20 Fall Landscapes You Won’t Believe Are Real

Fall landscapes are undeniably a favorite of nature lovers. Warm, crispy leaves create blankets of vibrant oranges and reds that compliment an array of natural landscapes. But if you thought that you’d seen the best that Fall has to offer, you haven’t seen anything yet!

Here are 20 Fall landscapes from around the world that are so stunning you won’t even believe they are real!

1.The Multnomah Falls in the Columbia River Gorge


(Photo Source: photosnapping.wordpress.com)

How can a double cascade look even more like it’s been taken from a fairy tale? Add golden tinted leaves and a moody Fall atmosphere! Cue the fairies!

2. Chinese Forest


(Photo Source: pinimg.com)

There is something so unusually beautiful about this landscape; dots of crimson trees and dotted, almost crater-like hills, make it look like something we would never expect to see in China.

3. Glacier National Park, Montana


(Photo Source: pinterest.com)

Is this place for real? The blue of that cascade against the green and purple hills are what dreams are made of. And the mountain is just the cherry on the top!

4. Lake Bled, Slovenia

lake bled slovenia fall landscapes

(Photo Source: textbooktravel.com)

There is evidence that mountains and Fall foliage are a match made in heaven. This tiny Slovenian island attracts more visitors than any other place in this country and we can really see why! Off all Fall landscapes, this one is the most iconic.

5. Neuschwanstein Castle, Allgau, Bavaria, Germany


(Photo Source: europescalling.com)

This Bavarian castle is known for inspiring Beauty and The Beast. The way the red bricks compliment the trees and that lake…it’s too much for us to handle!

6. The Italian Alps


(Photo Souce: countryliving.com)

A tiny church looks even tinier when surrounded by mighty frost-topped mountains and tangerine-hued pines.

7. Kyoto, Japan


(Photo Source: mappingmegan.com)

These trees are almost magenta. When paired with a reflective mirror and a Japanese temple, it looks like a painting that we would happily hang on our living room wall.

8. The Scottish Highlands


(Phot0 Source: avenlylanetravel.com)

This theatrical landscape has it all: a reflective lake, hills of colorful trees and a layer of fresh mist.

9. Quebec, Canada


(Photo Source: designpics.artistwebsites.com)

How adorable is this? These trees are so bright and vibrant that they look like they could have been painted by hand.

10. Seymour, Connecticut


(Photo Source: pinimg.com)

This landscape is a flaming blaze of Autumnal trees, cute houses and that oh-so-perfectly placed swan.

11. Dolomites, Italy


(Photo Source: orientartoccident.com)

What makes this to other Fall landscapes is how green those rolling hills are. The contrasting red foliage and the vast array of mountains makes us feel the sunshine and the chill at the exact same time.

12. Conwy, Wales


(Photo Source: sylviayork.tumblr.com)

If this doesn’t say ‘Hansel and Gretel’ I’m not sure what will! This adorable thatched home has literally engulfed itself in the beauty of Fall.

13. Los Glaclares National Park, Patagonia, Argentina


(Photo Source: flickr.com)

Who knew trees could become this stunning crimson hue? The mountains are so perfectly placed that they may have well been Photoshopped there.

14. Norway


(Photo Source: 500px.com)

Brrr! This one looks chilly! But through icy hills and freezing lakes comes unexpected pops of tangerine and cranberry.

15. Grand Tetons, Wyoming


(Photo Source: 500px.com)

These colors are actually unreal! The color of harvested corn has been taken and placed on this stunning mountainous landscape.

16. Tenkwana Mountain Range, Japan


(Photo Source: blazepress.com)

The way those colored trees outline the top of the mountain is just crazy! Nature: you’re awesome!

17. Zurich, Switzerland


(Photo Source: pinspopular.com)

Fall in Zurich looks like it’s been taken from a dark fairytale. A carpet of crimson leaves and a reflective, winding stream makes us think that Maleficent may live there.

18. New Hampshire


(Photo Source: tauck.com)

Although color may typically be associated with Spring, this rainbow landscape makes us think that Fall is the kind of color!

19. Alpine Lakes, Washington


(Photo Source: extrahyperactive.com)

This stunning shot captures the process of Fall in all it’s natural glory; as each tree becomes bronzed one by one.

