How To Do Statement Wallpaper The Right Way

Statement wallpaper is back! But before you go ahead and pop all sorts of retro prints on every single wall of your abode, listen up. Statement wallpaper needs to be approached with caution.

If styled the wrong way, statement wallpaper can make your home appear cluttered, uncohesive and more dated than the back of your Nan’s attic.

However, when styled with class, statement wallpaper can add a fun, unique and uplifting edge to your home.

Here’s our guide on how to do statement wallpaper the right way…

Contrast With White


(Photo source:

Very vibrant wallpapers are the most fun, as this stunning palm print shows. Surprisingly, they are also the easiest to style.

When plastering your walls with a very brash print, keep everything else simple.

This tropical themed bedroom is a prime example of how to nail printed wallpaper. The white bedding and wooden table are simple, uncluttered and plain. The low-lying bed also ensures that the harsh print doesn’t make the room look too swamped.

However, all-plain, all-white everything is about as fun as a trip to the dentists. Keep it playful by adding fun accents in colors that appear in the wallpaper. This toucan cushion compliments the wallpaper and overall theme of the bedroom perfectly.

Enhance Less Occurring Colors


(Photo source:

Print clashing with statement wallpaper can be trickier than parking a car in a blindfold. The general rule of thumb is: find a color that is less occurring in the print and enhance it with a simple print.

This geometric bench highlights the pink of the flamingos in the wallpaper perfectly.

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Do a fancy clash with a simple print. The jacquard paisley table runner is a simple print to enhance underlying tones in any printed wallpaper.

Go For Monochrome


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When in doubt, go for monochrome! The absence of color in black and white decor is a sure-fire way to avoid any unsightly clashes.

Keep the furniture in block black or white sections to ensure that the wallpaper really stands out.

We adore the combination of the retro printed wallpaper and modern matte black vanity in this bathroom.

The rounded mirror also enhances the stunning print.

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Compliment monochrome statement wallpaper with white or black accessories.


Solid geometric pillow covers and hand embroidered table runner

Create Layers


(Photo source:

In theory, floral wallpaper, a blue sofa and printed pillow covers sounds far too much. However, as this photo proves, it’s all about how you style it.

To add interest to statement wallpaper without overpowering it, think of your living room as having layers. If you wish to add other detailed items such as multiple colors or prints, ensure that there is a block color in-between.

This living room cleverly layers a blue sofa in front of the floral wall, then adds extra color and pattern through printed pillow covers.

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Pink, brown and yellow pillow covers really enhance this blue sofa.

YellowCoffee Brown

Damask throw pillow cover, hand embroidered throw pillow cover, hand painted deluxe accent pillow cover

Try Bohemian Vibes


(Photo source:

If you love statement wallpaper and prints and patterns in all their glory, boho decor may be your home’s calling!

The best aspect of bohemian decor is that you can mix and match as many prints as your heart desires. However, it pays to have a method to the madness.

Notice how the floor of this living room is mainly orange toned, whereas the walls and sofa are gree-blue toned? This color chunking technique ensures that the room doesn’t look too crowded or messy.

The orange printed pillow covers ensure that the hues of the floor are complimented at eye level.

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Orange, turquoise and brown hues seamlessly blend the statement colors of this living room.

GoldOcean BlueSilver

Vibrant floral throw pillow cover, floral embroidered pillow cover, exotic oriental pillow cover

Combine Scandi Prints With Pops Of Color


(Photo source:

Monochrome Scandinavian prints are some of the easiest to embrace in your home!

Add vibrant pops of colorful furniture to make the room truly come alive. Keep the rest neutral and the result will be stunning!

Combine Retro Prints & Soft Hues


(Photo source:

With retro floral prints comes images of country cottages, shabby chic and all things vintage.

Embrace these quintessential elements by pairing retro floral wallpaper with soft and demure tones and textures.

As the stunning bedroom above proves, the colors don’t necessarily have to appear in the print itself. However, keep your base tones beige and it will look effortlessly vintage chic.

Get The Look

Demure baby blue and beige will compliment country floral statement wallpaper beautifully.


Hand painted duvet cover set, paisley embroidered pillow cover

Embrace Opulence


(Photo source:

Nothing was ever too much for Marie Antoinette! Embrace regal opulence and team statement wallpaper with lavish and luxurious details.

Chandeliers, embroidery, draping and 3d florals will add to the opulence of any printed wallpaper in a demure palette.

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Compliment the hues of your wallpaper with lavish embroidered details.

