The Boho Fashion Bloggers To Follow On Instagram

Love moon jewellery, paisley and stunning beachy styles? These boho fashion bloggers and their stunning Instagram feeds will give you all the inspiration you need!

Gypsy Lovin Light @gypsylovinlight


@gypsylovinlight is an array of tanned, bohemian goodness set against dreamy blue seas, white sands and stunning destinations.

The account stars Finnish born Helen Janneson Bense, who now lives in Western Australia with her photographer husband. Together with their children, the couple travel to some of the worlds most stunning destinations, providing us with enough bohemian style inspiration to make us want to fill our closet with sparkles and paisley prints.

As a trained naturopath, Helen writes her blog posts and Instagram captions with a sense of peace and mindfulness that truly makes her stand out from the crowd.

Rachel Barwick (@life.with.three)


South-Australian based Rachel is the quintessential Aussie beach babe: long blonde hair, perfect tan and a stunning boho wardrobe.

Whether she’s frolicking in the sand in a gorgeous bikini or exploring palm-dotted paradises in a flowing dress, Rachel has that on-trend boho flair that we just want to steal!

Rocky Barnes (@rocky_barnes)


With a body to die for and a boho wardrobe to match, it’s no surprise that this Los Angeles based model has over one million followers.

Funnily enough, the 31 year old shot to the spotlight when she appeared in a Justin Beiber video back in 2013. Fast forward 4 years and she’s an online force to be reckoned with!

This boho fashion bloggers’ style is an eclectic mix of classic bohemian pieces and more on-trend looks, making her total #stylegoals.

Lisa Homsy (@lisahomsy)


Although this Canadian-born babe may describe her Instagram as more of a lifestyle destination, her wardrobe choices make her a must-follow for any boho babe.

Her cute boho dresses and stunning swimwear pieces will make you want to makeover your entire wardrobe and head to warmer climes.

Lisa Smith (@lisadanielle__)


As an Australian-based girl, I can honestly say that there is something in the water that makes these girls the epitome of #bohogirls.

Exhibit B: @lisadanielle__. This total bohemian stunner is also a Vogue AU contributor. See: boho fashion bloggers can be total girl bosses too!

Molly Hogan (@trendychickadee)


Molly’s feed is so clean and beachy that it almost looks like it’s been through the laundry.

This California beach babe gives us a more minimalist take on the bohemian trend, and we totally love it!

Olive Cooke


Another Australian boho style and travel blogger, Olive Cooke gives us total wanderlust and makes us want to go shopping at the same time. Now that’s a talent!

Rachel Holliday @thedailyluxe


Ok so this one is pretty bias, as this is my Instagram feed! I love sharing my boho style and tropical Australian environment with my followers.

Steal The Boho Fashion Blogger Style

Ready to take your wardrobe to a whole new bohemian level? Our boho printed scarves will give you the gorgeous prints and textures needed to take your look to the next level.


Clockwise from top left: abstract floral wool scarf, floral paisley silk scarf, solid color scarf, exotic silk scarf





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Adorable Fall Scarf Looks We Are Crushing On

Feeling the chill? That doesn’t mean your style can’t be sizzling hot! These adorable Fall scarf looks will give you all the sartorial inspiration you need.

So get ready to snuggle up and keep warm, whilst looking like a total babe…

Simply Striped


(Photo sourc:

Is it a tie? Is it a scarf? Who knows. Who cares. We love it!

A tied striped scarf takes a simple cream sweater and gives it an on-trend, nautical edge.

This loose knot is a great way to take the cold edge off any low cut sweaters or dresses.

Try This


Our striped scarf is a cold-weather appropriate way to give a sweater some edge. This one comes in 8 colors too, one for every day of the week!

Checked Teddy Bear


(Photo source:

A teddy bear coat is pretty much like stepping outside wearing a comforter **bliss**. As well as been as snug as a Starbucks red cup, its cute and on-trend too.

Add to this Winter staple’s non-chalence with a loose scarf around the neck. A backpack and a pair of Doc Martin’s will give you enough 90s grunge to nail that Winona Ryder circa 1995 thing.

