10 Chic Ways To Tie A Scarf

If you thought a scarf was simply a matter of ‘throw it around your neck’, I’ll stop you right there! In the world of the stylish, a scarf is not just a fashion accessory, it’s an endless source of self expression. In less waffly terms, there’s a whole lotta ways to tie a scarf that can add style and that little bit of quirk to your look. ‘Erm… so how exactly do I tie it then?’ I hear you ask. Fear not: I have searched far and wide, **cough** google, to find you the ten most stylish ways to tie your scarf!

So grab your fave scarf, pop yourself in front of the mirror and get ready to endure my mug for the next few minutes! It’s time for a scarf tying masterclass!

1. The French Knot


Fold your scarf in half so that it is one large loop.


Drape the loop over your neck and pull one loose end over and through the scarf loop.

Repeat with the other loose end.


Wearing Tropical floral scarf in berry

2. The Sailor


Drape the scarf around your neck, ensuring that one end is significantly longer than the other.


Wrap the long scarf length around once.


Wrap it around a second time.


Tie in a knot at the side. Ahoyyy matey!

Wearing Exotic silk scarf in berry

3. The Back Shawl


Drape scarf over shoulders and through the elbows.


Secure in a knot for an instant shawl.

Wearing Striped print scarf in red.

4. The Turtleneck


Drape scarf around neck, ensuring one side has most of the length.


Wrap around until both ends are short.


Tuck the excess scarf fabric behind your neck under the bulk of the scarf.

Wearing Floral paisley scarf in Autumn.

5. The Infinity Scarf


Begin with your scarf draped around your neck.


Make a DIY infinity scarf by tying both ends together.


Twist the scarf and place the loop over your head.


Wearing Solid color scarf in turquoise.

6. The Bandanna


Fold your scarf to create a square.


Fold in half diagonally to create a triangle.


Tie the two outer edges together and voila!

Wearing Solid color scarf in maroon.

7. The Boa


Pull scarf around neck from the back and cross around once.


Take one side of loose scarf length and twist it around the scarf around your neck. Do the same with the other scarf length, twisting around the scarf already around the neck.


Wearing Abstract floral wool scarf in brown.

8. The Parisian


Throw scarf around neck so that it’s cascading down your back.


Tie in a knot at the nape of your neck.


Wearing Exotic silk scarf in berry

9. The Braid


Knot your scarf around your neck.


Take the right hand side over the left and pull through. Repeat on left and right hand sides alternatively until there is no fabric left.


Wearing Abstract floral wool scarf in brown.

10. The Asymmetric Shawl


Throw scarf over one shoulder.


Wrap the scarf round your back and under your arm and tie.

Which way was your favorite? Did you manage to master them all? Let me know in the comments below…


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Unique Ways to Get Creative with Your Scarves

Just when we thought we saw all that fashion artist, Sera Brand, was capable of putting together – she out does her self not once, but twice again. Her fresh, bohemian style is nothing short of unique and one-of-a-kind. We are honored that she finds our Floral Paisley Silk Scarf to be a useful accessory to her many different styles. Take a look at some more unique ways to get creative with your scarves.

Around the Neck

This is the more traditional way to wear a scarf, but Sera matches it perfect with her tie dye dress and other accessories. This scarf adds the perfect pop of color to her look, that still provides that whimsical and bohemian look. You can get the same look by mixing and matching colors with any type of sun dress.


Over the Arms

Sera used the same outfit and same scarf, but just took the scarf off her neck and over her arms. This adds another great pop of style to your outfit. You’ll see the look often times on the runway, at a cocktail event, or even out for a nice dinner. It can be used for many different occasions in my different ways.


The Bohemian Belt

We are showing the belt style again, because we love it so much! Sera’s belt blends perfectly with her gypsy style, bohemian look. We are just a big fan of the scarf tied around the waist, and just can’t get over how well Sera puts it together. You can get the same look by grabbing a pair of look fitting pants, a crotchet top and on of our many scarves  to pair with your very own bohemian look.


A Closer Look

Here, we take a closer look at the bohemian belt on Sera. You can see how the colors don’t match at all, but they do blend perfectly. You can achieve the scarf belt look with any scarf over a pair of pants, a skirt, shorts, or even a bathing suit. You can get just as creative with it as Sera gets with hers.


Don’t be afraid to get creative with your scarves! We live in a generation where anything goes, and there aren o rules to fashion anymore. Wear what YOU think looks great and makes you feel good, unique and confident.


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Get the Look: The Scarf Belt

When it comes to scarves, there are so many ways to get creative with how to choose to wear it. We’ve already touched base on the many ways to wear them – whether as a purse accessory, or just traditionally around your neck. Luckily, fashion blogger, Sera Brand of Stardust Bohemian  provides some excellent tips on how to use a scarf as a belt and/or around your hips. So for that reason, we want to show you how to get the scarf belt look.  In her photos, Sera is wearing the Banarsi Designs Floral Paisley Silk Scarf with her outfit.  You can add a touch of luxury and sophistication to your outfit with the beautiful floral paisley silk scarf, as it is perfect for matching with your elegant, casual, formal, and everyday outfit.

