Trendy Dining Table Decor Ideas For Small Tables

Finding trendy dining table decor ideas can be a bit of a struggle, especially when you own a small kitchen table. Pinterest and home decor magazines are jam packed with inspiration from large tables. I hate to break it to you world, but not everyone owns a ten seat, ‘Mad Hatter’ style, dining set!

Got a small kitchen table? I feel you. As a relatively new first home owner, my partner and I eat our dinner on a second hand four seat. It isn’t exactly glam, it isn’t the trendiest thing in the world, but hey, it gets the job done!

It’s time to turn your small table into a hip dining destination! Using the cutest decor pieces, I have transformed my tiny table into six different on-trend table decor layouts.

Get your small table at the ready, it’s about to have a makeover!

The Trendy Boho

table decor idea boho on trend

Who doesn’t love marble and funky, tribal patterns? This table decor is so on-trend that it is almost a cliche!

The best thing about it, is that it can be edited to suit any home decor palette! Simply switch out the colorful table runner to one that compliments your abode.


The way that the red table runner pops from the predominately white accessories is so stunning! Succulents and small, marble shapes are a wonderful way to add detail to a small dining table without it looking swamped.

Keep your table decorations to a minimalist, bohemian theme to ensure it looks streamline. Think chunky shapes, cacti and geometric prints and you’re on the right track!


My puppy, Nala, loves her new ‘den’!


To add a further element of style and comfort, I dotted my seats with the stunning exotic oriental throw pillows. That’s one way to sort out uncomfortable chairs!

Products used: Damask style elegant table runner in red, exotic oriental pillow covers in coffee brown.

Rose Gold Accents


Rose gold is set to be a huge home decor trend for 2017! Combine rose gold accents with cottage-like neutrals and nature-inspired prints for something that feels immediately like home.

To make the place markers, I folded the floral paisley placemats into chic triangles, than dotted with marble coasters. Using fruit or faux fruit is a fabulous way to compliment the stunning embroidery.


If this table layout didn’t already make you feel fuzzy inside, I added some fairy lights in a jar. This accessory alone made my table a force to be reckoned with!


As well as being fantastic to drink, wine can also look really elegant in a fruit bowl. **Wink wink**

Products used: Jacquard floral table runner in gold, floral paisley placemats in beige

Welcome To Bollywood


Minimalists: overt your eyes! This one is for the color-lovers and the gypsy souls! Whether you dream of the exotic East, or even plan to throw a Bollywood-themed dinner party, this is for you!

Bollywood is an abundance of color, so don’t feel shy to clash to your hearts content! The slightly warm edge of this purple table runner works really wonderfully with the red place mats.


If this table had feelings, it would feel like a freaking Princess right now!

I added a chandelier style candle holder and crystal glasses for something really glam. Yes: those are statement necklaces hung on the candle holder! There are no rules and I think that jewelry really can be used as table decor.

Products used: Exotic oriental table runner in purple, hand embroidered placemat and runner set in red.



If this doesn’t make you want to eat healthily, I don’t know what will! Succulents make fantastic center pieces, so why not adorn your entire table runner with their green goodness?!


I used a variety of real and faux succulents here. I then used sweet potato runners to weave them together. The greenery really brings out the stunning khaki shades in the floral paisley place mats.


When going for a large amount of plants or table decor in your center, keep the rest of the table neutral and simple.

Products used: Hand embroidered table runner in beige, floral paisley placemats in beige

By The Seaside














Summer may still be a few months away, but that doesn’t mean seaside decor shouldn’t make an appearance! Pops of blue, natural materials and fun characters make this table decor a little bubble of happiness in your home.


In order for a look that combined authenticity and fun, I added terrariums dotted with shells and a wooden fish and boat.

Rather than using place mats, I used a piece of coral and a large shell to mark each table place.


Keep your table on the right side of tacky by opting for pale blue tones and neutrals. As fun as turquoise may seem, it may place your table decor in childish territory.

Product used: Chic jacquard table runner in sky blue

Which table layout is your fave?


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5 Spooky Halloween Table Layouts To try

It’s October, and although the stores may be starting to show signs of Christmas and Thanksgiving, we have our sights solely set on Halloween. Fun, theatrical and a total excuse to be a kid whether you’re 8 or 80, Halloween provides the perfect excuse for us to let our hair down! In between planning our outfits, and searching for fake blood, we have come across some incredible Halloween table layouts that are sure to give your home that spooky edge!

