Celebrity Fall Scarf Looks: From 65 To 30 Degrees

Fall weather can be about as unpredictable as the lottery. One minute it’s gleaming sun and you think that Summer is just about holding on, the next it’s snowing. Due to this, dressing appropriately can be a challenge. This season, we’re taking inspiration from celebrity Fall scarf looks and we are loving just how versatile these accessories can be!

Most importantly of all, scarves are perfect for adding a little bit of warmth and style, no matter what the thermometer states!

Today, we bring you scarf looks that will take you all the way from Fall to Winter. From sunny looks to wear in 65 degrees, to outfits to snuggle up in when freezing point is near!

All you need to do is choose which celebrity scarf look is most suitable for your Fall climate!

For 65 Degrees- Elle Fanning

celebrity fall scarf looks elle fanning

(Photo Source: dezdemon-fashion.us)

Summer is holding on, so make the most of it! Either that, or you live in Florida! Although 65 degrees may not exactly scream ‘bikini’, it certainly gives you the excuse to embrace billowy, fine fabrics and light layers.

Steal Elle Fanning’s stunning Victoriana style and layer a fine chiffon blouse under a velvet slip dress. As well as getting a big, fat trend tick, this look is also Fall appropriate. Add a colored silk scarf for a stunning color pop.

Get The Fall Scarf Look

Go for a pretty pink silk scarf, such as the artistic print scarf, and tie in a pussy bow above your blouse.

For 60 Degrees- Ashley Olsen


(Photo Source: glamourmagazine.co.uk)

It’s not exactly cold, but that wind is starting to bring a slight chill. Make the most of the lukewarm weather by re-purposing some Summer favorites. Believe me: you will have all Winter to wear that coat!

Give that Summer maxi dress one last whirl with some cute layering! Add an oversized cardi, or shirt and button up! Top with a floral print scarf to keep it light and breezy. If sandals are too chilly, switch them for cute ballet flats or ankle boots.

Get The Fall Scarf Look

A pastel, floral scarf will compliment your Summer wardrobe, whist adding much needed warmth. We recommend the tropical floral scarf.

For 55 Degrees- Kate Middleton


(Photo Source: zimbio.com)

The temperatures are getting milder, so a jacket or blazer are a must! Long pants will also keep the chill at bay.

Make like a royal and copy Kate’s coral pants to add some uplifting color to your Fall wardrobe. Layer up with a nautical blazer and a suitably chic silk scarf. If the white tee is a bit too chilly, layer on a light jumper underneath your blazer.

Get The Fall Scarf Look

Silk scarves and army blazers are a match made in heaven. The floral paisley silk scarf is the perfect embellishment for your favorite blazer.

For 45 Degrees- Margot Robbie


(Photo Source: whowhatwear.com)

Anyone else suddenly craving buckles now? 45 degrees is undeniably coat weather and what better way to ensure it look on trend than to go monochrome?

Margot layers up a plan top with a thick, black, longline coat and a buckled skirt. She adds a printed monochrome scarf for a little extra warmth. If 45 degrees can look this good, let that mercury fall!

Get The Fall Scarf Look

Silk scarves can be wonderful for dressing up a wintery coat too. For Margot’s look, opt for a monochrome scarf, such as the mixed print scarf. This thicker scarf is sure to keep the cold at bay!

For 40 Degrees- Kate Moss


(Photo Source: stylebistro.com)

Faux fur jackets are an incredibly stylish way to keep warm. Opt for an oversized shape so you can layer up underneath without looking bulky.

Kate teams her faux fur coat with her signature black, slim-fit pants. She adds a pop of Autumnal color with a burgundy printed scarf. Layer grey-toned pieces underneath your coat to really let the scarf do the talking.

Get The Fall Scarf Look

Burgundy is one color that is made for Fall! Combined the exotic print silk scarf with a grey scale look to channel Miss Moss.

