What Color Is Your Aura?

Have you ever heard the saying ‘s/he has a certain aura about him’? Far from just ‘another saying’, an aura can be described as a magnetic field of energy that can be felt and sensed around the human body. Spiritualists believe that this ‘air’ around a person consists of various colors from the spectrum. These colors make up certain traits in your personality.

When it comes to the color that you surround yourself with, choosing those that are present in your aura can have a harmonizing affect on your psyche. So if you want to feel more positive and at ease, why not choose home decor colors that match your aura? Read on for my guide on aura colors and how to integrate them in your home.


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Red Aura



If you’re a self-confessed dare devil, you may have a red aura. Your outgoing and adventurous attitude gives you an enthusiastic outlook on life. Despite this, you tend to run quite hot-headed and if you loose your temper, people will know about it!

You have a strong mental and physical fitness and sports come naturally to you. Your friends are most likely to describe you as confident and generous. But beware, your adventurous attitude could see you becoming bored of relationships and career paths before they are truly over!

Compliment Your Red Aura

Above: Hand embroidered tablecloth

Above: Vibrant floral pillow cover

Saffron Red

Above: Ornamental embroidered duvet cover set

Orange Aura


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Are you a people person? Maybe your aura is orange! You love being part of a group, whether that means being the center of attention or blending into the crowd.  Your high level of empathy makes you popular to others and your high emotional well being is also reflected in your reproductive stamina.

Although some may describe you as impatient, your high level of creativity and your productive nature makes you a go-getter in the workplace!

Compliment your orange aura


Above: Paisley embroidered pillow cover

Golden Orange

Above: Saree border table runner


Above: Floral paisley place mats

Yellow Aura


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Well you’re just a ray of positivity, aren’t you? Like the sunshine, you are a beaming ray of energy and optimism. Your attitude to life is simply infectious. Even though you’re pretty easy to get along with, you’re happy enough enjoying your own company.

You’re intelligent and have top notch communication skills. Your confidence and inspiring attitude will see you excel at University and in the work place. Beware: your perfectionist nature and outward confidence may see you facing mental health pressures.

Compliment your yellow aura


Above: Damask throw pillow cover


Above: Elegant dahlia pillow cover

Green Aura


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You are a social being and you have a huge crush on life, especially the great outdoors. Animals and humans are your best friends alike. Your domestic nature sees you enjoying cooking and home decorating.

You’re a business person at heart and others are often in awe of your ideas. Your friends see you as loyal, stable and good at giving life advice.

Compliment your green aura

Above: Hand painted floral round table cloth

Above: Hand embroidered decorative tissue box cover

Above: Jacquard floral pillow cover


Blue Aura


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Chilled is your middle name. Cool, calm and collected like the still ocean, your loving and caring nature is most admired by those around you. Your friends describe you as having an intuitive nature; you always know when something is wrong and your equal head-heart balance makes you the perfect candidate to find a  solution!

Despite your success at romantic relationships, you have a tendency to become a workaholic. Although your charisma and intelligence will get you far in life, it’s ok to say no every one in a while. Your hard working attitude means the world is your oyster! Get out there and change the world!

Compliment your blue aura


Above: Hand embroidered duvet cover set

Above: Hand embroidered table cover

Above: Hand painted tissue box cover

Indigo Aura


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Have you always felt a little bit different? According to psychic experts, those with a high amounts of Indigo in their auras have a psychic ability! You are a spiritual being who feels in touch with things that most of us can’t explain and you often feel that you have the power to help others improve their spirituality.

You despise conformity and others often don’t understand you’re unique outlook on life.

Compliment your indigo aura

Above: Hand painted 7 piece duvet cover set

Above: Ornamental embroidered tablecloth

Above: Hand painted table runner and placemat set

Violet Aura


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You want to save the world! Often acting as a voice for those who cannot be heard, you’re here to make the world a better place! You’re a natural born leader with a purpose and your outlook on life often acts as an inspiration for others.

Don’t fall too hard if you don’t make it though! Your narcissistic edge can cause you to become lost and confused. Keep focusing on your creative and artistic side and you will go far! Travel the world, inspire others and make a difference!

Compliment your violet aura

Above: Sophisticated two tone place mat

Above: Hand embroidered throw pillow cover

Above: Exotic oriental pillow cover

What aura color are you? Let me know in the comments below…

Rachel Holliday

Rachel Holliday

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