20. Stockholm, Sweden


(Photo Source: 500px.com)

Autumnal Stockland is like going back to a simpler, more beautiful time.

Inject The Stunning Shades of Fall Into Your Home

Whether you live in a stunning Fall landscape, or you dwell in a concrete jungle, injecting the shades of Fall into your home is the perfect way to get into the Thanksgiving spirit. Combine burnt oranges with pops of deep emerald and blood red. To give your home an extra Fall vibe, opt for leaf printed pieces.

Table Runners

Jacquard Floral Table Runner

Jacquard floral table runner, hand painted deluxe floral table runner, ornamental blossom table runner.


Rustic Orange

Hand painted floral table cloth, hand painted floral rectangular table cloth

Throw Pillow Covers

Paisley embroidered pillow cover, ornamental embroidered pillow cover, jacquard floral pillow cover



Floral paisley place mat, embroidered leaf place mat

Which of the Fall landscapes is your favorite?







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The Weirdest Hotel Rooms In The World

My partner and I are currently on the look out for our first home. As we were scrolling through a plethora of potential homes, a triangle-shaped building caught my eye! ‘Oh my gosh, I want to live in a triangle!’ I exclaimed. He rolled his eyes, let out a laugh and kept scrolling down the list. ‘I guess it’s all a matter of taste’, my mind muttered at me, taunting me for my arty-farty views on bizarre architecture.

If you’ve stumbled across this page, I could bet my bottom dollar that you are a fan of bizarre and artistic architecture too! Today’s your lucky day, I’ve searched far and wide to bring you the weirdest hotel rooms in the world. From underwater hotels, to staying in a giant dog (yes really), here’s the most bizarre, yet awesome, hotel rooms in the world…

The Floating Bedroom


(Photo Source: viralnova.com)

If swimming’s your passion, this bedroom-meets-pool will truly float your boat (no pun intended). Plus: if you ever fell out of bed, you can have a bath at the same time!

Get The Banarsi Look

Although we can’t provide you with a pool, we can provide you with the lush white bedding!

Hand embroidered duvet cover set

The Glass Igloo


(Photo Source: flyingthenest.tv)

Although these strange structures may look like igloos, they are actually hotel rooms. Hotel Kakslauttanen in Norway consists of glass igloos that seem to float amongst the snow. They are made for 360 degree views of the Aurora Borealis.


(Photo Source: hiconsumption.com)

Although the icy exterior may give you goosebumps, the inside is a snuggly, boho den. The neutral palette with metallic patterns and mixed textures is super warm and welcoming.

The Banarsi Style

These metallic jacquard patterns make the bedding 100% Nordic chic. Get your own by adorning with our hand embroidered duvet cover set and topping with the damask table runner. Hey, you can even put a photograph of the Northern Lights above your bed!

The Cube Room


I promise you now that this is not photo shopped! This Swedish tree hotel is quite literally a mirrored box that hangs in the middle of the forest.  As well as being the dictionary definition of minimalism, it’s also 100% eco friendly. How Swedish!

Ice Hotel


(Photo Source: smosh.com)

Ah… Sweden, you are proving yourself to be hard to beat when it comes to weird hotel rooms! This ice hotel is literally made of ice and is fed by a nearby river. Those sculpted ice walls are unreal! However, the only warming part of this room is that luscious, vermilion bedding.

Get The Banarsi Look

Beat the chill with warming, red bedding.

Saffron Red

Ornamental embroidered duvet cover set

The Giant Dog


(Photo Source: dogbarkparkinn.com)

If you’re a dog lover, the Dog Bark Park Inn gives you the opportunity to take this obsession to a whole new level. How about literally sleeping inside a beagle? Head to Indiana! As for the rooms themselves; well, they are barking mad!


(Photo Source: dogbarkparkinn.com)

Even if the dogs are a little too much for you, this warm, vintage-terracotta palette is about as homey as it gets.

Get The Banarsi Look

Opt for worn-looking terracotta reds and cottagey patterns.