For 35 Degrees- Emma Stone


(Photo Source: whowhatwear.com)

Freezing is just around the corner, so layers are a must! Jumpers, thick, woolen coats and jeans ensure you look stylish and feel comfortable at the same time!

Emma Stone adds a stunning pop of color to her look by layering a geometric printed jumper under her camel coat. She half-hides it by a black scarf, leaving the tiniest pop of red to catch the eye.

Get The Fall Scarf Look

This one is all about creating an optical illusion. Layer the solid color scarf in black over a printed, vibrant jumper to tone it down.


For 30 Degrees- Ariana Grande


(Photo Source: popcrush.com)

Winter is here and you are waiting for the first snowfall of the year, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t still look on-point! Get out your woolies, throw on some gloves and get outside and enjoy that Winter wonderland!

The most Wintery of all our celebrity Fall scarf looks, Ariana Grande looks adorable in her Wintery get-up. She layers on thick tights to show off those pins, but keeps wrapped up in a stunning princess coat. The white scarf and gloves keep her warm, whilst letting that fur-trimmed coat be the focal point.

Get The Fall Scarf Look

The solid color scarf adds warmth and detail, yet doesn’t distract from a statement coat.


Ready to rock your Fall look? Browse our range of scarves today!





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A Fashion Guide To Print Clashing

As fashions on-going obsession with everything norm-core starts to die down a little, I let out a silent ‘hallelujah!’ Although monochrome and lack of prints are inevitably stylish and chic, is it just me, or do they take a little bit of fun out of fashion?

Luckily for me, and all the other walking rainbows in the world, prints, color and everything sunshine-filled is back with a vengeance! From flirty florals, to perfect paisleys, fashions current love affair with the Seventies makes boring style totally inexcusable!

One of the more boisterous trends is pattern clashing. Done right, it can make you look like you’ve stepped out of Vogue itself. Done wrong, well… you might as well have a name tag saying ‘granny’s curtains and carpet.’ Luckily, we are all about those vibrant, boho prints here at Banarsi designs and we’re here to help! So sit back, relax and get ready to learn the A to Z of print clashing…

Florals & Stripes


(Photo Source: glamradar.com)

Don’t know the first thing about print mixing? Florals and stripes are the perfect stepping stone for this trend. If your stripes are monochrome, treat this as you would a solid black and white piece. In short, you can mix any floral print with stripes if you rock it with confidence! Word of warning: stick with one striped piece and one floral piece and pare back with solid color pieces.

Get The Look

If you’re shy about print mixing, a really easy way to rock this trend is to simply accessorize a striped top or dress with a floral scarf. If you’re stripes are monochrome, make the print the statement and opt for the tropical floral scarf.



(Photo Source: dolcegabbana.com)

If your striped piece is colored, ensure you stick within the same color palette to avoid unsightly clashes. This Dolce and Gabbana look (above) is a prime example.

Get The Look

Keep your florals simple and opt for a clean, rose print, such as the one on our Spring roses wool scarf.

Animal Print on Animal Print


(Photo Source: glamradar.com)

This pattern clash is Olivia Palermo approved! The key to this one is the overused cliche ‘less is more’. Choose one larger animal print and one smaller animal print and ensure that one item is a key piece in the look (pants, top, skirt). For your second piece, ensure that it is more minimal (handbag, shoes, scarf). Bring them together by wearing solid pieces in colors that are present in both prints. Now that’s fierce!

Get The Look

This black and white mixed print scarf is a fail-safe option!

Muted 70s Tones


(Photo Source: luxxculture.com)

If you’re into this seasons bohemian trends, it’s time to mix and match! Boho prints such as ditsy florals, paisleys and folk prints are super easy to clash. After all, the wanderlust-filled, random vibe is all part of the trend! But before you go ahead and clash away, there are a few rules that come into play. Firstly, it’s important to stick to a palette that is mainly black or neutral, such as browns, beiges, creams and greys. Secondly, ensure that you are clashing one small print and one large print.

