10 Summer Trends You NEED In Your Wardrobe

With the arrival of Spring/ Summer trends, comes a plethora of overly used phrases. ‘Florals for Spring. Groundbreaking’.

We get it: you’re tired of all the cliches. And so are we. As a matter of fact if we hear ‘Spring is in the air’ one more time, we might just barf.

Luckily, many of this years Summer trends are anything but cliche. From detailed and feminine embroidery, to Southern-belle style gingham, here are the 10 Summer trends you NEED in your wardrobe.


Above: Us, to you, right now. Metaphorically speaking of course.

1. Embroidery


(Photo Source: thedailyluxe.net)

Oh my gosh Becky, look at her butt… it’s so… floral!

If there’s one trend you need to head to the mall and forage for, it’s this one. Thanks to Gucci’s pop culture revival, everything with embroidered detailing is a must-have.

Some key pieces to nail this trend harder than a hammer include embroidered jeans, embroidered handbags, embroidered sneakers and embroidered shirts.

So yep, you guessed it: anything embroidery does the trick!

If this Spring/Summer trend sounds too girly for you, skip the embroidered florals and go for punchy, pop-art-inspired, embroidered badges and slogans.

2. Scarf Prints


(Photo Source: luvv.it)

A scarf print. Trans: A boho, whimsical print in a soft and flowy fabric.

Boho is our middle name, so if we can’t persuade you that scarf prints are as yummy as Hershey’s choccie, no one can!

Bohemian scarf prints are a Summer trend that is made for festivals! Indulge in scarf-printed tops, dresses and skirts to keep cool when the mercury starts to soar.

Dress up loose fitting scarf print dresses by cinching them in at the waist with a belt.

A boho printed scarf is the original scarf print and will add a new season-kick to an outfit you already own.

Here’s our top scarf prints:


Above: Floral paisley silk scarf and exotic silk scarf.

3. Denim Denim Denim

(Photo Source: loveaj.com)

Once upon a time, denim was firmly plastered upon our behinds. With this years Summer trends, denim is done a little differently!

Rather than shopping for a new pair of jeans, shop for accessories that our made of our fave fabric. Denim heels, denim boots, denim chokers and denim bags and all set to be huge this Summer.

Warning: Don’t overdo the denim too much, you don’t want to look like Britney and Justin circa 2001 MTV Awards.

4. Fishnets


(Photo Source: instagram.com/grunge.rosex)

Scales have never been so sexy!

This is one trend you could literally get from your mumma, as she was probably killing it in the 80s with fishnets! However, this time it isn’t been paired with shoulder pads the size of Mississippi.

This Summer, fisnets are perfect to layer under ripped denim, or a plain dress. If the weather starts getting a little sweaty, team fishnet socks with sneakers or even heels!

5. Gingham


(Photo Source: popsu.gr)

This season’s gingham trend takes away from the ‘Country Bumpkin’ origin of the print. Unflattering smocks and pinafore dresses are swapped for minimalist, detailed shapes, such as off-shoulder and bell sleeves.

The rule of the trend is: if it looks chic, do it. However, if it looks like it’s from a farm, don’t!

6. Pink


(Photo Source: sincerelyjules.com)

Let your inner child rejoice: pink is set to be one of the biggest colors of this season!

To stop you from looking like the fourth Powepuff Girl, opt for nude or blush-hued pinks and team with gray or monochrome.

Find yourself shying away from pink? Ease yourself into the trend and add just that little bit of girliness with one of our pink scarves.

Above: Solid color scarf and tropical floral scarf

7. Mules


(Photo Source: trueland.co)

Before you go in search of a donkey costume, we are talking about shoes here….

Mules are the definition of ‘granny chic’ and believe is when we say that they instantly take any outfit to the next level.

Go for Gucci-inspired with metal bar detailing or opt for pointed numbers with ruffled detailing for something a little different.

8. Ruffles


(Photo Source: fashionistas.club)

Cos we are just doing it for the frill…

Ruffles are this season’s off-shoulder and we can expect to see them everywhere. Feminine and dramatic in equal part, ruffles are the Summer trend that is guaranteed to make you feel like a real lady.

The best thing about ruffles is that they are great for balancing out uneven body proportions. Bottom heavy girls should go for ruffled tops, whereas top heavy girls should go for ruffled skirts or shorts. Yep: it’s really that easy!

9. Tropical & Botanical Prints


(Photo Source: fashionfar.com)

Nothing says Summer like a good old-fashioned palm tree, so it only makes sense that we wear them!

Sizzle in low-cut dresses and cut-out playsuits, this really is the print trend that can be taken straight from beach to bar.

