10 Ways To Makeover An Old Table

An old table is a little bit like an abandoned house: the foundations are there, it has potential use, but it looks a little worse for wear.

Tables have been around since the Ancient Chinese times, and were even used by our Ancient Greek and Roman predecessors. However, as useful as tables may be, buying a new, good quality table could set you back a lot of money! Bet Caesar didn’t fork out an arm and a leg for his tables!

Rather than spending your precious earnings, why not makeover your old table?

Whether it’s your kitchen table that needs sprucing up, or your bedside table is looking like Shrek with a hangover, it’s time to get your DIY game on!

Here’s 10 ways to makeover an old table

1. Rustic Dining Table


(Photo Source: hative.com)

A kitchen table is undoubtedly the most necessary table in any modern household. Nothing is more off-putting than eating your gourmet salad on a cracked and rusty old table. It’s time to change that…

How cute is this rustic, farm house style, dining set? It’s hard to believe that it began life as a beat-up, faded, black set.

Although this makeover may look like it needs a professional, all it takes is paint and wooden boards. Yep: you don’t even need to sand back the black paint!

2. Put A Runner On It


Lazy decor lovers: You’ll be glad to know that transforming your old table doesn’t necessarily have to take 20 hours. As a matter of fact, it can take 10 mins.

If your table is scratched, simply add a printed runner to cover up any worn or market areas. Dot your runner with greenery for a statement and on-trend dining table. We think that our damask style table runner adds a cute, retro vibe to this old table.

Check out more on-trend table layouts with runners here.

3. Stencil It


(Photo Source: justthewoods.com)

If you love your wooden table, but it isn’t exactly on trend, why not give it a bit of oomph with a stenciled design?

To ensure that your wood base is clean and tidy, sand back the woods service, stencil on your design with paint and then seal with polish.

See the full tutorial here.

5. The Magic Of Mosaic


(Photo Source: hometalk.com)

This mosaic patio table looks like it has been transported straight from a Mediterranean resort. Nope: it actually started off life as a cheap, plastic nobody.

Mosaic is a great way to completely transform a small patio or bedside table. Craftier folk can break up tiles and create unique designs. However, if this sounds too complicated, mosaic pieces, grout and glue will do the trick!

6. Upholster It


(Photo Source: absolutelyarkansas.com)

Rather than shopping for a coffee table to match your new sofas, buy matching fabric and upholster your existing one!

Check out this tutorial on how to upholster a table.

7. Gold Chevron


(Photo Source: dwellbeautiful.com)

Now this is DIY at it’s best! We recommend that you read the full tutorial, but all it took was masking tape and spray paint (yes, really!)

This gold chevron print is a big fat tick for so many of the latest home decor trends.

8. Poster Table

(Photo Source: prettyuniquefurniture.blogspot.com)

Your kids will absolutely love this one! Take their favorite poster and turn it into a cute and quirky bedroom table. Grab the PVA glue and a poster and get to it! Then watch their faces light up at their new Elsa/ Lego/ **insert kids cartoon** here table.

Tutorial here.

9. Malachite Delight


(Photo Source: onekingslane.com)

You are probably laughing and thinking “there is no way that someone made that”, but alas: they did!

This is the most complicated of all of our table makeover hacks, but the stunning result is well worth it!

See full tutorial here.

10. Cover It Up

Rustic Orange

Above: Hand painted floral tablecloth.

If you plan on eventually buying a new dining table, but can’t bear the eyesore of your current one, just cover it up!

Select a table cloth that matches your home decor theme and highlight with an on-trend table runner.

What old and ugly dining table?

For a quick old table fix, check out our range of table cloths, table runners and placemats

Whilst your at it, why not try one of these DIY sofa makeovers!

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5 Spooky Halloween Table Layouts To try

It’s October, and although the stores may be starting to show signs of Christmas and Thanksgiving, we have our sights solely set on Halloween. Fun, theatrical and a total excuse to be a kid whether you’re 8 or 80, Halloween provides the perfect excuse for us to let our hair down! In between planning our outfits, and searching for fake blood, we have come across some incredible Halloween table layouts that are sure to give your home that spooky edge!

Whether you’re having an at-home Halloween party, or just want to embrace the fun spirit of the season, these spooky Halloween table layouts have got you covered!

