The NYFW Street Style Looks To Copy ASAP

Ladies. watch and learn: this is how you dress next season courtesy of the NYFW street style stars.

The hit list? Lashings of stripes, baker boy caps, fanny packs (yes really) and ankle boots.

Here are the NYFW street style looks you NEED to copy ASAP….


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Dear wardrobe, please may you magically create the following: one Gucci fanny pack (yes really)

Yours sincerely, Rachel.



Red seems to be a major hit on the street style scenes this New York Fashion Week. We have major heart eyes for this gorgeous, double breasted red suit.

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Embrace hot red with our mixed print scarf



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Sophia Richie roars the fashion paps in a statement leopard print coat.

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Get on the animal print bandwagon with our pure wool animal print scarf


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Despite the on-coming chill of Fall, punchy tropical prints were still going strong on the NYFW street style scene.

Team a leaf print top and bottom in different hues for a real showstopping look.


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Forget the statement earring, we’re crushing on these statement sleeves. #FringePorn


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Does Chiara Ferragni ever get it wrong? With that Little-Miss-Moffat frilled floral dress and those tough biker boots, we think not.


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The silk neck tie is still going strong.

To make it the talking point of your outfit, go for a brighter scarf and style with dark, layered separates.

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The exotic silk scarf will pop from darker Fall and Winter garments.


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The basket bag may have been synonymous with Summer holidays, but don’t pack yours away just yet!

Team with a dark midi skirt and clean white shirt and give the basket bag a whole new twist.

For an even stronger Autumnal vibe, tie a printed silk scarf on the bag handle.


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It’s never too early to start on the sequins! Buy now and wear all the way through the silly season.


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Check mate! These ladies show that everything checked and tartan will still be huge for Fall.

Give a Summer dress an instant Fall makeover by adding a military jacket.

New York Fashion Week - Street Style - Day 5

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One set of stripes is never enough! Layer up pinstripes and finer stripes to create an optical illusion.

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Our stripe print scarf is made to clash with its stripey sisters!


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Move over one shoulder, there’s a new neckline in town: the one shoulder!

I’ll take that bag too please!


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Did somebody call these two fashion superheros to the rescue?

Stars, capes and shiny leggings are Wonder Woman inspired in the best possible way.


(Photo source:

When orange and green work right together, it’s magic!

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Give clashing a go with our solid print scarf


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This is the perfect way to layer up your Summer dresses and make them appropriate for the colder weather.

Which NYFW street style look is your fave? Let us know in the comments below.

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These Jean and T-shirt Outfits Are Borderline Genius

Ah…  jean and t-shirt outfits. They are about as original as a knock-off Gucci purse.

But before I go off on a sarcastic sartorial rant, I’ll let you in on a secret: jean and t-shirt outfits can be totally stylish.

In fact, it’s all down to how you style it. These thrown-together, on-trend looks show that there may be more to that humble t-shirt and jeans than you think.

Get ready to have your mind (and wardrobe) blown! These jean and t-shirt outfits are so darn cool, that they are literally borderline genius!


(Photo source:

Who knew that a simple t-shirt and jeans outfit could give boho style icon Vanessa Hudgens a run for her money?

Take this simple duo and elevate it by investing in high-waisted flared jeans. Go for an effortless slogan tee for that I-just-rolled-out-of-bed California girl look.


(Photo Source:

Who needs makeup, a fancy dress or high heels when something this simple can look so darn stylish?

Grab your trusty boyfriend jeans and white tee and add some spunk with a boho printed scarf. Add those sunglasses and you’re ready for shopping, lunch with the girls and everything in-between. What hangover?

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With jean and t-shirt outfits, opt for a printed scarf that’s  bright and punchy to elevate it. In addition, a red scarf and red lipstick will always work wonders. Nowget ready to watch the boys stop and stare…


From left: mixed print scarf, exotic silk scarf, tropical floral scarf

jean and t-shirt outfits with boots

(Photo source:

A pair of cute heeled boots and killer statement sunnies are really all it takes to turn a jean and t-shirt outfit into something spectacular.

Roll up those cuffs and let the boots be the talking point!

retro jean and t-shirt outfits

(Photo source:

Forget boho dresses and crochet, jeans and a tee can give you that coveted boho babe status this Summer.

A bright orange tee delivers all the tropical vibes, whilst wide leg jeans add some retro luxe to something super simple.

To further elongate the legs, add wedge heels or platform sandals.


