Olivia Palermo: Steal Her Style

If we had to pay a dollar for every outfit of Olivia Palermo’s we wanted to copy, we would officially be paupers. And can you blame us? With a wardrobe teething full of designer beauties and a stellar sense of style that makes her the Beethoven of fashionistas, Olivia is 100% our pick for best dressed.

From her endless front-row appearances to her non-chalent and effortless street style, Olivia always manages to rock that chic line between feminine and quirky.

Want to know how to up the Olivia factor on your look? Stay tuned for our fave looks and our tips on how to recreate them for yourself…

The Belted Beauty


(Photo Source: vogue.com)

I think it’s safe to say that Miss Palermo is totally responsible for the ‘belt and tuck’ trend and we LOVE IT! An instant update to that cute dress you’ve worn a few too many times, belting a statement, silk scarf will see that dress completely transformed.

For this fashion week front row look, Olivia teamed a demure white and duck-egg blue lace dress with a floral print scarf. The bold and vibrant colors on this scarf takes her dress in a quirky direction.

Get The Look

Above: Floral paisley silk scarf

If you want to take your favorite lace dress away from girly-girl territory, add the floral paisley scarf and belt with a classic, tan belt. And bam! You have totally nailed Olivia’s feminine meets quirky style.

The Casual Blazer


(Photo Source: vintagebeautyxox.blogspot.com)

Ok; so you invested in that timeless blazer just to find it collecting dust in the back of your wardrobe. Getting your moneys worth out of tailored blazer can be hard, unless your 9-5 is spent in the office. Luckily, Olivia is here with some casual blazer styling inspo! Simply layer your blazer over a plain white t-shirt and jeans combo for a timeless look. Then add an element of interest with a printed, green neck scarf. For an extra dressy look, layer your scarf over long, silver necklaces.

Get The Look

Olivia’s green, silk neck scarf adds a casual elegance to her blazer look. For a pop of green in your look, add the artistic print scarf in green

The Pattern Clash


(Photo Source: closetfulofclothes.com)

Another one of our favorite Olivia ‘scarf tuck’ looks, is this clashing-prints look. Although clashing prints can look overly bawdy, Olivia keepers her look clean and crisp by sticking to a neutral color palette of nude, bush and grey. She toned down the prints with a plain tan scarf and shoes.

Get The Look

Above: Multi-color abstract scarf

Olivia’s stunning Burberry scarf may break your bank balance, but that doesn’t mean you can’t recreate this scarf look. Invest in the multi-color abstract scarf in blue violet, it’s only $18, and is a total dupe for Olivia’s Burberry beauty.

The Shoulder Shawl


(Photo Source: oliviastyle.blogspot.com)

If this isn’t Winter perfection, I don’t know what is! Olivia shows that white is this seasons color with a white chunky turtleneck and fluted skirt. The magic of this pairing lies solely in the texture; there’s something so satisfyingly juxtaposition-al about the rip knit and the smooth, white flutes together. The cherry on the top of this look, however, is undoubtedly the scarf tied across the shoulders. It makes us question: A: Why didn’t I think of this? And B: Will I ever wear a scarf in the conventional way ever again?

Get The Look

Simply take the geometric print scarf and drape over your shoulders, securing in a loose knot between your bust.

The Instant Glam


Miss Palermo certainly knows how to style her timeless classics! The fashionista gets on London Fashion Week’s best dressed list with a grey knit paired with a leather mini skirt. She elongates her slim legs with caged heels and adds an instant boho vibe with a yellow bohemian printed scarf.

Get The Look

Above: Floral paisley silk scarf

This has to be one of Olivia’s most easy to recreate looks yet! All you need is a timeless leather mini and grey knit. Top off your look with the floral paisley silk scarf to nail this seasons Seventies boho trend.

The Smart-Casual


(Photo Source: yournextshoes.com)

Not sure how to dress for your next dressy-casual event? Olivia has the solution! This low -cut dress is given an innocent, prairie vibe through the country, gingham print. She adds a classy, Parisian vibe with a multi-colored silk scarf tied nonchalantly to the side.

Get The Look

Above: Exotic silk scarf

Add a glam, yet casual edge to your dress by teaming it with the exotic silk scarf. With ten colors to choose from, you’re sure to find one to match your look flawlessly.

I think it’s safe to say that Olivia knows how to style a scarf. Which look of hers will you be stealing? Let me know in the comments below…

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What Your Scarf Says About You

Let’s be honest, it’s Winter, it’s bloomin’ freezing and you are more than likely to be wearing a scarf! But ever wondered what vibe that little accessory around your neck is sending out to the rest of the world? Girrrllll…. you better read on!