Our tropical floral scarf nails the botanical trend and would look fabulous styled as a sarong over a swimsuit:

10. One Shoulder


(Photo Source: thedailyluxe.net)

We’ve had the ‘cold shoulder’ and the ‘off-shoulder’ for the past few seasons, so it only makes sense that we are moving into the one shoulder.

Team a one shouldered top with shoulder-skimming earrings or show off your décolletage in a sexy, one-shoulder dress.

After more Summer trends? Here’s how to style a scarf in Summer.

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Scarf Folding: The Ultimate Guide

If you were ever a girl scout, you will remember the hours upon of hours of torment, trying to perfect those ridiculous knots. I’ve got news for you girl: those skills and that patience are about to come in handy! Today, we are treating you to the ultimate guide to scarf folding.

Although scarves are often overlooked in the accessory world, they are undoubtedly one of the most versatile pieces out there. As a matter of fact, one pretty printed scarf can be worn hundreds (yes hundreds) of ways. We kid you not!

And we are all about getting the most out of our closet…

The Bow Knot


(Photo Source: extrapetite.com)

Ahoy there sailor! Although the phrase ‘bow knot’ may bring back memories of disastrous childhood fishing trips, we promise you, this one is easier than it looks!

Grab your favorite silk scarf and turn it into this on-trend, nautical pussy bow. This is the perfect way to dress up a plain t-shirt or add an on-trend bow to a button up shirt.

Fold This!

This look was made for nautical vibes! Get your sailor on and opt for a blue silk scarf. We think that our floral paisley scarf was made for this scarf folding concoction.

The Blanket Scarf


(Photo Source: vidafashionista.com)

This one is perfect for beating that Spring chill. Wrap a large, wool scarf around to create oodles of volume and make a plain outfit totally pop.

This scarf folding option is also great for windier days when your scarf wants to blow off your neck and disappear into kingdom come.

Tie This

When creating the ‘blanket scarf’ look, opt for light wool or knit fabrics that are oversized. Our floral pure wool scarf is great for a Spring take on this look.

The Choker Square


(Photo Source: urbanoutfitters.com)

With the 90s fashion revival still flying high, chokers are all the rage. But before you go ahead and spend your precious dollar, why not transform one of your smaller, lighter scarves into this cute tie choker?

To recreate, simply fold your scarf lengthways into a one-inch wide strip. Wrap around your neck twice and tie at the front. Then get ready to rock those 90s vibes. Kate Moss: eat your heart out!

Fold This

Smaller cotton or silk scarves are best for this scarf folding technique. Our exotic silk scarf will ensure you rock two trends in one: chokers and boho!


The Skinny Scarf


(Photo Source: stylish365.com)

This effortless and long tied scarf has been seen on the street style circuit from New York to Milan. Lucky for us, it’s one of the easiest scarf folding techniques out there.

Begin with a skinny scarf, or alternatively, fold a thicker scarf until it is about two inches wide. Wrap once around the neck and pull the two lengths to the front. Take the lengths just above your bust and wrap around each other once. Take the underneath length and pull over the top, securing under a piece of the wrap knot made previously.

A Handbag!

Shock, horror! You can actually use scarf folding techniques to transform your neck’s BFF into a whole different genre of accessory! Mind blown.

Rather than confuse you with our waffling folding instructions, here’s a video on how to turn your scarf into a beach bag!


Fold This!

The bigger the better for this one! Opt for a large, wool scarf , such as our paisley wool scarf.


A Vest


Yep: we went there. If there was some sort of clothing Oscar for versatility, a scarf would win for sure! Simply take a large scarf and tie the ends into two loops and pull over your shoulders. Voila: a fabulous new layering piece for Summer!

Tie This!

Large scarves with pretty prints are a must! Get ready for Spring in style with our tropical floral scarf. This one is great to use as a beach coverup in Summer too!

The Double Scarf Wrap


(Photo Source: maitaispicturebook.com)

Apparently, this nifty scarf tying trick was used by Grace Kelly to combine two of her favorite scarf styles! Simply take two small scarves, tie together, place around your neck and wrap around each other. Well, if it’s Grace Kelly approved…

Fold This

This double scarf extravaganza calls for two small scarves in complimentary prints or colors. We think that our striped print scarf in blue and green would look spectacular.

Ready to rock a scarf? Check out our beautiful range of printed scarves.

Want more scarf folding ideas? Check out these 10 chic ways to style a scarf.


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Scarf Styling Around The World

What’s more inspiring than browsing street style pics from the latest fashion week? Browsing street style looks from fashion weeks all over the world, that’s what!

Whether from the East or West, Northern or Southern Hemisphere’s, these street style  stars sure now how to style a scarf like a pro! Wanna be a street style star? Read on girrrlll….

