Typical Decor Styles From Around The World

As a Brit living in Australia, I am prone to being stereotyped. From being asked if I regularly hold tea parties, to really bizarre comments about the royal family, it’s become a part of my everyday life. It got me thinking about stereotypes from around the world, stereotypical home decor in particular.

Completely engulfed by visions of American home decor and Indian home decor, I thought I’d share some incredibly beautiful, albeit stereotypical, home decor inspirations from around the world…



(Photo Source: houzz.com.au)

When you think of quintessential Indian decor, you think of luxurious, embroidered detailing, rich pink and orange tones and beautiful, carved embellishments. This living room above encompasses all 0f these elements to perfection. Rich wooden carvings frame a sofa bed and embellished details take the wooden table to the next level. More is more when it comes to Indian decor, which is highlighted through the colorful abundance of throws, foot cushions and pillows.

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Transform a plain table or sofa into an Indian work of art with our saree border table runner.

Golden Orange

Indian print pillow covers in warm tones will bring the vibrancy of Mumbai to your home

Hand embroidered throw pillow cover

Floral embroidered throw pillow cover


American Home Interior Design With Fine New Classic American Home Design Idesignarch Interior Design Best Decor - Home Interior Design

(Photo Source: bizdale.com)

This living room is the perfect balance between country bumpkin style and American new colonial. If this doesn’t say 1950s Southern home, I’m not sure what does! Block-y, country prints are combined with soft pastels and traditional furniture. Tan leather and wood elements make a stark contrast, but their undeniable cottage-y edge makes them very quintessentially American.

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Adorn your sofa with pastel cushions in retro and floral prints for a look that says ‘classic Americana’.

Jacquard paisley pillow cover


Spring garden floral pillow cover




(Photo Source: decor.966v.com)

When it comes to home decor, this certainly screams Canada! The snug, log-cabin feel could quite easily be found in the middle of the Canadian wilderness. An overindulgence of brick and wood give this bedroom a naturally rustic feel. Plush carpets and gilded bed heads add an air of glamour, whilst the muted palette keeps it looking understated. If this room is anything to go by, Canadians certainly know how to mix textures!

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Beige bedding will adhere to the neutral palette of the room, whilst letting wooden and brick elements be the focal point.

Hand embroidered duvet cover set



(Photo Source: exterior.creairtive.com)

Draped ceilings, wall lights and room-round curtains, this room embodies the luxurious elements of Egyptian culture to perfection. The windows surrounding the bed ensured that it is the key focal point, making the owner feel like absolute royalty! Although the plain white bed seems simple, it is the small details that make this room look like an Ancient Egyptian treasure. The gold embroidered cushions and bed runner add a classy amount of detail, whilst the drapes make the room seem even more regal. As for the mood lighting, I bet Cleopatra would have approved!

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Inject an exotic edge onto your bed with our hawthorn leaf table runner.



(Photo Source: zarindumasia.blogspot.com)

Russian decor always comes with an edge of East-meets-West. This beautiful living room takes Russia back to its soviet days. Ditsy florals, pastels and an abundance of wood make it look uniform, yet quaint. The symmetry in the room of both the sofas and the floral wallpaper is unexpectedly appealing to the eye.

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Adorn your living room with floral cushions in baby blue tones.

Jacquard floral pillow covers



(Photo Source: newsonair.com)

You can honestly imagine a man in leiderhosen chilling out on these sofas! A classic, Tudor, exposed-beam roof instantly gives this room a typically Bavarian vibe. Further Tudor elements are present in the on-wall light fittings and the chandelier. The room has that snug vibe that you would typically expect from cold Northern Europe. Brick floors are warmed up by red leather sofas, warm-hued patterns and oaky wooden furniture.

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Warm up your room with burnt tones.

Hand embroidered brocade pillow cover

Arabian velvet table runner



(Photo Source: suemariedesign.com)

Fancy some tea with that typically British bedroom ma’am? Curved carvings on the furniture and an abundance of Laura Ashley style pastels, this is a stereotypical mixing pot of modern day British decor and the ‘Jane Austin’ stereotype. We adore the soft pairing of sea lavender and white and the simplicity of the palette ensures that the room doesn’t look cluttered, despite the large amount of furniture. Speaking of the furniture, those stunning curved details make this room look fit for Queen Lizzie herself.

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It’s all about that sea lavender and white palette!