Whether you’re having an at-home Halloween party, or just want to embrace the fun spirit of the season, these spooky Halloween table layouts have got you covered!

For The Kids

childrens halloween table layouts with candy

(Photo Source:

Halloween is made for kids, but to ensure the poor little ones don’t get nightmares, child-appropriate Halloween table layouts are a must! Keep the blood and gore aside and instead opt for cute ghosts, cartoon monsters and the odd eye ball here and there.

This Halloween table layout is a great example! It’s fun, colorful and still incorporates the ghoulish element of Halloween, but keeps it G-rated. Recreate by giving your table a black base with a table cloth. We recommend our hand embroidered rectangular tablecloth.  Add a sheer, spider-web like table runner and add a vibrant, orange-hued backdrop. The little ghosts can be recreated with cotton wool or by covering a stool with a white sheet.

Add cartoon monster stickers to elements of the decor to keep it fun and vibrant. Monster-themed foods and sweet treats will be a hit with the little ones!

For The Faint Hearted

halloween table layout with cauldrons pumpkin balloons

(Photo Source:

If you want to keep your party spooky, but not too gorey, this orange and black Halloween table layout is for you! The food is still Halloween themed, yet isn’t as body-part orientated as many other table layouts.

Give your table a pumpkin-hued base with an orange table cloth. Add a striped black and white backdrop for something reminiscent of beetle juice. If your table doesn’t allow for a backdrop, opt for our monochrome two tone embroidered placements for the same vibe.

This table-scape is all about the serving presentation! Give black bowls eyes and legs and turn them into spiders, serve chilli or soup in mini cauldrons and scatter creepy crawlies around the table.

For The Family

orange and black halloween table layout with halloween tree

(Photo Source:

Fun and easy Halloween table layouts can be a hit with the whole family! This simple orange and black layout is cheap to re-create, yet is still striking and fun.

Begin by adding a black table cloth to your table. Next, add two orange table runners for a pop of pumpkin.   Recreate this Halloween ‘tree’ by placing several large twigs in a transparent vase. Hand skeletons and spiderwebs on the twigs and add some fake arachnids to make it look super creepy.

One of the best things about the above layout is the way that the food has been organized by colors. Make it as striking as possible by placing white and orange foods on the black part of the table and vice versa.

For The Adults


(Photo Source:

You’re never too old for Halloween, but perhaps some of the childlike Halloween table layouts don’t really float your boat? This vintage and gothic table layout is perfect for a classy murder mystery themed Halloween do, or just an adult get together.

To make it unexpectedly creepy, begin to decorate your table with an air of vintage romance. A clean, white tablecloth and tall candles give the air of an ancient mansion.

Cover your candlesticks in faux cobwebs, add wispery cotton candy to wine glasses and watch your adult-appropriate Hallloween night unfold.


For The Dare Devils

corpse halloween table layout

(Photo Source:

If you are not squeamish and your guests have a good sense of humor, this dead body food platter might make your Halloween party one to remember!

Splatter an old pair of jeans and a shirt with blood, then add takeaway containers filled with meat to create faux organs.

This one is a NO if you have children though, it’s just a little bit too scary!

Our Halloween Picks

We’ve got your Halloween table layouts covered, from pumpkin-hued runners, to gothic tablecloths, let us help you get that decor look you want.

Jacquard Floral Table Runner

Jacquard floral table runner


Modern squares table cloth

Rustic Orange

Hand painted deluxe floral table runner

Sophisticated two tone embroidered placemats


Floral paisley placemats



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15 Stylish Ways To Use A Table Runner

On first glance, table runners may seem to be limited to fancy dinner parties, dining table-scapes and the odd picnic, but do not be fooled! These items are absolute gold when it comes to decorating! What if I told you that there were five stunning ways to use table runners in your bedroom alone? Yep: you got it!

Whether you want to uplift your lounge room or add a colorful edge to your office, here’s 15 unique and stylish ways to use a table runner. So get those table runners out of your linen closet and have a go at recreating some of these!

In The Bedroom

A Boho Wall Hang


Who needs a fancy bed head when a table runner can create just as stunning an effect? To recreate this look, blue tack your table runner above the center of your bed, securing with blue tack all the way down.

For my room, I used the exotic oriental table runner in purple and complimented with hand embroidered pillow covers in black and gold.

A Runner For Your Vanity


A retro-print table runner will finish off your vanity to perfection! Plus: if you spill makeup, you can wash it and not sacrifice ruining your wooden furniture.

I gave my dresser a shabby-chic edge with the jacquard paisley table runner in purple.