(Photo source:

This creamy jean-y concoction really is all things bright and beautiful!

Play with subtle hues and pair cream or beige jeans with a white tee. Next, add a white printed scarf for something really special.

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Use the white base as a starting point and branch out into a stunning array of colors and prints.


Paisley floral scarf, paisley wool scarf, mystic branches scarf


(Photo source:

We honestly love everything that super blogger Sincerely Jules wears and this jeans and tee combo is certainly no exception!

A striped Breton tee is made for Summer. Add black heels and a cross-body bag for a look that will take you effortlessly from brunch to bar.


(Photo source:

This Gucci tee is giving us literal heart eyes! Recognize it? It has been seen on enough style bloggers and street style stars to fill Texas!

The lesson here is: grab a statement tee, add a simple, dainty necklace and work it like you’re Olivia Palermo.


(Photo source:

Ok… so a Gucci belt and a Celine backpack will make absolutely anything look good. However, we sincerely believe that the raw hem crop jeans and slides alone are a oh-so-luxe jeans and t-shirt combination!


(Photo source:

When in doubt, wear black!

A black tee and jeans will draw the eyes to those teeny subtle details that are so effortless, they almost look accidental.

Exhibit A: that tiny bit of fray at the bottom of the jeans. Exhibit B: that belt buckle. Exhibit C: those killer earrings.

We likey. We likey very much.


(Photo source:

If you’re concerned that jeans and t-shirt outfits are a bit too tomboy to by up your alley, we kindly ask you to overt your eyes to the street style shot above.

Bow heels and an adorable printed scarf make this outfit as girly as pink, lace-y, frill-adorned gown. Well…almost.

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A green silk scarf is a luxurious way to add a little bit of girly glam to this timeless combination.

Does your wardrobe feel as about inspiring as the inside of an empty paint can? Check out these slices of fashion inspo:

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5 Supermodel Style Secrets You NEED To Know

Supermodel style: the thing we think of when falling asleep at night…

Ever dreamed of looking as effortlessly stunning as Gigi Hadid, or perhaps you spend hours at the gym in hope of Elle McPherson’s bod?

Rather than spending hours working out and torturing yourself through the latest diet fads (erm maple syrup diet, no thanks!), there’s a far easier way to channel a supermodel: through your style.

Today, we are sharing the style secrets that the supermodels have tried to keep hush hush.

Although we can’t promise that you’ll be street style snapped by Tommy Tom, or spend your spare time sipping lattes with Michael Kors, we can promise that you will look hot!

Like hotter than a car on fire in the Sahara desert hot.

Oh… I’m waffling? Sorry! Here’s 5 supermodel style secrets you need to know…

1. Use Tactical Layering To Elongate Your Legs


Although Karlie Kloss’s legs may be approximately as long as the River Nile, her layering techniques have enhanced them even more.

To create the illusion of longer legs, simply play with lengths in your various layers. Karlie has made her torso look shorter by layering a button up shirt under a crop jumper. Because of the length and fit of the jumper, her defined waistline has been risen. The tactically worn trench then blends it all together seamless.

Supermodel style tip: Wear your trench open to create the illusion of even longer legs.

2. Vertical Stripes Are Your New BFF


(Photo Source:

All-over striped pieces can seem a little daunting for us. However, this supermodel style tip is the definition of flattering! Simply wear vertical stripes to either add curves or make a body part appear slimmer.

Rosie’s statement striped pants are made to add definition to long, slim legs. On the other hand, if you want your pins to appear a whole dress size slimmer, opt for very fine vertical stripes, such as pin stripes.

Vice versa, if you would like your bust to appear larger, opt for thicker horizontal stripes up top.

3. Jazz Up A Boring Top With A Statement Scarf


(Photo Source:

There’s nothing worse than feeling like all of your tops are about as exciting as the inside of an empty paint can. Rather than throwing a cardboard box over your head and declaring ‘I won’t leave the house’, simply layer on a printed statement scarf a la Bella Hadid.

The bigger the better is the rule with this one! We recommend a wool scarf to cover up the majority of that plain Jane top.

Here are some scarves that we could imagine Bella #slaying in!

Left to right: Floral paisley scarf, pure wool animal print scarf, tropical floral scarf

4. Define With A Tie Belt


(Photo Source:

Cinching your waist in with a belt isn’t exactly breaking news. As a matter of fact, I could cringe at the huge, chunky, plastic waist belts that were in style circa 2006.

