These Cozy Homes Are SO Fall

How on Earth is it almost Halloween! As I sit here pondering on how this years seemed to go faster than a NASA space ship, I got thinking about how close Winter is. Cozy homes are becoming more and more appealing. I wouldn’t be surprised if there was some sort of scientific connection between falling leaves and the need for hot coco.

Now it’s over to you! Today, I am to make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside, whilst inspiring you for the colder months. I think you will admit that these cozy homes are so quintessentially Fall. Now go and get some chai tea, snuggle under the blanket and take a look at these cozy caverns…

Straight Out Of A 90s Family Movie

cozy homes that are perfect for Fall

This is the kind of home you expect to see in every 90s family movie that is based in Fall or Winter. The classic, white fireplace looks like it’s being photo shopped straight out of ‘Home Alone’.  Although you may think that the red sofas are a bit too ‘Deck the Halls’ to be Autumnal, the pale green walls tone them down and give them more of a harvest-like edge.

The rug, the footstool and the mantelpiece are all so 90s, but I think that is why we love it! It provides a sense of childhood nostalgia, of chilly nights snuggled up by the fire next to Holly the Border Collie. And that, my friends, is what makes you feel all warm inside!

Get The Look

I can’t sell you a fire, or even start one for that matter! But I can recommend a stunning combination of red and apple green table runners and pillow covers that will give you the color-scheme reminiscent of the one above.

Damask style elegant table runner

Solid geometric pillow covers

Moody, Yet Snug


(Photo Source:

This bedroom is one big fat materialized oxymoron!! Silver, possibly the coldest color known to the human eye, is padded and cushioned to absolute snug perfection. Ah!! The lashes of mustard add a big Fall stamp on top of this high-sheen silver too.

Although silver isn’t what comes to mind when we think cozy homes, it really does work well in this case. The red-toned wood, lashings of cushions and warmly-dimmed lighting certainly help too! We certainly could imagine snuggling up in here and watching Halloween flicks. Pass the popcorn!

Get The Look

Bouncy cushions, a pop of mustard and seem silky silver are what you need to recreate this Autumnal juxtaposition .


Elegant dahlia pillow cover

Hand embroidered 7 piece duvet cover set

Cozy & Cushioned


(Photo Source:

This conglomeration of stereotypical Fall prints and textures is about as cozy as it gets! With an overriding palette of grey-toned beige, this dark sofa is uplifted by red far isle cushions, neutral grid prints and classic tartan. The glowing candles make a gorgeous centerpiece that have us craving crackling logs, fluffy blankets and egg nog.

Get The Look

Wintery prints and beige tones will give you this country, cottage style kind of look.

Modern squares tablecloth

Elegant colorblock placemats

Jacquard floral pillow covers

Paisley embroidered pillow covers

Fire Side Nook


(Photo Source:

I don’t think that anything looks more appealing for a cold and cloudy day than this! Snuggle up in a knitted blanket in front of a coal or wood fire, or indulge in the glowing atmosphere of a fake fire. The hanging lights add a modern, festive touch. But if you have an open flame, don’t try this at home! The tassel adorned blanket and textured cushions add even of a cozy air. All that’s missing is a warm cup of coco and a furry pal!

Get The Look

Alongside a chunky knitted blanket, layer up printed cushions in cute, Fall prints.

Floral embroidered pillow covers

Jacquard embroidered pillow covers



(Photo Source:

If the thought of a cozy hallway makes you snicker, look no further than this Autumnal hallway above. The harvest-themed centerpiece stunningly combines the rawness of corn with the luxurious silk ribbon. The tall candles and fruit bowl give it a comforting and elegant vibe. This is a hallway you could see in your Grandmother and Sister’s house alike and that is what makes it so comforting.

Now that you’ve indulged in these cozy homes, it’s time to update your home for Fall! Whether you inject chunky blankets, harvest-themed decor or just an Autumnal printed cushion here and there, you are sure to feel instantly warmer!




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