A Bed Footer


You know the ugly part where your mattress meets your bed stand? Hide it with a table runner. Simply tuck in the top edge of the runner under your mattress for a regal look.

This exotic oriental table runner gives your bed that luxury edge.

A Bed Runner


A table runner is a cheaper alternative to a defined bed runner and looks almost identical.

I clashed this mandala print table runner with my mandala print bedding for a look that’s oh-so-boho. The hand embroidered pillow covers in black and gold adds some extra boho luxe.

In The Living Room

A Statement Throw


Break up a long or square sofa with a printed table runner. Compliment plain sofas with vibrant patterns, or tone down an overly-brash sofa with a solid-colored runner.

Keeping in line with the beach theme of my living room, I lifted my knit-grey sofa base with the suitably oceanic chic jacquard table runner. I injected a bit more tropicana with a stunning pair of floral embroidered pillow covers.

Ocean Blue

A Messy Shelf Hideaway


We all have that shelf in our home that is choc-o-block full of absolute random junk. If it’s things you really do need, you can hide it away from eager eyes with the simple addition of a table runner.

The chic jacquard table runner hides mine and my partners mess to a tee!

A Sofa Topper


If you want to add a simple embellishment to your sofa, add your runner to the very top!

I kept things simple and creamy with the hand embroidered table runner and made things a bit more boho with a jacquard damask pillow and a jacquard paisley pillow cover.


A Furniture Makeover


This old set of drawers NEEDS to go! But until we can afford a stunning TV unit, this chic jacquard table runner makes it look far more presentable!

A Rug


Me and my partner are not exactly electricians, hence the huuuuge, whopping, argghhh-look-at-it power cord running all the way down the room. What cord, I hear you ask? Well, this one has being chic-ly masked by the jacquard floral table runner. Yep: they make great rugs too!

A Breezy Window Blocker


Long, tall windows are about as 80s as Tina Turner’s hair. Give them an oomph by hanging a table runner over them. Extra points if your runner is an exact fit to your table!

The hand embroidered table runner lets the light through, whilst minimizing the chance of neighbors seeing me in my bloomers.


In The Kitchen


Our kitchen table isn’t exactly as hot as Channing Tatum. But with the simple addition of the deluxe floral table runner, it’s a fair Zac Efron.

Rustic Orange

Everywhere Else

A Boho Nook


A chill out area next to an office may seem crazy to you, but I adore it! Create a simple, but stunning, boho hangout by attaching and draping runners from the ceiling or walls.

To create my nook, I draped the embroidered floral table runner across the corner and highlighted with the jacquard floral table runner. The exotic oriental pillow covers really complimented the burnished color scheme.

A Hallway Rug


Before the addition of this damask-style elegant table runner, my hallway was about as interesting as a broken kettle.

A Chair Topper


Believe me when I say that you do NOT want to see this chair sans runner. A printed runner and pair of printed cushions are a comfy way to upgrade your office chair!

This ugly duckling became a swan thanks to the floral embroidered table runner and exotic oriental pillows! Pssst- spot the cute tissue box cover!

Rustic Orange

A Beanbag Cover


It’s official: you can throw a table runner on any cosy area and make it instantly look chic! The jacquard floral runner makes this beanbag look expensive!

Time to get those runners out and let the fun begin!




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The Table Up-Cycle Hacks You NEED To Know

I’ve just bought my first house. Alongside learning how to install a washing machine and cooking anything except 2 minute noodles, I’ve discovered just how expensive furniture can be; especially tables. The idea of whacking out a grand for the newest wooden beauty, quite simply, terrifies me. Furthermore, I’m actually beginning to feel guilty about my parents’ table when I was growing up and how I plagued it with an abundance of glue, waterproof paints and other just general gunge. Luckily, a table up-cycle can look just as great as the real thing!

“Erm… what exactly is an up-cycle”, I hear you murmur. Well, my dear decorator, it refers to taking an old piece and giving a new lease 0f life through DIY. Today, we shown you the table up-cycle hacks that will make it look like you actually forked out an arm and a leg on your new table!

1. The Rustic

DIY rustic wood

(Photo Source:

Picked up an old table, or just have one that looks a little worse for wear? Make it even more worn and create that stunning, rustic, country look!

You Will Need

  • A table (no kidding!)
  • Paints in white (Semi-gloss paint), gray and turquoise (or in whichever color you wish your table to be)
  • Paintbrushes
  • Sanding kit (either hand or electric)
  • Wood stain
  • An old cloth/rag

How To Up-cycle

  1. Dry brush on the paint randomly.
  2. Leave to dry overnight.
  3. Sand it down.
  4. Apply stain with a rag.

Pssstt! My steps may result in a big, fat, paint-y mess, so I highly recommend checking out this weathered wood tutorial.