Try This


There’s something so glam about red and the mixed print scarf will add a little glam edge to even the grungiest of Fall scarf looks.

For The California Fall


(Photo source:

Those in hotter states are probably tut-tutting at the idea of a teddy bear coat.

Ease yourself into cold weather style with a dark polka dot top, jeans and a silk boho scarf worn as a bandana. Once the thermometer starts to drop, throw on a leather jacket and you’re good to go!

Try This


The paisley floral silk scarf is perfect to roll into an on-trend choker. Wear loose and long when Winter arrives.

Sporty & Retro


(Photo source:

Fall scarf looks don’t get much comfier than this!

Baggy sports pants, a tee and a leather jacket are given a dressier edge with a baby blue scarf. Just add sunnies and you’re ready to rock!

We Suggest

Add a bright blue pop with our exotic silk scarf. Perfect for throwing on after a gym workout.

70s Luxe

(Photo source:

Fancy something a bit more erm fancy? This velvet pantsuit is giving us massive 70s vibes!

Opt for a contrasting mustard scarf for something that’s truly showstopping.

We Recommend

This orange solid color scarf makes a fantastic contrast from emerald green.

Check Up On It


(Photo source:

The checked jacket is already proving itself to be a massive trend piece this season.

Team it with classic tan pumps and slim fit jeans for a look that is truly timeless. Finally, add a vibrant orange scarf for a quirky Autumnal twist.

We Recommend

The paisley floral scarf is sure to warm you up this Fall!

The Fall Warmer


(Photo source:

A chestnut suede jacket and bag will add a warm Fall edge to your lighter hued Summery tops and dresses.

A bright yellow boho print scarf will add detail, as well as keep you warm.

Try This

The exotic silk scarf has those warm Fall colours you crave.

Bad Hair Day Be Gone!


(Photo source:

With Fall weather comes rain and wind, all of which can wreak havoc on perfectly prepped hair.

Fear not! Simply tie a silk scarf around a messy up-do. Go on wind: I dare you!

Try This

The contrasting colors on the artistic print silk scarf make it ideal for all hair colors.

Color Pop Chic


(Photo source:

A white or cream jumper will always be a Fall staple. However, it can be as bland as rye crackers.

Give your jumper a little oomph with a graphic printed scarf. The crazier the better!

Try This

The exotic silk scarf will add a beautiful boho edge to that dowdy old sweater.

Office To Bar


(Photo source:

The black pants and white shirt combo make this classic look perfect for the office.

We have major heart eyes over those red Gucci mules and adore how they match the hues in the scarf.

Try This

The floral paisley silk scarf will take this Fall scarf look from work to drinks with the girls.

Ready to rock these Fall scarf looks? Browse our range of printed scarves today!

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9 Instagram Travel Accounts That Will Fill You With Wanderlust

Whether you’re planning a world trip or just need a voyeuristic escape from your 9-5, these Instagram  travel accounts will fill you with wanderlust…



Travel blogger Jack Morris will leave you longing for far away places, exotic animals and wonders of nature.

The 26 year old Brit now makes a huge living from traveling the world with his Australian girlfriend Lauren Bullen. Lauren also has her own super popular feed @gypsea_lust, which has over a million followers drooling over her travels.

The pair make a living from traveling the world together, canoodling in bright blue Balinese waterfalls, island hopping and enjoying brunches with giraffes.

Jealous? Us? Never!


We can’t give you Taj Mahal views, but we can give you the hand crafted Indian decor pieces that make up this adorable setup.

Ocean BlueBlueOcean Blue

Ornamental embroidered rectangular tablecloth, jacquard damask pillow cover, floral embroidered pillow cover

2. @ohhcouture


If there were an award for the most stylish traveler to follow on Instagram, it would undoubtedly go to Leonie Hanne aka @ohhcouture.

The blonde beauty mixes premium hotels with Dior dresses and can be seen fluttering around Positano in frilly frocks, being adorable in Disneyland and enjoying brunches in front of the Eiffel Tower.


