How To Style A Scarf For Your Body Shape

Do you know how to style a scarf for your body shape?

Is that even a thing?

Yep: it actually is!

Nope, I’m not crazy!

Whether you are a perfect pair or beautiful and boyish, when you know how to style a scarf for your body shape, this accessory will be your new BFF.

Today we teach you how to style a scarf for your body type.

What’s My Body Shape?

So you’re probably thinking: ‘what exactly is my body shape?’ Although women come in a stunning array of shapes and sizes, your body type all comes down to your proportions.

Scientists and stylists alike have pin-pointed four main female shapes with certain body proportions. These body shapes are apple, pear, hourglass and rectangle.

Am I A Pear Body Shape?


Queen Bey: The queen of the pear shapes

(Photo Source:

You ladies are all about that bass! The pear body shape is characterized by a larger bottom half and smaller top half. Pear shaped beauties often have larger hips and thighs, a slim waist, a smaller bust and small shoulders.

Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Am I a smaller size in tops than I am in skirts and trousers?
  • Do I tend to carry my weight around my butt and thighs?
  • Do I have a slim waist?
  • Do I have a large hips to waist ratio?

If the answer to most of these questions is yes, you are a pear shape.

Am I An Apple Body Shape?


Va-Va-Voom! Kate Upton rocks her apple shape.

(Photo source:

Much unlike the bootylicious pear shape, the apple shape honey has tatas for days! The apple body shape is typically larger on the waist and bust with slimmer hips and legs.

You know the drill…..

  • Am I a larger size in tops than I am in skirts and trousers?
  • Do I tend to carry my weight around my middle.
  • Is my tummy larger than my hips?

Yes? You are an amiable apple.

Am I An Hour Glass Body Shape?


LOS ANGELES, CA - SEPTEMBER 22: Sofia Vergara poses at the 65th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards at Nokia Theatre L.A. Live on September 22, 2013 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Steve Granitz/WireImage)
Sophia Vergara is the epitome of the hour glass hottie! (Photo by Steve Granitz/WireImage)

Marilyn Monroe: eat your heart out! The hot hourglass shape has a large bust and hips and a slim waist.

Ask yourself:

  • Do I wear the same size in tops, bottoms and dresses?
  • Is my waist my slimmest part?

If so, you have an hour glass figure: lucky girl.

Am I An Rectangle Body Shape?


(Photo source:

A rectangle body shape is defined by equal proportions on the bust, waist, hips and legs. This ‘straight up and down figure’ is often sported by models and athletes.

Ask yourself:

  • Is my body straight?
  • Are my waist, hips and bust the same size?
  • Do I gain weight equally around my body?

Bingo! You are a rectangle shape.

How To Style A Scarf For Your Body Shape

When it comes to learning to style a scarf for your body shape, your aim is to balance out your proportions to look more like the hour glass shape.

Scarves are a fantastic accessory to add volume on specific body parts. Alternatively, slim scarves can be used to cinch the waist in or draw attention to certain areas.

Read on to learn how to style a scarf for your body shape…

How To Style A Scarf For Your Body Shape: Pear Shape

Pear shape ladies can utilize scarves to draw attention to that gorgeous waist.


(Photo source:

Make the most of that teeny tiny waist and style a scarf as a crop top! Tie as a statement bow or drape around the bust to add volume to this area.

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Floral paisley scarf, paisley wool scarf


(Photo source:

Alternatively, highlight your waist by cinching it in with a scarf. A solid color dress can be broken up with a patterned scarf to draw the eye to your slimmest part.

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Artistic print silk scarf


(Photo source:

Add volume to your upper half with a statement blazer. Wear open with a printed silk scarf.

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Exotic silk scarf

How To Style A Scarf For Your Shape: Apple Shape

Apple shape beauties should avoid wearing bulky scarves around the neck as this will make you look more top heavy. Instead, get creative and use your scarves as belt and bag ties!


Tie a printed scarf on your jeans loop to draw attention to your lean legs. The scarf fabric will add volume and balance out your proportions too.