2. The Quick & Colorful Fix

embroidered table cloth

If you want a new table NOW, it’s totally do-able! All it takes is a beautiful tablecloth! Plus: It adds a pop of color to your room. Bye bye gross old wood!

You Will Need

  • A Table.
  • A table cloth. Not sure what to go for? Here’s my guide on the best table cloth for your color scheme:

For A Neutral Room

embroidered table cloth

Add some detail, whilst sticking to your neutral palette with our ornamental embroidered table cloth in beige.

For Warm Toned Rooms

floral embroidered table cloth

The hand painted floral table cloth in rustic orange is warm and beautiful, without off-balancing the warm tones in the room.

For Cool Toned Rooms

blue embroidered table cloth

As Summer is here, a bright and breezy table cloth is a must! The hand embroidered rectangular table cloth in ocean blue will have you dreaming of warm seas all year round!

How To Up-Cycle

  1. Add your table cloth.
  2. Stand back and admire. (Drooling optional)

3. Upholster It!

upholstered table

(Photo Source:

If you’re crafty with a needle and thread, why n0t choose a fabric you love, and use it to makeover your table?! This technique is best suited for smaller tables, such as coffee tables or bedside tables, although, it you’re a clean and tidy eater, it could work as a dining table too, if you left off the foam and buttons!

You Will Need

  • A table
  • Foam
  • A staple gun and staples
  • Fabric
  • Drill
  • Buttons

How To Up-cycle

This one is one for seasoned DIYers! It involves attaching foam, drilling button holes and a whole lot of stapling. Before I mess this up for you, I’ll send you then tutorial here. Good luck!

4. Mapped Out!

world map table

(Photo Source:

This map table is a total travelers dream! It’s actually really easy to achieve too! Not a fan of the map? You can use any printed paper/wrapping paper with this tutorial too!

You Will Need

  • A table
  • A map/illustration of your choice
  • Paint
  • Acrylic polish
  • A ruler
  • Paint brushes
  • PVA glue
  • Craft knife
  • Measuring tape

How To Up-cycle

  1. Paint the table your desired color of choice. For a professional finish, I recommend choosing a paint color that is the same as the background of your map.
  2. Measure the top of your table and cut your map to this size.
  3. Glue the map to the table using PVA glue. Use a ruler to ensure there are no bubbles or wrinkles.
  4. Paint two layers of acrylic varnish on the top, leaving to dry between layers.

If my steps are not as clear as glass, read the original tutorial here.

5. Cover That Spot!

Does your table have one nasty spot or scuff that needs to be hidden? Give it a new lease of life with a table runner or some decorated place mats.

If the worn area is in the center of the table. Layer on a luxurious table runner.

damask table runner

Damask style elegant table runner

Worn away near the edges? Add some embroidered place mats and everyone will be none-the-wiser.

Indian style place mats

Saree border placemats

You Will Need

  • A table
  • A table runner or placemats

How To Up-cycle

  1. Identify the marks on your table.
  2. Cover them up!

Happy table DIY-ing! And remember, glue can make a mess!!!

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Inspired By Bollywood

Although Hollywood inevitably gives us a plethora of inspiration when it comes to home decor, we are currently on the hunt for a more exotic source of inspiration.

Enter Bollywood: the center of India’s buzzing cinematic scene! A conglomeration of uplifting song and dance, vibrant costumes and, of course, lavish sets!

So if your looking to uplift your homes atmosphere and add a bit of spice here and there, read on for our fave Bollywood movies and their stunning home decor inspirations…


The movie follows the tale of two ‘star crossed lovers’, Prince Salim and Anarkali, a court dancer. Separated by boundaries of wealth and class, the duo fight through battles of parental disapproval and envious courtiers.


(Photo Source:

Get The Look

Embody the regal, yet feminine, air of this set through a plethora of silky salmon tones, pink roses and a shimmering curtain of beads.

Arabian velvet table runner

Floral embroidered placemats


(Photo Source:

Get The Look

Although you may not live in a palace, let this Bollywood palace inspire shimmering regal tones throughout your abode. Opt for metallic base tones with jewel-like accents and your home will immediately be just that little bit closer to the palace of your dreams.