This trend is one that can be easily molded to different body shapes too. Wear the smaller print on an area you would like to make appear smaller and the larger print on an area that you would like to make appear larger. For example, if you are a pear shape (larger hips, smaller bust) balance out your shape by wearing a large print floral top with ditsy paisley print trousers or culottes.

Get The Look

The neutral tones in this floral paisley silk scarf make it super easy to clash with other boho pieces.


(Photo Source: pinterest.com)

If you’re feeling brave, funk up a brown-toned boho print dress with prints with pops of color. Throw in embellishments too for a real gypsy vibe.

Get The Look

The exotic silk scarf is perfect for adding color to your boho look.




(Photo Source: tommyton.com)

Pretty pop art prints and punchy geometrics are made for clashing! This is one pattern that you can clash two prints of the same size. However, if you choose to do this, it’s important to stick within a set color palette.

Get The Look

This geometric print scarf is perfect to add a punch to a clashing geometric look.


Animal & Floral


(Photo Source: glamradar.com)

It doesn’t get much more Summery than leopard print and florals! The key here is to choose a tone that appears in your leopard print and bring it out through your floral print. Black and brown leopard prints can easily be mixed with any florals that contain these tones! As always, ensure that you are mixing one large print and one small print.

Get The Look

This pure wool animal print scarf would be amazing with a smaller animal print or mixed with florals.

Which combination is your favorite? Let me know in the comments below…


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10 Reasons We Want To Be Gigi Hadid

Gigi Hadid= the model of the moment. If you don’t believe me, turn to Chanel’s Karl Lagerfeld, who recently dubbed her ‘class president’ of the current flock of supermodel starlets!

If you thought her 5 + million instagram followers and bucket loads of high end campaigns were enough to have you totally team Gigi, there’s a plethora of other reasons why Gigi Hadid is our total girl crush at the moment!

Scroll down for 10 envy-inducing reasons that make us want to magically transform into Gigi Hadid…

10. Her ‘it’ Gang

What do beautiful and famous people do in their spare time? Hang around with equally beautiful and famous people of course! Then, they post it on social media for us mere mortals to oogle at and go green over! **Gigi, you have succeeded**


(Photo Source: eonline.com)

Gigi’s regular crew includes Taylor Swift and her infamous girl gang. Gigi even joined Taylor on stage in front of thousands of fans in Detroit during her ‘1989’ tour. As for the above photo, I want to get my girls together and jump with matching towels ASAP!


(Photo Source: celebs-life.com)

But the trio we’d really like to be part of? The it-girl-model squad! Between them Hailey Baldwin, Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid walk in hundreds of shows and are often seen hanging together in the front row. THIS is squad goals!

9. Going ‘Vogue Official’

While most of us let our not-so-significant friends know about our new beau with a (slightly cringey) Facebook status, Gigi announced her relationship with Zayn Malik through this Vogue shoot, shot by non other than Mario Testino.

I guess Facebook official is so 2009…



As if bagging total hottie Zayn Malik isn’t enough, Gigi then pulls him in for a cheeky kiss in this totally perfect gingham look. Me? Jealous! Never!



If me and my other half tried this I’d probably end up fractured. Nonetheless, this upside down, Vintage-y shot is totally adorable!

(Photo source: popsugar.com.au)


A kiss with a view! Gigi and Zayn scream their relationship from the top of Naples.

8. She’s An Advocate For Body Image


(Photo Source: theblondesalad.com)

Ok, so as far as the whole world is concerned, Gigi is one heck of a skinny minnie! I mean, seriously, she is a teeny size US4! But in the world of modelling, her curves have landed her a whole load of negative comments. Fellow models, industry experts and the general public alike, have put her success in modelling down to her ‘Beverly Hills Housewives’ stardom, ‘it girl’ status and rapidly growing social media following.

