Transform Your Home With A Color Pop

Does your home decor feel as frumpy as a pair of thrift store curtains? Fear not: there’s no need to take a sledgehammer to your home! As a matter of fact, you can transform your home by simply adding a color pop.

If you fancy changing the entire aura of your home without breaking the bank, add color!

A simple pop of yellow here and there may be all it takes to add an air of Summer to your home. Furthermore, color can have a huge affect on your mood.

Read on for the inspiration if you’re considering selling your home fast that will make you want to add a pop of color to your home pronto!

Neutral With Blue Pop


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A neutral-hued home can be turned into a coastal haven with a few pops of blue here and there. In fact, a couple of printed pillow covers and some new artwork may be all that it takes to give a room a whole new vibe!

For a stronger element of blue, try adding a bed throw or printed table runner.

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With neutral decor, prints and colors will both add detail without looking too messy.


Elegant dahlia pillow cover, damask throw pillow cover

Monochrome With Yellow


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If you have a black and white home, bright yellow will add an instant retro vibe. For example, this kitchen above is completely transformed by three stools and a statement phone.

Now that’s an easy and cheap way to mix up your decor!

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Add a yellow color pop to your kitchen with the modern squares rectangular tablecloth.


Pastel Color Pop


(Photo source:

If all of these bright hues seem too garish for your taste, opt for something a little more demure. Pastel hues make stunning, understated color pops.

Best of all, pastel hues can be mixed and matched very easily. So if you like a bit of baby blue here and a bit of lilac there, it will still look lovely!

However, we recommend having one statement piece that pulls all of the pastel hues together. For example, the artwork in the inspiration photo above.

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Opt for plainer colored pillow covers and pull the hues together with a statement printed piece.

White & Turquoise


(Photo source:

A clean palette of bright white and wood can be given a colorful edge with mint or turquoise accessories.

If you prefer a sleek, Scandinavian style opt for one or two pieces to add detail, but keep it simple.

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A simple table runner will add a pop of mint, but will still look sleek and polished.

Chic jacquard table runner

Coral & Navy


(Photo source:

Sometimes two colors are better than one! In fact, this stunning combination of coral and navy proves it.

When adding pops of color in two vibrant hues, keep the rest of the palette simple. Furthermore, avoid too many prints as this will look busy and will take away the magic of the color pop.

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Add more coral than navy (about 2/3 navy to 1/3 coral) to keep it sleek and organized.

Coffee Brown

Velvet sparkle table runner and hand embroidered throw pillow cover

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10 Small Patio Decor Ideas

With Summer about to hit the Northern Hemisphere, don’t let your small patio stop you from getting outside and soaking up the rays.

That tiny square of yard can easily be transformed into a relaxing mecca for entertaining, eating or simply chilling out.

Here’s 10 small patio decor ideas that you need to incorporate for Summer…


(Photo Source:

This cool gray theme will look equally as fantastic on small patios in July and December!

Keep your area private with a wooden screen, even wooden crates will work wonders. Add a touch of magic with fairy lights and plants.  We recommend succulents and evergreen plants for an equally beautiful area all year round.

Benches against your patio’s perimeter are a fantastic way to make the most of the space. Create an optical illusion by sectioning off the area with a printed rug.

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If your small patio is on the micro side, create the same optical illusion with a printed table runner. The damask style table runner is fantastic for a palette of grey and neutrals.



(Photo Source:

This small patio decor is a fantastic way to add vibrancy and atmosphere to a dull yard.

Find a snug corner and paint the walls Egyptian blue. Create a makeshift sofa with concrete blocks or crates and finish with the same paint.

Top with a red-coral cushion and add the same hue around your windows.

Finally, add a table and top with cushions in the same hue. We recommend the following combination:

OrangeCoffee Brown

Floral embroidered pillow cover, paisley embroidered pillow cover, solid geometric pillow covers, hand embroidered pillow covers


(Photo Source:

All you need for this one is a concrete block!

Top with a statement colorful rug and a plain dining set. Decorate with cute pillow covers and a rainbow of potted plants.

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Jacquard floral pillow covers, elegant dahlia pillow covers


(Photo Source:

A small covered patio or verandah is made for pretty fabrics and textures as it is more protected from the elements.

Neutral tones are great for any home and make a fantastic multi-seasonal entertainment area.