The Shabby Chic

(Photo Source: aelida.com)

Most likely to rock…. A floral scarf!

Above: Floral Wool Scarf

Let me guess… you love anything ‘cottagey’ or ‘quintessentially English’? As a matter of fact, the interior of your house looks like the inside of a Cath Kidson catalog. Lace, florals and anything your granny will love makes up the basis of your super-girly wardrobe.

You love blusher. A little too much. You wouldn’t touch eyeliner with a barge pole but you make up for it’s absence in lashings of pastel pink lippy.

You rate about a 6 on the hipster scale. You are an old soul with a carefree and laid-back approach to life.

We are most likely to find you picking posies on the hilltops whilst singing songs from musicals.

Vintage fairs are your favourite past-time. Your dream wedding dress would consist of 100% lace, vintage of course.

Your friends would describe you as the sweet and demure one that won’t reject free vodka shots. Gotta love ya, vintage gal!


The Prep-ster


(Photo Source: asos.com)

Most likely to rock… A striped scarf!

Above: Striped print scarf

Did you go to private school? Or did you just borrow all of your Jack Will’s and Hollister pieces from one of the students at Eton?

Prince Harry is your idea of a dream man. You just love his freckles. And his array of pinstripe, designer shirts. Meow!

You own a Ralph Lauren polo shirt in every color. You and your ‘babes’ like to color co-ordinate when you go to watch on croquet and munch on finger foods. Pass the cucumber sandwich old chap!

Your girls would describe you as prim and proper in the company of elders, but a real party animal when the champers comes out!

Just make sure you take your red white and blue scarf on your next trip abroad: Queen Elizabeth represent!


The Groovy Gal


Photo Source: thezoereport.com

Most likely to rock… A paisley print scarf

Above: Paisley silk scarf

You should have been born 50 years ago… after all, those were the days!

In your modern-day boho attire we can commonly find you meditating next to hidden waterfalls or browsing incense at markets in your city’s hipster suburb.

Although you want to save the planet you do eat the odd hamburger and drive a car. Oh well.. every little helps, right?

Your friends come to you when they’re in need of a good, deep and meaningful convo. You tell them the universe will sort everything out. And then go back to listening to Bob Marley.

The Minimalist


(Photo Source: lifeinstyleofficial.com)

Most likely to rock… A neutral scarf!

Above: Solid color scarf

First of all, thank you for taking the time out of your perfect, marble dotted, Instagram feed in order to read this post. We really appreciate it.

Let’s get things straight: you’re an ‘artistic’ type. You love reading between the lines of novels, songs and just about everything. How do we know? Your lack of color is made up for in artistic shapes. Let’s take a minute to look between your clothes miss shape shifter!

You secretly wish you were from Sweden. Sometimes you pretend you are. You are even considering learning the language.

A Helmut Lang sale is your idea of heaven and 90s Calvin Klein ads act as your personal style muse. Ohhhh the asymmetry!

Your friends would describe you as ‘effortlessly cool’ and let’s be honest, you are! You throw on a white bed sheet and make it look like something from Vogue’s street style pages. Grr…. we hate you.

The Fashionista


(Photo Source: closetfulofclothes.com)

Most likely to wear… A silk scarf

Above: Exotic silk scarf

See the scarf above? I bet my bottom dollar that you would never just wrap it around your neck. Tsstt- that’s way too boring for you!

You like to use garments for purposes other than what they were created for. Who wears a skirt as an actual skirt these days right?

You’re up to date with all of the latest trends and love to throw a good classic piece in there too! You spent your entire life savings on a quilted Chanel bag. Hey; it totally counts as an investment right?

You are often mis-judged. Being pretty doesn’t make you an instant cow! Behind your perfectly-contoured exterior is a deep thinker and business-minded woman. Just watch your resting b face!

The Traveler


Photo Source: etsy.com

Most likely to rock… An ethnic print scarf!

Above: Geometric Print Scarf

Did you just get back from a rustic hike up the Inka Trail? Or maybe from an Ankor tour? Your elephant-printed palazzo pants say otherwise.

You care more about how many continents you’ve been to than climbing up the career ladder and you tend to take a bare foot approach to both life and fashion.

Gees- how many times do you want to correct us for not being able to pronounce ‘Taumatawhakatangihangakoauotamateturipukakapikimaungahoro-Nukupokaiwhenua kitanatahu’? We didn’t all learn it from the Mauri locals.

Your open-minded and adventurous approach to life is sure to make you the talk of the town. Beware though, not everyone wants to hear about that ‘one amazing time in Vanautu’

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