Beige & Maroon

Glamorous border table runner

Damask throw pillow cover

The Sewer Pipe


(Photo Source: dasparkhotel.net)

You’re probably thinking that this sounds like a load of poo, but these sewer pipe hotels are actually for real! This ‘artist designed budget accommodation’ is in two areas of Germany and even has fitted electricity.

The Underwater Wonderland


(Photo Source: news.com.au)

Who knew that the phrase ‘sleep with the fishes’ could actually be a good thing? The Deluxe King Water Villa at the Maldives’ Rungali Island Resort has an aquarium ceiling and guess what? It’s not fake! This room is actually under the Indian Ocean and is like a sleep-in scuba expedition.

Get The Banarsi Look

We can’t take you to the Indian Ocean, but we can bring it to you with Oceanic blue decor!

With gorgeous water droplet prints, this chic jacquard table runner would make a fabulous rug, bed runner or table embellishment.

Ocean Blue

The floral embroidered pillow cover has all the vibrancy of a tropical reef.

The Trojan Horse


(Photo Source: dailymail.co.uk)

La Belade Des Gnomes in Belgium gives travelers the chance to live in a literal fairy tale with various suites dedicated to favorite childhood tales. The most lavish of these is the Trojan Horse Suite, which looks like it’s been taken out of Troy itself! It’s equally as whacky inside and looks like some sort of Disney-fied stable.


(Photo Source: dailymail.co.uk)

Which hotel would be your dream wacky vacation?


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Decor Inspiration: India’s Most Beautiful Palaces

If the world were to give a medal to its most vibrant country, India would undeniably be in the running. With grand architecture such as the Taj Mahal making it a dreamy and exotic tourist destination, India certainly has a lot to offer when it comes to wanderlust.

One of the most unique and stunning aspects of India are its lavish and colourful palaces. Just stepping into one of these magnificent places makes you feel as though you have stepped back in time.

Although India is home to a whopping 71 palaces, we have selected the most beautiful ones for you to feast your eyes on!

Here’s the most beautiful palaces India has the offer, alongside home décor inspired by them…

Jaipur City Palace


(Photo Source: thousandwords.net)

Located in the capital of India’s Rajasthan State and in the center of ‘the pink city’, Jaipur Palace is a mish-mash of Rajput, Mughpal and European architectural styles. The palace was built between 1729 and 1732 and was originally inhabited by Maharaja of Jaipur, who was the King of the Kachwaha Rajput clan. Today, it is a popular tourist attraction, with part of the palace acting as a museum.

jaipur city palace

(Photo Source: blog.wsj.com)

The Chandra Mahal acts as the home of the current royal family. With golden embellished pillars and ceilings with adornments of deep ruby and emerald, this part of the palace is certainly fit for royalty! Embroidered rugs in vermilion and gold perfectly line the floor, whilst oversized crimson pillow compliment the mahogany doors. Don’t expect to see a tiger here if you visit, this fellow was cleverly super-imposed by the photographer!

Get The Look

Line your floors with the hand embroidered table runner for an easy royal upgrade.

Recreate the palaces detailed ceiling in your home with the hand embroidered brocade pillow cover.


(Photo Source: devrajniwas.wordpress.com)

This section of the Chandra Mahal embraces a more cool palette. Although it is undeniably still as vivid and vibrant as the red-toned part, this combination of azure and soft gold has a more soothing effect.

Get The Look

Sleep like royalty underneath the calm tones of the hand embroidered 7 piece duvet cover set.

Or if the walls inspire you, use the ornamental blossom table runner as a statement wall hanging.

Ocean Blue

Mysore Palace


(Photo Source: thousandwords.net)

Built in 1892 in India’s Southern region of Karnataka, Mysore Palace is now India’s most second popular tourist attraction after the Taj Mahal. With a combination of Hindu, Gothic and Muslim architectural styles, the popularity of this stunning palace barely comes as a surprise. Despite it’s tourism success, it still remains property of the royal family and has housed the Maharajas of Mysore since its construction.


(Photo Source: thehindu.com)

A conglomeration of vibrant colors, prints and textures make this palace a truly magnificent sight to see. Angel encrusted pillars and floral- dotted walls lead directly towards the golden throne itself. The colors and patterns are cleverly placed to gradually go from warm tones to cool, with a red-toned floor, red, aqua and golden pillars and a blue and green ceiling.