The patio above uses symmetry to stop the small area from looking swamped. How cute are the upside down barrel tables?

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Coffee BrownBlack & Gold

Hand embroidered pillow covers, hand embroidered brocade pillow covers.


(Photo Source:

This patio is another great example of how benches against the perimeters are a fantastic way to make the most of your space.

Add neutral hues and natural textures for a versatile, yet snug look that is perfect for relaxing in day and night.

Finish off the look with rustic pots and vases filled with leafy greens.

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The shimmering spiral hand embroidered placemats are a fantastic way to add natural textures to your table.


(Photo Source:

This minimal bohemian wonderland is a true wonderland. The hanging swing is made for lounging and reading a book, whilst the abundance of plants make it a low maintenance, whilst equally stunning garden.

To recreate, go for a bohemian-meets-industrial vibe with antique silver, hanging lights and exposed beams.

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Hand embroidered table runner, hand embroidered brocade pillow cover


(Photo Source:

This cute patio has a stunning European vibe to it. This coffee shop style table and chair are a fantastic place to relax with a glass of wine and cheese platter.

To emphasize the ‘backstreet European’ theme of this long and thin patio, the owners have cleverly placed bushes on each side.


(Photo Source:

No garden? No problem! This hanging garden wall is a fantastic alternative for those in small apartments or inter-city spaces.

Make it cute, cozy and shabby-chic with mis-matched wooden furniture, floor cushions and wall hangings. Get thee to the thrift store!

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Printed pillows are a fantastic way to liven up an outdoor area with very little effort. This combination is fantastic for a shabby chic and homey vibe.

PurpleGoldOcean Blue

Velvet sparkle throw pillow cover, hand painted deluxe accent pillow cover, floral embroidered pillow cover


(Photo Source:

A simple courtyard can be given a new lease of life with wall-edge garden beds and a simple seating area.

Turning the wall itself into a long bench is a clever way to save space and looks interesting too.

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This rainbow of printed pillow covers compliments the edge gardens perfectly…


Elegant dahlia pillow covers, damask throw pillow covers, paisley leaf pillow cover


(Photo Source:

Those home owners with just a front patio shouldn’t have to miss out!

This incredibly small space can be made over into a cute social area with single wicker sofas and a round coffee table.

Keep the color palette limited to ensure it looks streamlined rather than cluttered.

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Opt for two printed pillow covers in blue & white and monochrome to add detail, but not create too much fuss.


Jacquard paisley pillow cover, modern two tone accent pillow cover

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Beautiful Tropical Beach Wedding Inspiration

There’s something so dreamy about a tropical beach wedding. Perhaps it’s the idea of saying ‘I’ll do’ in the dictionary definition of paradise.

Whether you are dreaming of heading to the Maldives for a tropical beach wedding, or want to host your nuptials at your local beach, the perfect tropical beach wedding is all about vibrant colors.

Read on for beautiful tropical beach wedding inspiration that will have you dreaming of Hawaaii, Bali and everywhere in between!

The Venue

Tropical weddings are all about lush greenery and getting back into nature. If your climate allows it, choose a stunning beach-front venue, dotted with tropical palm trees and surrounded by lush ocean.


(Photo Source:

This walkway to the beach is like something out of a fairytale. As a matter of fact, if Ariel from The Little Mermaid were human (and real), we are pretty sure she’d say ‘I do’ here.

The wooden boardwalk and lantern-dotted walkway make this venue ideal for sunset or evening ceremonies too.


(Photo Source:

It doesn’t get much more dreamy that this floating pontoon. As long of your guests don’t mind getting their feet wet!


(Photo Source:

If your budget isn’t huge, a simple fabric arch hung between two trees is a stunning option. Add flowers in vases and around the arch to add a further element of beauty.

The Dress

Tropical beach weddings are made for dresses with a bohemian edge. Whether you want something all-out boho, or classic with a subtle beachy hint, go for white and flowing.

These dresses are made to be worn on white sands…


(Photo Source:

Subtle crochet overlays add a beachy edge to traditional wedding shapes. Spaghetti straps may seem casual, but for a beach wedding, they work beautifully!


(Photo Source:

This flowing, chiffon number will let any bride indulge in her inner fairy tale!


(Photo Source:

If you are looking for something really unique, a two piece is perfect for a beach wedding. Beachy in nature, the two piece wedding dress is made for the beach babes who spend half their lives in a bikini.