Hand embroidered duvet cover set, velvet sparkle throw pillow cover

After more print-spiration? Check out these rooms that are decked out in on-trend palm print decor.


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Decor Trend Alert: Leaf & Palm Prints

Be like a palm tree: Stand tall, wear a crown in your head and bask in the sun.

As Summer starts to appear on our radar, we find ourselves craving more and more leaf and palm prints in our abode.

Arguably one of the most popular trends on Pinterest and Instagram currently, leaf and palm prints offer more than just another decor style’. They allow us to live in a tranquil, tropical oasis. Bliss.

With greenery and kale the hottest hues of the year, greenery has made the transition from potted plants, to on our walls, sofas, and, well… everywhere!

From Balinese-style, palm-dotted bathrooms, to farm house fern prints, palm and leaf prints are headed right to the top of the 2017 decor trends.

So stop dreaming of blissful vacations under the palm trees, and experience them everyday in your own home. Here’s enough leaf and palm print inspiration to fill the entire Hawaiian coastline…

A Wall Of Palms


(Photo Source:

Floral wallpaper may be as goudy as sparkly dresses with shoulder pads, but palm prints seem to have transcended this ‘hideous flora’ mold.

Clean, simple and green, this simple palm-covered wallpaper turns any room into a resort. Pair with wooden furnishings and live plants for a laid-back, tropical haven.


(Photo Source:

Palm and tropical leaf prints will always be associated with the ocean, so they are perfect for bathroom walls.

When opting for a bold, leaf print wallpaper, keep the rest of the decor, clean and simple. This white, gold and palm bathroom looks like something from a luxurious, tropical resort.

Relaxed Minimalism


(Photo Source:

Stuck in your minimalist mindset? Add a bit of fun to your abode! Don’t worry, we don’t expect you to turn your home into a walk-in Mardi Gras, but a bit of print never hurt anyone.

Add an instant spark of Summer into your home with some palm print decor pieces. Pillow covers will instantly change things up, whilst real plants will, quite literally, liven up any room.


(Photo Source:

Canvas prints are another cheap and easy way to inject some tropical charm into your minimalist abode.

Add them to your office to spend hours dreaming of that special vacay you have booked…

Palms and Pink?


Palm prints and pink may seem like cheese and chocolate, but they actually melt together into something pretty tasty…

To keep it in trendy territory, keep the rest of the palette clean and minimal. However, don’t be afraid to add a pop of green here and there.


(Photo Size:

Flamingos and palm prints= double the dreamy tropical vibes…

In The Jungle, The Mighty Jungle…


(Photo Source:

If minimalism isn’t your middle name, turn your house into a chic jungle! As you can see by the bohemian dream above, anything goes! So if you want to combine wild wallpaper, with vintage furniture; be my guest!


(Photo Source:

Checkered floor, blue wall, hanging lights: it shouldn’t work, but it totally does!

Sweet Leaves


(Photo Source:

If you live in a colder climate, palm leaves may seem like a bit, fat lie. If you would prefer a print that blends more seamlessly into your outdoor environment, various leafy green prints will do just the trick!

Oak leaf prints and dark kale hues are a match made in heaven. Add undone wooden furniture and shabby chic accessories for a forest take on farmhouse style.


(Photo Source:

Finer leaf prints look fantastic with dainty and vintage-style furniture. Instead of styling with vibrant green and kale tones, pair pine prints with soft duck egg blues and pale mint hues.

Our Picks


Clockwise from top left: Jacquard floral table runner, paisley leaf pillow cover, embroidered leaf placemats, ornamental embroidered duvet cover set, floral paisley placemats, hawthorn leaf table runner, velvet floral embroidered table runner

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Print Trends: New York Fashion Week S/S 2017

Print trends are coming out of fashion week faster than we can keep up with! As New York Fashion Week, the creme-de-la-creme of the sartorial world, comes to a close, we are left with a stunning glimpse of the trends that will be taking over our wardrobes next Spring/Summer.

Florals were in abundance, from Eastern European style folklore at Tory Burch, to ditsy and dainty daisies at Rebecca Taylor. All of these florals, together with artistic hippy prints and saucy stripes, proves one thing: retro is still in!

It’s undeniable that the runways have a huge effect on both our wardrobe and our home decor, and believe me when I say that there is a lot to get excited about!

To mark the end of New York Fashion Week, we show you the print trends you will be craving in your wardrobe and home decor in Spring/Summer 2017!

