Christmas Table Layouts Using Versatile Pieces

Crazy fact: American’s are spending around 6 billion dollars a year on Christmas. Mind blown. Rather than forking out an arm and a leg on specific pieces for your Christmas table layouts, invest in a few versatile pieces that can be used all year round.

After all, you can only use that sparkly, Santa-embellished table runner for a few days. Plus: you’ve already spent enough money on presents, food and decoration. It’s time to give that poor wallet a rest!

Here are some stunning Christmas table layouts that consist of versatile pieces…

Dreaming Of A White Christmas

Clean white christmas table layouts

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For some people, reindeer embellishments, glitter and an overdose of red just scream tacky. If you’re one of those people who enjoys the more refined things in life, this simple table layout embraces the holiday season without screaming ‘SANTA’.

Best of all, it’s made up of stunning, minimalist pieces that can be used to uplift your dining table every single day of the year.

Recreate this table by adorning your table with a clean, white table cloth. Next, add a neutral runner with a metallic sheen to make it just a little bit special. Add neutral placemats and dot with cream and white plates. Finally, create a centerpiece that looks like it has been taken from nature itself. Dot glass candle holders in amongst pine branches for something that is undoubtedly festive.

The best part? All of these pieces can be used again! Well, apart from the pine leaves, but you are likely to get these for free.

Get The Look

Saree border table runner

Shimmering spiral hand embroidered placemats

Have A Holly Jolly Christmas


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If you would like to embrace red in your Christmas table layouts, why not opt for flowers? Although red flowers, such as holly, are inevitably Christmassy, red floral pieces have the versatility to be used all year round too! A red table runner could be perfect for a Spring tea party, whereas red placemats are a must have for Summer bohemian decor.

Get this holly jolly look by teaming a white table cloth with an eye-catching, red floral table runner. Add white candles and an abundance of red flowers to create a striking centerpiece. If you would like more of a contrast, evergreen leaves and fircones will add the Winter outdoors to your table.

Dot every guests seat with a red floral placemat and top white napkins with red present bows. Keep cutlery and wine glasses plain to stop it from becoming too cluttered.

Get The Look

Hand painted deluxe floral table runner

Floral embroidered placemats

Bright Star Of Bethlehem


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Who ever thought to use a mirror as a table runner here is some sort of decor Einstein! This dreamy table layout looks like it’s been sprinkled with stardust and, luckily, the majority of these pieces can be used again!

To make your Christmas dinner guests all starry eyed, start by layering up your table with a plain, white table cloth. Next, add a long, rectangular mirror. Please note: ensure this is in the center of the table, no one wants to catch a glimpse of themselves eating Christmas dinner.

Add metallic silver placemats and top with white plates. Now for the fun part! Sprinkle stars and snowflakes evenly across your table cloth. Add an abundance of silver candle holders and two large silver vases. Fill your vases with ivy and top with candles. Next, recreate this with mini vases of ivy on every placemat. We are not exactly sure how to recreate that hanging garland, but if you manage it, you rock!

Get The Look

Hand embroidered table placemat set

Rudolph The Red Nose Reindeer


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Looking for a cute and fun layout that won’t cost you half of the contents of Santa’s sack? Ta-da! Cute, Festive, and using versatile pieces, this red patterned table reminds us of Rudolph’s cute red nose! The only really Christmassy things you will need to buy are these glittery reindeers. One dollar store: here we come!

Grab your finest white table cloth; it’s about to get a fun uplift! Add a retro printed red and white runner for some Festive cheer. Take some embellished plates and top them with a glittery Reindeer. Add DIY place cards between the antlers to make it really personal!

Get The Look

Damask style elegant table runner

Which of our Christmas table layouts will you be trying?




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These Fall Wedding Color Palettes Are Divine

When choosing Fall wedding color palettes, the choice goes far beyond the standard white and blush concoction. In nature, Fall is an abundance of stunning colors; a picture-perfect painting of golden leaves and burnished orange flora. What better place to draw Fall wedding inspiration from than nature itself?

Whether you are getting ready this Fall, next Fall, or just dream of saying those vows under the cool October sun, this inspiration post is dedicated to you! Here’s our favorite Fall wedding color palettes that are the sheer definition of ‘divine’.

