The Last Minute Thanksgiving Outfits That Are Guaranteed To Hide That Bloat

Thanksgiving= lots of food. Simple. Don’t rock a tight dress that makes you look 9 months pregnant with the worlds largest food baby, try one of these cute last minute thanksgiving outfits instead.

They are 100% guaranteed to hide that bloat. Meaning that you can look and feel great whilst indulging on that turkey.

High Waisted Skirt & Plaid Shirt
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A plaid shirt is to Fall, what a bikini is to Summer! Be seasonally appropriate in a lose and lovely plaid shirt.

High waist style skirts are a fantastic way to beat that 5 course food baby. Choose a pretty tulle number to contrast with the plaid shirt.

Oversized Sweater Dress & Scarf


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An oversized sweater dress is like a Thanksgiving miracle. It skims over any bumps and bloats, meaning that extra slice of pecan pie you ate is nowhere to be seen!

Best of all, most fashionistas own an oversized sweater dress, making it option when it comes to last minute Thanksgiving outfits.

Scarf it up!

A neutral hued sweater will look wonderful with a grey or oatmeal colored scarf.

Paisley wool scarf and floral wool scarf

Boho Dress & Boots


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If you fancy something a little less Wintery, a loose fitting bohemian print dress is a fantastic option. Embroidered details and drop waist patterns are on-trend and totally full-tummy friendly.

Add ankle boots for a cute and stylish look.

Peplum Top & Jeans


When it comes to nailing last minute Thanksgiving outfits, it’s all about choosing the best pieces you already own. Anyone who already owns a peplum top will know that it is an absolute saving grace for those bloated days.

Team it will slim fit jeans that are not too tight for a balanced look. Finally, add a bit of detail with a neck tie.

Scarf it up!

Our exotic silk scarf will add a colorful flair to any Thanksgiving Day look.


Velvet Wrap Dress


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If your family get quite dressed up for Thanksgiving dinner, opt for a wrap dress. These babies are made to be slimming! Alongside this, they are also easy to loosen if you do get a little bloated.

Warm velvet dresses are a wonderful way to stay cozy and chic.

Loose Linen Shirt & Jeans


(Photo source:

Bring a little ooh la la to the dinner table with this oh-so-French oversized button up and jeans combination.

Add a silk neck tie for a side of je ne sais quoi with that turkey.

Scarf it up!

The artistic print silk scarf was made to look Parisian.

Oversized Sweater & Midi Skirt


(Photo source:

A bell sleeved sweater is a must-buy for this Fall. For a bloat-appropriate Thanksgiving look, layer up a long and oversized sweater with a tighter fit midi skirt.

The tighter fit of the midi skirt will balance out your proportions whilst the sweater skims flatteringly over any lumps and bumps.

Open Blazer & Statement Scarf


An open blazer will skim over your tummy, whilst a statement scarf draws attention away from any unsightly bloating.

Add comfy jeans and loafers for a look that you will feel great in all day long.

Scarf it up!

A patterned scarf, such as the stripe print scarf will add an element of fun to your look.


After more Thanksgiving tips and tricks? We’ve got you covered:

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Thanksgiving Outfit Ideas: Chic & Comfy Styles To Steal

Thanksgiving is just around the corner and although many of us ladies my be thinking about stuffing ourselves with as much turkey as possible **solemnly raises hand**, Thanksgiving raises a little problem. What on earth do I wear? Ahh… the thanksgiving outfit.. the answer to a possible moral dilemma of eating enough to food to make you look like the octomum.

Let’s be real here: you are not exactly going to be strutting your stuff down the streets of Beverly Hills with Lauren Conrad and co. Your fashion police will be your Mum, your Dad and perhaps old Aunt Maggie. But hey: Aunt Maggie deserves to be dressed up for too right?

Make that family home your runway girl! We show you 10 chic thanksgiving outfit ideas that will totally hide that extra slice of pie you indulged in!