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Multicolor abstract print scarf


(Photo source:

Pop a silk scarf on your bag and carry below the hip to add volume.

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Paisley silk scarf

How To Style A Scarf For Your Body Shape: Hour Glass Shape

When it comes to hour glass shapes, make sure your scarf doesn’t connect your waist to your bust or hips. Doing so will make you appear larger.


(Photo source:

Tie a shorter scarf around your neck and let the length flow down your back.

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Solid color scarf


(Photo Source:

Wear your scarves short and tight to show off what your mumma gave ya!

How To Style A Scarf For Your Body Shape: Rectangle Shape

Rectangle shapes: I have good news for you! No matter how you wear your scarf, you will still look great! Scarves will add volume to your figure and create the illusion of a fuller bust or hips.


(Photo source:

Wear your scarf open and flowing for an instant boob job.

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Floral paisley scarf


(Photo source:

A belted scarf will give you the illusion of hour glass curves.

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Paisley wool scarf

Now that you know how to rock a scarf for your body type, why not check out our range of printed scarves?


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How To Choose The Right Color For Your Skin Tone

Ladies: There is indeed the right color for your skin tone. Don’t believe me? Watch and learn…

Ever thrown on a piece of clothing and thought ‘this just isn’t my color’; you’re not alone. For generations, women have been baffled by what colors  suit them. Many of us are all too quick to blame the other factors when we dislike a piece of clothing, whether it be the fit, the cut or the fabric. Although all of these factors inevitably add up, choosing a color that clashes with your skin tone is one of the most common mistakes that you can make.

So how exactly do you choose the right color for your skin tone? Today we decipher the color spectrum and bring you our favorite printed scarves that will suit your skin tone…

How To Determine If You Have A Warm or Cool Skin Tone


(Photo Source:

There is a never ending spectrum of skin tones, from alabaster white to stunning ebony. But although skin tones vary greatly, it is in fact the undertones of your skin that determine what colors will suit you.

There are several ways to determine your skin tone, the easiest, and perhaps quickest way is to look at the veins on the back of your hand. If your veins appear blue, you have a cool skin tone. If your veins appear green, you have a warm skin tone.

A more accurate way to determine your skin tone is to literally look at the undertones in your face. Hold up a piece of paper to your face, if your skin appears yellow, green or light brown, you have a warm skin tone. On the other hand, if you notice pink or blue undertones, you have a cool skin tone. Neutral skin tones will appear gray or ash.

Once you have a basic idea of your skin tone, it’s important to do a few more tests to ensure you have the right result. Hold up a bright yellow piece of fabric to your skin, if it appears glowing, your skin is likely to have warm undertones. Cool tones will have a similar glowing effect when next to blue fabric.


(Photo Source:

Testing out various foundations is also a great way to determine skin tones. Many brands have specific colors for warm, cool and neutral toned skin. Get to your local makeup counter and have a play!

Colors For Warm Skin Tones

You may be surprised to hear that warm skin tones can rock a range of both warm and cool colors. Not sure what to go for? Here are the colors that you can rock!!

Warm Colors

Actress Sofia Vergara arrives to the 63rd Primetime Emmy Awards at the Nokia Theatre L.A. Live on September 18, 2011 in Los Angeles, United States. 63rd Primetime Emmy Awards - Arrivals Nokia Theatre L.A. Live Los Angeles, CA United States September 18, 2011 Photo by Jeff Vespa/ To license this image (125597075), contact

(Photo Source:

Honey, coral, orange, amber and red will look incredible with your sizzling warm skin.

Your Perfect Scarf

A scarf literally frames your face, so embrace your warm skin with one of these stunning bohemian printed scarves.

Tropical floral scarf, solid color scarf

Cool Colors


(Photo Source:

Opt for cool tones that are on the warmer side of the scale, such as olive, moss green, deeper turquoise, magenta and orchid.

Your Perfect Scarf

Contrast a warm-toned outfit with one of these uber flattering cool toned scarves.