Luckily, the tie belt is a more refined and classy way to define that waist. Add it to a flared jumpsuit, oversized dress, or shirt dress for a little bit of boho chic and a tinier waist. Lily Aldridge’s halter jumpsuit ensemble really shows off her slender waist and shoulders.

5. Treat Stripes As A Neutral


(Photo Source:

Ever wondered how supermodels tend to find print clashing as effortless as, well, breathing?! They are not simply sartorially blessed, they just treat monochrome stripes as they would any other color.

Repeat after me: stripes are a neutral.

Just like their neutral cousins, striped prints can be easily clashed with other prints, such as florals, leopard and paisley.

If you are feeling a bit shy about clashing prints with stripes, start out small and opt for a printed scarf. Go for the Spring roses wool scarf for a look that Claudia Schiffer would truly approve of!


And the final rule for pulling off that supermodel style is…


(Photo Source:

Repeat this like a mantra and you’ll be ready for the paparazzi!

Want more model tips? Here’s how to look like a Victoria’s Secret Model.

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8 Killer Street Style Looks From New York Fashion Week

Well that’s it folks, the New York Fashion Week Autumn/Winter 2017 shows are coming to a close. But what a beautiful ride it’s been; from Prabal Gurung’s political statement tees, to Kate Bosworth wearing counterfeit Calvin Klein (yes really!).

Although we’re excited as a kid in a candy store for the new trends to take over our wardrobes, the street style of the show-goers offered a whole different kind of inspiration. Outfits we can totally rock NOW.

Today we bring you the brrr-illiant (see what we did there) street style looks from New York Fashion Week. Best of all, most of these are oh-so-appropriate for cold weather. So wrap up warm and get ready to sizzle like a street style star!

Mix Your Textures


(Photo Source:

If the New York Fashion Week street scene proved anything, it’s that there is no such thing as too many textures! Take the outfit above as a prime example: glitter, cotton and fur make one heck of a statement!

The look is polished off perfectly with the addition of a silk scarf.

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The artistic print silk scarf is so street style worthy!

Party In The Back


(Photo Source:

We often put so much focus on the front that we forget that the back can make a huge statement! Exhibit A: This lace-up wonder. The clash of shapes works so well and the simple palette means that those details really do the talking!

Floral Embellishments


(Photo Source:

Ditzy florals keep making an appearance season after season at New York Fashion Week and we couldn’t be happier! Add a little Spring into your look with cute, fine floral prints and lace details. However, add a thick, woolly, coat to ensure that you don’t freeze!

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If you’re still too cold, our tropical floral scarf is a fabulous way to add florals to your look and warm you up!

The Not-So-Mellow Yellow


(Photo Source:

Forget orange, mustard is the new black! This retro hue screams 70s harder than The Beatles themselves. Not one to be afraid of taking a risk, our fave fashion blogger, Margaret Zhang, went all-out in a head-to-toe mustard ensemble. This is literal evidence that she can make us want to buy anything.

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If head to toe mustard is waaaay too intimidating for you, ease yourself into the trend with mustard accessories. Our exotic silk scarf has pops of mustard and will uplift any ensemble.

Make A Statement In A White Bandana


(Photo Source:

The white bandana isn’t just a pretty accessory to throw on with every outfit, it also makes a strong, political statement. As a matter of fact, the white bandana represents equality, unity and an appreciation for all mankind.

After the Business of Fashion stepped in to give the bandanas a push, they were seen on show-goers and in collections a-like. The white bandana made it’s runway debut in both Tommy Hilfiger and Prabal Gurung’s collections.

To make yours Winter appropriate, style with a conglomeration of cozy textures, such as sheepskin and wool. We are literally obsessed with this cape above. Where can we get one?

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Our solid color scarf has the versatility of a white bandana, but is snug enough to get you through those cold, Winter days.

The Chic-Sporty


(Photo Source:

The clean sports luxe trend of the past season has been replaced with something far more raw and urban. Striped tracksuit bottoms and oversized hoodies have got us totally reminiscing about our childhoods.

This show-goer has added a polished twist to the look with a silk neck scarf and stunning handbag.

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Take your urban style to the next level by nonchalantly throwing on the artistic print silk scarf.

The New Suit


(Photo Source:

No longer is the suit just for the office. With the nifty addition of platform heels and a longline, faux-fur coat, this workplace staple is taken truly into retro territory.

Add red lips and hippy-style aviators to make a real style statement, as seen on this New York Fashion Week babe.