For The Kids

childrens halloween table layouts with candy

(Photo Source: celebrationsathomeblog.com)

Halloween is made for kids, but to ensure the poor little ones don’t get nightmares, child-appropriate Halloween table layouts are a must! Keep the blood and gore aside and instead opt for cute ghosts, cartoon monsters and the odd eye ball here and there.

This Halloween table layout is a great example! It’s fun, colorful and still incorporates the ghoulish element of Halloween, but keeps it G-rated. Recreate by giving your table a black base with a table cloth. We recommend our hand embroidered rectangular tablecloth.  Add a sheer, spider-web like table runner and add a vibrant, orange-hued backdrop. The little ghosts can be recreated with cotton wool or by covering a stool with a white sheet.

Add cartoon monster stickers to elements of the decor to keep it fun and vibrant. Monster-themed foods and sweet treats will be a hit with the little ones!

For The Faint Hearted

halloween table layout with cauldrons pumpkin balloons

(Photo Source: birdsparty.com)

If you want to keep your party spooky, but not too gorey, this orange and black Halloween table layout is for you! The food is still Halloween themed, yet isn’t as body-part orientated as many other table layouts.

Give your table a pumpkin-hued base with an orange table cloth. Add a striped black and white backdrop for something reminiscent of beetle juice. If your table doesn’t allow for a backdrop, opt for our monochrome two tone embroidered placements for the same vibe.

This table-scape is all about the serving presentation! Give black bowls eyes and legs and turn them into spiders, serve chilli or soup in mini cauldrons and scatter creepy crawlies around the table.

For The Family

orange and black halloween table layout with halloween tree

(Photo Source: saseventdesign.blogspot.com)

Fun and easy Halloween table layouts can be a hit with the whole family! This simple orange and black layout is cheap to re-create, yet is still striking and fun.

Begin by adding a black table cloth to your table. Next, add two orange table runners for a pop of pumpkin.   Recreate this Halloween ‘tree’ by placing several large twigs in a transparent vase. Hand skeletons and spiderwebs on the twigs and add some fake arachnids to make it look super creepy.

One of the best things about the above layout is the way that the food has been organized by colors. Make it as striking as possible by placing white and orange foods on the black part of the table and vice versa.

For The Adults


(Photo Source: lovemanor.com)

You’re never too old for Halloween, but perhaps some of the childlike Halloween table layouts don’t really float your boat? This vintage and gothic table layout is perfect for a classy murder mystery themed Halloween do, or just an adult get together.

To make it unexpectedly creepy, begin to decorate your table with an air of vintage romance. A clean, white tablecloth and tall candles give the air of an ancient mansion.

Cover your candlesticks in faux cobwebs, add wispery cotton candy to wine glasses and watch your adult-appropriate Hallloween night unfold.


For The Dare Devils

corpse halloween table layout

(Photo Source: mommyshorts.com)

If you are not squeamish and your guests have a good sense of humor, this dead body food platter might make your Halloween party one to remember!

Splatter an old pair of jeans and a shirt with blood, then add takeaway containers filled with meat to create faux organs.

This one is a NO if you have children though, it’s just a little bit too scary!

Our Halloween Picks

We’ve got your Halloween table layouts covered, from pumpkin-hued runners, to gothic tablecloths, let us help you get that decor look you want.

Jacquard Floral Table Runner

Jacquard floral table runner


Modern squares table cloth

Rustic Orange

Hand painted deluxe floral table runner

Sophisticated two tone embroidered placemats


Floral paisley placemats



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The Table Up-Cycle Hacks You NEED To Know

I’ve just bought my first house. Alongside learning how to install a washing machine and cooking anything except 2 minute noodles, I’ve discovered just how expensive furniture can be; especially tables. The idea of whacking out a grand for the newest wooden beauty, quite simply, terrifies me. Furthermore, I’m actually beginning to feel guilty about my parents’ table when I was growing up and how I plagued it with an abundance of glue, waterproof paints and other just general gunge. Luckily, a table up-cycle can look just as great as the real thing!

“Erm… what exactly is an up-cycle”, I hear you murmur. Well, my dear decorator, it refers to taking an old piece and giving a new lease 0f life through DIY. Today, we shown you the table up-cycle hacks that will make it look like you actually forked out an arm and a leg on your new table!

1. The Rustic

DIY rustic wood

(Photo Source: realitydaydream.com)

Picked up an old table, or just have one that looks a little worse for wear? Make it even more worn and create that stunning, rustic, country look!

