How To Style A Scarf For Autumn/Winter 2017

We hate to break it to you, but Autumn/Winter 2017 is just a few weeks away. On the bright side of things, the cooler weather allows us to embrace the Autumn/Winter 2017 fashion trends.

Scarves are to the cool season as bikinis are to the Summer. So how exactly do you make sure that your scarf style is on-point for Autumn/Winter 2017?

Today we take a leaf from the books of our fave celebs and street style stars and bring you the ultimate scarf styling tips for Autumn/Winter 2017.

Hang It Off Your Belt Loop


(Photo source:

Victoria Beckham proves that scarves don’t have to be worn around the neck to make a statement. The former spice girl slays in a gray two-piece suit layered over a black top.

The long silk scarf tied to her belt loop adds a quirky and colorful edge to an otherwise conservative look.

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For a scarf that flows behind you as you walk, opt for a silk scarf.

Artistic print silk scarf

Tie At The Back


(Photo source:

Tying your scarf at the front is so 2016. Autumn/Winter 2017 is all about having a party on the back!

Rather than wrapping your scarf around your neck and securing at the front, tie at the back and allow to cascade behind you.

As the total babe in the photo above shows, this scarf trend works wonderfully with off-shoulder silhouettes.

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A neutral or khaki-hued scarf is fantastic for any Autumnal palette.

Striped print scarf

With A White Shirt


(Photo source:

If there’s one wardrobe staple that every girl needs, it’s a white shirt.

Take your trusty white button-up to stylish new levels with a vibrant silk scarf. A red scarf will look incredibly stylish paired with a bright red lip. After all, red is the new neutral.

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A red scarf will add a preppy to a staple Fall look.


Mixed print scarf

Draped Over The Shoulders


(Photo source:

Chunky knits are a necessity for frosty days. To give an old knit an Autumn/Winter 2017 makeover, drape a pastel colored scarf over the shoulders.

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Blush is always on trend, especially when paired with a neutral chunky knit.

Tropical floral scarf

Scarf As Choker


(Photo source:

A statement Gucci tee and a faux-fur leopard print coat are the perfect ingredients for an understated rock chick look.

To add a further retro element, roll up a bohemian printed scarf and wear as a choker.

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A red bohemian printed scarf will look perfect in any fashionistas wardrobe this Autumn/Winter.

Floral paisley silk scarf

Tied On A Basket Bag


(Photo source:

The basket bag has taken over our Instagram feeds this Summer. Luckily, it’s still going to be big news for Autumn/Winter 2017.

Give this quintessential Summer piece an Autumnal makeover by tying a silk scarf on the handle.

Add to a simple sweater and denim skirt combo for an easy and stylish transitional look.

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A neutral or blush silk scarf will compliment a straw basket bag.

Artistic print silk scarf

After more scarf styling tips? Check out these articles:


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How To Style A Scarf For Your Body Shape

Do you know how to style a scarf for your body shape?

Is that even a thing?

Yep: it actually is!

Nope, I’m not crazy!

Whether you are a perfect pair or beautiful and boyish, when you know how to style a scarf for your body shape, this accessory will be your new BFF.

Today we teach you how to style a scarf for your body type.

What’s My Body Shape?

So you’re probably thinking: ‘what exactly is my body shape?’ Although women come in a stunning array of shapes and sizes, your body type all comes down to your proportions.

Scientists and stylists alike have pin-pointed four main female shapes with certain body proportions. These body shapes are apple, pear, hourglass and rectangle.

Am I A Pear Body Shape?


Queen Bey: The queen of the pear shapes

(Photo Source:

You ladies are all about that bass! The pear body shape is characterized by a larger bottom half and smaller top half. Pear shaped beauties often have larger hips and thighs, a slim waist, a smaller bust and small shoulders.

Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Am I a smaller size in tops than I am in skirts and trousers?
  • Do I tend to carry my weight around my butt and thighs?
  • Do I have a slim waist?
  • Do I have a large hips to waist ratio?

If the answer to most of these questions is yes, you are a pear shape.