Multicolor abstract print scarf, striped print scarf

Neutral Colors


(Photo Source:

Go for neutral colors that lean towards the warmer side of the color scheme, such as chocolate, taupe, wheat and latte. Opt for cream rather than white.

Your Perfect Scarf

Tone down a printed outfit with our solid color scarf or add a talking point to your plain look with the geometric print scarf.

Colors For Cool Skin Tones

Whether your fair and freckly or have raven skin with blue undertones, here are the colors that will look incredible on you…

Cool Colors


(Photo Source:

It doesn’t take a genius to know that all shades of blue will look incredible on you! Lilac, emerald and deep purples will also look great on you. Bring on the jewel tones!

Your Perfect Scarf

Blue and white are both made for you, so wear them both with pride with our exotic silk scarf. Or bring out your sweet side with the floral paisley scarf.

Warm Colors


(Photo Source:

Avoid yellow and orange like the plague, as they tend to wash out cool skin tones. However, ruby, dusky pink bright rose and cerise will look incredible on you! Hot pink is certainly the right color for your skin tone.

Your Perfect Scarf

The artistic print scarf and the exotic silk scarf is all of your ideal colors mixed together.

Neutral Colors


(Photo Source:

Keep it cool in gray, navy and white.

Your Perfect Scarf

Mixed print scarf

Colors For Neutral Skin Tones

(Photo Source:

Neutral toned ladies, you can rock more colors than your cool and warm toned counterparts! Despite this, some colors still look better on you! The right color for your skin tone is just around the corner…

Neutral tones near the middle of the spectrum were made for you, such as blush, jade and cameo green. When choosing vibrant colors, such as red, opt for the more muted variation.

Your Perfect Scarf

Go dark in moody in our solid color scarf, or lighten it up in our tropical print scarf.

Now that you’ve found the right color for your skin tone, it’s time to rock it!




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A Fashion Guide To Print Clashing

As fashions on-going obsession with everything norm-core starts to die down a little, I let out a silent ‘hallelujah!’ Although monochrome and lack of prints are inevitably stylish and chic, is it just me, or do they take a little bit of fun out of fashion?

Luckily for me, and all the other walking rainbows in the world, prints, color and everything sunshine-filled is back with a vengeance! From flirty florals, to perfect paisleys, fashions current love affair with the Seventies makes boring style totally inexcusable!

One of the more boisterous trends is pattern clashing. Done right, it can make you look like you’ve stepped out of Vogue itself. Done wrong, well… you might as well have a name tag saying ‘granny’s curtains and carpet.’ Luckily, we are all about those vibrant, boho prints here at Banarsi designs and we’re here to help! So sit back, relax and get ready to learn the A to Z of print clashing…

Florals & Stripes


(Photo Source:

Don’t know the first thing about print mixing? Florals and stripes are the perfect stepping stone for this trend. If your stripes are monochrome, treat this as you would a solid black and white piece. In short, you can mix any floral print with stripes if you rock it with confidence! Word of warning: stick with one striped piece and one floral piece and pare back with solid color pieces.

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If you’re shy about print mixing, a really easy way to rock this trend is to simply accessorize a striped top or dress with a floral scarf. If you’re stripes are monochrome, make the print the statement and opt for the tropical floral scarf.



(Photo Source:

If your striped piece is colored, ensure you stick within the same color palette to avoid unsightly clashes. This Dolce and Gabbana look (above) is a prime example.

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Keep your florals simple and opt for a clean, rose print, such as the one on our Spring roses wool scarf.

Animal Print on Animal Print


(Photo Source:

This pattern clash is Olivia Palermo approved! The key to this one is the overused cliche ‘less is more’. Choose one larger animal print and one smaller animal print and ensure that one item is a key piece in the look (pants, top, skirt). For your second piece, ensure that it is more minimal (handbag, shoes, scarf). Bring them together by wearing solid pieces in colors that are present in both prints. Now that’s fierce!

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This black and white mixed print scarf is a fail-safe option!