Fellow Victoria’s Secret model Blanca Padilla went even further stating; ‘if it was me with your same measurements going to a casting they would send me home to lose weight… Well, then, why do they love you? Maybe your millions of followers on Instagram might have something to do with it.’ Oh no you didn’t

What ever happened to women supporting women?

Despite admitting that she ‘used to cry when agencies told her to be thinner’, Gigi solidified her status as #TeamBodyPositive with an open letter on Instagram hitting back at critics:

‘Yes, I have boobs. I have abs, I have a butt, I have thighs, but I’m not asking for special treatment. I’m fitting into sample sizes. Your mean comments don’t make me want to change my body.’

Well, I know which lady would convince me and my curves to buy a garment! Gigi; we salute your curves!

Get The Look

To add a quick and easy tropical edge to your swimsuit look, use the tropical floral scarf as a beach cover up or sarong.

7. Her Slaying Street Style


(Photo Source: whowhatwear.com)

I have to admit that I have never seen a photo of Gigi that put a horrific expression on my face and made me think ‘oh my gosh, what on earth is she wearing?’ Most on the contrary to past ‘it girls’ and their less-than-classy fashion choices (**cough** Paris Hilton), Gigi always manages to look classy, cool, on-trend and oh-so-effortless!

Double denim is one of Spring-Summer’s must have looks and Gigi’s look is totally on fleek! She combines a distressed denim shirt and slim fit jeans with polished brogues and a vibrant red scarf. Fashionistas take note: mixing denim washes is the easiest way to nail this trend!

Get The Look

Give your double denim combo a bit of pizazz with our exotic silk scarf. On trend, colorful and boho, Gigi would certainly approve!


6. THIS Is Where She Grew Up

Did you ever watch MTV’s ‘Cribs’? Well, Gigi’s childhood Malibu home is about to put all those naughties rappers to shame… (Sorry Ja Rule and friends)


Isn’t this the definition of classic elegance? Add a timeless, airy living room, lit by natural light, to those views and you’re talking paradise!

Get The Look

Grey jacquard and damask prints are always classy and timeless. Add some Hadid into your home with our jacquard print pieces:

Jacquard floral table runner

Damask throw pillow cover

Jacquard floral pillow cover


This is the kind of closet I dream about at night. I wonder how many of those handbags are designer? **swoons**


A bathtub with a view! The Hadid home sticks to a neutral palette of white-painted wood, cream curtains and wooden adornments.


(Photo Source: elle.com)

A cosy, outdoor living room  meshes seamlessly into an aqua infinity pool and an outdoor fire. Bliss. I adore how the home is decorated in such warm and homely neutral tones. Stone, wood and marble make this decor truly stand the test of time.

On-trend details are added through bohemian print cushions and bright bouquets.

Get The Look

If we can’t have the infinity pool, at least we can copy the cushions! Combine the exotic oriental pillow covers in ocean blue and silver for this modern Malibu vibe.

Exotic oriental pillow cover

5. She ROCKS Every Shoot

Gigi is one heck of a model! We only have to open the latest copy of our fave glossy to see her doing her thing in editorial shoots and campaigns alike. Hey Gigi: How do we perfect that sexy, pouty, open mouth thing?

(Photo Source: fashionellestudio.wordpress.com)

Cowgirl meets boho. This shot makes us want to leave the normcore trend far in the past and go completely maximalist! Fringe, prints, colors, accessories… we’ll take it all!


(Photo Source: whowhatwear.com)

Hows this for killer curves? Gigi is flaunting what her momma gave her in this S Moda shoot. Combine a classic leather skirt with a sauce red shirt and retro lippie to be the hottest cow girl in town!

Get The Look

The red boho scarf inevitably makes both of these looks! Style your floral paisley silk scarf around your neck or over one shoulder to steal her style.

4. #HairEnvy

If there was some sort of hashtag dictionary, the phrases #hairenvy and #hairgoals should be accompanied by photos of Miss Hadid.