To keep it luxurious, opt for lace or embellished fabrics.

The Bridesmaids

Tropical weddings allow so many fun options for bridesmaid dresses. From vibrant colors, to punchy palm prints, tropical bridesmaid dresses are fun, fresh and flirty.


(Photo Source:

Palm print maxi dresses make a beautiful contrast to the bride’s white gown.

Choose a bouquet to compliment the prints on the bridesmaid dresses for something really aesthetically pleasing.

(Photo Source:

If you prefer more traditional dresses for your bridesmaids, lace pieces in cute, cocktail colors are a perfect choice.


(Photo Source:

If you’re planning an off-season beach wedding, keep your bridesmaids warm in cute, printed scarves. Worn around the neck, or as a shawl, this accessory is a fantastic way to add print and color.

We Recommend


Tropical floral scarf and paisley wool scarf


(Photo Source:

Dressing the bridesmaids in different dresses really suits the relaxed aesthetic of beach weddings. To stop it looking messy, opt for different cuts in the same or similar prints.

The Accessories


(Photo Source:

A bright bouquet of tropical blooms is a must. Go for longer leafy greens and create a blossoming center with various tropical flowers.


(Photo Source:

Going shoeless? Keep it boho chic with floral anklets. Opt for the same floral arrangement as your bouquet to keep it cohesive.


(Photo Source:

Tropical climates are often too sweaty for veils and extravagant hair pieces. Embrace your inner nature babe with a flower crown made from tropical blooms.


(Photo Source:

Swap a classic groom’s corsage for a mini bunch of tropical goodness.

The Table Layout

Outdoor weddings in tropical paradise call for bright hues, palm tree-themed decor, and an abundance of tropical blooms…


(Photo Source:

Green, magenta and orange make for a stunning contrast.

Go for a plain white table cloth and let the accessories to the talking! A natural textured table runner compliments wooden plates, whilst palm leaves make a fantastic alternative to place mats.

We Recommend


Organza hand embroidered table runner and floral paisley placemats.


(Photo Source:

Tropical mandarin tones, corals and pinks pop from what is otherwise a traditional wedding table.

This one is all about symmetry, so ensure all flowers and tableware is equally spaced.

We Recommend

Golden Orange

Tropical floral placemats and Saree border table runner


(Photo Source:

This table example proves that when it comes to tropical beach weddings, more is more!

Natural textures, palm-like greenery and contrasting blue and orange glassware make it the ultimate tropical dream.

Want more wedding inspiration? Check out these Summer wedding table layouts.

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Cushion Arranging 101

Cushion arranging: yep, it’s actually a thing.

As tempted as we are to throw our cushions onto our bed/sofa/general seating area and lay on down, cushion arranging can actually make a huge impact on your decor.

Ready for a crash course in cushion arranging?

Fantastic. Here’s cushion arranging 101….

For The Sofa

A sofa without cushions is a little bit like an ice cream sundae with no toppings. Grab those cushions, arrange them for your sofa type and get cozy!


(Photo Source:

The most simple way to arrange cushions artfully, is to place them next to each other, coming forward, with a slight overlap. Think of your sofa formation as a V shape and you’re on the right track!

Although you don’t necessarily have to, it’s a great idea to place similar cushions in the mirror image spot. Symmetry is proven to be aesthetically pleasing.


(Photo Source:

The illustration above highlights the key fundamentals of cushion arranging. Start from the outside with the largest cushions at the back, alternate between patterned and block colors and put shaped pieces in the center.

Yep: it’s really that simple!

Using Textures


(Photo Source:

If you have a neutral sofa, textured pillow covers can really make it look interesting. However, style textured pillow covers with caution! Too many and it looks like you have the cast of The Muppets taking camp on your sofa!

Alternate fluffy or knitted cushions with plain textured pillows. Keep the palette minimal here too, otherwise your risk it looking a little brash.

For The Bedroom

Mixing Shapes & Sizes

Wanting to up your cushion game? Try adding various shapes and sizes.


(Photo Source:

As the above examples show, rectangular cushions look great grouped in front of square cushions. If you have various sized square cushions, start with the largest at the back and gradually get smaller towards the front.


(Photo Source:

Dotting smaller cushions in between a line of larger ones also looks polished and effortless.


