6 Cozy Ways To Warm Up Your Home For Fall

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As the leaves begin to turn golden and crisp and the air starts to chill, it’s time too warm up your home for Fall!

Although venturing outdoors may be enough to slowly turn you to an icicle, the heartwarming nature of snuggling up indoors is really what we love about fall. Get ready for hot chocolates under blankets and knitted socks among warm-toned cushions! Here’s six cozy ways to warm up your home for fall…

1. Add Autumnal Throws


(Photo Source: next.co.uk)

You don’t have to be the Einstein of home decor to know that red and orange are Fall’s top colors. A quick and easy way to add these warming colors is to simply add throws to your existing decor set up.

Your sofas can be given a snuggly edge with the simple addition of knitted throws in an array of burnished orange and red tones. Prefer something more fancy? A decorated table runner will add that stunning fall touch to your table, sofa, or floor.

Get the Fall Look With…

Jacquard Floral Table Runner

The jacquard floral table runner reminds us of Autumnal harvests.

If you’re not a blessed with an open fire, the Arabian velvet table runner will give you that warm, fuzzy feeling.

2. Warm Toned Bedding

That oceanic blue bedding may remind you of a warm land far far away, but, due to it’s cool tones, it may leave you feeling the chill. Switch out those cool tones and opt for warm toned bedding to beat the cold!

In addition, we recommend opting for a exotically printed piece. This will give you an injection of the Indian Summer, which is sure to warm you up!

Get The Fall Look With…

Saffron Red

The ornamental embroidered duvet set comes with a side of Easter warmth. Because of this, you’ll get that warm nights sleep you crave.

3. Open Flames

There is nothing more comforting and warming than an open flame! Although you may not have a roaring fire to beat the chills, a simple candle may be all it takes to warm up your home!


(Photo Source: chasingfoxes.com)

Even better, use candles to make your home smell like coffee! Simply place vanilla scented candles in coffee beans and your house will smell like a Fall Starbucks special.


If the smell of caffeine sounds like your worst nightmare, why not pop your candles in Fall-themed lanterns? After all, it’s never too early for a bit of pumpkin-themed decor (or pumpkin pie, for that matter!)

Get The Fall Look With…

Love candles but worried about wax spillage? Simply pop your candle on one of our Fall-appropriate place mats.

The embroidered leaf place mats brings the beautiful fallen leaves indoors.

4. Yellow


(Photo Source: twoladiesandachair.com)

Yellow may not scream fall, but psychologists have found that this sunny color has a warming effect. Due to it’s heat-inducing and positive qualities, yellow is a wonderful color to incorporate into your home this fall.

Due to it’s vibrancy and element school associations, yellow can be tricky to style. We recommend injecting flourishes of yellow wherever your home needs warming up. For example, a sofa can be warmed up stunningly with a chunky knit yellow throw. The bedroom feeling a little chilly? Add some burnished yellow flowers to your bedside table. Alternatively, treat yourself to a yellow wall hang. Then lie back, relax and feel the warm glow!

Get The Fall Look With…


The damask throw pillow cover will add an injection of warming sunshine to your sofa or bed.


The modern squares table cloth is what you need for a snug kitchen.

5. Cosy Cushions


(Photo Source: 2ladiesandachair.com)

Just like blankets, the softness of cushions makes us feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Opt for Fall-appropriate prints, such as leaves, for that extra Autumnal feel. In addition, red and orange cushions will make the area feel more snug and warm.

Get the Fall Look With…


The paisley embroidered pillow cover is made for Fall! Autumnal flowers and leaves remind us of the harvest season.

Warm up your home with the lovely and leafy jacquard floral pillow cover.


6. Create A Fall Tablescape


There’s nothing more snug and typically ‘Fall’ than a harvest themed tablescape. Begin with a red or orange table runner, than adorn with an array of Fall-themed goodies. Pumpkins, squashes, apples and berries all make wonderful choices. Alternatively, give your table a statement centerpiece with burnished orange flowers. Finally, add as many candles as your heart desires.

Get The Fall Look With…

Golden Orange

Warm up your home with the Saree border table runner. The beautiful combination of orange and gold is made for harvest table-scapes!

Or if you really want to make a statement, the hand embroidered 7 piece runner and place mat set is for you!

Are you ready for Fall? How are you hoping to change up your decor this season? Let us know in the comments below.

Rachel Holliday

Interior design and fashion contributor at Banarsi Designs. Writer and Aussie-based fashion and personal style blogger at www.thedailyluxe.net