Thanksgiving Outfit Ideas: Chic & Comfy Styles To Steal

Thanksgiving is just around the corner and although many of us ladies my be thinking about stuffing ourselves with as much turkey as possible **solemnly raises hand**, Thanksgiving raises a little problem. What on earth do I wear? Ahh… the thanksgiving outfit.. the answer to a possible moral dilemma of eating enough to food to make you look like the octomum.

Let’s be real here: you are not exactly going to be strutting your stuff down the streets of Beverly Hills with Lauren Conrad and co. Your fashion police will be your Mum, your Dad and perhaps old Aunt Maggie. But hey: Aunt Maggie deserves to be dressed up for too right?

Make that family home your runway girl! We show you 10 chic thanksgiving outfit ideas that will totally hide that extra slice of pie you indulged in!

Scarf & Swing Dress


(Photo Source:

Dresses make us feel like Princesses, but a bodycon number as tight as Kimmy K’s will not be particularly comfortable once you have indulged in three courses of home cooked goodness. Instead, opt for a cute swing dress and top it off with a printed scarf. We personally think that this one’s a little too outdoorsy for a homey holiday. Instead, keep it leafy and pop on the floral pure wool scarf.

The Poncho


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Ah… we love a good poncho! As well as being super on-trend, these magical garments will hide that food baby so everyone will be none the wiser. As Thanksgiving is made for pigging out **om nom nom**, go for a longer length poncho and wear with slim fit jeans and boots. As tempted as you may be to team this baby with some baggy pants for some..ahem… extra storage space, doing so may make you look like a walking balloon.

We love the contrast between this rich mustard color and the leopard print bag. If there’s nothing at all big-cat like in your handbag collection, try tying our mixed print scarf around your fave bag instead!

Neutral & Knitted


(Photo Source:

This neutral combo is so freaking cute! The pleats make it a feminine and pretty look that Nan will smile at, whilst the cardigan adds a element of quintessentially Fall snugness. Layer on tights underneath to beat the chill. Finally, add casual burnished gold accessories for the subtle little cherry on top of this gorgeous outfit.

The Autumnal Print Clash


(Photo Source:

Although horizontal stripes are typically known for making us look wider, these slim stripes are perfectly clashed with the leopard print scarf. This draws the eye away from the waistline. However, if you are seriously worried about looking like a bloated Betty, vertical stripes are the way to go!

The solid black bottom half of this look is super leg lengthening and our old pal black is always there for us when we’ve eaten too much! Finally, the mustard jacket places it smack bang in Fall territory.

This look is all about that gorgeous print clash, so team your striped shirt with our pure wool animal print scarf.

The Denim Shirt Dress


(Photo Source:

If you’re going to be snug next to a warm fire, there’s no need to sweat it out in layers upon layers of knitwear! Go for simple and timeless in a shirt dress. If you are worried about been a little nippy, opt for a chambray or denim shirt dress. These both have slightly thicker fabric.

Pop on a printed scarf to embellish the look to perfection! We think that the multicolor abstract print scarf is a literal explosion of Autumn hues.


The Boho Florals


(Photo Source:

As total boho obsessives, we believe that bold florals and baggy shapes are perfect for year-round wear! An oversized boho print dress, such as this beauty above, is pretty and appropriate for a family get together. Plus: the shape ensures that you can totally go for that third helping of dessert!

We suggest that you leave the hat and sunnies out of this one! No matter how Fall-appropriate your hat is, it is certainly not appropriate for the dinner table!

If you want to inject some boho florals into your Thanksgiving outfit without going head to toe, try our floral paisley silk scarf.


The Waterfall Vest


(Photo Source:

When it comes to bloating, a sleeveless waterfall vest is an instant saving grace! Flowing out at all of the right places, a waterfall vest will skim over any lumps and bumps, leaving your Thanksgiving pig-out not completely on show.