Scarf & Swing Dress


(Photo Source:

Dresses make us feel like Princesses, but a bodycon number as tight as Kimmy K’s will not be particularly comfortable once you have indulged in three courses of home cooked goodness. Instead, opt for a cute swing dress and top it off with a printed scarf. We personally think that this one’s a little too outdoorsy for a homey holiday. Instead, keep it leafy and pop on the floral pure wool scarf.

The Poncho


(Photo Source:

Ah… we love a good poncho! As well as being super on-trend, these magical garments will hide that food baby so everyone will be none the wiser. As Thanksgiving is made for pigging out **om nom nom**, go for a longer length poncho and wear with slim fit jeans and boots. As tempted as you may be to team this baby with some baggy pants for some..ahem… extra storage space, doing so may make you look like a walking balloon.

We love the contrast between this rich mustard color and the leopard print bag. If there’s nothing at all big-cat like in your handbag collection, try tying our mixed print scarf around your fave bag instead!

Neutral & Knitted


(Photo Source:

This neutral combo is so freaking cute! The pleats make it a feminine and pretty look that Nan will smile at, whilst the cardigan adds a element of quintessentially Fall snugness. Layer on tights underneath to beat the chill. Finally, add casual burnished gold accessories for the subtle little cherry on top of this gorgeous outfit.

The Autumnal Print Clash


(Photo Source:

Although horizontal stripes are typically known for making us look wider, these slim stripes are perfectly clashed with the leopard print scarf. This draws the eye away from the waistline. However, if you are seriously worried about looking like a bloated Betty, vertical stripes are the way to go!

The solid black bottom half of this look is super leg lengthening and our old pal black is always there for us when we’ve eaten too much! Finally, the mustard jacket places it smack bang in Fall territory.

This look is all about that gorgeous print clash, so team your striped shirt with our pure wool animal print scarf.

The Denim Shirt Dress


(Photo Source:

If you’re going to be snug next to a warm fire, there’s no need to sweat it out in layers upon layers of knitwear! Go for simple and timeless in a shirt dress. If you are worried about been a little nippy, opt for a chambray or denim shirt dress. These both have slightly thicker fabric.

Pop on a printed scarf to embellish the look to perfection! We think that the multicolor abstract print scarf is a literal explosion of Autumn hues.


The Boho Florals


(Photo Source:

As total boho obsessives, we believe that bold florals and baggy shapes are perfect for year-round wear! An oversized boho print dress, such as this beauty above, is pretty and appropriate for a family get together. Plus: the shape ensures that you can totally go for that third helping of dessert!

We suggest that you leave the hat and sunnies out of this one! No matter how Fall-appropriate your hat is, it is certainly not appropriate for the dinner table!

If you want to inject some boho florals into your Thanksgiving outfit without going head to toe, try our floral paisley silk scarf.


The Waterfall Vest


(Photo Source:

When it comes to bloating, a sleeveless waterfall vest is an instant saving grace! Flowing out at all of the right places, a waterfall vest will skim over any lumps and bumps, leaving your Thanksgiving pig-out not completely on show.

Team this stunning piece with an on-trend pair of slim fit jeans and a plain white tee. If you want to dress it up more, gold jewellery is a great way to do so.

Have you planned your Thanksgiving outfit? Let me know in the comments below…



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Family Fun Thanksgiving Table Ideas

Although Thanksgiving may have a serious historical backbone, this holiday is all about the family. So rather than keeping your Thanksgiving super serious, why not give it a lighthearted and quirky flair with a family fun table layout?

Get the kids involved in making turkeys out of pom-poms, get into the spirit by decorating fir-cones and make your thanksgiving table layout a literal ode to your family. After all, what is there to be more thankful for then family and friends?

Here are some of our top family fun thanksgiving table layouts that are sure to put a smile on everyone’s face!

Leaf Turkeys


(Photo Source:

How cute are these little fellas? Turkeys are an integral part of Thanksgiving, so what better way to pop them on your dining table, than by getting the kids involves in some arts and crafts? These turkeys are made out of leaves and nuts, which also reminds the little ones about the true historical roots of Thanksgiving.

If you want to go totally gobble-dy-goop (see what I did there), make these table friends out of felt and pom poms so the kids each have one to take home and keep.

