guests to bring a photo of themselves as a baby and pin all the photos upon a pinboard anonymously. Then, get all the guests to try and guess who each baby is! This game is sure to get lots of laughs and is a great starting point for a plethora of embarrassing baby stories. So get ready for stories of pee pee fountains and lipstick eating!

Who’s Water Will Break First?


Please note: this game will not induce labor! Although you will need to freeze mini plastic babies in water, which is odd enough in itself! Nonetheless, the idea is pretty cute, funny and very baby shower appropriate.

Pin The Poop On The Diaper


(Photo Source: pinimg.com)

This hilarious, albeit crude, variation on ‘pin the tail on the donkey’ is sure to have your guests in stitches!

Baby Shower Table Layouts

Go all 0ut and create a beautiful table layout to display all that fabulous food!

For A Baby Girl


(Photo Source: inspiredbythis.com)

If you know you’re having a daughter, it has to be pink! But if glitter, fairy lights and a trillion pink peonies sounds like absolute madness to you, try this divine, rustic layout.  Take an old wooden door and prop behind a large table. Create a show-stopping floral garnish of red, pink and white faux roses. Layer your table with a pink table cloth, add some fresh pink, flora and voila!

We Recommend

A pink table runner is a great way to inject a little ‘Princess’ into your table, without going too far.

Arabian velvet table runner

Exotic oriental table runner

Add a touch of floral to your table with our floral embroidered place mats.

For A Baby Boy


(Photo Source: catchmyparty.com)

We can’t over how cute this nautical table layout is! A trendy take on the classic ‘blue for boys’ theme, the abundance of nautical-themed decor and oceanic tones will really impress your guests. For this layout, you will need a large dining table and a small coffee table. Embellish the large table with a mid-blue table cloth and layer a smaller striped table cloth or runner over the top. Add plates of tasty treats that adhere to the blue palette and the nautical theme. The whale cupcakes are too cute!

Use the smaller table for more snacks, or even use it to display the lovely cards and presents you receive. Add an anchor and blue bunting for an extra adorable touch.

We Recommend

The ornamental embroidered table cloth will provide the perfect oceanic base layer.

Ocean Blue

Stripes are always nautical. Add a nautical edge to your table with the two tone embroidered place mats.

For ???


(Photo Source: racheljspecialevents.blogspot.com)

Want your bundle of joy to be a surprise? Opt for a gender neutral palette, in a nursery appropriate scheme of yellow and gray. Team a steel gray table cloth with two printed yellow table runners. Add sweet treats presented on shabby chic plates and trays. Add glass jars of yellow sweets and hang nursery artwork, above the table. Don’t forget the cake! This elephant-topped cake is so cute, we are not surprised that they’ve used it as a center piece!

We Recommend

This orange, paisley print table runner is both cute and gender neutral!

Baby Shower Keepsakes

For The Guests

ready to popcorn

(Photo Source: etsy.com)

Treat your guests, pregnant or not, to a hilarious pun filled with yummy popcorn! This idea is super easy and cheap. (


(Photo Source: tipsalud.com)

Well THIS is the cutest thing ever! Invest in a few cute, printed bucket and pack with shower goodies. These will be perfect, either as game prizes or gifts for your guests.

For The Mum To Be

Weddings have guest books, so why shouldn’t your baby shower be documented? Here are some cute ideas to remember your shower.


(Photo Source: homedit.com)

This signed onesie is the cutest way we’ve ever seen to commemorate your baby shower!


(Photo Source: projectwedding.com)

This letter above may be for a wedding, but I think it could work equally as well for a baby shower. Grab a wooden letter with your unborn baby’s name and get guests to write a note to the baby. H0w cute would this look on a nursery wall? Haven’t decided on a name? Go for a wooden shape, such as a teddy bear, heart or duck.

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How To Throw A Vintage Tea Party

2016: The age of Instagram, reality TV, the never-retiring and the I Phone. Wouldn’t it be great if we could get in some sort of time machine and go back to a simpler time? News flash: You can  and you can make it an actual social event. And no, I don’t know the scientist from ‘Back To The Future’! A vintage tea party is the perfect way to indulge in the simpler things in life.

