Secret Style Tricks That Bloggers Swear By

Ah… bloggers, they always look so effortlessly stylish… What’s their secret? Is it a stylist? A muse? Nope, these ladies are simply equipped with an endless amount of style tricks.

Today we share the secret style tricks that bloggers swear by…

The Trick: Go Naked Under A Pantsuit

The Blogger: Chiara Ferragni of ‘The Blonde Salad’

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Matching colored pant suits are in extreme danger of entered ‘eighties feminist’ territory.

Rather than tossing up between styling your pant suit with a white shirt, or a more casual top, take a note from Chiara’s book and wear absolutely nothing.

The jacket alone looks chic and modern, while flashing that extra bit of skin ensures it’s sexy as well as feminist.

She isn’t one of the top bloggers in the world for nothing…

The Trick: Tuck Your Scarf Into Your Sweater

The Blogger: Aimee Song at Song Of Style


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You know those windy days when your perfectly wrapped scarf just unravels and sticks to your lipgloss? Super blogger Aimee Song has the creme de la creme of all style tips that we’ve all been waiting for!

Simply tuck the ends of your scarf into your sweater. As well as keeping it looking neat, this also gives printed scarves a dressier appeal too.

Genius. How have we never ever considered this?

Get The Look

Get Aimee’s look with a cute red, printed scarf. Our floral paisley silk scarf and exotic print scarf will jazz up a plain sweater or tee to perfection.

The Trick: On Tuck In 1/4 Of Your Shirt

The Blogger: Carmen Hamilton at Chronicles Of Her

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Anyone who was a prefect, head girl, or general. goody two shoes at school will have fallen into the trap of tucking their shirt in flawlessly. The problem? Whether you’re 18 or 50, you’re still gonna look like that wannabe prefect.

Modern shirting is all about being casual and effortless. Carmen Hamilton tucks in just a quarter of her shirt to keep her look on the casual side of the spectrum.

Want to look slightly dressier? Half tuck in your shirt!

The Rule: Layer a Bow Tie Top Under An Off-Shoulder Piece

The Blogger: Leonie Hanne of ‘Ohh Couture’


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We love the off-shoulder trend as much as the next fashion obsessive, but it’s always great to change up your pieces for maximum wear.

Rather than letting her shoulders do the talking, Leonie Hanne has used the off-shoulder shape for print clashing perfection.

The addition of a printed puss bow blouse is just genius! It’s feminine, romantic and a fantastic way to make off-shoulder dresses appropriate for the office!

Get The Look

With Summer just around the corner, the last thing we want to do is cloak our skin in multiple layers. A fantastic alternative to this style tip is to tie a scarf in a bow and wear with your off shoulder dress.

Our geometric print scarf has the same stunning retro vibes as Leonie’s. Team with a pin striped dress for a fail-safe print clash.

The Trick: Layer A Long Top Over A Pencil Skirt

The Blogger: Sara Donaldson at ‘Harper & Harley’


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Over and over again, we’ve been told that the best way to rock a pencil skirt is to tuck in a top! However, this stunning look from Aussie blogger Sara Donaldson has totally changed our perspective.

The fashionista stunningly paired a very long-off shoulder top with her fitted pencil skirt. The slits make it anything but drowning, whilst the heels add length and glamor.

The Trick: Layer A Bikini Top Under Overalls

The Blogger: Natalie Suarez at ‘Natalie Off Duty’


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Overalls can be ridiculously tricky to style. Luckily, Natalie Off Duty has given us the perfect solution: a swimsuit.

Layering your cute bikini or swimsuit under your overalls gives off an effortless tropical vibe. Plus, you totally don’t need to change when you hit the pool later! This has to be one of our fave style tricks!

Loving these blogger style tips? See our top movie and TV style icons for even more inspo!

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5 Supermodel Style Secrets You NEED To Know

Supermodel style: the thing we think of when falling asleep at night…

Ever dreamed of looking as effortlessly stunning as Gigi Hadid, or perhaps you spend hours at the gym in hope of Elle McPherson’s bod?

Rather than spending hours working out and torturing yourself through the latest diet fads (erm maple syrup diet, no thanks!), there’s a far easier way to channel a supermodel: through your style.

Today, we are sharing the style secrets that the supermodels have tried to keep hush hush.

Although we can’t promise that you’ll be street style snapped by Tommy Tom, or spend your spare time sipping lattes with Michael Kors, we can promise that you will look hot!

Like hotter than a car on fire in the Sahara desert hot.

Oh… I’m waffling? Sorry! Here’s 5 supermodel style secrets you need to know…

1. Use Tactical Layering To Elongate Your Legs


Although Karlie Kloss’s legs may be approximately as long as the River Nile, her layering techniques have enhanced them even more.

To create the illusion of longer legs, simply play with lengths in your various layers. Karlie has made her torso look shorter by layering a button up shirt under a crop jumper. Because of the length and fit of the jumper, her defined waistline has been risen. The tactically worn trench then blends it all together seamless.

Supermodel style tip: Wear your trench open to create the illusion of even longer legs.

2. Vertical Stripes Are Your New BFF


(Photo Source:

All-over striped pieces can seem a little daunting for us. However, this supermodel style tip is the definition of flattering! Simply wear vertical stripes to either add curves or make a body part appear slimmer.

Rosie’s statement striped pants are made to add definition to long, slim legs. On the other hand, if you want your pins to appear a whole dress size slimmer, opt for very fine vertical stripes, such as pin stripes.

Vice versa, if you would like your bust to appear larger, opt for thicker horizontal stripes up top.

3. Jazz Up A Boring Top With A Statement Scarf


(Photo Source:

There’s nothing worse than feeling like all of your tops are about as exciting as the inside of an empty paint can. Rather than throwing a cardboard box over your head and declaring ‘I won’t leave the house’, simply layer on a printed statement scarf a la Bella Hadid.

The bigger the better is the rule with this one! We recommend a wool scarf to cover up the majority of that plain Jane top.

Here are some scarves that we could imagine Bella #slaying in!

Left to right: Floral paisley scarf, pure wool animal print scarf, tropical floral scarf

4. Define With A Tie Belt


(Photo Source:

Cinching your waist in with a belt isn’t exactly breaking news. As a matter of fact, I could cringe at the huge, chunky, plastic waist belts that were in style circa 2006.

Luckily, the tie belt is a more refined and classy way to define that waist. Add it to a flared jumpsuit, oversized dress, or shirt dress for a little bit of boho chic and a tinier waist. Lily Aldridge’s halter jumpsuit ensemble really shows off her slender waist and shoulders.

5. Treat Stripes As A Neutral


(Photo Source:

Ever wondered how supermodels tend to find print clashing as effortless as, well, breathing?! They are not simply sartorially blessed, they just treat monochrome stripes as they would any other color.

Repeat after me: stripes are a neutral.

Just like their neutral cousins, striped prints can be easily clashed with other prints, such as florals, leopard and paisley.

If you are feeling a bit shy about clashing prints with stripes, start out small and opt for a printed scarf. Go for the Spring roses wool scarf for a look that Claudia Schiffer would truly approve of!


And the final rule for pulling off that supermodel style is…


(Photo Source:

Repeat this like a mantra and you’ll be ready for the paparazzi!

Want more model tips? Here’s how to look like a Victoria’s Secret Model.

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