Fall 2017 Color Trends

In nature, Fall is all about beautiful colors, so it’s only natural that we want to give our home a little spruce on the spectrum. Rather than taking cue from golden leaves and tawny pumpkins, we’re all about Pantone’s Fall 2017 color trends.

Just in-case you have been living under a trend-repelling rock, Pantone is a world renowned authority on color and has boffins working around the clock to pick out new colors and what they convey in color-critical industries. You may remember past Pantone colors of the year, such as ‘serenity’, or ‘greenery’, the Pantone 2017 color of the year.

So what exactly do the Fall 2017 color trends have in store for our homes?

Well, there’s tawny port (sounds yummy), copper tan (can we get it in spray form?) and shaded spruce (erm…what?). Without further confusing waffle, here’s the Fall 2017 color trends according to Pantone…

Tawny Port


What is it?

“Taking the Red family to new depths, Tawny Port is elegant, sophisticated, and tasteful.” (Pantone)

Why we love it

It’s like a warm mulled wine in front of a crackling fireplace whilst wearing our favorite slippers. It’s comforting, it’s cozy and it’s surprisingly delectable.

Our Fall 2017 Color Trends Pick


Velvet embroidered table runner

Neutral Gray


What is it?

“The standard bearer of all neutrals, Neutral Gray shares the anchoring role with Navy Peony in this palette. It can be used as an accent or a head-to-toe statement shade.” (Pantone)

Why we love it

It’s a more stone-like gray than the lilacy hues seen in past seasons. The lack of overly warm or cool tones mean that it’s oh-so-versatile. Plus, it’s not so harsh that it’s cold!

Our Fall 2017 Color Trends Pick


Damask throw pillow cover

Shaded Spruce


What is it?

“This is a green you might see in the forest – sheltering and protective as evergreen trees”. (Pantone)

Why we love it

Dear world, emerald and teal have had a beautiful love child… enter shaded spruce! This hue has already been huge on the home decor market and looks great alongside neutral hues and brighter tones alike.

Our Fall 2017 Color Trends Pick

Striped print scarf

Golden Lime


What is it?

“Earthy tones with a twist, the golden undertones of Golden Lime makes this yellow-green shade a refreshing complement to fall classics”. (Pantone)

Why we love it

We are already imagining how darn amazing this hue would look in monochrome rooms. It’s just on the right side of snotty and we are loving it!

Our Fall 2017 Color Trends Pick

Ocean Blue

Floral embroidered pillow cover

Ballet Slipper


What is it?

“Descended from the Red family but with a softer touch, Ballet Slipper is always flattering and reminiscent of the rosy glow of health”. (Pantone)

Why we love it

This baby pink hue is like your inner childhood princess and sophisticated adult self have shook hands and come to an agreement. It’s warming, but not too rosy to be overbearing.

Our Fall 2017 Color Trends Pick

Arabian velvet table runner



What is it?

“This snug, warming, and toasty shade is evocative of drinking a glass of Butterrum by a roaring fire on a cool autumn evening”. (Pantone)

Why we love it

It looks good enough to eat! Jokes aside, this less-overbearing cousin of coral will add a snug Autumnal edge to any home.

Our Fall 2017 Color Trends Pick

Black & White

Hawthorn leaf table runner



What is it?

“Cool with an enhanced vitality, Marina is the only truly cool color in the fall palette that brings with it freshness and brightness.” (Pantone)

Why we love it

It’s like welcoming a warm Mediterranean Ocean into your home! This color is a blue that won’t leave you freezing in the cold.

Our Fall 2017 Color Trend Pick

Saffron Red

Ornamental embroidered duvet cover set



What is it?

“A powerful, evocative, dynamic red, Grenadine is a confident and self-assured attention-getter.” (Pantone)

Why we love it

Because it’s totally unexpected; goodbye burnt oranges and dull tangerines! This is spicy with an edge of pumpkin!

Our Fall 2017 Color Trends Pick

Floral embroidered placemats

Navy Peony


What is it?

