Winter Dates That Won’t Blow The Budget

Winter Dates can be one huge, expensive dilemma.

Christmas: we love you, but you tend to leave us with a huge gaping hole in our pocket. Add boxing day sales, endless parties and New Year celebrations into the mix, and we can be left feeling as poor as a pauper.

Don’t let your Winter dates fall victim to an empty wallet! There are many cheap date ideas that have enough romance to warm you up this January. Here are some of our favorite winter dates that won’t blow the budget…

Have A Fondue Night

winter dates fondue night

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Is it just us, or is everything better melted? Whether it’s cheese or chocolate, a fondue night is a fun and tasty way to keep warm and explore your taste buds! It’s also a fantastic way to use any extra chocolate you may have lying around from Christmas Day.

Make your fondue light extra romantic by making a cozy and romantic indoor area to enjoy with your beau. Begin by layering your floor with chunky blankets. Then add to the snug factor with an array of printed cushions. Really turn up the heat with our floral embroidered pillow cover and our exotic oriental pillow cover. Then sit back, relax and enjoy the melted, gooey goodness!

Snow Day

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When we were six, there was nothing more fun than a snow day! So if you are lucky enough to have snow, go outside and embrace your inner child with your other half. Have a snowball fight, try sculpting each other out of snow or have a ball making snow angels.

You may not be able to afford a toboggan, but a plastic bag filled with hay can make a wonderful DIY sledge.

If you want to turn up the heat, bring a flask and picnic blanket and treat your other half to a mulled wine in the wilderness.

Keep the heat cold at bay with one of our wool scarves. The multi color print scarf will add vibrancy and color to any dull Winter look.


Board Game Night/ Day

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There’s nothing like a little healthy competition between lovers and a cheeky board game session provides the perfect opportunity for laughter! Dig around your dusty cupboards and pull out some of the old family favorites. Meddle with Monopoly, scream over scrabble or just giggle over some classic card games.

Give your table a cute makeover for board game night, with our luxurious Arabian velvet table runner. Who needs a night at The Ritz?

Coffee Brown


couple stargazing

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Winter is the best time to look at the stars, due to the fact that it will be completely pitch black. Grab your loved one, a snuggly picnic blanket and escape the city to gaze up into the skies.

Make your date night educational by printing out a map of the different constellations, or use your imagination to create pictures and images within the sky. You could even do this during the day with cloud gazing!

If you don’t have a picnic blanket, grab yourself a picnic mat and blanket in one with our ornamental embroidered table cloth.

Retro Cartoon Night


Do you often find yourselves reminiscing about Dexter’s Laboratory or Popeye? Why not make a night out of it. Snuggle up with our range of printed pillow covers and have a retro cartoon marathon.  Embrace your inner child to the max by indulging in some of your fave childhood snacks. Just don’t be surprised if you remember every single word of The Rugrats!

For snug decor with a retro edge, opt for our solid geometric pillow covers.

Visit A Museum Or Art Gallery


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Who said that learning was boring? Soak up some culture and knowledge at a local museum or art gallery. These places are perfect for escaping the cold weather, plus they are often free or just require a small donation upon entry.

Make things extra fun by visiting a modern art gallery and attempt to guess the meaning or inspiration behind the peculiar pieces of art.

Create A Home Spa


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A weekend spa getaway may be waaay out of your price range, but that doesn’t mean that a pampering session has to be completely off the cards. Get together any bath goodies you may have received for Christmas and throw your own couples spa day.

Begin by taking a long bath together with luxurious products, such as bath bombs or luscious bubble bath. Pour a glass of wine, light some candles and it will be just as romantic as a weekend away!

After your bath, take the time to massage each other using luxurious oils. If your man is into self-care, have a giggle by putting on face masks or trying out facial steaming using a washing bowl full of boiling water.

Which of our Winter dates will you be enjoying with your partner?


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