Contrasting Colors


(Photo Source:

Layering coats is a great way to keep warm. However, layering two contrasting colors is an incredible way to look on-trend. When layering coats, choose a coat with a warm collar to layer underneath, wear won closed and let that collar pop!

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A scarf in a contrasting color is another great way to nail this look! Our solid color scarf comes in 19 colors, so there’s one for every outfit!

Which of these street style looks is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below…


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Parisian Style: Decoded

When it comes to style, Parisian ladies have that certain je ne c’est qais. There is something so effortless, yet polished about Parisian style, that it can be hard to put your finger on exactly what makes it so divine.

But as Innes de la Frassange famously said: ‘You don’t need to be born in Paris to have Parisian style’.

“So how exactly do I inherit this chic Parisian nonchalance?” I hear you ask. ‘Is Parisian style something you can actually obtain?’

With Paris Fashion Week just around the corner, we decode Parisian style into a set of simple rules, with stunning examples from the streets of Paris.

1. Breton Stripes


(Photo Source:

Stripes may be just about as typical as riding a bicycle carrying a baguette, but there is a reason that they are so iconic to Parisian style. The French, as a matter of fact, have been rocking the Breton top since 1858!

Originally, the Breton striped top was invented as a uniform for the French navy seamen. Each one of the twenty-one stripes represented one of Napoleon’s victories! And you say we don’t teach you anything…

Fast forward a Century and a half and Breton stripes are still an integral ingredient of French style. The Parisian fashionista likes to style hers up in a quirky way, pairing it with a full skirt or relaxed pants.


2. The Silk Scarf

There’s something so opulently ooh-la-la about a silk scarf, so it’s no wonder it’s a staple in the Parisian ladies’ closet. Thrown effortlessly around the neck, or tied to a nautical knot, a colorful silk scarf is often the only accessory she will wear.

Take on the less-is-more attitude and pair a simple two-piece ensemble with a statement silk scarf. Who knows? Maybe even Karl Lagerfeld will invite you to one of his shows!

Our Favorite Parisian Scarf Looks


(Photo Source:

If this isn’t evidence that ‘less is more’, I don’t know what is! A simple striped shirt is cinched in with a black belt and paired with a matching bag. What makes the look inevitably chic is the bandana scarf, which has been rolled up and worn tight to look like a choker. Wear your scarf tight and layer with a ditsy necklace to make a subtle statement.

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Pair your trusty denim jeans with our floral paisley silk scarf.



(Photo Source:

Now that’s a statement! Giant bell sleeves in a chunky knit fabric makes for a quirky silhouette. That deep rounded v neck is literally made for a statement scarf. The punchy, colorful pattern really pops.

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Plain, dark colors will be instantly uplifted by the artistic print silk scarf.


(Photo Source:

When rocking another statement accessory, such as these drop earrings, opt for a more subtle scarf. This rust-brown number matches the leather bag to absolute perfection. Also, note the sleeve roll: Parisian style is about the little quirks!

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For a more casual vibe, dress it down with a neutral, wool scarf, such as the abstract floral scarf.


(Photo Source:

It doesn’t get more chic than this! Those rough hem jeans grunge up the strappy, black heels to absolute perfection. The French are known for rocking a trench coat and this babe is doing it like a total boss! A bohemian print scarf and a statement Fendi Monster pom take something classic and place it firmly in 2017 territory.

Get The Look

Paisleys are always in! The floral paisley scarf will look fantastic with denim.

3. Neutral Territory


(Photo Source:

The French are known for being masters of neutrals! Keep it chic and understated in monochromatic nude or blush ensembles. This gives you the perfect excuse to play with textures too!

4. Borrow From The Boyfriend


(Photo Source:

Although the may favor a more understated palette, Parisian girls are known for taking a risk when it comes to shapes and cuts.

The two items a Parisian fashionista needs in her wardrobe: a boyfriend blazer and relaxed tailored pants. When choosing these items, opt for pieces that are flattering and have shape, but are still relaxed and nonchalant.

5. Juxtapose!


(Photo Source:

Whether it’s a full skirt and a boyfriend shirt, or full-length blazers with mini skirts, Parisian ladies are the masters of juxtaposition! To nail this, try pairing two random pieces from your wardrobe! However, don’t make it look too crazy! It needs to be effortless.

Finally, and most importantly, you need to be confident! So hold your head high, swipe on that red lippy and get ready to slay!

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