Jacquard floral table runner

Which country’s ‘typical’ decor style is your favorite?



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Scarf Styling 101 – 10 Amazing Scarf Styles For Any Season

Whether you are surrounded by the crisp, orange leaves of Fall or are donning your bikini for the upcoming summer, a scarf is a quick and easy way to add a stylish element to your look.

Not sure how to style your new scarf? Whether you’ve opted for a patterned or plain number, I’ve got you covered! Scroll down for my styling tips for any outfit, any weather!

White On White

White is still a huge trend for this season. To add a bit of oomph to your white get up, add a stunning printed white scarf. Hello boho beauty!



Wearing: Floral Paisley Scarf in green and purple

If you’re currently cosying up in cooler climes, opt for a fluffy white jumper. Inject a texture clash by teaming your fluffy friend with the floral print statement scarf. I adore the lush turquoise and purple tones in this Floral Paisley Scarf; perfect for adding some Summery vibes for fall.



Wearing: Floral Paisley Scarf in Autumn

If you come from a land down under, you can still use a floral boho scarf to brighten up your clean, white look! Go all out boho by teaming a crochet-embellished play suit with a paisley print scarf.  This Floral Paisley scarf would look equally as lush over a bikini as it does thrown over a pair of tanned shoulders.

Styling Prints

When it comes to a printed piece, look for the color that appears least in the print. Take a scarf that color and bring out that minimal color in your look.



Wearing: Solid Color Scarf in Maroon

Floral for Spring? Groundbreaking! Floral’s for Autumn? Yes please! To bring out the maroon tones in this posy-dotted blouse, I added the Solid Color Scarf in maroon. Top with the trench to keep the cold at bay.



Wearing: Solid Color Scarf in Turquoise

What’s an easier way to be stylish than a boho-print dress? A boho print dress with a scarf! I brought out the luscious sapphire tones in this dress by adding the solid color scarf in turquoise. It’s perfect for throwing over your dresses for a chilly beach night and even adds a glam factor with it’s metallic sheen.

Alternatively, you can pair your statement scarf with a solid-color garment that brings out the least statement color in your scarf.


bringoutpatterncolour (2)

Wearing: Floral Paisley Scarf in green and purple

This burgundy knit dress beautifully brings out the subtle maroon tones in this scarf, while the scarf adds color and print to the plain dress. In other words, they are a match made in heaven.



Wearing: Exotic Silk Scarf in Berry

Another great styling tip is to bring out two colors in your scarf at once. This skirt and tee combo is seriously flattered by this scarf. The scarf also transforms this plain tee and skirt combo into a big fat tick to the Seventies trend.

Stripes On Stripes

If you own a stripe scarf, why not combine it with a striped ensemble? The only rule is: the striped scarf should be a different color to your look.



Wearing: Striped Print Scarf in Blue

Clashing shades of blue stripes is a modern take on the age-old nautical trend. Blue and white pinstripes get a little lift when combined with a vibrant striped, print, such as that on the Striped Print Scarf. If it’s extra chilly, add a jacket that is the same color as one of the tones in the scarf.  We think that faux fur adds a brilliant texture clash.



Wearing: Stripe Print Scarf in Red

Off-the-shoulder is a huge Summer trend for Southern Hemispher-ers, add to the sultry neckline by draping a scarf across the shoulders and arms. This simple monochrome striped top is given a quirky edge by this pink and red vibrant scarf. For a full-blown seventies look, style with a suede skirt.


No matter what the season, you can never go wrong with neutral tones! Uplift your grey and beige garments with a suitably neutral scarf with a vibrant twist.



Wearing: Abstract Floral Wool Scarf in brown

As the Autumnal fields turn into carpets of leaves, you no doubt find yourself delving into your chunky knits. Combine your fave grey or nude piece with a printed scarf with neutral undertones. This Abstract Floral Wool scarf wonderfully blends with the knit whilst adding vibrant hints of electric orange.


neutral on neutral-summer

Wearing: Abstract Floral Wool Scarf in brown

Suede is all the rage and what better way to give your neutral suede piece an extra boho edge than a printed scarf? Opt for earthy brown and beige tones and drape over the arms for that nomadic vibe.

How will you be styling your scarf this season? No matter wind, rain, cold or shine, make sure that your scarf adds that little wow factor to your look!


