A Decade In Scarf Styles: 1960s

Scarves were a big hit in the 1960s. From Mod-esque bandanas, to polished pussybows, this was a decade in scarf styles that inspired trends for decades to come.

Let’s take a look at some of iconic ways that scarves were styled in the 1960s…

The Hair Bandana

On-trend Mod dresses were teamed with punchy printed scarves wrapped around the head and secured in a bow at the nape of the neck.

Popular scarf trends included polkadots, monochrome and various geometric shapes.


(Photo source: born-late.blogspot.com)

It doesn’t get more 1960s than a black and white collared shift dress!

An orange and monochrome printed bandana reflects the Andy Warhol pop art era to perfection.

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Geometric print scarf


(Photo source: photosdemode.blogspot.fr)

Statement sunglasses were massive in the 60s! Rather than opting for a sunhat, 1960s fashionistas often wrapped large scarves around their hair.

Well… that’s one way to avoid sweaty/sandy/salty hair!

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Striped print scarf

The Pussy Bow

Prior to the 1960s, the implementation of menswear in a woman’s wardrobe was pretty much non-existent.

Rather than opting for a typically masculine tie, many women found middle-ground by using a scarf and tying it as a pussy bow.

The pussy bow was often paired with collared shirts or shift dresses.


(Photo source: gq.com)

Bridget Bardot is one of those women whose style influence is eternal.

The sizzling 60s starlet complimented her white shirt with an oversized polkadot pussy bow.


(Photo source: newenglandwoodstock.com)

Shift dresses were often given an edge with a pussy bow. Those women wishing to truly borrow from the boyfriend wore their silk scarves as ties.

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Artistic print silk scarf

The Silk Neck Tie


(Photo source: fashionsmostwanted.blogspot.co.nz)

Silk neckties were bright, bold and beautiful and were paired with an array of looks.

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Artistic print silk scarf

Long & Flowing


(Photo source: flickr.com)

As this 1960s Christian Dior campaign shows, the longer the scarf, the better!

Longer silk scarves were tied around the hair, with the lengths of fabric left flowing down the back.

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Geometric print scarf

The Cap

Hair scarves were prominent throughout the 60s and 70s. However, one style that was typical of the 1960s alone was the cap.

Scarves were wrapped around the top of the head and tied under the chin, appearing like a cap or bonnet.

(Photo source: sixties-gal.tumblr.com)

This shot of supermodel Twiggy in a daisy cap is one of the most iconic in 1960s fashion.


(Photo source: the60sbazaar.tumblr.com)

Silk scarves were often worn loosely and tied in a bow for a classy and feminine look.

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Artistic print scarf

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Why You Need A Printed Scarf This Summer

Let me guess, when you saw the title of this post, you let out a little snicker? Scarves for Summer? Have I lost my mind? Actually, no! A printed scarf is seriously handy when it comes to Summer.

Don’t believe me? I bet you five dollars that I can convince you. Here’s why you need a printed scarf in your life this Summer…


It’s The Beach All-Rounder

Is it a printed blanket? Is it a shawl? Is it a sarong? Nope, it’s a scarf!

Sarcasm and infomercial references aside, a scarf is like one of those crazy multi-tools your Dad has when it comes to the beach.

Exhibit A:

Beyonce on vacation wearing sarong and bikini

(Photo Source: dailymail.co.uk)

Whole rules the world beach? Girls! Recreate Bey’s tropical beach cover-up by wrapping around a lightweight printed scarf.

Recreate this tribal beach look with our pure wool animal print scarf.

animal print scarf

Exhibit B:

scarf beach cover up

(Photo Source: wheretoget.it)

It’s a total sunburn saver. Plus, you can snuggle up in it when the sun starts to go down. You:1, Uv rays: nil!

Go for Oceanic blue with our soft and pretty paisley wool scarf.

Blue paisley scarf

Exhibit C

scarf beach blanket

(Photo Source: wheretoget.it)

We’ve all been in that predicament where we’ve arrived at the beach with only one towel and lying on a wet towel is about as fun as pruning a rose bush with bare hands. Luckily, it’s scarf to the rescue! Your scarfy friend will keep away pesky sand flecks and will reserve your much loved spot on the beach. Score!

When it comes to a scarf for a beach blanket, I recommend using a dark colored one in case it gets grubby. The geometric print scarf is perfect.

It’s A Bad Hair Day: Totally Disguised

If i had a dime for every time my post-beach hair looked like a salty, greasy mess, I’d be as rich Kimmy K! Leave the bulky, heavy hair products at home and cover up that ‘do with a printed scarf!

The Nonchalant Bandana

hair bandana

(Photo Source: fabfashionfix.com)

Suitable for even the laziest beach babe. Just whack it on and you’re ready to go!

Braid It In

hair braid with scarf

If you’re feeling more experimental, try braiding a scarf into your hair. For full instructions on how to recreate this do, head to ‘7 Boho Hair Styes with Scarves

This style features the exotic silk scarf.

boho printed scarf

It’s A Million Summer Outfits In One

Ok… I may have over-reacted when I said a million. Nonetheless, this cheeky piece of fabric Exhibit make one heck of a varied wardrobe! So next time you’re packing for a vacation, take a scarf: it’s lightweight and can make all of these oh-so-saucy pieces.

A One Shouldered Dressscarf as one shoulder dress

(Photo Source: harpersbazaar.com)

This pool-side babe is rocking her scarf-come-one-shoulder-dress to total perfection. It looks so easy breezy and seriously boho chic! Throw it one to go from pool to bar or layer over shorts for a vibrant casual look.

Just Doooo It!