(All photos are sourced from

The Print Trend: Folk Florals

We have seen the shift towards bohemian prints in both fashion and interior design over the last few seasons and Spring/Summer 2017 saw this trend explode into a literal plethora of folk-y florals. Out of all the print trends, folk florals are certainly the one to watch!

tory burch print trends spring summer 2017 new york fashion week folk floralstory burch print trends spring summer 2017 new york fashion week folk florals

Tory Burch (above) was a folk fairytale! Contrasting patterns of floral and paisley were weaved together in wanderlust-inducing wrap dresses. The more feminine side of folk-law was present on asymmetric dresses, that were embellished and printed to utter perfection.

alice-olivia-folk-florals-print-trend alice-olivia-print-trend-folk-florals

Alice & Olivia‘s designs came with a side of Elizabethan elegance, with the kind of high a-line shapes and embroidered florals we would expect to see on Anne Boleyn. Pair this with cute butterflies and scalloped lace and get ready to embrace your feminine side.


If Scotch & Soda isn’t the epitome of folk, we don’t know what is! Flow-y gypsy skirts were teamed with floral embroidered waistcoats and slipper shoes. Embroidered stars screams from out-of-this-world metallics that take us back to the 60s at one glance!

Get The Look: Home Decor

Arabian velvet table runner

Floral embroidered pillow cover

Get The Look: Fashion

Paisley designs floral scarf

The Print Trend: Mod Florals

Keeping in close call with fashions retro love affair, huge punchy florals came with an air of 60s radical!


Orla Keily packed a punch with explosions of oversized posies and multi-colored daisies that echo 70s wallpaper. Add flared shapes and wooden wedges and get ready for a psychedelic time!

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Jacquard floral table runner

Tropical floral place mats

The Print Trend: Stripes

Due to the timeless nature of stripes, they make an appearance every season without fail. This season, they came in a plethora of clashed ways. Stripes headed in different directions were combined to sculpt the body and create movement. Different colors were combined in close proximity and spread across garments. It’s time for the new era of the stripe.


Whistles combined different colored stripes to create statement ‘super stripes’. Add fringing and interesting textures and here you have evidence that stripes are anything but boring!

alice-olivia-spring-summer-2017 alice-olivia-stripes

Alice & Olivia cleverly combined horizontal and vertical stripes to slim, or add volume to the body. The result? Interesting, feminine shapes. The striped hair scarves look like they were created for cruise season!


Zimmerman gave us the most girly stripes we’ve possibly ever seen! Combined with frills pinned diagonally across garments, the prints were used to create movement and dimension.

Get The Look: Home Decor

Sophisticated two tone placemat


Solid geometric pillow cover

Get The Look: Fashion

Striped print scarf

The Print Trend: Hippy Art

This is Warhol’s kind of fashion. Swirls of mod-esque color and paintbox patterns make hippy art a total prints trend to watch! If it looks like a psychedelic rainbow or wave, you’re on the right track!

red-valentino-2017-spring-summer red-valentino-spring-summer-2017

Red Valentino was all kinds of oceanic swirls and vibrant rainbows. Waves of color were clashed with sheer fabrics, leather and suede. How cute is that handbag? It’s like a mini ode to nature!

trina-turke-new-york-fashion-week-2017 trina-turke-spring-summer-2017

Trina Turke was a spectrum of vibrancy! Multi-colored CD prints came with an air of late 80s funk, whilst rainbow halter necks combined the best of all decades in one crazy piece!

Get The Look: Home Decor

Exotic oriental table runner

Get The Look: Fashion


Geometric print scarf

The Print Trend: Ditsy Florals

Ditsy florals were accompanied by a beautiful romance of dainty ruffles, pleats and frills. This is the most innocent and demure of all this seasons’ print trends.

rebecca-taylor-spring-summer-2017-florals rebecca-taylor-spring-summer-2017

Rebecca Taylor presented a ditsy floral dress for every kind of girl. The tomboy can embrace florals by baby steps in sporty, shirt dresses. On the other hand, the romantics at heart can live their dreams in enough frills and florals to put Laura Ashley to shame.


3.1 Phillip Lim, on the other hand, mixed elements of ditsy florals with solid-toned chiffon and yoke blouses. Cute as a button!

Get The Look: Home Decor

Hand embroidered 7 piece duvet cover set


Floral embroidered place mats

Get The Look: Fashion

Tropical floral scarf

The Print Trend: Animal Print

karen-walker-2017-animal-print karen-walker-spring-summer-2017

Karen Walker made a roar with striking leopard prints, which were ruffled and silky. This is animal print that you can totally wear to the office!