Muted 70s Tones


(Photo Source:

If you’re into this seasons bohemian trends, it’s time to mix and match! Boho prints such as ditsy florals, paisleys and folk prints are super easy to clash. After all, the wanderlust-filled, random vibe is all part of the trend! But before you go ahead and clash away, there are a few rules that come into play. Firstly, it’s important to stick to a palette that is mainly black or neutral, such as browns, beiges, creams and greys. Secondly, ensure that you are clashing one small print and one large print.

This trend is one that can be easily molded to different body shapes too. Wear the smaller print on an area you would like to make appear smaller and the larger print on an area that you would like to make appear larger. For example, if you are a pear shape (larger hips, smaller bust) balance out your shape by wearing a large print floral top with ditsy paisley print trousers or culottes.

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The neutral tones in this floral paisley silk scarf make it super easy to clash with other boho pieces.


(Photo Source:

If you’re feeling brave, funk up a brown-toned boho print dress with prints with pops of color. Throw in embellishments too for a real gypsy vibe.

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The exotic silk scarf is perfect for adding color to your boho look.




(Photo Source:

Pretty pop art prints and punchy geometrics are made for clashing! This is one pattern that you can clash two prints of the same size. However, if you choose to do this, it’s important to stick within a set color palette.

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This geometric print scarf is perfect to add a punch to a clashing geometric look.


Animal & Floral


(Photo Source:

It doesn’t get much more Summery than leopard print and florals! The key here is to choose a tone that appears in your leopard print and bring it out through your floral print. Black and brown leopard prints can easily be mixed with any florals that contain these tones! As always, ensure that you are mixing one large print and one small print.

Get The Look

This pure wool animal print scarf would be amazing with a smaller animal print or mixed with florals.

Which combination is your favorite? Let me know in the comments below…


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5 Quirky Ways To Rock A Boho Scarf

It’s official: boho is here to stay. With the curtain closed on Paris Fashion Week, the fashion forecast is still looking a whole lot hippy for the Spring/Summer 2016 collections. From Mary Katrantzou’s clashing florals, to Anna Sui’s vibrant tropicana, the New York, London, Paris and Milan fashion weeks presented an ode to the 70s.

(Photo source:

Luckily, you don’t need the budget of A-lister to totally rock the boho look. By investing in a stunning printed scarf for just $18, you can give your wardrobe an instant bohemian makeover.

And if you thought that a scarf could only be worn one way, you better think again! Gone are the days where you simply wear a scarf around your neck, this season the fash-pack are wearing this accessory the quirky way.

Here are 5 out-of-the-box ways to rock your boho scarf….

The Wrap Top


(Photo Credit:

Bohemian printed scarves are all about the prints… ethnic? Paisley? You got it! Make the show-stopping print the true focal print of your look by transforming your scarf into a trendy, halter, wrap top.

You will need…. A long-line scarf such as this beautiful multicolored abstract print scarf.

‘How?’, I hear you ask. Well, it’s super simple! Firstly, wrap your scarf around your neck and pull so it sits snugly around the neck. Ensure there is an equal amount of fabric handing down on each side and cross over these two pieces of fabric. Then simply wrap the two pieces around your back and tie or secure with a cute scarf pin. Alternatively,   Tuck the two pieces into a pair of high waist trousers, shorts or a skirt.

Voila! A brand new on-trend top…and you didn’t even have to open you’re wallet!

The Half-Throw


(Photo Credit:

This oh-so-effortless look will unleash your inner street style star.  Simply throw a wide scarf, such as this abstract floral wool scarf, nonchalantly over one shoulder and belt. Try teaming a vibrant patterned scarf with a plain coloured tee to give it an instant boho vibe. Feeling brave? Pair your scarf with a contrasting coloured top for a super striking look.

The Belted Top


(Photo Source:

If this look is good enough for Olivia Palermo, we’ll take it! The street style pages of fashion magazines have seen a sudden influx of printed scarves tucked into belts and we are hooked on this simple, yet detailed look.

If you are on a budget, this floral wool scarf is a bargain doppelganger for Olivia’s piece.