Exhibit A: Calvin Harris’s ‘How Deep Is Your Love’ music video. Just mute it, and it seems like some sort of high-end hair ad!


(Photo source: mtv.com.au)

‘How deep is your leave in conditioner?’ We’ll have what she’s having.


(Photo source: mtv.com.au)

Now that’s a hair flick!

3. Fronting 11 Vogue Issues

In her relatively short reign on the fashion model throne, Gigi has already managed to rack up a huge 11 Vogue covers. One things for sure, this beauties face can sure sell a magazine! If only my face was so symmetrical and cherub like…


(Photo source: dailymail.co.uk)

I adore Gigi’s Seventies style on this cover of Vogue Spain. Although we do recommend wearing a shirt when you recreate this Woodstock-worthy look, take cue from the faux fur jacket, camel pants and printed scarf.

Get The Look

Opt for an earthy toned scarf like Gigi’s; the perfect adornment for camel and tan hues. This geometric print scarf is perfect.

2. She Walks For The Top Fashion Houses

Although some have labelled her body ‘unsuitable’ for the high fashion runway, Gigi has hit back at the haters by being one of the most booked models of 2016 when it comes to fashions big shots. She is a favorite of Tommy Hifigure, Versace, Dolce & Gabanna, and of, course King Lagerfeld of Chanel!

And as the stunning runway shots below show, she is certainly no one trick pony when it comes to high fashion…

Gigi Hadid- tommy hilfiger

(Photo Source: sheknows.com)

An exotic American beauty for an all-American brand. Tommy Hilfiger recently cited Gigi as one of his model muses and by this oh-so-cute shot, we are totally not surprised! The blonde bombshell exudes youthful innocence in this playful dress with a nautical twist.

Get The Look

If Hilfiger’s neck tie is a little bit too much of a burn to your wallet, our tropical floral scarf is just as sweet and feminine!


(Photo source: popsugar.com)

A smouldering Gigi oozes sex appeal in Versace’s latest collection.

1. That body!


(Photo Source: si.com)

It is strange to admit that I sometimes picture her body when I’m working out? Toned, curvy and athletic, Gigi’s figure is a far more realistic aim than many of the very slim models that rock the runway.

Elle McPherson may once have been named ‘the body’, but I honestly think that this title now belongs to Gigi Hadid!

I’m welcoming in the fashion era of curves with open arms (and 50 squats!)

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6 Snowy Scarf Looks To Steal

As Bing Crosby once said ‘the weather outside is frightful’. Don’t take his advice and snuggle up by the fire, get out and enjoy the snow-filled wonderland by copying these warm and wonderful snowy scarf looks…

The Nippy Nordic


(Photo Source: theweekendertravel.com)

Just because the snow begins to Fall, doesn’t mean that prints have to vanish from your wardrobe…Unleash your inner Viking with the ultimate fair isle clash!

Keep the pants simple and opt for black pants, leggings or thermals. It’s all about what’s on top!

Invest in a fair isle print blanket coat. Not convinced? Here’s three reasons why you have to:

  1. It’s perfect for that nonchalent look. Throw it over anything for an instant style (and warmth) injection.
  2. It’s this seasons go-to style! And has been seen on all the A listers, including Olivia Palermo.
  3. It’s SO SNUGGLY!

Got your blanket coat? Awesome! Add to your Nordic look with a clashing scarf. The geometric print scarf in brown has Scandinavian Helga written all over it!


The Arctic Olive


(Photo Source: modelsjam.com)

Once upon a time, khaki was reserved for the army. Skip forward a few decades and this earthy green tone dwells in every fashionista’s closet!

This effortless khaki look comes with a huge air of ‘thrown together’ to it. So if you want a look that screams ‘I woke up like this’, this one if for you!

Team your classic black pants with a graphic black and white tee or sweater. You know that awful waterproof jacket that’s hidden away for camping trips? You’re gonna need it! Tie this round the waist to add further dimension to the look. Plus: you can totally throw it on when it starts to rain or snow! Who needs an umbrella?

