Wedding Gifts: A Guide

When it comes to weddings, buying a gift can be a big fat confusing rut surrounded by something that is otherwise beautiful. Whether the groom is your childhood best friend, or the wife is a work acquaintance, the words ‘wedding gifts’ seem to make any knowledge of that couple about as relevant as Kim Kardashian at a political conference. Trans: you could know the person like the back of your hand and still find yourself in utter confusion. How on earth are you meant to find something they don’t already own? How do you choose something they will really appreciate? And, the biggest question mark: how much dollar do you fork out?

Luckily, we are here to give you a helping hand! Read on for our guide to wedding gifts…

How Much To Spend On A Wedding Gift


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Let’s start with the big one: how much do you spend on a gift. Some may say that as long as the gift is thoughtful an high quality, price isn’t really an issue. Others believe that the amount you fork out all boils down to your relationship with the bride, groom or couple. If the to-be-wedded is a close friend or relative, $75-$100 is enough to buy something really great. For a friend, co-worker, or acquaintance, $50-$75 is more than enough.

What To Get?

First things first, check if the couple have a wedding gift registry. Around 85% would prefer a gift from their registry list, so this one is sure to be a hit!

No list? No problem! Here’s our gift picks. All you have to do is choose the description that your bride and groom best fit!

The Adrenaline Junkies


Kurt and Jamie were known for taking their love to ridiculous new heights!

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This couple are out of their bloomin’ minds. Climbing mountains, high ropers courses, bungee jumping…. and we are the one’s left feeling scared! They love anything that quickens a heart beat, and if it includes heights, near-death, or great white sharks, even better!

Buy them an experience! Chances are these two aren’t all wrapped up on physical things, so why not give them some crazy memories? Sky diving, scuba diving and other crazy activities can break the bank, so opt for an experience below the $100 bracket. A jet boat ride, go-karting or watersports are all cheaper options that your adrenaline lovers will adore!

The Travelers


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This couple are …are…actually: where are they? Jokes aside, these lovers are thinking anything but babies after the big day, their eyes are all on the globe! Open minded and free spirited, this couple delve into new cultures and experiences wholeheartedly.

Buy them something that reminds them of their travels or fills them with wanderlust. Chances are, you cannot afford to buy them a trip to India (if you can, can I be your friend?) but you can bring India to their home through beautiful pieces of home decor.


Give them memories of a European Autumn with the embroidered leaf placements

Or spark wanderlust for the East with the Arabian velvet table runner.

The Luxury Lovers


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This couple are fans of all the finer things in life. Oysters, champagne and spa retreats are what they live for. Coming across as high maintenance to some, this couple are always preen, polished and proper.

Buy them a couples pampering session! If this is too pricey, luxury toiletries or fine wine are a great idea too!

The New Home Owners

Couple with keys to new home
Couple with keys to new home

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This Couple have just bought their first home! Overcome with excitement, they have this huuuge space and absolutely nothing to fill it! Bless them!

Buy them a pretty piece of decor that will add luxury and personality to their home without breaking the bank. As they’ve just forked out on a wedding, chances are they will have to scrimp on furniture. We all have to start somewhere and the gift of a table cloth will turn that ugly thrift store table into a work of art!

King Blue

This hand embroidered table cloth is an instant beautiful table without breaking the bank!

Still have no clue?

Why not opt for a matching table cloth and place mats combo? With eight stunning color to choose from, there’s one for every couple!


And if all else fails…. there’s always the option of gifting money for the honeymoon! Happy gifting!


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