Simply place your scarf around your neck and belt it at the waist. Extra boho style points for styling your printed scarf with an ethereal lace or crochet piece.

LONDON, ENGLAND - FEBRUARY 17: Model Cara Delevingne walks the runway at the Burberry Prorsum show during the London Fashion Week Autumn / Winter 2014 on February 17, 2014 in London, England. (Photo by Lucie Desmond/isifa/Getty Images)

(Photo Source:

For a boho look that blends your scarf seamlessly into your look, as seen at Burberry, opt for a soft-printed pastel piece, such as this Multicolored Abstract Print Scarf.

The Coverup


(Photo Credit:

Ok… so this one might be better off left to the Southern Hemisphere-rs, who are entering summer. Or perhaps you are a Northern Hemispher-er jetting off to warmer climates? Either way, save closet and suitcase space by using your printed scarf as a beach cover up. We love this Spring Rose Scarf over a plain swimsuit.

Wear it thrown over the shoulders to protect against UV rays and sunburn, whilst still looking fashion-forward. Alternatively, tie around the hips to add an instant quirk to your favorite bikini. Who needs a sarong?

Keep your scarf in the beach bag for when the sun goes down. After all, it will help you beat the chill factor at that evening beach barbecue.

The Strapless Top


A luxurious, silky top made from a scarf? Yes please?

To rock a boho-print silk top, take a silk scarf, such as the Exotic Silk Scarf, and unfold it so that it is a single piece of fabric. Then take a tight-fitting, stretch bandeau top and tuck the top of the scarf into the bandeau top all the way around. Yes: it’s really that easy!

If you don’t own a bandeau top, have no fear! Simply tie in a knot at the back for a backless design.


(Photo Source:

Alternatively, you can take a pointed scarf, such as the solid colour scarf and transform it into a cute bandanna style top. Simply fold the scarf in half into a large triangle, wrap around your bust and tie at the back! Now you can rock the crop top trend and 70s trend all in one!

So no matter what scarf you choose, silky or wool, think outside the box when it comes to styling. After all, the original hippies were never shy when it came to style!

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Celebrity Scarf Style

We get most of our style ideas from celebrities and with fall a couple weeks ago, it’s time we start looking to them to get some great ideas for how to wear our scarves. Take a look at some of our favorite scarf trends this season.

Miranda Kerr

Black may be sleek. And it may also be the most popular color when it comes to winter apparel. But sometimes you just want to add a little spice to that chic ensemble without disturbing its effortlessly fashionable appeal. How do you do that? Take a page out of Miranda Kerr’s book and add a little texture with a scarf.   Just make sure it does also add a lot of bulk.

Miranda Kerr

photo credit: Who What Wear

Ashley Olsen

If you tend to gravitate towards a layered look that has a lot going on while still looking put together, Ashley Olsen may be the fashion icon to follow. While the Olson twins are known for wearing many, many accessories and being the only ones able to pull it off (seriously, how do they do that?!), an oversized scarf is an accessory we can all use to achieve that layer upon layer style.

Ashley Olsen

photo credit: Who What Wear

Keri Russell

Busy mom Keri Russell knows the easiest way to quickly jazz up a t-shirt, coat, and jeans is to add a printed scarf. Using a subtle print will be your best bet. Anything too fancy or busy may seem out of place when paired with casual pieces.

Keri Russel

photo credit: Who What Wear

Lea Michelle

Ever have one of those days where you just can’t seem to get your scarf to tie or lay the way you want? An infinity scarf is a simple solution celebs like Lea Michelle have used. Simply slip this scarf over your head and be on your way.

Lea Michelle

photo credit: Who What Wear

Zoe Saldana

If you don’t happen to have an infinity scarf in your wardrobe but love the elegant touch, you can always get the look and convenience without spending the extra money. Simply knot a scarf made of lightweight material ahead of time. The next time you’re looking to add a little extra class to your outfit, you’ll have a quick, easy solution ready in your closet. This stylish and sophisticated mixed print scarf is a perfect example to pull off a look like Zoe.  Mixed Print Scarf

Zoe Saldana

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