Once you have your turkeys assembled, use them as a centerpiece by dotting them along a table runner. We think they would look right at home on top of the hawthorn leaf table runner.

Pumpkin Trees


(Photo Source:

This idea combines two quintessentially Fall elements and mushes them together in a pretty unique way! This stunning and fun concoction is relatively easy to make: all you need is fir-cones, tall glasses and faux harvest vegetables. Fill your tall glasses with lentils for an extra Autumnal touch and add a handful of twigs. Hang faux mini pumpkins off the twigs as you would Christmas baubles. Surround for an aurora of Fall veggies and a few twigs. Whether you opt for faux veggies, or the real deal, pile them high and keep them running down the center of the table for a fun statement!

Add more natural textures with the shimmery spiral place mats and top with cute, Fall-themed mugs to keep it warm and lighthearted.

Kids Coloring In Table


(Photo Source:

If your family has a designated kids table, make that table 100% fun!! This crayon centerpiece is colorful and cute and will provide hours of entertainment for those little hands! Have the kids color in white faux pumpkins for something that is really Autumnal! Keep your poor table safe from an explosion of crayons by layering on a dark table cloth, such as our hand embroidered rectangular tablecloth.

King Blue

Buffet Table


(Photo Source:

If you’d prefer a buffet-style Thanksgiving dinner, that doesn’t mean you can’t go all-out with a fun table layout! Simply decorate your buffet table into a fun, stylish embodiment of thanksgiving. The table above pairs yummy treats and fun embellishments to absolute perfection.

Begin by giving your table a clean stylish base by layering on a table cloth such as the ornamental embroidered table cloth. Add cute thanksgiving themed bunting along the bottom of the table and inject extra fun with vibrant pumpkins and hanging decor. Next, bake up a bunch of scrumptious desserts for something that the entire family will be thankful for.

Thankful Turkeys


(Photo Source:

If you are looking for a way to teach your kids to not take things for granted, these ‘thankful’ turkeys are the perfect way to do so! Simply add a pair of googly eyes to a pine-cone and add a folded, kite shape piece of card for the beak. Next, get them to drawer around their hand to create a DIY turkey tail. Finally, get them to realize what they are truly grateful for by asking them to write what they are thankful for on the turkeys tail.

These cuties would look great along the Thanksgiving table runner and will make the kids feel incredibly proud of their handy work! Line the turkeys up along the jacquard floral table runner and smile at what your children are grateful for!

Jacquard Floral Table Runner

Which of these table decorations would you like to try?



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10 Easy Thanksgiving Decor Ideas

With Thanksgiving less than a month away, it’s time to start getting into the festive spirit! Thanksgiving decor is an easy way to start getting both your home and your family into the Thanksgiving mood.

If you thought that Thanksgiving decor needed to be as lavish and time-consuming as Christmas, I’ll stop you right in your tracks there! All it takes is a few stunning Autumnal touches to bring in the air of the Fall harvest and create a warm atmosphere for your loved ones.

Here’s 10 easy Thanksgiving decor ideas that are sure to catapult you right into the holiday spirit!

1. Pumpkin Garland

diy pumpkin garland Thanksgiving decor

(Photo Source:

Before you adorn your home with garlands of bells and snowflakes, celebrate Thanksgiving and Fall with these cuter-than-cute pumpkin garlands! They are super easy to make and will bring smiles to the faces of the younger members of your family.

You can read up on the whole tutorial here.

2. Cosy Cushion Corner

Thanksgiving decor cosy corner with cushions

(Photo Source:

Wooden benches and seats can look a little bit cold for Fall. Turn up the heat and snuggle up with cozy cushion and blankets. This combination of rustic neutrals and faux squashes will make a lovely comfortable corner for your Thanksgiving guests to relax after dinner.

Our Touch

When choosing cushions for your Thanksgiving decor, you may be tempted to go for typical oranges and burnished reds. Although these are undoubtedly Autumnal, rustic beige and cream are far more versatile. Add orange with real pumpkins instead!