Cranberry, Orange & Ivory
Fall Wedding Color Palettes cranberry orange ivory

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This palette is a softer take on typical Fall colors. Burnished oranges are replaced with softer, more tangerine-like hues. Cranberry stunningly reflects the seasonal berries, whilst the ivory tones keep it traditional.

Cranberry bridesmaid dresses are a stunning choice for an Autumnal wedding. Darker hues will compliment the Fall landscape and will also ensure that the classic, ivory bridal gown really stands out. After all, this day is all about that lady in white! Tie the bridal party together with seasonal bouquets with pops of tangy orange and dark, green foliage.


(Photo Source:

This mason jar seat embellishment is a must-do for wedding DIY-ers! The concoction consists of a glass jar, some ribbon and a bunch of Fall flora, making it an embellishment that is cheap and stunning in equal part.

For A Beauti-Fall Table

For a fresher look, begin by layering your tables with a clean, cream table cloth. Bring out cranberry and orange tones with a table runner and placemats. We recommend the damask style table runner and the floral paisley placemats.

Red, Rose & Green

Fall Wedding Color Palettes red rose and green

(Photo Source:

Exchange those vows surrounded by the classic colors associated with love: red and rose. But this isn’t your standard Valentine’s Day chocolate box palette; deeper reds and duskier pinks give it a classier and more grown up edge. Add dark forest green into the mix and you are looking at a palette that is reminiscent of a Fall forest fairy tale.

A deep green suit is a wonderful alternative for any groom, whilst dusky pink lace is what dreams are made of for vintage-loving brides.


(Photo Source:

These lanterns look like they have been hand picked from Shakespeare’s ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’. Red berries give an undeniable Fall edge to any classic red or pink rose adornment.

Everything’s Coming Up Roses

When styling your table in this stunning palette, we would suggest keeping deep green to an absolute minimum. Leafy centerpieces will make the green look more complimentary and less St Paddy’s day! As for rose and red, keep them in perfect harmony in soft table runners and floral embellished place mats.

Floral embroidered placemats

Beige & Maroon

Glamorous border table runner

Burgundy, Cream & Gold

Fall Wedding Color Palettes burgandy cream and gold

(Photo Source:

If you’re special day is headed into the Winter months, this palette is one way to make it look slightly festive, without it looking like a literal chorus of ‘Deck The Halls’.

Despite the combination of both velvet and glistening gold, the cream base of the table layout above ensures it looks classy.

burgundy cream wedding fall color palette

(Photo Source:

Burgundy is one of the few darker colors that can look truly uplifting and this is certainly true when it comes to bridesmaid dresses. Although darker bridesmaid dresses can be viewed as gothic, the plum undertones of this piece keeps it fresh and modern.


(Photo Source:

A gold cake? This beauty shows that anything is truly possible! Deep red flowers and perfectly placed leaved make it look almost too pretty to eat.


(Photo Source:

Despite gold being associated with Christmas, if used in moderation, it can look incredible. Vintage gold dining-ware and candles are a wonderful way to inject the color into your table layout without going overboard. The lace runner gives this table an extra innocent edge too.

Going For Gold

Out of all the Fall wedding color palettes, this one is undoubtedly the trickiest. However, keep the gold as an embellishment and the effect is perfect for Fall. Burgundy table runners with gold accents are a great way to do this.

Arabian velvet table runner

Orange & Navy

Fall Wedding Color Palettes orange and navy

(Photo Source:

If you are really looking for a color combination that your guests have never seen before, look no further than navy and orange! Because these two tones sit at exact opposites of the color wheel, they are incredibly complimentary. Plus: they are so Fall! Navy echoes the darkening skies, whilst orange refers to the falling leaves.


(Photo Source:

Stripes and navy are like salt and pepper: they always seem to come hand in hand. Despite navy and white stripes having a nautical edge, orange tones make them incredibly Autumnal. To ensure that you’re table doesn’t look too cluttered, keep the majority of it plain.



Navy has to be one of the most flattering colors out there and it makes a wonderful choice for Bridesmaid dresses.

In The Navy

You don’t have to be Einstein to know that orange is an incredibly brash color. To ensure it stays classy, decorate the majority of your tables navy and add bright splashes of orange in flowers and placemats.