Get The Look

Embrace the palaces clashing colors with the blue and red toned floral pillow embroidered cover.

Ocean Blue

Or go for a more understated, but equally regal air with the luxurious artistry table runner.


(Photo Source: mysorepalace.gov.in)

The stunning ceiling of the Public Durbar Hall gives across an abstract image of the sun and the sky. Intricately guilded with a textured gold frame, it seamlessly stems into a flower-dotted gold beam surrounded by vibrant mint.

Get The Look

Our exotic oriental pillow cover perfectly captures the air of this stunning ceiling

Bangalore Palace


(Photo Source: journeymart.com)

Home to the current Mysore royal family, the Bangalore Palace has recently undergone a renovation. Although it still holds elements of its gothic roots close to its heart, the palace grounds now contain lavish amenities, including an amusement park and a concert ground.


(Photo Source : 365service.in)

This room is a perfect mish-mash of modern décor and classic Indian elements. The hanging chandeliers and wooden floors bring a more Western element to the contrasting decorated ceiling and walls. The earthy tones of ochre, green and wood make it less vivid than other Indian temples, but equally as beautiful.

Get The Look

Juxtapose the old and new in your kitchen with the shimmering spiral placemats and the hawthorn leaf table runner.



(Photo Source: digitalkaleidoscope.in)

The courtyard has undeniable Spanish and Arabic influences. Stone turrets and mosaic floors give this décor an incredibly multi-cultural vibe, not to mention the classic Tudor stone walls surrounding it.

Get The Look

Go for a mystical Moroccan vibe with our velvet sparkle throw pillow cover

Taj Lake Palace


(Photo Source: newsweek.com)

This lavish ‘floating’ palace in Udaipur was originally built as a Winter palace for Maharana Jagat Singh III. Set on the small island of Jag Niwas, it is now a luxury hotel and was recently voted ‘the most romantic hotel in the world.’ Keeping it’s luxurious Palace décor in play, its guests include actress Nicole Kidman and Sir Mick Jaggar. It also grew in popularity after featuring in the 1983 James Bond movie ‘Octopussy’.


(Photo Source: https://taj.tajhotels.com)

With an architectural style inspired by the history of Udaipur, this arched Grand Presidential Suite is sure to make its guests feel like royalty. Jacquard printed fabrics and silky textures ensure that it remains true to the palaces heritage.

Get The Look

This one is all about clashing jacquard prints. Opt for our damask table runner and jacquard floral pillow covers in orange and blue tones.



(Photo Source: au.hotels.com­)

The Grand Royal Suite takes a more modern approach to Indian Palace décor. The braised wood bed head and serenity-hued sofas have a modern air of elegance to them, which is beautifully woven into the more classic elements of the room. Carved stone elephants and golden guilded doors and mirrors allow the guest to step back into the time of the palaces Royal inhabitants.

Get The Look

A golden embroidered bedding set is regal, yet timeless.

The exotic oriental pillow cover will pop perfectly from a neutral palette.

Which palace is your favorite?

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20 Times @tuulavintage Gave Us Life Envy!

Imagine visiting the most photogenic places in the world? And even better, getting paid for it! For Jessica Stein, this dreamy jet-set lifestyle is in-fact a reality. The Australian personal style and travel blogger behind ‘Tuula Vintage’ is officially the worlds most stylish nomad.

With a whopping 2.2 million followers, it seems that many of us want to live her life vicariously through her and who can blame us? From crystal clear, cave pools, to hundreds of hot air balloons with a picture perfect skirt twirl, her whole life seems like an edition of Conde Nast traveller. **Sighs and then goes back to 9-5 job**

We have to admit that we are a whole lot little jealous of her adventures. We’d happily swap our office for her yoga sesh on a Thai beach and our grotty cheese salad sandwich for her wine and canapes.

Ready to get your wanderlust on? Stay tuned for 20 times that Jessica Stein has given us serious life envy…


Jess enjoys a dip in one of natures most beautiful natural pools. This Croatian wonderland looks like something from a Mermaid- fairytale! If only I could literally jump into this photo…


How’s this for a view of New York? The closest we’ve got to this is through watching re-runs of Gossip Girl… And those weren’t even sunset views…



The blogger beauty shows off her fabulous pins in Mexico in this split maxi dress. Hey Jess: can we steal those cushions to make our own outdoor chill zone?

