Winter Dinner Party Themes Your Guests Will Love

As Christmas and New Year sizzle away into a time gone by, our social calendars are feeling more empty than ever. Rather than resorting to endless Netflix sessions, why not host a Winter dinner party?

With the cold, Winter weather setting the scene, a themed dinner party is a fun way to lift those post-Christmas blues! These Winter Dinner Party Themes are a good time guaranteed!

Game Of Thrones


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Never has the phrase ‘Winter is coming’ been so appropriate. Grab your mates and have a Game of Thrones themed dinner party!

If you’re really up for a laugh, make it fancy dress! Who doesn’t want to be Kalysses or Jon Snow?

The Menu

Although they may feast on all sorts of disgusting beasts in the hit TV show, we suggest that you keep your menu a little more appetizing. Think medieval style dining, such as stewed meat, roast chickens or game birds.

Quirky pun-filled names for your dishes are a must! Tyrian shortcake anyone?

The Table Setting

game of thrones winter dinner party

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Take inspiration from the red wedding and opt for medieval, gold accents, tassels and burnished silver table wear. As for your colour scheme, a deep red will keep it looking straight out of the HBO drama.

One of our table runners will transform your table into something from Westeros.

Rustic Orange

Hand painted deluxe floral table runners

Golden Orange

Banarsi saree border table runner

Coffee Brown

Arabian velvet table runner


Murder Mystery


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Ever noticed how murder mystery movies are always set when it’s cold and stormy outs. Let the cold Winter weather create a spooky and predictable atmosphere, as you host a murder mystery themed Winter dinner party.

Murder mystery storylines can be found online in abundance and are a fun and unique experience for you and your friends. Give out characters before the night for hilarious fancy dress opportunities!

The Menu

The best thing about a murder mystery party is that the menu can be whatever you choose: this Winter dinner party is made to be versatile!

For a vintage, mansion-style, feast opt for upper-class nibbles such as mussels, prawns or stuffed chicken breast. Entertain your guests with fancy cocktails or mocktails.

The Table Layout

Murder mysterious are synonymous with the luxurious mansion setting. Opt for lavish, embroidered creams, metallic accents and sparkling crystal cups.

Begin by layering your table with the suitably luxurious hand embroidered table cloth. Next, add a glimmer of luxurious metallics with the exotic oriental table runner. Add crystal glasses and pillar candles for that typical ‘Cluedo’ vibe.


Ski Lodge


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If you can’t afford that luxury ski getaway, host it! A ski lodge themed dinner party is perfect for when the snow starts to fall! Host your guests around a roaring fire and treat them to hot chocolate with all the trimmings.

If your friends are brave, take the theme outside and roast marshmallows around an open bonfire. The dress code? Thick fairisle prints, hats, scarves and gloves. Fancy dress has never been so snug!

The Menu

Keep it warm! Opt for hot beef stew, or go all-out Swiss ski lodge with a cheese fondue! Mulled wine and cider will make your guests feel right at home.

The Table Layout

Keep it snowy and icy with Nordic-printed table cloths and runners. Add an element of the great outdoors with twigs of Winter berries and evergreen leaves. Finally, turn up the heat with large, woodwick candles that sound like a roaring fire.

Our embroidered leaf placemats will add an edge of wilderness to any table layout.

Soup Extravaganza


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Winter may as well be made for soup, so why not plan your whole dinner party around this yummy, hearty dish? Dress in your Winter woolies and indulge in a Winter dinner party theme that is sure to both please the palette and warm the heart!

The Menu

Soup, soup and more soup! For culinary experience will a touch of hominess, get each of your guests to bring a pot of soup that is a family recipe, reminds them of their childhood, or is just their favorite.

Make it interesting by having a ‘soup topper’ station, with a variety of croutons, bacon bits and extra vegetables.

The Table

Make it cottage-like and opt for warm colors in statement, retro prints. We think that our jacquard floral table runner is the perfect choice! Keep table wear snug and simple and stick to warm materials such as pot and metal.

Jacquard Floral Table Runner

Which Winter dinner party theme would you like to try?


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