Bring Leonie’s dreamy Positano hotel home with our beautiful range of printed pillow covers.

Black & GoldOrange

Damask throw pillow cover, hand embroidered brocade pillow cover, paisley embroidered pillow cover

3. @muradosmann


Anyone who has an Instagram account will have seen #followme pop up on their feed. The trend was coined by Murad Osmann, who travels the world with his gorgeous girlfriend Nataly Osmann.

The photos often show Nataly stood in front of a beautiful destination in the said countries traditional dress.

A lot of effort goes into each and every photo and we love it!


What can we say… we adore an Indian inspired bedding set!

Hand painted 7 piece duvet cover set

4. @theblondeabroad


This Californian hottie certainly knows what makes a great travel pic! Follow her gram for endless bikini body goals, pretty destinations and bucket list inspirations.

In total, Kiki has traveled to a whopping 54 countries. We’d like to see the stamps on her passport!


Erm… can we live in this lobby? Nope? Well we can still be inspired by those stunning prints…

Exotic Oriental table runner, shimmering spiral hand embroidered placemats

5. @saltinourhair

saltinourhair-instagram-feedThe peachy pastel hues and stunning beach destinations are why you need to click that follow button on @saltinourhair’s profile!

Dutch couple Hannah and Nick started their Instagram in May 2016 and, since then, have managed to rack up an unbelievable 91.3k followers.

Teach us yours ways guys…


We can’t take you to a Moroccan bazaar, but we can bring you the printed goods!

Golden Orange

Saree border table runner, luxurious artistry table runner, ornamental blossom table runner

6. @swedishnomad


Alex, The Swedish Nomad, began traveling in 2010 with just 1000 euros in his bank account.

Alongside his impressive Instagram account, Alex also runs a blog of the same name, which is jam-packed full of useful travel guides for a variety of destinations.

7. @femmetravel


The best thing about @femmetravel is the variety. Unlike the other Instagram travel accounts we have featured, @femmetravel simply re-posts wanderlust-inducing travel photos from a variety of female travelers on the ‘gram!

This account is a fantastic way to find new travel feeds to follow, as well as inspire you for your own adventures.


@femmetravel is also delivering the goods when it comes to decor inspiration? We are loving this Moroccan teal set-up. As a matter of fact, we may just recreate it ourselves…

Ocean Blue

Floral embroidered pillow case,

8. @xkflyaway


And the winner of the most visually appealling feed goes to **insert drum roll** @xkflyaway!

This gorgeous couple takes us around the world in a pastel-hued array of stunning destinations, unreal views and beautiful scenery.


We’ve got those colorful rugs covered, as for the balloons, you could always watch them on TV and pretend…

Beige & Maroon

Glamorous border table runner, luxurious artistry table runner,

9. @beautifulhotels


This Instagram travel feed will have you drooling over all the stunning hotels you may or may not be able to afford.

It’s a fantastic source of home decor inspiration too.


Just goes to show that a white table cloth is the perfect addition to any lush scenery…

Ornamental embroidered table runner

Which of these Instagram travel accounts is your fave? Let us know in the comments below…

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Fall 2017 Color Trends

In nature, Fall is all about beautiful colors, so it’s only natural that we want to give our home a little spruce on the spectrum. Rather than taking cue from golden leaves and tawny pumpkins, we’re all about Pantone’s Fall 2017 color trends.

Just in-case you have been living under a trend-repelling rock, Pantone is a world renowned authority on color and has boffins working around the clock to pick out new colors and what they convey in color-critical industries. You may remember past Pantone colors of the year, such as ‘serenity’, or ‘greenery’, the Pantone 2017 color of the year.

So what exactly do the Fall 2017 color trends have in store for our homes?

Well, there’s tawny port (sounds yummy), copper tan (can we get it in spray form?) and shaded spruce (erm…what?). Without further confusing waffle, here’s the Fall 2017 color trends according to Pantone…

Tawny Port


What is it?