“A mainstay for the season for both palettes, Navy Peony is a dependable and an anchoring shade. Solid and stable, the hue takes some of the load off of black as a go-to neutral”. (Pantone)

Why we love it

What’s an Autumn palette without a gorgeous navy shade? This one isn’t too ‘Halloween-y’, yet isn’t too ‘Summer fiesta’, it’s the perfect mix.

Our Fall 2017 Color Trends Pick


Modern two tone accent pillow cover

Autumn Maple


What is it?

“A quintessential autumn color, Autumn Maple is tawny and russet, introducing warmth into the palette.” (Pantone)

Why we love it

It’s a spiced pumpkin latte, jumping in a pile of leaves and trick or treating all in one. In other words, it’s the color we all think of when we think of Fall.

Our Fall 2017 Color Trends Pick

Golden Orange

Saree border table runner

Which color is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below…

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10 Sleek and Chic Ways To Use Gold Decor

Copper may still be ruling the ranks in the metallic trend, but gold decor is forever.

Metallic accents are a great way to add depth and dimension to any room in your home. Although you may be yearning for copper, chances are that in ten years times, it will be more dated than 80s chintz. On the other hand, gold has been a popular interior choice since the Ancient Egyptian times. Long story short: gold is a trend that is timeless.

Today we show you ten stunning ways to decorate with gold that will give your home a stunning and on-trend edge.

1. Gold Tapware


(Photo source: domino.com)

For decades, silver has been our go-to hue for tapwares, shower heads and other bathroom goods. Despite this, there is something so stylish and eye-catching about gold tapware.

When paired with dark tiles or a statement pattern, gold tapware has a bohemian elegance that makes it a quirky and beautiful choice for any bathroom.


(Photo source: escapebuttonblog.com)A

Alternatively, gold tapware is perfect for a Scandinavian minimalist style bathroom. The combination of subway tiles, gold tapware and marble gives our inner-minimalist literal heart eyes.

2. Statement Gold Pendant & Pillow Covers


(Photo source: instagram.com/inspire_me_home_decor)

A monochrome living room can be given a stunning modern edge with the clever addition of gold accessories.

The statement pendant light, gold pillow cushions, table and photo frame break up the greyscale decor and blend in the wooden floor.

Get The Look


Paisley embroidered pillow covers and solid geometric pillow covers

3. Green and Gold























(Photo source: swoonworthy.co.uk)

If you are looking to decorate with gold in your living room, green may just be the way to go!

Although this combination may seem quintessentially ‘Christmas’, deep jungle greens and splashes of gold decor are a match made in tropical heaven.

Opt for deep, cool-toned greens such as emerald and teal to stop it from screaming ‘ho ho ho’.

4. Princess Dresser


(Photo source: bloglovin.com/blogs/daily-dream-decor)

Every woman has an inner-Disney Princess waiting to come out and this regal dresser allows her to indulge in her childhood dreams.

A gilded gold mirror is perfectly modernized by a pin-leg dresser and sleek, golden chair. This sleek setup is sure to make her feel like the queen she is.

5. Cream & Gold Kitchen


(Photo source: zgallerie.com)

This kitchen is a perfect example of how items that seem so ‘wrong’ can be right in certain circumstances.

The thought of quilted chairs in a kitchen is enough to make us cringe. Despite this, in this creamy dreamy setup, they totally work! A glass table is a fantastic addition to the shiny gold and the statement printed rug and gold canvas pulls it all together perfectly.

Yes, it may be a little ‘Vegas’, but we love it!

Get The Look


Arabian velvet table runner, exotic Oriental table runner,

6. Desert Chic


(Photo source: brit.co)

The sleek and stunning desert trend is driving home decor junkies wild this Autumn/Winter! With oodles of gold decor and leafy cactus prints, we are totally on the  bandwagon with this one!

A minimalist palette is given an edge of endless Summer with a cadet blue Summer and live greenery. It is given a classy edge with a mix of high-sheen and matte gold pieces.