King Blue

Hand embroidered rectangular tablecloth

Embroidered leaf placemats

Which of our Fall Wedding color palettes is your favorite?



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5 Spooky Halloween Table Layouts To try

It’s October, and although the stores may be starting to show signs of Christmas and Thanksgiving, we have our sights solely set on Halloween. Fun, theatrical and a total excuse to be a kid whether you’re 8 or 80, Halloween provides the perfect excuse for us to let our hair down! In between planning our outfits, and searching for fake blood, we have come across some incredible Halloween table layouts that are sure to give your home that spooky edge!

Whether you’re having an at-home Halloween party, or just want to embrace the fun spirit of the season, these spooky Halloween table layouts have got you covered!

For The Kids

childrens halloween table layouts with candy

(Photo Source:

Halloween is made for kids, but to ensure the poor little ones don’t get nightmares, child-appropriate Halloween table layouts are a must! Keep the blood and gore aside and instead opt for cute ghosts, cartoon monsters and the odd eye ball here and there.

This Halloween table layout is a great example! It’s fun, colorful and still incorporates the ghoulish element of Halloween, but keeps it G-rated. Recreate by giving your table a black base with a table cloth. We recommend our hand embroidered rectangular tablecloth.  Add a sheer, spider-web like table runner and add a vibrant, orange-hued backdrop. The little ghosts can be recreated with cotton wool or by covering a stool with a white sheet.

Add cartoon monster stickers to elements of the decor to keep it fun and vibrant. Monster-themed foods and sweet treats will be a hit with the little ones!

For The Faint Hearted

halloween table layout with cauldrons pumpkin balloons

(Photo Source:

If you want to keep your party spooky, but not too gorey, this orange and black Halloween table layout is for you! The food is still Halloween themed, yet isn’t as body-part orientated as many other table layouts.

Give your table a pumpkin-hued base with an orange table cloth. Add a striped black and white backdrop for something reminiscent of beetle juice. If your table doesn’t allow for a backdrop, opt for our monochrome two tone embroidered placements for the same vibe.

This table-scape is all about the serving presentation! Give black bowls eyes and legs and turn them into spiders, serve chilli or soup in mini cauldrons and scatter creepy crawlies around the table.

For The Family

orange and black halloween table layout with halloween tree

(Photo Source:

Fun and easy Halloween table layouts can be a hit with the whole family! This simple orange and black layout is cheap to re-create, yet is still striking and fun.

Begin by adding a black table cloth to your table. Next, add two orange table runners for a pop of pumpkin.   Recreate this Halloween ‘tree’ by placing several large twigs in a transparent vase. Hand skeletons and spiderwebs on the twigs and add some fake arachnids to make it look super creepy.

One of the best things about the above layout is the way that the food has been organized by colors. Make it as striking as possible by placing white and orange foods on the black part of the table and vice versa.

For The Adults


(Photo Source:

You’re never too old for Halloween, but perhaps some of the childlike Halloween table layouts don’t really float your boat? This vintage and gothic table layout is perfect for a classy murder mystery themed Halloween do, or just an adult get together.

To make it unexpectedly creepy, begin to decorate your table with an air of vintage romance. A clean, white tablecloth and tall candles give the air of an ancient mansion.

Cover your candlesticks in faux cobwebs, add wispery cotton candy to wine glasses and watch your adult-appropriate Hallloween night unfold.


For The Dare Devils

corpse halloween table layout

(Photo Source:

If you are not squeamish and your guests have a good sense of humor, this dead body food platter might make your Halloween party one to remember!

Splatter an old pair of jeans and a shirt with blood, then add takeaway containers filled with meat to create faux organs.

This one is a NO if you have children though, it’s just a little bit too scary!

Our Halloween Picks

We’ve got your Halloween table layouts covered, from pumpkin-hued runners, to gothic tablecloths, let us help you get that decor look you want.

Jacquard Floral Table Runner

Jacquard floral table runner


Modern squares table cloth

Rustic Orange

Hand painted deluxe floral table runner

Sophisticated two tone embroidered placemats


Floral paisley placemats



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6 Egg-cellent Easter Table-Scapes

As the Easter eggs begin to come to the front of the stores, bunny ears in tow, it means one thing: time to rejoice! For many, Easter is not only a religious celebration, but a celebration of the coming of Spring and the new life it brings to our environment. And personally, we couldn’t be happier to escape from the cold clutches of Winter!

