Top 5 Fall Home Trends

Fall is just a week away, and although we already told you about some great ways to prepare your home for the new season, it’s now time to pull out those decorations and get your home trendy for the fall season. There are several trends to follow when decorating your home for the fall, but when it comes to narrowing down out favorites, we pulled our top 5 just for you. Take a look at our top 5 fall home trends this year.

Vintage Accessories

It’s no secret – vintage is IN and we love it especially for fall decorating.  There’s something exciting about finding a beautiful vintage accessory and utilizing it in your home for the season. It’s benefiting because it saves you money, as opposed to purchasing something brand new, and you can reuse it or sell it.


photo credit: Elepho

Mix and Match

One of the biggest trends this season is mixing and matching. Don’t be afraid to change things up a bit – you can mix colors and patterns as you wish. There are no rules to decorating and when you’re getting ready for all, add something unique and unusual to stir up the vibe in any room. This photo below is a perfect example of a fall themed room with a little pop.


photo credit: Decorismo

Pillow Covers

If you want to add a certain pop of color or design to your room for the fall, but don’t want to change too much, try a throw pillow cover. This Hand Embroidered Beaded Throw Pillow Cover is a perfect accessory to add a bold fall color to your room. These vibrant throw pillow covers incorporate gorgeous beaded hand embroidery and are available in a variety of bold color options.

Hand Embroidered Throw Pillow Cover


Use Fresh Fall Colors

From brown, to orange, to a warm rust, finding the best fall colors to add that perfect fall warmth to your room. You can achieve this simply by adding the right throw pillows, pillow covers, throw blankets, rugs and so much more to add those fall colors to your decor.


photo credit: Shop Custom Home

Charming Fall Entryway

What can be a better way to decorate for the fall than having a festive and welcoming entryway? Achieving this look for your entry is easy – find a fall wreath, some fall plants and flowers and you have yourself a perfect and charming fall entryway.

Charming Fall Entryway

photo credit: Tidy Mom

How do you like to decorate for the fall? Tell us your tips in the comments below!

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