Am I An Apple Body Shape?


Va-Va-Voom! Kate Upton rocks her apple shape.

(Photo source:

Much unlike the bootylicious pear shape, the apple shape honey has tatas for days! The apple body shape is typically larger on the waist and bust with slimmer hips and legs.

You know the drill…..

  • Am I a larger size in tops than I am in skirts and trousers?
  • Do I tend to carry my weight around my middle.
  • Is my tummy larger than my hips?

Yes? You are an amiable apple.

Am I An Hour Glass Body Shape?


LOS ANGELES, CA - SEPTEMBER 22: Sofia Vergara poses at the 65th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards at Nokia Theatre L.A. Live on September 22, 2013 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Steve Granitz/WireImage)
Sophia Vergara is the epitome of the hour glass hottie! (Photo by Steve Granitz/WireImage)

Marilyn Monroe: eat your heart out! The hot hourglass shape has a large bust and hips and a slim waist.

Ask yourself:

  • Do I wear the same size in tops, bottoms and dresses?
  • Is my waist my slimmest part?

If so, you have an hour glass figure: lucky girl.

Am I An Rectangle Body Shape?


(Photo source:

A rectangle body shape is defined by equal proportions on the bust, waist, hips and legs. This ‘straight up and down figure’ is often sported by models and athletes.

Ask yourself:

  • Is my body straight?
  • Are my waist, hips and bust the same size?
  • Do I gain weight equally around my body?

Bingo! You are a rectangle shape.

How To Style A Scarf For Your Body Shape

When it comes to learning to style a scarf for your body shape, your aim is to balance out your proportions to look more like the hour glass shape.

Scarves are a fantastic accessory to add volume on specific body parts. Alternatively, slim scarves can be used to cinch the waist in or draw attention to certain areas.

Read on to learn how to style a scarf for your body shape…

How To Style A Scarf For Your Body Shape: Pear Shape

Pear shape ladies can utilize scarves to draw attention to that gorgeous waist.


(Photo source:

Make the most of that teeny tiny waist and style a scarf as a crop top! Tie as a statement bow or drape around the bust to add volume to this area.

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Floral paisley scarf, paisley wool scarf


(Photo source:

Alternatively, highlight your waist by cinching it in with a scarf. A solid color dress can be broken up with a patterned scarf to draw the eye to your slimmest part.

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Artistic print silk scarf


(Photo source:

Add volume to your upper half with a statement blazer. Wear open with a printed silk scarf.

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Exotic silk scarf

How To Style A Scarf For Your Shape: Apple Shape

Apple shape beauties should avoid wearing bulky scarves around the neck as this will make you look more top heavy. Instead, get creative and use your scarves as belt and bag ties!


Tie a printed scarf on your jeans loop to draw attention to your lean legs. The scarf fabric will add volume and balance out your proportions too.

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Multicolor abstract print scarf


(Photo source:

Pop a silk scarf on your bag and carry below the hip to add volume.

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Paisley silk scarf

How To Style A Scarf For Your Body Shape: Hour Glass Shape

When it comes to hour glass shapes, make sure your scarf doesn’t connect your waist to your bust or hips. Doing so will make you appear larger.


(Photo source:

Tie a shorter scarf around your neck and let the length flow down your back.

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Solid color scarf


(Photo Source:

Wear your scarves short and tight to show off what your mumma gave ya!

How To Style A Scarf For Your Body Shape: Rectangle Shape

Rectangle shapes: I have good news for you! No matter how you wear your scarf, you will still look great! Scarves will add volume to your figure and create the illusion of a fuller bust or hips.


(Photo source:

Wear your scarf open and flowing for an instant boob job.

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Floral paisley scarf


(Photo source:

A belted scarf will give you the illusion of hour glass curves.

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Paisley wool scarf

Now that you know how to rock a scarf for your body type, why not check out our range of printed scarves?


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These Jean and T-shirt Outfits Are Borderline Genius

Ah…  jean and t-shirt outfits. They are about as original as a knock-off Gucci purse.