For whatever reason you choose to celebrate Easter, we all have one underlying element in common: family. Whether your extended family is coming around for an egg hunt, or you are simply having a few close friends around for coffee and hot cross buns, what better way to welcome Easter than through home decor?

Get out your plush bunnies, everyone! It’s time for our five favorite Easter table-scapes and our top tips on how you can recreate them for your own abode…

Down The Rabbit Hole


(Photo Source:

This grassy-woodland wonder makes us wonder if we have hopped into Lewis Carroll’s iconic novel! Not short of creativity, this detailed artwork featuring numerous woodland creatures, faux flowers and a bed of grass, is sure to impress those who celebrate Easter at your table.

Firstly, lay your table with a light green table cloth for an instant Spring makeover. We recommend the hand painted floral table cloth in green. Handcrafted in India, the floral embellishments were practically made for a Spring celebration!

It’s time to create our grassy wonderland. If you don’t like mess, I strongly suggest that you invest in a sheet of nylon faux grass. If you like it authentic, why not pick some leaves and grass from your garden. Warning: check none of your guests suffer from hay fever before you go out snipping! If all of this sounds crazy to you, the green jacquard floral table runner will create a stunning, grassy base.

Now: it’s time to embrace our inner child! You will need several bunny ornaments/Sylvanian families/ whatever you can manage to nab from your child’s toy box. Place your cute bunnies in among st the table center, creating a story as you go. Add some leaves to add to the Spring forest scene. Finally, place a high candle on either side of your creation. Extra points for a Spring-y green shade!

Choose vintage or shabby chic plates, the frillier the better! Finally, add some extra Madhatter vibes with a single place mat folded in half next to each plate. The floral embroidered placemats are perfect!


Candied Eggs


(Photo Source:

This sweet, duck-egg blue creation brings a sweet taste to the mouth. Fresh, pretty and oh-so-Easter, this candied conquest is super easy to recreate.

For a calming, yet fresh base tone, lay the chic jacquard table runner down the center of your table. With an elegant jacquard design, this piece is vibrant, yet sweet at the same time.

The next part takes a bit of prep work, after all, eggs are not naturally pastel toned! Hard boil around 20 eggs, leave to cool, then gently paint pastel blue and pink. When the eggs are dry, take two white pots and add some faux moss or grass. Gently place the eggs among-st this to create a stack. Add a few subtle candles and you’re ready to go.

If you don’t have blue plates, why not layer your white plates on top of pastel printed place mats? The saree border place mats would also make a pretty statement layered between two white plates.

Bits, Bobs and Bunnies


(Photo Source:

This easy-breezy tablescape makes us literally smell cut grass! Natural textures, fresh flora and typical Spring iconography, make this table a breath of fresh air.

For a clean and crisp base, adorn your table with a white table cloth. The ornamental embroidered table cloth adds a little bit of extra uniqueness!

For the table center, fill a glass vase with one of the iconic symbols of Spring: daffodils. Add smaller vases of fresh Spring flora and a basket of pastel painted eggs. Place a chocolate bunny in the center of the table, or, if you have little willpower, opt for a ceramic rabbit.

Dot natural-textured place mats in front of each chair. The shimmering spiral place mats are like the love child of fresh grass and oriental bamboo!

Dot your plates on top and add an extra pastel element with printed, pastel napkins.

Simply Spring


(Photo Source:

If you’ve spent all of your time playing Easter bunny, fear not! This simple, neon-dotted table layout is a DIY job suited for beginners!

Time to get your DIY hat on! Take four jars and paint in neon and white tones. Paint three boiled eggs in the same tones. Place white tulips in the jars and dot the eggs in a clean, white bowl.

For place mats, opt for white pieces with a Springtime twist. The tropical floral place mats echo the fresh tulips perfectly!

Adorn your place mats with circular weaved mats and finish with plain white plates.

Floral Flourish


(Photo source:

If I say the word ‘Spring’, flowers will automatically pop into your brain! This floral table-scape features a statement bundle and fresh floral prints that are sure to make your guests happy.

Begin by taking inspiration from two of Springs most welcome guests; green and florals. Cover your table with the hand painted floral tablecloth in green for an instant temperature increase!