Get The Look

Velvet hand embroidered pillow covers

7. Texture Clash


(Photo source: api.shopstyle.com)

Gold decor pieces will feel right at home in bohemian style bedrooms.

A glitzy gold bed runner or throw will make a stunning contrast to macrame or delicately textured cream bedding.

Get The Look

Exotic Oriental table runner

8. Moroccan Style Bedroom


(Photo source: decorationbros.com)

When it comes to Moroccan style decor, feel free to mix elements of gold and silver.

Contrast highly detailed pieces, such as this carved head board, with solid metallic accents. Compliment with gold-beige pillow covers or throw.

Get The Look

Elegant dahlia pillow covers

9. Modern Indian Living Room


(Photo source: decoholic.org)

Gold to Indian Decor is like white to Swedish decor, so indulge in it!

Uplift a white wall with a gold mandala throw. Add a rug with soft golden embroidery to compliment without being too over the top.

Get The Look

Ornamental embroidered rectangular tablecloth, exotic Oriental table runner

10. Sleek & Slim


(Photo source: redohomeanddesign.com)

Very fine and sleek gold furniture is huge right now! Add a hint of gold decor to your living room with a slim photo frame or metal-edged shelving unit.


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Fashion Week Print Trends A/W 2017

It’s official: New York Fashion Week is here! As the fashion editors and glamoratti arrive to see the newest collections hit the runway, we are glued to our Instagram feeds to see what the Spring/Summer 2018 trends have in store for us.

Wait a minute, let’s hit the pause button! Aren’t we just going into Autumn Winter 2017?

True, but the fash pack always likes to be one step ahead. **Cue images of Anna Wintour in sunglasses scouting the hottest bikinis in the midst of a snowy December**

As we eagerly anticipate next seasons trends, let’s take a look at the Fashion Week Print Trends for Autumn Winter 2017. After all, these are the prints we can rock this season. Read on for the Fashion Week Print Trends from New York, London, Paris & Milan that you can wrap up in this chilly season…


This one should barely come as a shock! After gingham has conquered our wardrobes for Spring and Summer, it’s time to hand the crown over to the prints darker and more Fall-appropriate cousin: plaid.


(Photo source: elle.com)

Tory Burch gave the pajama trend an androgynous twist with the incorporation of ‘Grandpa style’ plaid on trousers, skirts and button-up shirts. Well, as Macklemore once said… “I wear your Grandad’s clothes, I look incredible…”


(Photo source: elle.com)

Mulberry has become synonymous with plaid over the years. The quintessential English label paired plaid trenches with retro style rainboots. This is the epitome of English country chic.


(Photo source: wallpaper.com)

Dior’s prints were less Grandad undies and more ‘stolen from your rocker boyfriend’. Leather berets and oodles of texture added to the 80s rocker vibe.

Get The Look


Geometric print scarf

80s Florals

Laura Ashley nerds, rejoice: according to the Fashion Week print trends, chintz is going to be huge. Floral prints were in abundance and were couch-ier and more Princess Diana-esque than ever!


(Photo source: elle.com)

Balenciaga goes all out ‘Little Miss Moffat’ with a crazy amount of volume, pleats and a print straight out of an 80s rom com.


(Photo source: vogue.com)

Alexander McQueen’s florals are inevitably a more wearable version of this print trend. A Victorian-style dress and silky fabrics makes this perfect for rocking the PJ trend too.


(Photo source: thetelegraph.co.uk)

Since Alessandra Michele took the reigns at Gucci, the label has become known for paving the way in print trends. The Autumn/Winter 2017 collection saw plaid and country florals clashed to perfection.

Get The Look

Spring roses wool scarf

Magical/ Mythical

From Disney to the Bible, the A/W 2017 fashion week print trends were inspired by the magical and the mythical.


(Photo source: vogue.com)

Alice & Olivia took cues from Biblical and mythological elements for these magnificent printed dresses and skirts.