But before I go off on a sarcastic sartorial rant, I’ll let you in on a secret: jean and t-shirt outfits can be totally stylish.

In fact, it’s all down to how you style it. These thrown-together, on-trend looks show that there may be more to that humble t-shirt and jeans than you think.

Get ready to have your mind (and wardrobe) blown! These jean and t-shirt outfits are so darn cool, that they are literally borderline genius!


(Photo source:

Who knew that a simple t-shirt and jeans outfit could give boho style icon Vanessa Hudgens a run for her money?

Take this simple duo and elevate it by investing in high-waisted flared jeans. Go for an effortless slogan tee for that I-just-rolled-out-of-bed California girl look.


(Photo Source:

Who needs makeup, a fancy dress or high heels when something this simple can look so darn stylish?

Grab your trusty boyfriend jeans and white tee and add some spunk with a boho printed scarf. Add those sunglasses and you’re ready for shopping, lunch with the girls and everything in-between. What hangover?

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With jean and t-shirt outfits, opt for a printed scarf that’s  bright and punchy to elevate it. In addition, a red scarf and red lipstick will always work wonders. Nowget ready to watch the boys stop and stare…


From left: mixed print scarf, exotic silk scarf, tropical floral scarf

jean and t-shirt outfits with boots

(Photo source:

A pair of cute heeled boots and killer statement sunnies are really all it takes to turn a jean and t-shirt outfit into something spectacular.

Roll up those cuffs and let the boots be the talking point!

retro jean and t-shirt outfits

(Photo source:

Forget boho dresses and crochet, jeans and a tee can give you that coveted boho babe status this Summer.

A bright orange tee delivers all the tropical vibes, whilst wide leg jeans add some retro luxe to something super simple.

To further elongate the legs, add wedge heels or platform sandals.


(Photo source:

This creamy jean-y concoction really is all things bright and beautiful!

Play with subtle hues and pair cream or beige jeans with a white tee. Next, add a white printed scarf for something really special.

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Use the white base as a starting point and branch out into a stunning array of colors and prints.


Paisley floral scarf, paisley wool scarf, mystic branches scarf


(Photo source:

We honestly love everything that super blogger Sincerely Jules wears and this jeans and tee combo is certainly no exception!

A striped Breton tee is made for Summer. Add black heels and a cross-body bag for a look that will take you effortlessly from brunch to bar.


(Photo source:

This Gucci tee is giving us literal heart eyes! Recognize it? It has been seen on enough style bloggers and street style stars to fill Texas!

The lesson here is: grab a statement tee, add a simple, dainty necklace and work it like you’re Olivia Palermo.


(Photo source:

Ok… so a Gucci belt and a Celine backpack will make absolutely anything look good. However, we sincerely believe that the raw hem crop jeans and slides alone are a oh-so-luxe jeans and t-shirt combination!


(Photo source:

When in doubt, wear black!

A black tee and jeans will draw the eyes to those teeny subtle details that are so effortless, they almost look accidental.

Exhibit A: that tiny bit of fray at the bottom of the jeans. Exhibit B: that belt buckle. Exhibit C: those killer earrings.

We likey. We likey very much.


(Photo source:

If you’re concerned that jeans and t-shirt outfits are a bit too tomboy to by up your alley, we kindly ask you to overt your eyes to the street style shot above.

Bow heels and an adorable printed scarf make this outfit as girly as pink, lace-y, frill-adorned gown. Well…almost.

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A green silk scarf is a luxurious way to add a little bit of girly glam to this timeless combination.

Does your wardrobe feel as about inspiring as the inside of an empty paint can? Check out these slices of fashion inspo:

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Adorable Summer Scarf Looks To Copy

Note to self: these Summer scarf looks= instant babe status.

It may be bikini weather, but that doesn’t mean you should throw your printed scarves into the dark depths of your wardrobe. When styled well, printed scarves can take a Summer look to the next level.

Whether you want to sip cocktails beachside, or hit the shops, here’s the Summer Scarf looks that you will want to copy ASAP…

(Photo source:

Looking for an easy and on-trend bandeau top? Dig out a printed scarf and simply tie in a feminine bow below the bust.