Top your layered masterpiece with a khaki parka coat. Then mix up your green game by adding an olive-toned scarf, such as the mystic branches wool scarf.


The Toboggan Tan


Although the name of this look may seem to suggest otherwise, this luscious Winter look does not consist of ten hours on a sunbed (on a toboggan). We are not that desperate to warm up.

There’s something so inexplicably ‘Wuthering Heights’ about this look that it makes us want to run amongst the ice-kissed heather on the British moors. Perhaps it’s the combination of earthy tones and rustic textures. Either way, screaming Heathcliffe at the top of your lungs is optional.

Begin by topping your black leggings or slim-fitting pants with the shoe of the season: the knee high boot. We suggest opting for a tan or chocolate brown hue. Next add a muted, aztec-print cardigan over a jumper or a plethora of thermal vests. Ensure your layering game is strong by topping with a faux fur gilet, or a plain tan sleeveless jacket.

A bare neck is certainly a no-no when it comes to Winter, so snuggle up in a statement scarf in a complimentary mocha tone. The abstract floral wool scarf and the striped print scarf are both stylish options to keep the chill at bay.

If you are feeling paler than a pile of freshly fallen snow, feel free to add some fake tan to top off this tan-hued look.

The Marsala Melt


(Photo Source: thissillygirlslife.com)

Next years Pantone ‘colors of the year’ might be the talk of the town, but let’s not forget about the color of 2015: Marsala.

This cute, snow-friendly, look incorporates maroons brighter sister to perfection. Want to rock the official color of 2015 this Festive period? Here’s how…

Opt for Marsala slim-fitting jeans or pants and layer over leggings or tights if the Mercury is super low! Tuck into Chelsea boots to ensure those tootsies don’t have to endure frostbite.

Throw on a white chunky knit. Note: please layer up underneath. Dressing in a sheer number like the chick on our inspo photo looks so darn cold! An suedette aviator jacket would really suit this look too, and hey, sometimes warmth is a priority!

Add another cheeky injection of Marsala with the solid color scarf in burgundy. Layer over a pendant necklace for a little pop of bling.

Opt for a rustic, leather shoulder bag. We reckon this lady is hiding extra layers in hers. Girl: I’m getting pneumonia just looking at you!

The Frosty Fringe


(Photo Source: refinery29.com)

Pretty and feminine, this look is a quick and easy Winter winner!

Grab your classic trench or beige coat and simply add a statement, Paisley scarf in Spring colors.

The floral paisley scarf is a beautiful juxtaposition to the falling snow.

For beauty bonus points, team your scarf with a matching statement lipstick. If you’re into all things classic, opt for a Marilyn-esque red. Alternatively, if new trends are your thing, this scarf will look incredible with vampy, purple lips!

The Hailstone Hipster


(Photo Source: cosmopolitan.fr)

Super blogger Chiara Ferragni is totally my girl crush, and she is certainly melting the snow with this hot get up!

This look deserves a little wardrobe raiding; trust me, you probably already have most of these classic, black pieces hanging in your ‘drobe! Time to get searching!

The first item on the wish list is charcoal slim-fit jeans, which Chiara has funked up with some patent baseball shoes. If the thought of having bare ankles literally gives you the chills, feel free to swap the sneakers for some black boots.

Next, throw on your fave leather or pleather jacket and top with a statement scarf. Although Chiara’s Louis Vuitton scarf probably cost enough to make my wallet cry, there are plenty of affordable options to wrap up in. The floral paisley scarf would really pop from this all-black look and is in the same color palette as Chiara’s!

Keep the accessories simple with a hipster twist. Go for a black, felt bowler hat; perfect for keeping snow hair at bay! Team with a vintage-inspired, patent shoulder bag in black.

I hope these looks manage to keep you warm this snowy season! ‘Let is snow, let it snow, let it snow!’

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