You Will Need

  • A table (no kidding!)
  • Paints in white (Semi-gloss paint), gray and turquoise (or in whichever color you wish your table to be)
  • Paintbrushes
  • Sanding kit (either hand or electric)
  • Wood stain
  • An old cloth/rag

How To Up-cycle

  1. Dry brush on the paint randomly.
  2. Leave to dry overnight.
  3. Sand it down.
  4. Apply stain with a rag.

Pssstt! My steps may result in a big, fat, paint-y mess, so I highly recommend checking out this weathered wood tutorial.

2. The Quick & Colorful Fix

embroidered table cloth

If you want a new table NOW, it’s totally do-able! All it takes is a beautiful tablecloth! Plus: It adds a pop of color to your room. Bye bye gross old wood!

You Will Need

  • A Table.
  • A table cloth. Not sure what to go for? Here’s my guide on the best table cloth for your color scheme:

For A Neutral Room

embroidered table cloth

Add some detail, whilst sticking to your neutral palette with our ornamental embroidered table cloth in beige.

For Warm Toned Rooms

floral embroidered table cloth

The hand painted floral table cloth in rustic orange is warm and beautiful, without off-balancing the warm tones in the room.

For Cool Toned Rooms

blue embroidered table cloth

As Summer is here, a bright and breezy table cloth is a must! The hand embroidered rectangular table cloth in ocean blue will have you dreaming of warm seas all year round!

How To Up-Cycle

  1. Add your table cloth.
  2. Stand back and admire. (Drooling optional)

3. Upholster It!

upholstered table

(Photo Source: bandstalkapp.com)

If you’re crafty with a needle and thread, why n0t choose a fabric you love, and use it to makeover your table?! This technique is best suited for smaller tables, such as coffee tables or bedside tables, although, it you’re a clean and tidy eater, it could work as a dining table too, if you left off the foam and buttons!

You Will Need

  • A table
  • Foam
  • A staple gun and staples
  • Fabric
  • Drill
  • Buttons

How To Up-cycle

This one is one for seasoned DIYers! It involves attaching foam, drilling button holes and a whole lot of stapling. Before I mess this up for you, I’ll send you then tutorial here. Good luck!

4. Mapped Out!

world map table

(Photo Source: pillarboxblue.com)

This map table is a total travelers dream! It’s actually really easy to achieve too! Not a fan of the map? You can use any printed paper/wrapping paper with this tutorial too!

You Will Need

  • A table
  • A map/illustration of your choice
  • Paint
  • Acrylic polish
  • A ruler
  • Paint brushes
  • PVA glue
  • Craft knife
  • Measuring tape

How To Up-cycle

  1. Paint the table your desired color of choice. For a professional finish, I recommend choosing a paint color that is the same as the background of your map.
  2. Measure the top of your table and cut your map to this size.
  3. Glue the map to the table using PVA glue. Use a ruler to ensure there are no bubbles or wrinkles.
  4. Paint two layers of acrylic varnish on the top, leaving to dry between layers.

If my steps are not as clear as glass, read the original tutorial here.

5. Cover That Spot!

Does your table have one nasty spot or scuff that needs to be hidden? Give it a new lease of life with a table runner or some decorated place mats.

If the worn area is in the center of the table. Layer on a luxurious table runner.

damask table runner

Damask style elegant table runner

Worn away near the edges? Add some embroidered place mats and everyone will be none-the-wiser.

Indian style place mats

Saree border placemats

You Will Need

  • A table
  • A table runner or placemats

How To Up-cycle

  1. Identify the marks on your table.
  2. Cover them up!

Happy table DIY-ing! And remember, glue can make a mess!!!

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Your Perfect Valentine’s Day Dinner

When it comes to Valentine’s Day, staying in is the new going out. Restaurants on Valentines night are overbooked and let’s be honest, noisy! I don’t mean to sound like your Gran here, but nothing says romance like good-old-fashioned conversation.

So this weekend, turn your dining room into a date-night haven with my tips. Whether you’re planning a first date, something special or an anti-valentines with the girls, we’ve got you covered!

For The First Date-rs


(Photo source: ayi.com)

Whether you’re inviting over that hottie from the office or that hunk/honey you simply swiped left on, the general rule with first dates is to keep that cringe factor low. So if you had heart shaped balloons and giant teddies in mind, give them a miss! Nothing screams ‘I am clingy; LOVE ME and have my babies’ like a fluffy, pink bear. And it’s waay too late to swipe right now…


Giving that this date could potentially be the pre-lude to either a love story or a horror novel, I really wouldn’t be going all-out with the gifts. Flowers (NOT roses) or a nice bottle of wine will suffice.