Floral Paisley Silk Scarf

Get the Look

Now, let’s see how Sera adds a pop of style to her outfit by using this scarf tied around her hip as a belt. As you can see in the photo below, Sera’s outfit is perfectly put together in a bohemian/gypsy style. She already has a belt buckled around her skirt, so she uses the scarf as an added accessory, paired up with another scarf. This is the kind of look that may not seem like a good idea until it’s on – then it looks beautiful stylish, surely to turn some heads.

Silk Scarf

A Closer Look

Take a closer, detailed look at Sera’s waist and how she put together the two scarves and belt around her maxi skirt. This look is fairly easy to achieve with the right colors and patterns that don’t necessarily have to match, but that can blend well to make the look complete. Tying the scarf is also easy to do. Simply accordion fold the scarf until it’s your desired width, then wrap the scarf around your waist and tie in a knot or a bow, until it looks just how you like.

Silk Scarf Belt

What do you think about Sera’s use of the scarves tied around her waist? Would you try this look? We’d love to see your look, feel free to send us your scarf belt photos or tell us your thoughts in the comments below!


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Celebrity Scarf Style

We get most of our style ideas from celebrities and with fall a couple weeks ago, it’s time we start looking to them to get some great ideas for how to wear our scarves. Take a look at some of our favorite scarf trends this season.

Miranda Kerr

Black may be sleek. And it may also be the most popular color when it comes to winter apparel. But sometimes you just want to add a little spice to that chic ensemble without disturbing its effortlessly fashionable appeal. How do you do that? Take a page out of Miranda Kerr’s book and add a little texture with a scarf.   Just make sure it does also add a lot of bulk.

Miranda Kerr

photo credit: Who What Wear

Ashley Olsen

If you tend to gravitate towards a layered look that has a lot going on while still looking put together, Ashley Olsen may be the fashion icon to follow. While the Olson twins are known for wearing many, many accessories and being the only ones able to pull it off (seriously, how do they do that?!), an oversized scarf is an accessory we can all use to achieve that layer upon layer style.

Ashley Olsen

photo credit: Who What Wear

Keri Russell

Busy mom Keri Russell knows the easiest way to quickly jazz up a t-shirt, coat, and jeans is to add a printed scarf. Using a subtle print will be your best bet. Anything too fancy or busy may seem out of place when paired with casual pieces.

Keri Russel

photo credit: Who What Wear

Lea Michelle

Ever have one of those days where you just can’t seem to get your scarf to tie or lay the way you want? An infinity scarf is a simple solution celebs like Lea Michelle have used. Simply slip this scarf over your head and be on your way.

Lea Michelle

photo credit: Who What Wear

Zoe Saldana

If you don’t happen to have an infinity scarf in your wardrobe but love the elegant touch, you can always get the look and convenience without spending the extra money. Simply knot a scarf made of lightweight material ahead of time. The next time you’re looking to add a little extra class to your outfit, you’ll have a quick, easy solution ready in your closet. This stylish and sophisticated mixed print scarf is a perfect example to pull off a look like Zoe.  Mixed Print Scarf

Zoe Saldana

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Creative Ways to Use a Scarf

We love scarves for so many reasons, besides the fact that they add a lot of pop to our outfit and that they can keep us warm! One of the best things about scarves is that they can be utilized in so many different ways aside from being worn around the neck. Not sure what we mean? No problem! Personal style blogger, Styled by Kaiye , found some creative ways to use this beautiful Spring Roses Wool Scarf. Check it out!

Over Shoulders

Wearing a scarf over your shoulders is one of the best ways to spice up and outfit while providing a touch of modesty. It’s also a great way to show off a scary with an especially unique or intricate pattern. Haven’t you ever tied a scarf around your neck and wanted to really show off every aspect of the beautiful accessory? Wearing it over your shoulders is the perfect way to do so! It’s also a great way to add a little warmth on a slightly breezy day; Definitely more chic than a predictable cardigan. And just think of how elegant you will look as the gentle wind creates movement through the scarf.

Tied to a handbag

Handbags. We ladies tend to spend a lot of money for a quality handbag that will add style to our wardrobe and hold up over time. But sometimes we also want a bit of variety. Also, we want something a little flashier instead of the plain classic options. Even though buying a more timeless piece makes more sense, the trendy seems to win out and we spend those hard earned dollars on a bag that will go out of style faster than you can stuff it. So, what’s the solution? Tying a beautiful scarf to your handbag! Not only does this jazz up a traditional bag, it is also a less expensive option for following your whim when it comes to each passing trend. Be as trendy as you want; without the guilt!

As a Belt

For some reason a belt is an accessory that seems to have an inherently masculine quality. Sure, they can be sleek and can definitely put together an outfit when combined with appropriate feminine pieces, but they also seem to have a very…stiff quality. There’s no movement in a tradition belt. No frill. But, wearing a beautiful scarf as a belt will not only take care of that rigid quality, it can also be a great way to turn an otherwise simple outfit just a tad bit sassy while staying very classy. There’s no need to add several accessories when you’re “belt” is a colorful, attention grabbing piece in itself: Making the scarf not only a striking belt option, but also a quick one.11221761_897944456909518_951114227504447223_n

What are some of your favorite ways to wear a scarf that isn’t around the neck? Tell us about it in the comments below!

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