When styling a scarf as a dress opt for a solid color piece with a vibrant print, such as the floral paisley scarf

orange summer scarf

Cute Crop Top

scarf as crop top

(Photo Source: indulgy.com)

Crop top kinda gal? Your scarf makes a pretty neat cross-over top too! Simply wrap around and tie at the nape of the neck. Hows that for easy DIY fashion?!

Just Dooo It!

When it comes to crop tops, we recommend a silk scarf, as this provides full coverage and actually makes the top look unbelievably expensive!

paisley silk scarf

Exotic silk scarf

Wrap Skirt


(Photo Source: highondiy.com)

Got a plain skirt you want to add an edge to? Wrap a scarf around and boom: new, on-trend, piece!

Dooo It!

tropical floral scarf

The pattern on this tropical floral scarf was made for Summer!

And… if you’re still not convinced, scarves look great as…well..scarves!

summer scarf outfit

(Photo Source: withlovefromkat.com)

The little white dress is such a Summer staple! Funk yours up with a vibrant tribal print scarf.

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aztec print scarf

Geometric print scarf

silk scarf summer outfit

(Photo Source: couturezilla.com)

Go for French Riviera chic by pairing a silk neck scarf, crisp whites and a woven fedora.

Wrap around our artistic print scarf until short for a Parisian look.

multicolor silk scarf

off shoulder dress with scarf

Off-the-shoulder shapes are seriously everywhere right now! Give yours an edge by throwing on a printed scarf. Now that’s gypsy luxe!

Recreate with our tropical floral scarf.

floral print scarf

Have I convinced you yet? Don’t forget: You owe me five bucks!






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Scarf Styling 101 – 10 Amazing Scarf Styles For Any Season

Whether you are surrounded by the crisp, orange leaves of Fall or are donning your bikini for the upcoming summer, a scarf is a quick and easy way to add a stylish element to your look.

Not sure how to style your new scarf? Whether you’ve opted for a patterned or plain number, I’ve got you covered! Scroll down for my styling tips for any outfit, any weather!

White On White

White is still a huge trend for this season. To add a bit of oomph to your white get up, add a stunning printed white scarf. Hello boho beauty!



Wearing: Floral Paisley Scarf in green and purple

If you’re currently cosying up in cooler climes, opt for a fluffy white jumper. Inject a texture clash by teaming your fluffy friend with the floral print statement scarf. I adore the lush turquoise and purple tones in this Floral Paisley Scarf; perfect for adding some Summery vibes for fall.



Wearing: Floral Paisley Scarf in Autumn

If you come from a land down under, you can still use a floral boho scarf to brighten up your clean, white look! Go all out boho by teaming a crochet-embellished play suit with a paisley print scarf.  This Floral Paisley scarf would look equally as lush over a bikini as it does thrown over a pair of tanned shoulders.

Styling Prints

When it comes to a printed piece, look for the color that appears least in the print. Take a scarf that color and bring out that minimal color in your look.



Wearing: Solid Color Scarf in Maroon

Floral for Spring? Groundbreaking! Floral’s for Autumn? Yes please! To bring out the maroon tones in this posy-dotted blouse, I added the Solid Color Scarf in maroon. Top with the trench to keep the cold at bay.



Wearing: Solid Color Scarf in Turquoise

What’s an easier way to be stylish than a boho-print dress? A boho print dress with a scarf! I brought out the luscious sapphire tones in this dress by adding the solid color scarf in turquoise. It’s perfect for throwing over your dresses for a chilly beach night and even adds a glam factor with it’s metallic sheen.

Alternatively, you can pair your statement scarf with a solid-color garment that brings out the least statement color in your scarf.


bringoutpatterncolour (2)

Wearing: Floral Paisley Scarf in green and purple

This burgundy knit dress beautifully brings out the subtle maroon tones in this scarf, while the scarf adds color and print to the plain dress. In other words, they are a match made in heaven.



Wearing: Exotic Silk Scarf in Berry

Another great styling tip is to bring out two colors in your scarf at once. This skirt and tee combo is seriously flattered by this scarf. The scarf also transforms this plain tee and skirt combo into a big fat tick to the Seventies trend.

Stripes On Stripes

If you own a stripe scarf, why not combine it with a striped ensemble? The only rule is: the striped scarf should be a different color to your look.



Wearing: Striped Print Scarf in Blue

Clashing shades of blue stripes is a modern take on the age-old nautical trend. Blue and white pinstripes get a little lift when combined with a vibrant striped, print, such as that on the Striped Print Scarf. If it’s extra chilly, add a jacket that is the same color as one of the tones in the scarf.  We think that faux fur adds a brilliant texture clash.



Wearing: Stripe Print Scarf in Red

Off-the-shoulder is a huge Summer trend for Southern Hemispher-ers, add to the sultry neckline by draping a scarf across the shoulders and arms. This simple monochrome striped top is given a quirky edge by this pink and red vibrant scarf. For a full-blown seventies look, style with a suede skirt.


No matter what the season, you can never go wrong with neutral tones! Uplift your grey and beige garments with a suitably neutral scarf with a vibrant twist.



Wearing: Abstract Floral Wool Scarf in brown

As the Autumnal fields turn into carpets of leaves, you no doubt find yourself delving into your chunky knits. Combine your fave grey or nude piece with a printed scarf with neutral undertones. This Abstract Floral Wool scarf wonderfully blends with the knit whilst adding vibrant hints of electric orange.


neutral on neutral-summer

Wearing: Abstract Floral Wool Scarf in brown

Suede is all the rage and what better way to give your neutral suede piece an extra boho edge than a printed scarf? Opt for earthy brown and beige tones and drape over the arms for that nomadic vibe.

How will you be styling your scarf this season? No matter wind, rain, cold or shine, make sure that your scarf adds that little wow factor to your look!


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