For a vintage-inspired edge, team with high-waisted jeans and layer over a long gold necklace. If you’re not confident enough to bare your abs, try layering this DIY bandeau over a plain white t-shirt.

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Our striped scarf is made for tying, plus it is available in eight color combinations.



(Photo source:

It’s a little strange, but there’s something so darn quirky and effortless about this scarf worn as an anklet.

Go for a slim, silk scarf to ensure it’s not bulky and pair with cropped jeans with a hem just above the ankle.

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Go for effortless boho chic with the floral paisley silk scarf


(Photo Source:

Monochrome is a fail-safe option for any season.

This Summer scarf look is great for any fashionista who likes to make the most of her wardrobe basics. Grab a pair of slim-fit black jeans and a black tank top and give it some edge with a black scarf worn short.

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The high-sheen pattern on the solid color scarf will add interest to a monochrome outfit.


(Photo source:

This bohemian style little white dress just screams Summer vacation. Just when you thought that this outfit couldn’t get any more cute and effortless, she adds a tied silk scarf to her hair!

Hair scarves are a fantastic way to keep fly-aways at bay, hide any greasy roots, or just embrace your inner hippy chick.

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The artistic print silk scarf will really pop when worn with a little white dress.


(Photo source:

This Summer scarf look is made for balmy evenings when it starts to cool down.

A printed scarf is a fantastic light alternative to a jacket, plus it looks incredible. Tie around the shoulders for something really elegant.

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The floral paisley scarf is the perfect pretty statement to snuggle up in.


(Photo source:

Denim shorts and a white t-shirt are as staple to a Summer wardrobe as bread is to a pantry!

For a less-sweaty take on the double denim trend, add a denim-style or denim-colored scarf. Layer with nude necklaces and pair with nude accessories for a fresh take on minimalism.

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Go for all-over pops of blue for something truly stunning. Above: Pure wool animal print scarf.


(Photo source:

Gingham is the one trend that you need in your wardrobe this Summer! The problem with key trends? Everyone is wearing them.

Add a difference to your gingham look with a hot red scarf. There’s something so retro and understatedly sexy about the combination of gingham and red. Think a modern 1950s bombshell and you’re on the right track!

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The exotic silk scarf will look fantastic paired with any monochrome print, gingham included.


(Photo source:

How adorable are these hair bows? Opt for a flowy, wool scarf for a romantic look.

Don a trendy off-shoulder top for extra trend points.

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Make this Summer scarf look yours with our tropical floral scarf.


(Photo source:

When it comes to print clashing, stripes are practically a neutral.

Give a classic striped top a saucy tropical edge with a scarf that screams resort.

Then add those giant sunnies and watch the boys stop and stare…

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Sizzle in the orange floral paisley scarf.


(Photo source:

This model looks like a young Madonna. That alone is enough to show that Summer scarf looks aren’t necessarily for girly girls.

Rough it up in a white tank top, chain and turban.

Get The Look

Fold the solid color scarf into a turban and voila!

Looking for more scarf styling tips? We’ve got you covered:

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10 Ways To Wear A Scarf This Summer

With Summer just around that last chilly corner, it’s time to rejoice! Longer nights, beach-y days, endless sunshine and sun-kissed skin are so close that you can practically smell them. Undoubtedly, you are beginning to throw those chunky knits and endless layers to the back of your wardrobes. But before you throw your collection of printed scarves to this winter-y pile, stop and think!

Soft fabric and silk scarves can be a total saving grace when it comes to Summer style. So before you pack them away for colder days, read on for 10 stunning ways to rock your scarf under the sunshine!

The Beach Cover-up


(Photo Source:

Whether you suffer from sunburn or just want something easy and breezy to layer on for lunchtime cafe trips, a scarf coverup is a must! We adore how this Aztec print scarf has being double knotted to create a DIY sarong. Plus, you can even lie on it if you forget your beach blanket!

We Recommend

This geometric printed Aztec scarf is so vibrant we question if it was actually made for the beach!

