5 Harvest-Themed Thanksgiving Tables

With our children’s Halloween costumes once again thrown into the depths of our attics, our attention has turned to the next national Holiday: Thanksgiving. Although that perfectly cooked turkey and Mum’s famous pumpkin pie may be at the top of your priority list, why not create a warm atmosphere with a food-themed table center?

After all, the true meaning of this holiday is to be thankful for the harvest, so why not put that idea literally to the center of your Thanksgiving table? And with Autumnal berry tones and seasonal vegetables, bringing the true meaning of Thanksgiving to your table is both stylish and easy.

Luscious Berries

(Photo Source: jennaburger.com)

Great for adding a little warmth to the late November chill, this Autumn berry themed table center consists of a garnet and deep orange palette.

Begin by highlighting the center of your table with a deep red table runner. The Hand Embroidered Table runner in Scarlett red will highlight both the red and orange tones of the berries.


Now it’s time to add your harvest-inspired decor! If you are lucky enough to get hold of real berries: go for it! After all, they only have to last you the one day! Put your bunches of berries in metal vases of random shapes and sizes and scatter along your table runner. Dot candles in between for that warm glow.

For plates, use a combination of metal and orange to blend beautifully with your table center. For that extra wow factor, layer red serviettes in between the layers of plates. Alternatively, you can add an equally beautiful pop of red with these Embroidered Leaf Placemats.

Pumpkin Party

(Photo Source: imovepm.com)

Pumpkins aren’t just for Halloween! Bring this bountiful Fall-time favorite to the center of your table this Thanksgiving!

This look is all about the harvest platter, so keep your table runner neutral. The Sari Print Table Runner in silver features subtle hints of burgundy flora, which would compliment your center piece beautifully.


To create your bountiful center, take a wooden crate or planter. Create a base layer of leaves, bunches of berries and various Fall flora. Then add the stars of the show: the pumpkins! Opt for a random selection of sizes and colors and spread them equally throughout your planter. Dot cream-hued candles in-between for a beautiful shrine to the Autumnal Harvest.

I hope you like pumpkin soup: you can totally eat these after Thanksgiving!

We love the leaf embellished fabric bunches on our inspo photo! Re-create it easily by scrunching up our Floral Placemats, adding some leaves and tying with raffia. Plus: you can re-use these placemats for their literal use at a later date too, your guests will be none the wiser!

Turkey Treat

(Photo Source: christinefife.com)

Why not stare at some cute little turkeys while your gobbling your dinner? If you enjoy arts and crafts, these little critters can be easily created using brown-toned felt, pom poms, googly eyes and pipe cleaners. Or you can take the easy option and search the one dollar store!

Prep your Thanksgiving table with a white table cloth, such as the Ornamental Embroidered table cloth in beige.


Embellish your table with brown-hued place mats. The two toned placemats will add a touch of sophistication to your cartoonish layout.

Add your turkeys and perhaps some faux pumpkins (all it takes is a pom pom) and get ready for a dinner party the kids will love!

A Faux Vegetable Platter

(Photo Source: chantiki.com)

If you would rather eat your veggies then stare at them, this faux-veggie platter is for you!

Begin with a beige hued table cloth and juxtapose your colors by adding an orange table runner. We recommend the Deluxe Floral table runner.


Take a platter plate and top with a plethora of faux pumpkins, squashes and orange candles. Sit the platter plate between two tall candles and feel the Thanksgiving glow!

Autumnal Apples

(Photo Source: laylagrace.com)

They say an apple a day keeps the doctor away, and this table runner featuring raised apples is sure to inject a fresh and healthy vibe into your Thanksgiving dinner.

For this sleek, wood-toned look, opt for a light beige-brown table runner, such as the Hawthorn Leaf Table Runner.


Embellish with darker brown-hued placemats. The Sari Border placemats in brown would work beautifully with the table runner.

Place a polished rectangle of wood in the center of your placemat. Then add your apples! If the kids are still hungry after the Thanksgiving feast, they can always munch on these!

Surround your wooden block with squashes pumpkins and all of the luscious Fall vegetables that we are truly thankful for!

So whether you opt for pumpkins or berries, make sure you inject some literal harvest foods into your Thanksgiving table center. It just may just remind one of your guests of the true meaning of Thanksgiving!

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