New York


(Photo Source: harpersbazaar.com)

No one does chic and simple like the New York-ers, and this all black-look with a statement scarf is certainly no exception. To recreate this New York Fashion Week look, invest in a few wardrobe staples: slim fitting black pants, a black blazer and a black sweater. Not only will these items allow you to re-create this hot look, they will make up the basis of a classic and timeless wardrobe.

Fashion Editors state that the perfect look consists of a mixture of timeless and on-trend pieces. Add a sprinkle of on-trend Seventies Bohemia to this classic look wrapping the exotic silk scarf around your neck. Now stand tall, smile and wait for those street style photographers to snap away!

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Above: Exotic Silk Scarf



(Photo Source: Pinterest.com)

Why do Swedish girls always look so darn stylish? Is it something in that cold, Scandi air or in the water? (If so, where can we buy a bottle?) This Swedish fashionista has taken the nations’ laid back style and added a sporty edge with an oversized basketball tee. To chic-up this otherwise masculine piece, top off your tee with a slim-fitting leather jacket and some pin stripe skinny jeans.

The undeniable perfection of this street-style look lies in the perfection juxtaposition of its masculine and feminine elements. High-shine, pointed black pumps are contrasted with a army-esque, cargo-print scarf draped femininely over the shoulders. The geometric print scarf has this masculine-meets-feminine vibe down to a tee!

Get The Look

Above: Geometric Print Scarf



(Photo Source: stylebarista.com)

No one quite does vintage styling like those in London town! And can you get any more retro than this floral scarf layered over this swing coat? Your Nan would certainly approve. Get your Brit on by layering an open swing coat over your trusty jumper dress. Next, wrap the oh-so-pretty floral paisley silk scarf around your shoulders and belt. Highlight with some vintage style round sunnies placed on the center of the belt. Russian doll optional.

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Floral Paisley Silk Scarf



(Photo Source: dashionmuse.blogspot.com)

If I gave you five seconds to write down all the words that enter your mind when you think of ‘Parisian Style’, I could bet my bottom dollar that ‘chic’ will be on that list! A colorful scarf is the perfect way to add interest to a classic and chic dress. To copy our inspo look above, don your gray sweater dress with bare legs and wrap sandals. Next, inject some fashion-week-friendly quirk with mirrored Wayfarers and a vibrantly printed silk scarf. We think that the exotic silk scarf ticks all the boxes of Parisian style.

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Above: Exotic Silk Scarf



(Photo Source: shopsterium.com)

Canada is not only the land of beautiful nature, it certainly has a lot of stunning street style too! For a frost-appropriate and timeless look, layer a camel coat over a LBD. As Karl Lagerfeld once said, ‘one is never over-dressed or under-dressed in a little black dress.’ Add a casual edge with opaque tights and lace up shoe boots. Top off your look with a leopard print scarf, such as the exotic print scarf; a bit of print always adds an extra dimension!

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Above: Exotic Print Scarf



(Photo Source: streetpeeper.com)

This Japanese, street-style look is cute enough to make your run around screaming ‘kawaii!’ at the top of your lungs! The key to successfully clashing floral prints, as seen on the above photo, is all in the size of the prints. Opt for a dress with small and dainty floral prints in neutral tones and top with a bold and colorful floral print scarf, such as the floral wool scarf. The small print on the dress acts as a less-distracting, yet complimentary, backdrop to the larger print on the statement scarf.

To avoid looking like some sort of tacky fun fair, keep the rest of the look plain and simple. Brown, leather shoes and accessories are a great choice.

Get The Look

Above: Wool Roses Scarf



(Photo Source: elle.com)

To steal Sydney blogger Zanita’s style, add a printed scarf to an on-trend Seventies print tea dress. Pop a brown leather belt on top of both the scarf and dress to blend them seamlessly. For the ‘Fashion Blogger TV’ star’s effortless look, choose a scarf in a simple print and in a palette of one or two colors. The mystic branches wool scarf is simple, yet stylish and won’t distract from your dresses’ pretty prints. Add beachy waves and a saddle bag and pretend that you woke up looking this perfect. We won’t tell anyone, we promise!

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Mystic Branches Wool Scarf



(Photo Source: woolpr.com)

India’s fashion capital saw an aurora of color at its last Fashion Week. We love the laid-back, ethnic vibes of this printed pant and stellar scarf combo and it’s easier to recreate than your Mum’s mac and cheese recipe! Take a plain, white tee and add a pair of printed cotton pants. Accessorize with a exotic-print scarf that co-ordinates with the color of your pants. Yes: It’s really that simple!

Get The Look

Above: Exotic Silk Scarf

Which street style look do you like the best? Let me know in the comments below.

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