Team this stunning piece with an on-trend pair of slim fit jeans and a plain white tee. If you want to dress it up more, gold jewellery is a great way to do so.

Have you planned your Thanksgiving outfit? Let me know in the comments below…



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Celebrity Fall Scarf Looks: From 65 To 30 Degrees

Fall weather can be about as unpredictable as the lottery. One minute it’s gleaming sun and you think that Summer is just about holding on, the next it’s snowing. Due to this, dressing appropriately can be a challenge. This season, we’re taking inspiration from celebrity Fall scarf looks and we are loving just how versatile these accessories can be!

Most importantly of all, scarves are perfect for adding a little bit of warmth and style, no matter what the thermometer states!

Today, we bring you scarf looks that will take you all the way from Fall to Winter. From sunny looks to wear in 65 degrees, to outfits to snuggle up in when freezing point is near!

All you need to do is choose which celebrity scarf look is most suitable for your Fall climate!

For 65 Degrees- Elle Fanning

celebrity fall scarf looks elle fanning

(Photo Source:

Summer is holding on, so make the most of it! Either that, or you live in Florida! Although 65 degrees may not exactly scream ‘bikini’, it certainly gives you the excuse to embrace billowy, fine fabrics and light layers.

Steal Elle Fanning’s stunning Victoriana style and layer a fine chiffon blouse under a velvet slip dress. As well as getting a big, fat trend tick, this look is also Fall appropriate. Add a colored silk scarf for a stunning color pop.

Get The Fall Scarf Look

Go for a pretty pink silk scarf, such as the artistic print scarf, and tie in a pussy bow above your blouse.

For 60 Degrees- Ashley Olsen


(Photo Source:

It’s not exactly cold, but that wind is starting to bring a slight chill. Make the most of the lukewarm weather by re-purposing some Summer favorites. Believe me: you will have all Winter to wear that coat!

Give that Summer maxi dress one last whirl with some cute layering! Add an oversized cardi, or shirt and button up! Top with a floral print scarf to keep it light and breezy. If sandals are too chilly, switch them for cute ballet flats or ankle boots.

Get The Fall Scarf Look

A pastel, floral scarf will compliment your Summer wardrobe, whist adding much needed warmth. We recommend the tropical floral scarf.

For 55 Degrees- Kate Middleton


(Photo Source:

The temperatures are getting milder, so a jacket or blazer are a must! Long pants will also keep the chill at bay.

Make like a royal and copy Kate’s coral pants to add some uplifting color to your Fall wardrobe. Layer up with a nautical blazer and a suitably chic silk scarf. If the white tee is a bit too chilly, layer on a light jumper underneath your blazer.

Get The Fall Scarf Look

Silk scarves and army blazers are a match made in heaven. The floral paisley silk scarf is the perfect embellishment for your favorite blazer.

For 45 Degrees- Margot Robbie


(Photo Source:

Anyone else suddenly craving buckles now? 45 degrees is undeniably coat weather and what better way to ensure it look on trend than to go monochrome?

Margot layers up a plan top with a thick, black, longline coat and a buckled skirt. She adds a printed monochrome scarf for a little extra warmth. If 45 degrees can look this good, let that mercury fall!

Get The Fall Scarf Look

Silk scarves can be wonderful for dressing up a wintery coat too. For Margot’s look, opt for a monochrome scarf, such as the mixed print scarf. This thicker scarf is sure to keep the cold at bay!

For 40 Degrees- Kate Moss


(Photo Source:

Faux fur jackets are an incredibly stylish way to keep warm. Opt for an oversized shape so you can layer up underneath without looking bulky.

Kate teams her faux fur coat with her signature black, slim-fit pants. She adds a pop of Autumnal color with a burgundy printed scarf. Layer grey-toned pieces underneath your coat to really let the scarf do the talking.

Get The Fall Scarf Look

Burgundy is one color that is made for Fall! Combined the exotic print silk scarf with a grey scale look to channel Miss Moss.