(Photo source: fashionisers)

Mary Katrantzou’s prints look straight out of a Disney movie. As a matter of fact, these intricate and detailed prints are inspired by the hit Disney film ‘Fantastia’.

Get The Look


Mystic branches wool scarf



(Photo source: vogue.com)

Etro’s patchwork pieces were a stunning conglomeration of retro prints and textures. The puffer jackets are a colorful way to stay warm this Winter.


(Photo source: fashiongonerogue.com)

Alexander McQueen’s patchwork prints payed homage to the 70s gypsett. Rich red and black hues make this print a great option for Fall and Winter.

Get The Look

Exotic print silk scarf

After more Autumn/Winter 2017 tips and tricks? Check out our tips on how to style a scarf for Autumn/Winter 2017.







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30 Signs You’re A Boho Girl

Think you’re more free than the ocean and a total moon child? Here’s 30 signs that you’re a boho girl…

1.If you had to be an emoji, you’d be a peace sign.


(Photo Source: etsy.com)

2. The ocean totally ‘gets you’


(Photo Source: favim.com)

3. This print appears so much in your home, that you may as well live in a giant mandala.


Exotic oriental table runner

4. You spend your days dreaming up awesome road trips in a vintage RV.

(Photo Source: hearthandmade.co.uk)

5. If you were a superhero, this would be your weapon.


6. You always carry a moonstone.


(Photo Source: etsy.com)

7. And a rose quartz. You can never be too careful!

(Photo Source: fengshui.about,com)

8. When you shop online, your basket looks like you’ve robbed the entire audience at Coachella.


(Photo Source: themoongypsy.tumblr.com)

9. Talitha Getty is the absolute babe of all babes. #styleicon


(Photo Source: ameblo.jp)

10. You get weirdly jealous when your parents talk about their ‘wild and free’ youth in the 70s. If only time machines existed.


(Photo Source: vintag.es)

11. This GIF is your ultimate outfit.


12. Crochet is the new black for you.


(Photo Source: awomanfashionlist.com)

13. Speaking of fashion, your boho girl wardrobe wouldn’t be complete without a boho printed scarf.


Exotic silk scarf

14. It it ain’t organic or cruelty free, you don’t buy it!



(Photo Source: thegoodtrade.com)

15. You own at least 2 pieces of furniture older than you.


(Photo Source: domino.com)

16. And you adorn them with an abundance of boho printed pillow covers.

Black & Gold

Hand embroidered brocade pillow cover

17. You’ve always had an unhealthy obsession with Indian culture.


(Photo Source: gettraveldestinations.com)

18. You plan on getting married barefoot…


(Photo Source: invitations.simplybridal.com)


19. …And with flowers in your hair.

(Photo Source: rocknrollbride.com)

20. You are your real self when you are totally indulged in nature.


(Photo Source: kenzas.se)

21. You’ve dated a guy with dreadlocks


(Photo Source: pinimg.com)

22. You sing along to Fleetwood Mac with your dad.


(Photo Source: organized-clutter.tumblr.com)

23. Raw chocolate cake is an actual gift from the divine.


24. This print speaks to your soul.

Floral embroidered pillow cover

25. The Olson twins were so much cooler in the Naughties.


(Photo Source: whowhatwear.com)

26. You have an entire drawer/box solely for the purpose of holding your chunky, burnished metal jewellery.


(Photo Source: bloglovin.com)

27. You spend more time on the Free People website than you do eating.


(Photo Source: fashiongonerogue.com)

28. As a child, your favorite Disney princess was Esmeralda.


(Photo Source: disney.wikia.com)

29. When you enter your house, there is an actual haze from all the incense you burn.


(Photo Source: urbanoutfitters.com)

30. YOU READ THIS POST! After all, being a boho girl is all about what you feel inside!


(Photo Source: soul-flower.com)

These articles were practically written for the boho girl:

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Secret Style Tricks That Bloggers Swear By

Ah… bloggers, they always look so effortlessly stylish… What’s their secret? Is it a stylist? A muse? Nope, these ladies are simply equipped with an endless amount of style tricks.