“Taking the Red family to new depths, Tawny Port is elegant, sophisticated, and tasteful.” (Pantone)

Why we love it

It’s like a warm mulled wine in front of a crackling fireplace whilst wearing our favorite slippers. It’s comforting, it’s cozy and it’s surprisingly delectable.

Our Fall 2017 Color Trends Pick


Velvet embroidered table runner

Neutral Gray


What is it?

“The standard bearer of all neutrals, Neutral Gray shares the anchoring role with Navy Peony in this palette. It can be used as an accent or a head-to-toe statement shade.” (Pantone)

Why we love it

It’s a more stone-like gray than the lilacy hues seen in past seasons. The lack of overly warm or cool tones mean that it’s oh-so-versatile. Plus, it’s not so harsh that it’s cold!

Our Fall 2017 Color Trends Pick


Damask throw pillow cover

Shaded Spruce


What is it?

“This is a green you might see in the forest – sheltering and protective as evergreen trees”. (Pantone)

Why we love it

Dear world, emerald and teal have had a beautiful love child… enter shaded spruce! This hue has already been huge on the home decor market and looks great alongside neutral hues and brighter tones alike.

Our Fall 2017 Color Trends Pick

Striped print scarf

Golden Lime


What is it?

“Earthy tones with a twist, the golden undertones of Golden Lime makes this yellow-green shade a refreshing complement to fall classics”. (Pantone)

Why we love it

We are already imagining how darn amazing this hue would look in monochrome rooms. It’s just on the right side of snotty and we are loving it!

Our Fall 2017 Color Trends Pick

Ocean Blue

Floral embroidered pillow cover

Ballet Slipper


What is it?

“Descended from the Red family but with a softer touch, Ballet Slipper is always flattering and reminiscent of the rosy glow of health”. (Pantone)

Why we love it

This baby pink hue is like your inner childhood princess and sophisticated adult self have shook hands and come to an agreement. It’s warming, but not too rosy to be overbearing.

Our Fall 2017 Color Trends Pick

Arabian velvet table runner



What is it?

“This snug, warming, and toasty shade is evocative of drinking a glass of Butterrum by a roaring fire on a cool autumn evening”. (Pantone)

Why we love it

It looks good enough to eat! Jokes aside, this less-overbearing cousin of coral will add a snug Autumnal edge to any home.

Our Fall 2017 Color Trends Pick

Black & White

Hawthorn leaf table runner



What is it?

“Cool with an enhanced vitality, Marina is the only truly cool color in the fall palette that brings with it freshness and brightness.” (Pantone)

Why we love it

It’s like welcoming a warm Mediterranean Ocean into your home! This color is a blue that won’t leave you freezing in the cold.

Our Fall 2017 Color Trend Pick

Saffron Red

Ornamental embroidered duvet cover set



What is it?

“A powerful, evocative, dynamic red, Grenadine is a confident and self-assured attention-getter.” (Pantone)

Why we love it

Because it’s totally unexpected; goodbye burnt oranges and dull tangerines! This is spicy with an edge of pumpkin!

Our Fall 2017 Color Trends Pick

Floral embroidered placemats

Navy Peony


What is it?

“A mainstay for the season for both palettes, Navy Peony is a dependable and an anchoring shade. Solid and stable, the hue takes some of the load off of black as a go-to neutral”. (Pantone)

Why we love it

What’s an Autumn palette without a gorgeous navy shade? This one isn’t too ‘Halloween-y’, yet isn’t too ‘Summer fiesta’, it’s the perfect mix.

Our Fall 2017 Color Trends Pick


Modern two tone accent pillow cover

Autumn Maple


What is it?

“A quintessential autumn color, Autumn Maple is tawny and russet, introducing warmth into the palette.” (Pantone)

Why we love it

It’s a spiced pumpkin latte, jumping in a pile of leaves and trick or treating all in one. In other words, it’s the color we all think of when we think of Fall.