(Photo Source:

When it comes to round cushions, less is more. Draw attention to contrasting shapes by dotting one or two round cushions in among square or rectangular ones.

Playing With Color & Pattern

With an absolute rainbow of cushions out there, why stick to white? Add pops of print and block colors to really make your bed come to life!


(Photo Source:

Clever cushion arranging is vital when it comes to mixing colors and patterns.

The bedroom above combines vintage, floral cushions and navy blue cushions perfectly. The reason it works so well is that the two different types of cushions are in separate lines. This ‘line’ mimics the effect that the blue bed runner has on the white bed.  This also compliments the lined wallpaper. It’s all about repetition.

Recreate It

To recreate this stunning combination, line three of the hand accent pillow covers behind two of the elegant dahlia pillow covers.



(Photo Source:

Only got one printed pillow cover? Make it an accent piece by putting it right at the front-center of the arrangement. Spread the other colored pillow covers equally throughout to make it symmetrical.

Now you’ve got the cushion arranging skills, it’s time to invest in some stunning pillow covers! Check out our beautiful range of hand embroidered and painted Indian cushion covers here.


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Cute & Easy Easter Decor Ideas

Easter has hopped into our lives faster than we can say ‘bunny’. It just seemed like yesterday that we were packing away our Christmas baubles, and now, it’s time to crack open your Easter decor collection to create something truly egg-cellent.

Don’t own any Easter decor? Don’t pull your hare out! Here’s some eggs-tremely versatile Easter decor ideas with pieces that will last you all the way through Spring and Summer.

Please note: May contain excessive Easter puns.

DIY Bunny Cushions


(Photo Source:

Every bunny loves pastels, and luckily, they are not just for Easter!! Invest in some printed pillow covers in pastel blues, greens, pinks and yellows to last you right through Spring and Summer.

Retro printed cushion covers are also a great contrast. If you want to invest in specific Easter cushions, these will look great combined with a range of retro printed and pastel pillows.

Or if you are feeling crafty, you can create Easter cushions yourself! Rather than permanently damaging the pillow covers, we suggest simply pinning on a pom-pom for a bunny tail and adding two bunny ears. After Easter is over, remove these pieces and you have wonderful decor pieces to keep your home looking fresh.

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We offer a large range of pastel and retro printed pillow covers that would look adorable as Easter bunnies. We recommend:


Damask throw pillow cover, jacquard floral pillow cover, paisley embroidered pillow covers


Blossom Tablescape


(Photo Source:

Soft pastels, hints of sorbet tones and understated blossoms were made for Spring and Easter. With Easter being a religious representation of new life and resurrection, simply adding fresh florals to your table is a wonderful way to embrace this holiday.

If you don’t have a white table, begin by covering your table with the hand painted floral table cloth. Next, mark each place with a white plate and place a rolled up napkin on each plate. Opt for baby blue glass wear and white or brass vases that have a rustic edge.

Place a large piece of cherry blossom in the central vase. If you would like even more of an Easter vibe, hang mini Easter hanging decorations on the branches.

A Bucket Of Tulips


(Photo Source:

If a bucket of tulips doesn’t feel like Spring to you, what does? This rustic chair is the perfect place to put a bucket of your favorite Spring blooms.

Over the Easter period, mix it up by adding pastel painted eggs, or faux eggs.

Easter Tree


(Photo Source:

Want a new topiary or little tree to grace your front door? Simply add eggs and a bow to make a little Easter tree. This one will even come in handy for Christmas!

Cute Printed Cushions


(Photo Source:

These pops of Spring-hued prints were practically made for Easter. However, they are also egg-stremely versatile! Make it colorful and uplifting by mixing a variety of hues, but try to keep most of them on the warm side of the color spectrum.

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Got a plain couch? Opt for as many colorful prints as your heart desires!

Jacquard paisley pillow cover, ornamental embroidered throw pillow cover, jacquard floral pillow cover

Chair Bunnys


(Photo Source:

So simple, yet so hare-raisingly adorable! These chairs have been egg-cently transformed by little bow bunny ears and a pom pom tail!

Make this DIY hack last all year round by simply removing the pom-pom, pretty bows are always in style!

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Add even more of a cute, cottage-y edge to your chairs with the game of chess checkered pillow covers.

Beige & Purple

Having the whole family round for an Easter banquet? Check out these beautiful Easter table layouts


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