The Table Layout

Simple is the key! Make a classy and sophisticated first impression by choosing neutral tones and timeless patterns. Highlight the center of your table with the chic jacquard table runner in beige. Top with burnished silver candles for a timeless touch with a hint of romance.


To stick with this classic, neutral theme, opt for the sophisticated two tone place mats.

As for embellishments, keep your serve wear clean and white. Flowers, cut-out hearts and balloons are a HUGE no! But feel free to turn up the romantic heat with a couple of candles.

The Soundtrack

Your ipod in shuffle mode.

Given that you probably don’t know your dates musical preferences, it’s best to play it safe and provide variety. Make sure to include some older tracks in there too, there’s no better conversation starter than childhood tunes!


For The Long Term-ers


(Photo Source: chatelaine.com)

You and your other half are happily living together and, chances are, you eat dinner together every single night. The trick here is to create a fun and romantic atmosphere to make it special, so get out those flowers, candles and cut-out hearts pronto!


Set yourselves a budget before hand if you’re worried he/she will go all out! For men, a bottle of cologne is always a yes! If you’re wanting to treat your lady, why not get here a nice piece of jewellery? Even if you have agreed on no gifts, a single red rose for her is always a must.

The Table Layout

You know each others sense of humor down to a tee, so embrace this with a cheesy, yet suitably romantic, table layout.


(Photo Source:pamelacopeman.com )

Get this cute cottagey vibe of this dog-tooth print with the modern squares rectangular tablecloth. Next, print in cupids color with the saree border table runner.

Dot your table runner with elegant tall candles and sprinkle heart shaped confetti to your…erm…hearts content! These heart-shaped place-mats can easily be made with a heart shaped stencil and felt. However, if your are not quite Martha Steward, you could opt for some solid red ones. The floral embroidered place mats have a suitably romantic floral decal.

Most importantly, add a unique touch with a hand-made note to your other half. Even if it looks like something a five year old could have created with their eyes closed, they will still appreciate it!

You could even up the cheese factor by adding photographs of you throughout the years along your table runner. Altogether now: ‘Memoriessss’.

The Soundtrack


(Photo Source: ebay)

’50 Shades Of Grey’. Although the movie itself may be a red card in your eyes, rest assured that its soundtrack is suitably romantic, with that little edge of spice.

For The Teenage Couple

Property release:, Model release: A D | date created: 2007:01:04
(Photo Source: lmt-lss.com)

It’s Valentine’s day and your parents have finally agreed to go out for the night to leave you and your beau alone. So how do you make your first Valentine’s together one to remember?


If you’re shopping for your girl, get her something cute. A little teddy, heart shaped chocolates or a heart-shaped necklace are all sure to make her cheeks blush. As for him, how about a cute photo frame with your favorite shot of you. Also, never underestimate the power of a card!

Table Layout

We appreciate that you don’t have Bill Gate’s budget, so keep your table sweet, simple and thoughtful.


(Photo Source: blog.partydelights.com)

Lay your table with a white tablecloth than cover with paper hearts and a single red rose at her place. Add a few candles and voila! For an extra romantic vibe, add a patterned, red, table runner, such as the damask style table runner.




(Photo Source: xtra-vision.co.uk)

Ed Sheeran- ‘X’. With slow, yet on-trend songs, you can trust on Mr Sheeran to set a sweet and romantic atmosphere!

For A Dinner Date Night With The Girls


(Photo Source: myultimatehens.com.au)

Being single doesn’t have to equal stuffing cheese puffs alone whilst watching ‘The Notebook.’ Cut the wallowing and get your single girls round for a dinner party!


Instead of gifts, why not get every guest to bring a different type of cheese or wine? You can’t beat cheese and wine night!

Table Layout

This anti-valentine’s table layout is suitably girly and cute, whilst being hilariously sarcastic.


(Photo Source: styleblazer.com)

To re-create this ‘cutesy’ look, begin by embellishing your table with an oh-so-girly tablecloth. The Hand painted floral table cloth will work a treat. Florals and pastels? Pfft! Who needs men?

Wanting something more pink? Go for the exotic oriental table runner.