Get The Look: Fashion

Pure wool animal print scarf

Which of this season’s print trends is your favorite?




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Paisley Prints: From Ancient Persia To Today

Raise your hand if you like a good paisley print! **Stretches hand to the ceiling** Thought so! Bold, boho and always on trend, we would be as mad as a hatter if we didn’t welcome this print into our home with open arms.

But what if I gave you a bit of a paisley pop quiz? Where does it originate from? Are their meanings behind the prints? Luckily, I’ve scrubbed up on my paisley knowledge and am ready to serve you with a brief history of these punchy prints.

So read on for all and everything about paisley prints…

The Origin Of Paisley Prints


(Photo Source:

Ok… so this one is a bit of a shocker… often being associated with ethnic prints and bohemian culture, we would perhaps expect the word paislet to originate from India or the far East.Guess again, these babies the world paisley itself originates from **insert drum roll* Scotland!

Better known for haggis and tartan, the Scots are certainly the Einstein’s of the print world. Paisley is named after the town of, well, ahem, Paisley in Western Scotland. The town had a large factory that produced these prints.

Although many may give the Scot’s credit for paisley itself, the actual print originated from ancient Persian culture. The original floral motif dates waaay back to 200-650 AD during the rule of the Sassanians.

Azerbaijani researchers believe that the print comes from the ancient religion of Zoroastrianism and remains the national symbol of Azerbaijan to this day.

Paisley patterns came to the west in the 18th Century, predominately from the region of Kashmir in India, and the prints became a status symbol for rich, Western individuals.


(Photo Source:

Due to the region of Kashmir being the predominant provider of this funky print, India became synonymous with the paisley. The paisley is often associated with Indian philosophies and cultures.

In later years, it became a symbol of an artistic, alternative lifestyle and of rebellion. It featured in the artistic works of The Pre-Raphalites, a rebellious art movement that wished to take art back to it’s detailed and complex forms and away from the ‘mechancisms’ of the Mannerist artists.

Paisley print was famously worn by rebellious author Oscar Wilde, who stated: “One should either be a work of art or wear a work of art”. (Source:

The Meaning Of Paisley Prints

The original Persian motif, know as a buta, is a symbol of life and eternity. In Zoroastrianism, the paisley was thought to represent a flora spray and a cypress tree.

In India and in Buddhism, the paisley is associated with fertility, due to its seed-like shape. This meaning has transcended into modern culture, with many believing that the print represents both fertility and the tree of life.

Paisley Prints In Modern Culture


(Photo Source:

Paisley prints sprang back into fashion during the youth culture revolt of the 1960s. Associated with the psychodelic hippy movement, paisleys were seen on The Rolling Stones, The Kinks and The Beatles. In fact, John Lennon even had a Paisley Painted Rolls-Royce!

Paisley also had a significant role in homosexual culture in both the 60s and 70s. In San Francisco, gay men invented ‘the handkerchief codes’, in which they sported a paisley handkerchief in their back pocket to state their sexuality.


(Photo Source:

Paisley prints in the 60s and 70s undoubtedly shaped our views about this print today, which is commonly known for it’s boho vibes and multicultural elements. Lucky for us paisley lovers, the print is currently right at the top of the trend charts! Wear it on you, style your home with it…. it’s time to embrace paisley in all its pretty glory!

Styling Paisley For Your Home

If you like your decor to be wild, colorful and free, you NEED some paisley print in your abode. To keep it looking chic and modern, I suggest opting for pops of paisley print in amongst solid colors and textures.


(Photo Source:

Now this is boho-minimal done perfectly! Scandi shapes and clean whites make way for that statement paisley print bedding.


(Photo Source:

If you prefer your paisley in high doses, this exotic bathroom will be right up your alley! Teamed with an exotic, statement mirror, this bathroom will truly bring the east to your home.

Our Paisley Picks

Ready for a paisley fix? Here at Banarsi Designs we are all about that paisley! With all products hand crafted in India, you are getting the real deal too! Here’s our top paisley picks to give your home that boho edge!


From top left: floral paisley placemats, paisley embroidered pillow cover, jacquard paisley table runner, paisley leaf pillow cover, chic jacquard table runner

Don’t you just feel like a paisley expert? Stay tuned for part two, when we look at paisley in fashion!


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