Our Fall 2017 Color Trends Pick

Golden Orange

Saree border table runner

Which color is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below…

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Bathroom Decor Crush: The Black Bath Tub

When my partner and I decided to renovate our bathroom, we found ourselves set on one thing: a black bath tub.


A white bathtub is about as boring and predictable as the Queen’s Christmas speech (sorry Lizzie).

On the other hand, a black bathtub has the same sort of chic nonchalance as a piccolo latte or a marble-topped table. It’s modern, yet its totally versatile and is suited to both Scandinavian and bohemian style bathroom decor.

It’s the kind of thing that my parents would roll their eyes at, but my friends would drool over.

Waffling aside, here’s all the styling inspiration you need if you are considering a black bath tub.


(Photo source:

Black baths are a wonderful addition to minimalist and monochrome bathroom set-ups.

The mix of subway tiles on the wall and hexagonal matte tiles on the floor add depth and detail to the room. The white basins and wooden vanity top stop the bathroom from looking too dark and grungy. I love.


(Photo source:

Surprisingly, a black bath tub is a wonderful choice who those who prefer their decor on the hippy side of the spectrum.

The Banarsi Touch

Add one of our printed table runners to your bathroom floor for a colorful, bohemian edge. The green tissue box cover will work wonderfully alongside live greenery too.

Ocean Blue

Ornamental blossom table runner and hand embroidered decorative tissue box cover


(Photo source:

If industrialism and bohemian were actual people (bear with me here) and had a child, this is what it would look like.

An undone floor and walls set the scene perfectly for those exposed copper pipes.

The matte black bathtub and boho printed rug are complimentary oxymorons.

The Banarsi Touch

A boho print table cloth or table runner can add the hippy edge to any raw, industrial floor.

Hand painted floral table cloth


(Photo source:

The entire-white upper-half of this set-up makes it a bright and breezy way to incorporate a monochrome bathroom.

White hexagonal tiles scream Scandi chic, whilst a dark slate floor ties the black and white elements together seamlessly.


(Photo source:

This bathroom is cute, simple and has more of a tropical edge than many of the other monochrome bathrooms.

The wooden stool and plantpot take it from minimal to beachy. The tasseled, beach rug adds to the resort vibes perfectly.

Note to self: must get subway tiles in bathroom. **Insert endless heart eye emojis**

The Banarsi Touch

Black & White

This hawthorn leaf table runner will soften any monochrome Scandi bathroom.


(Photo source:

Moroccan-style tiled floors can be beautifully set off by a black bath tub.

Compliment brown tones in the floor with a deep wooden vanity and keep the walls light and bright.


(Photo source:

Subway tiles win again! This makes me think there’s some sort of magical equation: subway tiles + black tub= ultimate Scandi chic.

The bath shelf with the potted plant and stool softens this monochrome look, making it a wonderful choice for a beach themed home.

The Banarsi Touch

If the retro printed floor is too much for you, opt for a grey printed runner, such as our jacquard paisley table runner.


(Photo source:

I often spend my days dreaming of indoor-outdoor bathrooms, so I know that this gorgeous setup will be haunting my dreams tonight!

This decor is sleek, chic and free from patterns. The wooden vanity and plain floor make it a bathroom that will never go out of style.


(Photo source:

Well this puts the a in ‘adorable’!

Beachy, tropical and just generally stunning, this leafy bathroom feels like a getaway to some sort of swanky, Balinese resort.

The exposed brick wall and floor ensure that the beautiful curtained black bath is the talking point. The splashes of light wood keep it clean and Summery.

The Banarsi Touch

Add the shimmering spiral placemats to any unsightly surfaces for an instant makeover!


(Photo source:

Once again, greenery and a boho printed rug make this decor a wonderful choice for boho homes.

My eyes are firmly planted on that shiny gold curtain rod and globe light: too gorgeous!

The Banarsi Touch

Wine and navy hues look wonderful on white tiles!

Beige & MaroonRustic Orange

Glamorous border table runner and hand painted floral table runner

After more bathroom inspiration? Here’s 7 stunning bohemian bathroom ideas.



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