Solid geometric pillow cover

3. Thankful Board

Thanksgiving thankful board with leaves DIY

Whether you have family visiting from interstate, or you have just your immediate family popping round for dinner, this board is a wonderful way for you all to indulge in what you are truly thankful for.

Cut out leaves from colored paper, and give one to each family member for them to jot down what they are grateful for. Pin the leaves to a board for a unique addition to your home that will ensure you don’t take everyday things for granted! Plus: When the kids are whining about not having the newest X Box, you can totally show them this!

Our Touch

Make this activity extra Fall-appropriate by placing your cut out leaves in an old tissue box adorned with our hand painted floral tissue box cover. DIY-ing a piece of ‘garbage’ is well in the nature of Thanksgiving, whilst the saffron red tones will add an Autumnal touch to any surface.

4. Simple Tablescape

neutral and classic Thanksgiving table layout

(Photo Source:

We are all for easy and laid back, so rest assured that this tablescape has no ice sculptures or ridiculously oversized turkeys carved out of wood. Although this wooden and creamy concoction may be simple, that certainly doesn’t make it any less stunning. Woven placemats and fresh leaves make it luxurious without being too flamboyant. An abundance of earthy textures and harvest vegetables will ensure that your family will embrace the true meaning of Thanksgiving.

Our Touch

If the above layout is a little bit too simple for you, you could always jazz it up with a border printed table runner. Square placemats will also make more of a statement than round placemats under round plates.

Beige & Maroon

Glamorous border table runner

Shimmering spiral hand embroidered placemats

5. Vegetable Toilet Rolls

vegetable toilet roll covers cute fall decor idea

(Photo Source:

Lets be real: a toilet can never be glamorous, but that doesn’t mean that it can’t be funny! These fabric toilet roll covers will make your guests smile. Just don’t be too disturbed if you hear fits of laughter coming from the loo!

6. Coffee Table Centerpiece

Thanksgiving decor coffee table centerpiece

(Photo Source:

If you want to add a sprinkle of Fall to your coffee table, this centerpiece screams Thanksgiving! All it takes is some dried mini squashes, leaves and seasonal berries and a couple of candles! If you don’t have a fire in your home, this is a wonderful way to inject the glow of an open flame into your Thanksgiving decor.

Our Touch

If you would like to give your coffee table a further injection of Thanksgiving, a leaf printed table runner will do the trick! Opt for orange or golden shades to compliment your centerpiece.

Jacquard Floral Table Runner

Jacquard floral table runner

7. Wheat Wreath

thanksgiving decor DIY wheat horseshoe wreath

(Photo Source:

Get crafty with wheat and make your dining table chairs a literal representation of thanksgiving. Color co-ordinate the ribbon bow to compliment your table layout.

8. Cute & Cottagey Table

cute cottagey thanksgiving table forest themed

(Photo Source:

If you thought that Thanksgiving couldn’t be as magical as Christmas, think again!! This stunning table pays homage to the country forest, with faux stag horns, green tablewear and fresh fruit. Although blue isn’t traditionally a color we would associate with Fall or Thanksgiving, the contrast between the warm-hued flowers and the blue tablecloth is stunning. Check out our other favorite Thanksgiving Tablescapes while you’re at it!

Our Touch

Printed blue table cloths and runners can give your Thanksgiving table that quirky, yet stylish edge.

Ocean Blue

Ornamental blossom table runner

Hand painted floral round table cloth

9. Thanks Mason Jars

Thanksgiving decor mason jars

(Photo Source:

There is something undeniably cute and homey about mason jars, so why not make them part of your Thanksgiving decor? As well as being a stunning statement, these mason jars also remind us of the true meaning of the holiday.

10. Pumpkin Owls

pumpkin owls cute Fall Thanksgiving idea














(Photo Source:

Jack o’lanterns scream Halloween, so how exactly do you incorporate pumpkins into your Thanksgiving decor? By turning them into owls of course!

With a few bits of felt and pipe cleaners, your pumpkins can be transformed into cute little table decorations that the kids are sure to love!