The Throw & Go


(Photo Source:

Those ‘I have nothing to wear’ days can be quite simply solved by a tee and ripped jeans combo, but sometimes, this feels a little ‘meh’. Enter our best friend, the printed scarf, to the rescue! Literally throw it over your shoulders and then let the wind do its work. Then watch the passers by as they murmur: ‘Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No! It’s a fashionista!’

We Recommend


The print on the floral wool scarf is so vibrant that you could totally rock it as one sheet!

The Sweaty Hair Saver

(Photo Source:

We may love the 30 degree scorchers and salty air, but it is our hairs’ worst nightmare. Sweat, dried salt and general dirtiness is not cute! So cover it up! A scarf is an easy way to cover up your less-then-lovely locks and everyone will be none the wiser.


To recreate this beach-y boho look, simply layer the floral paisley scarf over your head and tie at the back. Yes: it’s really that easy!!


(Photo Source:

Or simply throw a scarf effortlessly around your hair and cross under your chin for a vintage vibe. A floral scarf will add wonderfully to the 1940s air of this style and you can’t get more retro than our Spring roses wool scarf.

The Instant Halter Top


(Photo Source:

Picture this: you and your friends are enjoying a relaxing day at the beach, the day whiles away and suddenly it’s 6pm. Your friend suggests a few cheeky cocktails, but all you’re donning is a bikini! The solution? A scarf! Tie it into a sarong or wrap around your neck and tie at the small of your back to make an on-trend printed halter top. That’s the shirt and shoes dress code sorted….

We Recommend

Our tropical print scarf

This tropical leaf embellished beauty practically screams Summer! Wear as a halter top with denim shorts for an effortless look.


The Solid Color Scarf in Orange

This bronzed orange scarf will make one dressy halter top! The tassel details are so on-trend and the metallic flecks are made for a tan.

The Final Embellishment


(Photo Source:

The LWD (little white dress) is the LBD’s more summery sister! Add an extra glam factor to yours with an oversized tan tote and a printed silk scarf! Make sure the colors are as vibrant as possible, this one’s all about making a statement!

We Recommend

It doesn’t get more colorful than our on-trend exotic silk scarf!

The Hat Topper


(Photo Source:

I’ve always said that a hat is the easiest way o instantly make an outfit stylish, but who has an endless supply of hats? Customize your hat to your look by tying a silk scarf around the base. Changing up your favorite accessory has never been so easy!

The ‘New’ Dress


(Photo Source:

The best thing about Summer is the easiness of a warm weather wardrobe. What is better than throwing on a dress and walking out of the door? If you find your dress supplies are depleting and you want a new look, I’ll let you in on a secret… silk scarves! Layer over the shoulders and belt around the waist for a completely new look. Don’t be surprised when everyone compliments you on your ‘new’ dress.

We Recommend

The muted tones of the paisley wool scarf will blend seamlessly into your dress.

The Silky Choker


(Photo Source:

Unless you dwell in a cave, you will know that chokers are all the rage right now! With the 70s skinny scarf trend still going strong, why not combine them? The result: the choker scarf. Simply fold your silk scarf horizontally until it is around 2 inches thick, then tie tightly around your neck. The effect of the long strands of scarf trailing behind you is just too pretty!

We Recommend

Make it a triple trend threat and go for a boho print! Our floral paisley silk scarf is perfect!

The Printed Skirt


(Photo Source:

You don’t have to be the Simon Cowell of the sewing world to turn a versatile scarf into a skirt. All it takes it a few knots, or a belt if you want to be really secure! Scarves are so easy to throw in your beach bag for an instant outfit.

We Recommend

Opt for a wider and thicker scarf such as the geometric print scarf.

The Cooling Updo


Summer heat+ loose hair= a sweaty result. Keep cool and braid your hair in amongst a silk scarf for a really unique look. For a full tutorial on how to create this scarf braid check out our piece ‘7 Boho Scarf Hairstyles You Must Try‘.

Wearing the exotic silk scarf in berry.


Have I convinced you that scarves are for Summer?! See you at the beach!

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