Get The Look

Bring the Aztec vibes of Mexico home with printed cushions. As the Spring weather begins to roll in, pop them on an outdoor chair or in a hammock for an at-home chill zone! Jess’s legs, however, are something that you can not easily recreate!

Floral embroidered pillow cover and velvet sparkle throw pillow cover


This photo is captioned ‘floating this morning and watching the sunset.’ As if having Krabi to yourself isn’t enough, Jess’s feet seem to be waaay more photogenic than ours too!


Our obsession with Moroccan prints has just entered a whole new level… Que this fashion-meets-fabric photo taken at the markets in Marrakesh. Get us fifty miles of Moroccan print fabric and a lace midi dress pronto!

Get The Look

If you can’t go to Marrakesh, bring Marrakesh to you! Fill your home with luscious middle Eastern prints, burn some incense and pretend you are there…

Exotic oriental pillow cover, Arabian velvet table runner, Chic jacquard table runner


Croatia has been turbo-sped to the top of my wanderlust list thanks to Jessica’s Instagram. One look at these waterfalls in the Plitvice Lakes National Park is all it takes!


Here’s two words that will turn you greener than Shrek: Jimmy Choo and Marrakech. Them combined= Excitedly gasping for breath. This Jimmy Choo party looks like something we could only dream of receiving an invite too…

Get The Look

Warm up your dining area with firey red and pink tones. Add a chic Moroccan flair with natural tones place mats and let that wine flow!


Ornamental embroidered table cloth and shimmering spiral hand embroidered placemats


Fancy going swimming a bat cave? We didn’t even know such a thing existed! Jess explores this hidden beauty in Cenote Dos Ojos.


The interior of this mosque has to be some of the most beautiful architecture I have ever seen, just look at those colors! Jessica covers up in a matching palette.

Get The Look

Wrap up in an paisley print scarf to add a little touch of wanderlust to your everyday wardrobe.

Floral paisley silk scarf and floral paisley scarf


It seems that Turkey is the unofficial land of colors! This hot air balloon meets model scene is so perfect, the only way we could re-create it would be with Photoshop!


This Phuket suite would totally win our Oscar for ‘comfiest looking bed’, if such a thing existed! With four-poster drapes and a luscious sea view, it’s certainly fit for a modern princess.

Get The Look

Luxury and comfort do not necessarily have to be polar opposites. Opt for clean, neutral tones and a variety of textures for something snug, yet chic.

Hand embroidered duvet cover set and elegant dahlia pillow cover


Just hanging out in the Maldives and casually matching your look to the aqua ocean…. ah, the life of a travel blogger!


‘Revolve clothing’ certainly do know how to spoil their blogger guests! This Miami mansion makes my home look like a literal shed.

Get The Look

For this Pinterest-worthy style, opt for a minimalist vibe with bright white base tones. Add features in marble, wood and brown tones to make it comfy rather than clinical.

Damask throw pillow cover and paisley embroidered pillow cover


Strolling down El Matador beach looking like a supermodel. Us when we go to the beach? Sweaty, greasy and not that hot!


Hows this for romantic? A ‘four poster’ style gazebo with perfect table decor right on a private Costa Rican beach. And check out those ‘Survivor’ style flaming arrows. Me? Jealous?

Get The Look

Although you may not have access to a ticket to Costa Rica, you can treat your other half to a private beach picnic. For a timeless and romantic vibe, opt for a pink-hued table cloth and a jar of fresh roses.

Hand painted round floral tablecloth


This makes my inner ‘Princess and The Frog’ come screaming out! This giant, turquoise pool is so perfectly dotted with lillypads. Ah… get me to Tulum, Mexico!


Now this is an infinity pool! Jess knows luxury, and this retreat in the Maldives blends seamlessly into the ocean.


I’ve never seen anything more typically beautifully Mediterranean then Jess’s shots of Positano. Those brightly-hued houses on the hill look like part of some sort of fantastic painting.


