Unique Ways to Get Creative with Your Scarves

Just when we thought we saw all that fashion artist, Sera Brand, was capable of putting together – she out does her self not once, but twice again. Her fresh, bohemian style is nothing short of unique and one-of-a-kind. We are honored that she finds our Floral Paisley Silk Scarf to be a useful accessory to her many different styles. Take a look at some more unique ways to get creative with your scarves.

Around the Neck

This is the more traditional way to wear a scarf, but Sera matches it perfect with her tie dye dress and other accessories. This scarf adds the perfect pop of color to her look, that still provides that whimsical and bohemian look. You can get the same look by mixing and matching colors with any type of sun dress.


Over the Arms

Sera used the same outfit and same scarf, but just took the scarf off her neck and over her arms. This adds another great pop of style to your outfit. You’ll see the look often times on the runway, at a cocktail event, or even out for a nice dinner. It can be used for many different occasions in my different ways.


The Bohemian Belt

We are showing the belt style again, because we love it so much! Sera’s belt blends perfectly with her gypsy style, bohemian look. We are just a big fan of the scarf tied around the waist, and just can’t get over how well Sera puts it together. You can get the same look by grabbing a pair of look fitting pants, a crotchet top and on of our many scarves  to pair with your very own bohemian look.


A Closer Look

Here, we take a closer look at the bohemian belt on Sera. You can see how the colors don’t match at all, but they do blend perfectly. You can achieve the scarf belt look with any scarf over a pair of pants, a skirt, shorts, or even a bathing suit. You can get just as creative with it as Sera gets with hers.


Don’t be afraid to get creative with your scarves! We live in a generation where anything goes, and there aren o rules to fashion anymore. Wear what YOU think looks great and makes you feel good, unique and confident.


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