Highlight the center of your table with a white table-runner. With an understated print, the chic jacquard table-runner will fulfill all of your Spring fantasies.


If you don’t wish to invest in both a table runner and table cloth for the occasion, the jacquard floral table runner is a win for all!

Place your beautiful blooms at the exact center of the table-runner. Dot around baskets of mini eggs for a feature that the kids are sure to love!

And voila! Your Easter wonderland is complete! Which ever table design you decided to choose, we can guarantee that will receive a warm response from your guests. Warning: The reaction to the chocolate may be slightly warmer.



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5 Stunning Christmas Table-Scapes

With Christmas a day less than two weeks away, it’s time to start ticking off the nitty, gritty, details. Tree: check! Presents perfectly wrapped: check! Christmas table?…

Don’t fret! We are here with your fool-proof guide to 2015’s hottest table-scapes. Just keep on reading to find out how they could be coming soon to a table near you….

The Classic


(Photo Source:

‘Have a holly jolly Christmas’ by injecting the shade of these luscious red berries onto your table. Begin by adding a plain white table cloth. For an extra festive sparkle, why not invest in a white table cloth with glistening embellishments, such as the embroidered, ornamental table cloth?

Then, add your pop of festive red by adding the hand embroidered 7 piece table runner and place mat set. Don’t worry about the place mats for now, they’ll come in handy later!

Add a snowy feel to your table with giant snow flake decorations. If you are feeling crafty, why not make them yourself?

To continue the red and white palette, stack round white plates on top of square red ones and top with a shiny silver Christmas cracker.

Finally, re-create these cute knife and fork holders by folding the place mats around your cutlery.

The Go-All-Out


(Photo Source:

There is something very ‘Scottish Highlands’ about this crazy table-scape. Whether it’s due to the plethora of tartan or the huge stack of bushy flowers, we have to admit that we love it.

Begin by dotting your table places with the embroidered leaf place mats in red. Then get your Scottish on my topping your place mats with Tartan handkerchiefs or fabric squares.

Re-create this cute plate stack by sandwiching another embroidered leaf place mat in between a small and large white plate. Top with a cute, keepsake jar or jam.

To re-create this vibrant floral center-piece, take a tall glass vase and fill with flowers. You can use natural leafy greens and roses or opt for faux if you wish. Either way, ensure the flowers are arranged so that the volume lies solely at the top of the vase.

Add two triple candle holders on either side of the glass vase. Place three tall red candles in the holders.

Next mix together faux grass or heather ferns with red roses and place evenly around the vase and candle holders.

Now sit and watch your family react in awe when you tell them that you didn’t hire a florist!

The Starlit Wonder


(Photo Source:

Bring the Eastern vibrancy of Bethlehem to your dinner table with this star-dotted and metal embellished table.

Firstly, opt for a neutral table cloth with an Eastern edge, such as the ornamental embroidered table cloth. Place a main and entre plate at each place and top with a folded up hand embroidered place mats. Weigh down in place with a whiskey glass.

For the center, fill a large, glass vase with silver and gold Christmas tree baubles. Dot further baubles around your tables center.

Now for that Eastern injection! Take three silver candle holders and dot with tall candles. Now light them up and feel the festive warmth!

The Elegant


(Photo Source:

I wonder what the table layout looks at in Buckingham Palace on Christmas day? It wouldn’t surprise me if it was very similar to this royal dark cerise and gold combination.

Turn your kitchen into an instant palace with the hand-embroidered table cloth in light gold. Add a further regal edge with the sari border place mats in red.

Add gold plates to each place and one large plate in the center. Embellish the center plate with metallic-brushed faux flowers and a sparkling candle.

The Winter Wonderland


(Photo Source:

It’s the big day and there isn’t a sprinkle of snow in sight… Don’t fret! Create your own Winter wonderland with this stunning, ice-white layout.

To create stand-out snow white features, you need to create a beige-toned base for this table. The hand embroidered table cloth in light gold is perfect for this.

Next, bring the snow indoors by adding three chic jacquard table runners in white vertically along the table. Then add some extra magic with two glass vases and fill with a few branches. Place three white-toned candle holders in the center of the table and light for that Christmas glow.

Finally, dot your plates with fir cones to truly bring the outdoors in.

How will you be styling your table for Christmas?


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