The Hamptons: the place that the rich, the famous, and the all-out glamorous go to escape from the Big Apple. Jessica’s visit, courtesy of Revolve Clothing, was all out-chic, if this cosy abode is anything to judge by!

Get The Look

For a trip to the Hamptons in your own home, opt for a feminine and floral vibe in a lavender palette.

Hand painted duvet cover set and hand embroidered pillow cover.


Jess celebrates a picturesque sunset in Dubrovnik, Croatia. She certainly has a lot to celebrate in her life, everyday is a new adventure!

Which photo fills you with wanderlust? Let me know in the comments below…


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5 Christmas Gift Ideas For The Travel Lover

We all have that friend/relative who seems to have a passport constantly glued to their hand. Whether they’re hiking in the Himalayas or cruising round the Greek Island’s, they eat, drink and breathe wanderlust.

As they touch base for the festive period, they bring with them tales of places unknown, a trillion photographs and a sack full of souvenirs. So what are you supposed to place under the Christmas tree for them? Read on for the ultimate gift guide for the wanderluster…

The Embroidered Table Cloth

If you can’t buy them a trip around the world, why not buy them something that brings that trip to their home?

This stunning hand embroidered table cloth injects an air of wanderlust into any kitchen. With a vibrant Paisley design that brings vibes of Morocco, India and Aboriginal Australia alike, your wanderluster friend can dream about lands far-far-away every meal time!


(Photo Source: nomadicdecorator.com)

If their walls need a quick update, this stunning design can also be mounted on the wall to make a bohemian wall hanging! It ticks all the boho-trend boxes and is sure to add some much needed warmth to the Winter chill!

A Statement Scarf

If you thought scarves were just for keeping the chill at bay, think again. Here’s how a scarf could be a beneficial gift to your travel-loving friend:


(Photo Source: boardwalk-style.com)

A scarf can be used as a cute beach cover-up to keep sunburn at bay. The tropical floral scarf is the perfect gift for any beach babe!


(Photo Source: dornob.com)

Scarves can be used to snuggle up in during a flight. The pure wool print animal scarf is 100% wool. SUPER COSY!

neutral on neutral-summer

Above: Wearing the abstract floral wool scarf

A scarf acts as a quick and easy shoulder cover-up when visiting Mosque’s, Temples and places of worship.


(Photo source: banggood.com)

A scarf makes a cute addition to a backpack and makes it easier to find in that hostel back pack mound! With the artistic print silk scarf, her bag is bound to stand out for all the right reasons!


(Photo Source: chicfashion.co)

Last, but certainly not least, a scarf is a stylish, boho injection to any outfit! Traveling is all about embracing that on-trend nomadic vibe. Plus: It takes up ZERO space in their backpack! You can’t get more fashionably bohemian than the exotic silk scarf!

Foreign Currency


(Photo Source: cashstop.com.au)

Know where they’re headed to next? A great and thoughtful gift idea is to give them some foreign currency. It show’s your interested in their adventures and ensures they have that little bit of cash tucked away for necessities when they get there. If their itinerary is a total mystery to you, travelers cheques may be a better choice!

A Cushion/Throw Pillow Cover

What better way to remind them of their epic travels than with a decorated cushion cover? With various prints and colors, you are sure to find one that will give them sweet dreams of their travels! Check out my guide below….


watphoBlack & Gold

(Photo Source: thailandmusings.thaivisas.com)

The hand brocade pillow cover will bring back memories of the stunning architecture of Wat Pho.



(Photo Source: thesmartgirlstravelguide.com)

This floral embroidered pillow cover perfectly captures the bustling vibrancy of a Marrakesh market.



(Photo Source: aboriginalartstore.com.au)

The ornamental embroidered pillow cover is very reminiscent of Indigenous Australian art.



(Photo Source: viaa.nl)

Nothing says The Netherlands tulips like the Jacquard Damask Pillow Cover.

Boho Print Place Mats

A set of stunning bohemian print place mats gives your loved one the perfect excuse to invite friends round to show them holiday snaps.

They could show off their newly acquired Asian cooking skills with the Saree Border place mats:


Alternatively, they can echo the sophisticated vibe they felt in Europe with the two tone place mats:


Now sit back, relax and enjoy listening to the travel tales these presents bring out…

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