What do you need? A plethora of vintage tea ware, floral fabrics, retro tablecloths and strings of pearls. Get ready to send out those floral embossed invitations, as you are about to throw a vintage tea party!

One Word: Shabby Chic

The magic of a vintage tea party lies in the atmosphere. You want your guests to feel like they have walked into your home and gone back to the 1940s. How do you achieve this? One phrase: shabby chic! Transform your abode with a plethora of ditsy florals, lace-y garnishes and damask-style patterns. Drape pearls over vintage tea cups, make bows out of chiffon and add an array of fresh flora.

how to throw a vintage tea party

(Photo Source: flickr.com)

If you are looking for something really original for your vintage tea party, treat your lovely ladies to a spot of tea in a cosy outdoor area. Simply layer a floral picnic blanket in your garden and add a plethora of our printed pillow covers. Then, sit back and talk about how you used to have similar tea parties with your teddies.

vintage tea party

(Photo Source: polkadotbride.com)

Get The Look


Jacquard floral pillow covers


Spring garden floral pillow cover

Vintage Attire
ladies tea party

Vintage tea parties give you the excuse to be a total girly girl (Photo Source: mysweetandsaucy.com)

What makes themed parties fun? The chance to dress like someone completely different from yourself without snickers from others! When it comes to vintage tea party attire, just think of your Nans curtains and lace tea coseys….got that image? You’re halfway there! Rock a 1940s tea dress in a fit and flare shape and opt for lace fabrics and floral patterns. Indulge in your inner lady with lashings of pearls, floral headpieces and silk gloves. Sure…you and your friends may look like rejects from a 1940s finishing school, but it’s all in the name of fun!

vintage bridesmaids tea party shabby chic

This is what vintage tea party dreams are made of! (Photo Source: fantasticpixcool.com)

Get The Look

Get a quick retro, floral injection with our spring roses wool scarf.

It’s All About That Table-scape

If there’s one thing that really matters at tea parties it’s that table layout. It needs to be so cute, girly and shabby-chic that it would melt Marie Antionette’s heart. In need of some inspo? Here’s some tea party table porn…

princess tea party table layout

Well doesn’t this look fit for some sort of fairy tale woodland princess? Cherry red pops from under soft layers of dreamy crochet. Shabby chic burnished metal contrasts stunningly with pastel roses and crystal embellishments. And just when we thought that it couldn’t get any prettier, they throw on a glittery table runner!

Get The Look

Go for a cherry red vibe with our damask style table runner.

vintage books decoration

(Photo Source: catchmyparty.com)

Who knew that old books could make such a stunning centerpiece? To recreate this shabby look, adorn your table with a white table cloth and layer on a beige table runner. Take the oldest books you can find and arrange in a stack on your table’s center. Layer dainty tea cups on top and fill with fresh flowers. Finally, take a string of pearls and drape nonchalantly across your books.

Get The Look

If you want more glam, less shab, adorn your table with our stunningly retro hawthorn leaf table runner.

Black & White

pastel shabby chic table layout

(Photo Source: astreor.canalblog.com)

It doesn’t get much prettier than soft pastels, floral cups and frilled plates. Opt for a soft vintage palette of calming mints, whites and pops of blush. The lacier, frillier and more floral, the better.

Get The Look

Place your cutlery on folded floral embroidered place mats for an overdose of femininity.


Finger Foods

Going to a tea party without fingers foods is like going to a McDonalds with no fries! Long story short, you’re going to need food! The trick is to keep it classic and cute and serve it up vintage style. Here’s some munchies that are pretty and tasty!

tea party vintage food

(Photo Source: celebrateanddecorate.com)

Layer up cupcake stands with pastel-toned macaroons and cream-topped cupcakes. The flowers in stacked teacups make the prettiest garnish ever!

scones high tea

(Photo Source: thevintagetable.com)

Ah…. cream scones… does it get any more quintessential?

Sent out those invites yet?


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