For 35 Degrees- Emma Stone


(Photo Source:

Freezing is just around the corner, so layers are a must! Jumpers, thick, woolen coats and jeans ensure you look stylish and feel comfortable at the same time!

Emma Stone adds a stunning pop of color to her look by layering a geometric printed jumper under her camel coat. She half-hides it by a black scarf, leaving the tiniest pop of red to catch the eye.

Get The Fall Scarf Look

This one is all about creating an optical illusion. Layer the solid color scarf in black over a printed, vibrant jumper to tone it down.


For 30 Degrees- Ariana Grande


(Photo Source:

Winter is here and you are waiting for the first snowfall of the year, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t still look on-point! Get out your woolies, throw on some gloves and get outside and enjoy that Winter wonderland!

The most Wintery of all our celebrity Fall scarf looks, Ariana Grande looks adorable in her Wintery get-up. She layers on thick tights to show off those pins, but keeps wrapped up in a stunning princess coat. The white scarf and gloves keep her warm, whilst letting that fur-trimmed coat be the focal point.

Get The Fall Scarf Look

The solid color scarf adds warmth and detail, yet doesn’t distract from a statement coat.


Ready to rock your Fall look? Browse our range of scarves today!





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10 Chic Ways To Tie A Scarf

If you thought a scarf was simply a matter of ‘throw it around your neck’, I’ll stop you right there! In the world of the stylish, a scarf is not just a fashion accessory, it’s an endless source of self expression. In less waffly terms, there’s a whole lotta ways to tie a scarf that can add style and that little bit of quirk to your look. ‘Erm… so how exactly do I tie it then?’ I hear you ask. Fear not: I have searched far and wide, **cough** google, to find you the ten most stylish ways to tie your scarf!

So grab your fave scarf, pop yourself in front of the mirror and get ready to endure my mug for the next few minutes! It’s time for a scarf tying masterclass!

1. The French Knot


Fold your scarf in half so that it is one large loop.


Drape the loop over your neck and pull one loose end over and through the scarf loop.

Repeat with the other loose end.


Wearing Tropical floral scarf in berry

2. The Sailor


Drape the scarf around your neck, ensuring that one end is significantly longer than the other.


Wrap the long scarf length around once.


Wrap it around a second time.


Tie in a knot at the side. Ahoyyy matey!

Wearing Exotic silk scarf in berry

3. The Back Shawl


Drape scarf over shoulders and through the elbows.


Secure in a knot for an instant shawl.

Wearing Striped print scarf in red.

4. The Turtleneck


Drape scarf around neck, ensuring one side has most of the length.


Wrap around until both ends are short.


Tuck the excess scarf fabric behind your neck under the bulk of the scarf.

Wearing Floral paisley scarf in Autumn.

5. The Infinity Scarf


Begin with your scarf draped around your neck.


Make a DIY infinity scarf by tying both ends together.


Twist the scarf and place the loop over your head.


Wearing Solid color scarf in turquoise.

6. The Bandanna


Fold your scarf to create a square.


Fold in half diagonally to create a triangle.


Tie the two outer edges together and voila!

Wearing Solid color scarf in maroon.

7. The Boa


Pull scarf around neck from the back and cross around once.


Take one side of loose scarf length and twist it around the scarf around your neck. Do the same with the other scarf length, twisting around the scarf already around the neck.


Wearing Abstract floral wool scarf in brown.

8. The Parisian


Throw scarf around neck so that it’s cascading down your back.


Tie in a knot at the nape of your neck.


Wearing Exotic silk scarf in berry

9. The Braid


Knot your scarf around your neck.


Take the right hand side over the left and pull through. Repeat on left and right hand sides alternatively until there is no fabric left.


Wearing Abstract floral wool scarf in brown.

10. The Asymmetric Shawl


Throw scarf over one shoulder.


Wrap the scarf round your back and under your arm and tie.

Which way was your favorite? Did you manage to master them all? Let me know in the comments below…


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