This table layout is all about the cute touches, so go crazy with hearts, flower petals and glitter! Finally, juxtapose this lovey-dovey vibe with homemade anti-valentines day signs. Some our favorites include ‘love bites’ and ‘bittersweet.’ Gotta love a good food pun!



(Photosource: wikipedia.com)

Beyonce- ‘4’. Queen Bey is a must for a girls night. Cue drunken screamings of ‘who runs the world? Girls!’ and ‘best thing i never had’.

How will you be spending your Valentines day?

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5 Stunning Christmas Table-Scapes

With Christmas a day less than two weeks away, it’s time to start ticking off the nitty, gritty, details. Tree: check! Presents perfectly wrapped: check! Christmas table?…

Don’t fret! We are here with your fool-proof guide to 2015’s hottest table-scapes. Just keep on reading to find out how they could be coming soon to a table near you….

The Classic


(Photo Source: echristmasideas.hol.es)

‘Have a holly jolly Christmas’ by injecting the shade of these luscious red berries onto your table. Begin by adding a plain white table cloth. For an extra festive sparkle, why not invest in a white table cloth with glistening embellishments, such as the embroidered, ornamental table cloth?

Then, add your pop of festive red by adding the hand embroidered 7 piece table runner and place mat set. Don’t worry about the place mats for now, they’ll come in handy later!

Add a snowy feel to your table with giant snow flake decorations. If you are feeling crafty, why not make them yourself?

To continue the red and white palette, stack round white plates on top of square red ones and top with a shiny silver Christmas cracker.

Finally, re-create these cute knife and fork holders by folding the place mats around your cutlery.

The Go-All-Out


(Photo Source: www.festmih.com)

There is something very ‘Scottish Highlands’ about this crazy table-scape. Whether it’s due to the plethora of tartan or the huge stack of bushy flowers, we have to admit that we love it.

Begin by dotting your table places with the embroidered leaf place mats in red. Then get your Scottish on my topping your place mats with Tartan handkerchiefs or fabric squares.

Re-create this cute plate stack by sandwiching another embroidered leaf place mat in between a small and large white plate. Top with a cute, keepsake jar or jam.

To re-create this vibrant floral center-piece, take a tall glass vase and fill with flowers. You can use natural leafy greens and roses or opt for faux if you wish. Either way, ensure the flowers are arranged so that the volume lies solely at the top of the vase.

Add two triple candle holders on either side of the glass vase. Place three tall red candles in the holders.

Next mix together faux grass or heather ferns with red roses and place evenly around the vase and candle holders.

Now sit and watch your family react in awe when you tell them that you didn’t hire a florist!

The Starlit Wonder


(Photo Source: housetohome.co.uk)

Bring the Eastern vibrancy of Bethlehem to your dinner table with this star-dotted and metal embellished table.

Firstly, opt for a neutral table cloth with an Eastern edge, such as the ornamental embroidered table cloth. Place a main and entre plate at each place and top with a folded up hand embroidered place mats. Weigh down in place with a whiskey glass.

For the center, fill a large, glass vase with silver and gold Christmas tree baubles. Dot further baubles around your tables center.

Now for that Eastern injection! Take three silver candle holders and dot with tall candles. Now light them up and feel the festive warmth!

The Elegant


(Photo Source: hidrolatam2014.org)

I wonder what the table layout looks at in Buckingham Palace on Christmas day? It wouldn’t surprise me if it was very similar to this royal dark cerise and gold combination.

Turn your kitchen into an instant palace with the hand-embroidered table cloth in light gold. Add a further regal edge with the sari border place mats in red.

Add gold plates to each place and one large plate in the center. Embellish the center plate with metallic-brushed faux flowers and a sparkling candle.

The Winter Wonderland


(Photo Source: betterdecoratingbible.com)

It’s the big day and there isn’t a sprinkle of snow in sight… Don’t fret! Create your own Winter wonderland with this stunning, ice-white layout.

To create stand-out snow white features, you need to create a beige-toned base for this table. The hand embroidered table cloth in light gold is perfect for this.

Next, bring the snow indoors by adding three chic jacquard table runners in white vertically along the table. Then add some extra magic with two glass vases and fill with a few branches. Place three white-toned candle holders in the center of the table and light for that Christmas glow.

Finally, dot your plates with fir cones to truly bring the outdoors in.

How will you be styling your table for Christmas?


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