Unique Birthday Gift Ideas For Your Wife

After years and years of sweet marriage, it can seem like you have bought your wife every birthday gift under the sun. As her special day draws closer and closer, you begin to dread the prospect of having to buy her yet another piece of jewellery, box of chocolates or bouquet of flowers.

Before you head to the mall and pick up something she already has twenty of, I beg you to keep reading. We are about to show you some really unique birthday gift ideas for your wife.

Note to confused husband: You’re welcome!

A Personalized Perfume Experience


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You’ve probably bought her perfume in the past and we can bet our bottom dollar that you know her favorite scents like the back of your hand.

However, as she is special and unique, she deserves her own signature scent that is an embodiment or her and her alone.

Unique Fragrance is an online store that allows customers to make their own perfume and then design their own bottle to go alongside it. What better way to make her feel like an absolute superstar?

A DIY Tea Party Set-Up


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As little girls, we all enjoy having tea parties with our dolls and plastic cups. To celebrate your wife turning one year older, treat her to everything she needs to have her own chic, tea party.

You probably don’t know where to start, so let me help. First of all, you need a cute, retro table runner, such as our damask style table runner. This will instantly transform your indoor and outdoor table alike.


Next, you need a vintage style cup and saucer set. We recommend going for cutesy florals or polka dots. This Summertime Roses porcelain tea set is a great example.


Finally, find a beautiful spot in the great outdoors and treat her to a romantic tea party. In the forest, a park, or at the beach are all great options. You will get an A+ for effort!

THIS Nicholas Sparks Movie Pack

nicky-sparksCan you recall a time in your relationship when you wined about watching romantic movies? Well I hate to break it to you, but her birthday is all about her, so what better way to treat her than to buy her the movies she absolutely loves and you hate.

This Nicholas Sparks movie pack includes all of her lovey-dovey favorites: Message In A Bottle, Nights In Rodanthe, The Notebook and A Night To Remember.

Then treat her to a cheese board and a bottle of her favorite bubbly and get the love movies going!

Something To Uplift Her Workplace

You have bought your wife so many things for your own home that they are starting to become clutter. So why not give her something to make her workplace desk a little more uplifting?

Some fantastic ideas include a photo of you two in a beautiful frame, a plant, or even an embroidered tissue box cover.

This hand embroidered decorative tissue box cover will make her work life a little nicer when she needs it most.

Ocean Blue

Concert/Theater/Opera Tickets


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A birthday gift that is an experience is often better than something material. Rather than giving your wife the regular flowers and chocolates, take her for a night out to the theater, opera or a concert.

The best thing about this birthday gift is that the tickets can be placed inside the card so she receives something physical on the day too.

The Perfect Little Black Dress


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A little black dress is something that never goes out of style. Once a lady finds the right one, it will be at the front of her closet for years to come.

Help your wife find that perfect little black dress for her body shape. Online stores such as eShakti allow costumers to enter their measurements and have a dress specifically made for them.

Now all you have to do is figure out a sneaky way of finding out her measurements. Don’t worry: it will be worth it.

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Rachel Holliday

Rachel Holliday

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