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5 Quirky Ways To Rock A Boho Scarf

It’s official: boho is here to stay. With the curtain closed on Paris Fashion Week, the fashion forecast is still looking a whole lot hippy for the Spring/Summer 2016 collections. From Mary Katrantzou’s clashing florals, to Anna Sui’s vibrant tropicana, the New York, London, Paris and Milan fashion weeks presented an ode to the 70s.

(Photo source: vogue.com)

Luckily, you don’t need the budget of A-lister to totally rock the boho look. By investing in a stunning printed scarf for just $18, you can give your wardrobe an instant bohemian makeover.

And if you thought that a scarf could only be worn one way, you better think again! Gone are the days where you simply wear a scarf around your neck, this season the fash-pack are wearing this accessory the quirky way.

Here are 5 out-of-the-box ways to rock your boho scarf….

The Wrap Top


(Photo Credit: www.thedailyluxe.net)

Bohemian printed scarves are all about the prints… ethnic? Paisley? You got it! Make the show-stopping print the true focal print of your look by transforming your scarf into a trendy, halter, wrap top.

You will need…. A long-line scarf such as this beautiful multicolored abstract print scarf.

‘How?’, I hear you ask. Well, it’s super simple! Firstly, wrap your scarf around your neck and pull so it sits snugly around the neck. Ensure there is an equal amount of fabric handing down on each side and cross over these two pieces of fabric. Then simply wrap the two pieces around your back and tie or secure with a cute scarf pin. Alternatively,   Tuck the two pieces into a pair of high waist trousers, shorts or a skirt.

Voila! A brand new on-trend top…and you didn’t even have to open you’re wallet!

The Half-Throw


(Photo Credit: masterwardrobe.wordpress.com)

This oh-so-effortless look will unleash your inner street style star.  Simply throw a wide scarf, such as this abstract floral wool scarf, nonchalantly over one shoulder and belt. Try teaming a vibrant patterned scarf with a plain coloured tee to give it an instant boho vibe. Feeling brave? Pair your scarf with a contrasting coloured top for a super striking look.

The Belted Top


(Photo Source: fashionmio.com)

If this look is good enough for Olivia Palermo, we’ll take it! The street style pages of fashion magazines have seen a sudden influx of printed scarves tucked into belts and we are hooked on this simple, yet detailed look.

If you are on a budget, this floral wool scarf is a bargain doppelganger for Olivia’s piece.

Simply place your scarf around your neck and belt it at the waist. Extra boho style points for styling your printed scarf with an ethereal lace or crochet piece.

LONDON, ENGLAND - FEBRUARY 17: Model Cara Delevingne walks the runway at the Burberry Prorsum show during the London Fashion Week Autumn / Winter 2014 on February 17, 2014 in London, England. (Photo by Lucie Desmond/isifa/Getty Images)

(Photo Source: vovobag.com)

For a boho look that blends your scarf seamlessly into your look, as seen at Burberry, opt for a soft-printed pastel piece, such as this Multicolored Abstract Print Scarf.

The Coverup


(Photo Credit: socialbliss.com)

Ok… so this one might be better off left to the Southern Hemisphere-rs, who are entering summer. Or perhaps you are a Northern Hemispher-er jetting off to warmer climates? Either way, save closet and suitcase space by using your printed scarf as a beach cover up. We love this Spring Rose Scarf over a plain swimsuit.

Wear it thrown over the shoulders to protect against UV rays and sunburn, whilst still looking fashion-forward. Alternatively, tie around the hips to add an instant quirk to your favorite bikini. Who needs a sarong?

Keep your scarf in the beach bag for when the sun goes down. After all, it will help you beat the chill factor at that evening beach barbecue.

The Strapless Top


A luxurious, silky top made from a scarf? Yes please?

To rock a boho-print silk top, take a silk scarf, such as the Exotic Silk Scarf, and unfold it so that it is a single piece of fabric. Then take a tight-fitting, stretch bandeau top and tuck the top of the scarf into the bandeau top all the way around. Yes: it’s really that easy!

If you don’t own a bandeau top, have no fear! Simply tie in a knot at the back for a backless design.


(Photo Source: framboisefashion.com)

Alternatively, you can take a pointed scarf, such as the solid colour scarf and transform it into a cute bandanna style top. Simply fold the scarf in half into a large triangle, wrap around your bust and tie at the back! Now you can rock the crop top trend and 70s trend all in one!

So no matter what scarf you choose, silky or wool, think outside the box when it comes to styling. After all, the original hippies were never shy when it came to style!

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