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5 Harvest-Themed Thanksgiving Tables

With our children’s Halloween costumes once again thrown into the depths of our attics, our attention has turned to the next national Holiday: Thanksgiving. Although that perfectly cooked turkey and Mum’s famous pumpkin pie may be at the top of your priority list, why not create a warm atmosphere with a food-themed table center?

After all, the true meaning of this holiday is to be thankful for the harvest, so why not put that idea literally to the center of your Thanksgiving table? And with Autumnal berry tones and seasonal vegetables, bringing the true meaning of Thanksgiving to your table is both stylish and easy.

Luscious Berries

(Photo Source:

Great for adding a little warmth to the late November chill, this Autumn berry themed table center consists of a garnet and deep orange palette.

Begin by highlighting the center of your table with a deep red table runner. The Hand Embroidered Table runner in Scarlett red will highlight both the red and orange tones of the berries.


Now it’s time to add your harvest-inspired decor! If you are lucky enough to get hold of real berries: go for it! After all, they only have to last you the one day! Put your bunches of berries in metal vases of random shapes and sizes and scatter along your table runner. Dot candles in between for that warm glow.

For plates, use a combination of metal and orange to blend beautifully with your table center. For that extra wow factor, layer red serviettes in between the layers of plates. Alternatively, you can add an equally beautiful pop of red with these Embroidered Leaf Placemats.

Pumpkin Party

(Photo Source:

Pumpkins aren’t just for Halloween! Bring this bountiful Fall-time favorite to the center of your table this Thanksgiving!

This look is all about the harvest platter, so keep your table runner neutral. The Sari Print Table Runner in silver features subtle hints of burgundy flora, which would compliment your center piece beautifully.


To create your bountiful center, take a wooden crate or planter. Create a base layer of leaves, bunches of berries and various Fall flora. Then add the stars of the show: the pumpkins! Opt for a random selection of sizes and colors and spread them equally throughout your planter. Dot cream-hued candles in-between for a beautiful shrine to the Autumnal Harvest.

I hope you like pumpkin soup: you can totally eat these after Thanksgiving!

We love the leaf embellished fabric bunches on our inspo photo! Re-create it easily by scrunching up our Floral Placemats, adding some leaves and tying with raffia. Plus: you can re-use these placemats for their literal use at a later date too, your guests will be none the wiser!

Turkey Treat

(Photo Source:

Why not stare at some cute little turkeys while your gobbling your dinner? If you enjoy arts and crafts, these little critters can be easily created using brown-toned felt, pom poms, googly eyes and pipe cleaners. Or you can take the easy option and search the one dollar store!

Prep your Thanksgiving table with a white table cloth, such as the Ornamental Embroidered table cloth in beige.


Embellish your table with brown-hued place mats. The two toned placemats will add a touch of sophistication to your cartoonish layout.

Add your turkeys and perhaps some faux pumpkins (all it takes is a pom pom) and get ready for a dinner party the kids will love!

A Faux Vegetable Platter

(Photo Source:

If you would rather eat your veggies then stare at them, this faux-veggie platter is for you!

Begin with a beige hued table cloth and juxtapose your colors by adding an orange table runner. We recommend the Deluxe Floral table runner.


Take a platter plate and top with a plethora of faux pumpkins, squashes and orange candles. Sit the platter plate between two tall candles and feel the Thanksgiving glow!

Autumnal Apples

(Photo Source:

They say an apple a day keeps the doctor away, and this table runner featuring raised apples is sure to inject a fresh and healthy vibe into your Thanksgiving dinner.

For this sleek, wood-toned look, opt for a light beige-brown table runner, such as the Hawthorn Leaf Table Runner.


Embellish with darker brown-hued placemats. The Sari Border placemats in brown would work beautifully with the table runner.

Place a polished rectangle of wood in the center of your placemat. Then add your apples! If the kids are still hungry after the Thanksgiving feast, they can always munch on these!

Surround your wooden block with squashes pumpkins and all of the luscious Fall vegetables that we are truly thankful for!

So whether you opt for pumpkins or berries, make sure you inject some literal harvest foods into your Thanksgiving table center. It just may just remind one of your guests of the true meaning of Thanksgiving!

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