Today we share the secret style tricks that bloggers swear by…

The Trick: Go Naked Under A Pantsuit

The Blogger: Chiara Ferragni of ‘The Blonde Salad’

(Photo Source: styledumonde.com)

Matching colored pant suits are in extreme danger of entered ‘eighties feminist’ territory.

Rather than tossing up between styling your pant suit with a white shirt, or a more casual top, take a note from Chiara’s book and wear absolutely nothing.

The jacket alone looks chic and modern, while flashing that extra bit of skin ensures it’s sexy as well as feminist.

She isn’t one of the top bloggers in the world for nothing…

The Trick: Tuck Your Scarf Into Your Sweater

The Blogger: Aimee Song at Song Of Style


(Photo Source: songofstyle.com)

You know those windy days when your perfectly wrapped scarf just unravels and sticks to your lipgloss? Super blogger Aimee Song has the creme de la creme of all style tips that we’ve all been waiting for!

Simply tuck the ends of your scarf into your sweater. As well as keeping it looking neat, this also gives printed scarves a dressier appeal too.

Genius. How have we never ever considered this?

Get The Look

Get Aimee’s look with a cute red, printed scarf. Our floral paisley silk scarf and exotic print scarf will jazz up a plain sweater or tee to perfection.

The Trick: On Tuck In 1/4 Of Your Shirt

The Blogger: Carmen Hamilton at Chronicles Of Her

(Photo Source: chronicalsofher.com)

Anyone who was a prefect, head girl, or general. goody two shoes at school will have fallen into the trap of tucking their shirt in flawlessly. The problem? Whether you’re 18 or 50, you’re still gonna look like that wannabe prefect.

Modern shirting is all about being casual and effortless. Carmen Hamilton tucks in just a quarter of her shirt to keep her look on the casual side of the spectrum.

Want to look slightly dressier? Half tuck in your shirt!

The Rule: Layer a Bow Tie Top Under An Off-Shoulder Piece

The Blogger: Leonie Hanne of ‘Ohh Couture’


(Photo Source: toryburch.com)

We love the off-shoulder trend as much as the next fashion obsessive, but it’s always great to change up your pieces for maximum wear.

Rather than letting her shoulders do the talking, Leonie Hanne has used the off-shoulder shape for print clashing perfection.

The addition of a printed puss bow blouse is just genius! It’s feminine, romantic and a fantastic way to make off-shoulder dresses appropriate for the office!

Get The Look

With Summer just around the corner, the last thing we want to do is cloak our skin in multiple layers. A fantastic alternative to this style tip is to tie a scarf in a bow and wear with your off shoulder dress.

Our geometric print scarf has the same stunning retro vibes as Leonie’s. Team with a pin striped dress for a fail-safe print clash.

The Trick: Layer A Long Top Over A Pencil Skirt

The Blogger: Sara Donaldson at ‘Harper & Harley’


(Photo Source: glamradar.com)

Over and over again, we’ve been told that the best way to rock a pencil skirt is to tuck in a top! However, this stunning look from Aussie blogger Sara Donaldson has totally changed our perspective.

The fashionista stunningly paired a very long-off shoulder top with her fitted pencil skirt. The slits make it anything but drowning, whilst the heels add length and glamor.

The Trick: Layer A Bikini Top Under Overalls

The Blogger: Natalie Suarez at ‘Natalie Off Duty’


(Photo Source: us.oneill.com)

Overalls can be ridiculously tricky to style. Luckily, Natalie Off Duty has given us the perfect solution: a swimsuit.

Layering your cute bikini or swimsuit under your overalls gives off an effortless tropical vibe. Plus, you totally don’t need to change when you hit the pool later! This has to be one of our fave style tricks!

Loving these blogger style tips? See our top movie and TV style icons for even more inspo!

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