Velvet sparkle throw pillow cover

Luxurious artistry table runner


(Photo Source:

Get The Look

Although Mugal-e-Azam is one of the most expensive movies in Bollywood’s history, this Princely chamber is surprisingly easy to recreate. Highlight an embroidered white bed with rich vermilion Saree print pillow covers. Use a variety of purple and red rugs or sheets for this regal floor. Or, if you want a cheaper option, try using our table runners or table cloths! Adorn the walls with heavily brocaded, gold mirrors and photo frames.

Saree border table runner

Hand embroidered table runner

Hand embroidered duvet cover set

Hand embroidered brocade pillow cover

Bride And Prejudice

The quintessential Jane Austen novel, ‘Pride and Prejudice’, gets a Bollywood makeover! This vibrant motion picture follows Lalita Bakshi and her three sisters, as their mother tries to marry them off to respectable men.

BRIDE AND PREJUDICE, Martin Henderson, Aishwarya Rai, 2004, (c) Miramax
(Photo Source:

Get The Look

The colors in this opening wedding scene are just as stunning as the songs! Re-create in your home with shimmering red tones, gold accents and pops of tangerine.

Saree border placemats

Arabian velvet table runner

Exotic oriental pillow cover


(Photo Source:

Get The Look

We can’t decide which is more divine here, the costumes, the ceiling or that stunning gilded leaf detailing on the balcony! Perhaps it’s the combination? Either way, gilded golden details, pops of exotic color and structured browns are a winning home decor recipe!

Hand embroidered tablecloth

Embroidered leaf placemats

Exotic oriental table runner

Prem Ratan Dhan Payo

A love triangle in disguise, the plot follows the arranged marriage between Princess Maithili and Prince Vijay Singh. When family problems with his estranged half-siblings arise, the throne is placed truly in danger. Meanwhile, stage actor Prem, who bears an unlikely resemblance to the Prince, takes his place and attempts to win the Princess’s heart.


(Photo Source:

Get The Look

Engraved, mandala-embellished, golden walls contrasted with lilac makes a beautiful combination. For an extra touch of royalty, opt for oriental trebol patterns and flourishes of florals

Floral embroidered pillow cover

Velvet hand embroidered pillow cover

Exotic oriental table runner


(Photo Source:

Get The Look

Red velvet curtains inevitably make a room look a hundred times more expensive. Give your bedroom a red edge with red and gold hues and velvety textures.

Hand embroidered 7 piece duvet cover set

Arabian velvet table runner

Hand embroidered throw pillow cover

Jodha Akbar

Set in the Sixteenth Century, we witness a political arranged marriage between a Munghal Emperor, Akbar and a Rajput Princess, Jodhaa. After the Princess falls in love with another King, her original betrothed joins the rebels to fight. The King offers his daughter back to Akbar to ensure political smoothness, but she refuses to be reduced to a political pawn.


(Photo Source:

Get The Look

Who needs an exotic resort with an outdoor area this beautiful! Create something truly show-stopping by layering paisley table cloths and table runners to create a seating area. Finally, dot with carmine cushions for some outdoor comfort.

Golden Orange

Saree border table runner

Glamorous border table runner

Ornamental embroidered table cloth

Hand painted deluxe accent pillow cover


(Photo Source:

Get The Look

Who knew that red and green could be totally none festive and look this good? Give your home a little palace uplift by going for star and triangle shaped decor in a combination of rich red and forest green.

Hand embroidered table runner

Saffron Red

Ornamental embroidered duvet cover set

Floral embroidered pillow cover

Om Shanti Om

A tale of love, revenge and reincarnation, Om Shanti Om is one of the highest ever grossing Hindi films. The plot follows Om, a junior artist working in the film industry who falls in love with actress Shanti. After the films producer fears that others will find out that Shanti is pregnant with his child, he traps her in the studio and sets fire to it. Om dies in an escape to avenge Shani and is reincarnated. In his new body, he plans to avenge Shanti’s death.


(Photo Source:

Get The Look

Can you get anymore Hollywood meets Bollywood than this? Take key from this funky floor and inject some geometric prints into your home! Contrast with red velvet for a stunning mish-mash of the old and new.

Solid geometric pillow covers

Hawthorn leaf table runner

Velvet hand embroidered pillow cover


(Photo Source:

Get The Look

You can’t get more Bollywood than vibrant purple and red! Go for these rich tones to add some spice to your home!


Paisley leaf pillow cover

Hand embroidered table runner


Hand embroidered placemat and table runner set

Which Bollywood movie is your top pick? Let me know in the comments below…


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