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The Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide

Struggling with your Christmas & Holiday shopping? No matter who you are shopping for, here at Banarsi Designs we have affordable gifting options to stuff the stockings of your entire family!


For Your Mom

Gifts for Mom

1. Paisley Wool Scarf


With a timeless paisley and floral print, the floral wool scarf is the perfect addition to Mom's wardrobe. This accessory is great for throwing on over a casual dress to glam it up or to snuggle up in on those cold Winter evenings.

2. Paisley Embroidered Pillow Covers

paisley-embroidered-pillow-covers-16-x-16-set-of-2-692- mother

These intricately embroidered paisley pillows will add a touch of luxury to your Mom's home. Who needs a new sofa? Just throw these two cushion covers on a couple of pillows and Mom's sofa will instantly be updated. With four colors available, you are sure to find one to match your Mom's home decor.

3. Elegant Dahlia Pillow Cover


What's delicate, beautiful and vibrant, apart from your mother of course? This embroidered floral pillow cover! With sheen detailing and a single embroidered flower, this piece is sure to put a smile on Mom's face!

4. Hand Painted 7 Piece Table Runner and Placemat Set


Is it just me or do Mom's love everything that matches? Treat Mom to this matching table runner and placemat set for an instant table makeover for all those festive events! With sari-boarder detailing and hand-painted flower, all of Mom's dinner parties will be Palace-worthy events.

5. Hand Painted Duvet Cover Set


If your parents are in need of a home renovation, this matching hand-painted Indian duvet cover set would be a brilliant gift alongside the table runner and placemat set. What's more luxurious than pops of bright color and hand painted Indian florals throughout your home? Your mom's a queen; it's time to turn her home into a palace.

6. Arabian Velvet Table Runner


If you're after a gift for a Queen, this Arabian Velvet Table Runner ticks all the boxes. Velvet and silk are woven together and stunningly embellished with tassels, creating the base layer for the most luxurious dinner party your Mom will ever hold.


For Your Wife


1. Exotic Oriental Pillow Cover


Light the candles and treat your wife to a relaxing Moroccan-style retreat at home with these exotic pillow covers. The warm, sparkling tones and bohemian print will be sure to add to a tranquil and relaxing atmosphere to your home. Just add incense.

2. Ornamental Embroidered Duvet Cover Set


They say that red is the color of love, so why not treat your wife to this lush, saffron red duvet set? The hand embroidered detailing and artistic leaf print will bring an atmosphere of somewhere warm and exotic to your bedroom.

3. Floral Embroidered Placemats


These delicate and romantic placemats are sure to please your better half. With a pack of four, the styling options are endless! Rest assured that whether she chooses to decorate her dresser or the kitchen table, the result will be inevitably stylish.

4. Artistic Print Silk Scarf


Your wife deserves the finer things in life, so spoil her this Christmas with a deluxe silk scarf. The abstract, classic print makes it suitable for year round wear and with ten different colors available, you are sure to find one that she will adore.


For Your Sister


1. Tropical Floral Placemats


Clean, solid and minimalist, these tropical floral place mats will add a subtle hint of femininity to your Sister's kitchen.

2. Floral Paisley Silk Scarf


Is your sister a fashionista? This boho, paisley print silk scarf is a classy and sophisticated take on this seasons Seventies trend. The best part? She can totally rock it for the office, the bar and everywhere in-between!

3. Modern Squares Rectangle Table Cloth


To add an on-trend country flair to your Sister's kitchen, give her this Tablecloth this Christmas! Opt for the black style if she has children, that way spillages will not cause too much damage.

4. Hand Embroidered Brocade Pillow Cover


The perfect balance between trendy and classic, this pillow cover will add a little touch of sparkle to your Sister's home. Plus, the vibrant Oriental print is bound to warm up her home this chilly season!


For Your Work Colleague


1. Solid Color Scarf

Got landed with lady you don't know very well in the office Secret Santa? Opt for this solid color scarf; it's simple and timeless design makes it a sure fire hit for all age groups. Observe carefully what she wears and then choose from the nineteen beautiful color options.

2. Saree Border Table Runner

workcollegaue- saritablerunner

What better gift to give someone from the office than something for the office? This classic and understated table runner will make her desk the desk to be at!

3. Hand Embroidered Tissue Box Cover


Add a bright pop of color to your colleague's work desk with this tissue box cover. The lush hand embroidered, Indian pattern makes it a Christmas present with a difference!

4. Floral Paisley Place Mats


Whether your work colleague enjoys picnics in the park or family banquets, these pretty place mats will be sure to serve a good purpose.


For Your Grandmother


1. Spring Roses Wool Scarf


Florals are classic and timeless, just like your lovely nan, so why not treat her to this luxurious wool scarf? With a bright and beautiful rose print that is suitable for both dressy and casual attire, your grandmother can glam up her look this Winter.

2. Vibrant Floral Throw Pillow Cover


With a design that combines nature and intricate art, your Grandmother will truly admire this pack of two classic, floral-embroidered pillow covers. Suitable for adding a pop of color to her favorite chair or for giving her bedroom an injection of luxury, this beautiful piece of home decor will make your Gran feel super special!

3. Hand Painted Deluxe Tissue Box Cover


If your Grandmother already has an Aladdin's caves worth of goodies, you are going to have to think outside the box when it comes to gift options. This hand-painted tissue box cover is a unique and thoughtful gift that will add a touch of beauty to her dressing table. Plus: it's totally unique!

4. Hand Embroidered Table Runner


With unique hand beading and intricate tassel details, bring a touch of the East to your Grandmother's home with this table runner. Perfect to throw on the table for tea parties with friends or to add to the living room coffee table, she will be immediately uplifted by this vivid piece.


For The Couple


1. Ornamental Embroidered Duvet Cover Set


This elegant, hand-embroidered duvet cover set will make the perfect gift for your favorite couple. Intricate and vibrant, yet not too feminine, this colorful seven piece set will prove popular with both him and her! The set includes a zippered duvet cover and 6 pillow cases and is available in three colors in sizes for King and Queen beds. Perfect for new home owners!

2. Jacquard Damask Pillow Covers


Modern, slick and colorful, this set of two damask pillow covers will look equally as stunning in the bedroom or in the living room. The fresh, vibrant design comes in a range of multi-tonal designs, so rest assured that there is one that is perfect for that special couple!

3. Hand Embroidered 7 Piece Placemat and Table Runner Set

couple- handembroidered7pieceset

All couples love to throw dinner parties, so why not grab your favorite couple this all-in one stunning set? The vibrant color design and saree border will be sure to make them stand out in the interior design stakes too!


For Your Daughter


1. Exotic Silk Scarf


70s bohemian is the in-thing and with this stunning 100% silk scarf your daughter is sure to be on trend! This vibrant multi-colored boho print beauty is available in ten different colors. Choose her favorite color and you'll be sure to see her rocking this silk scarf all year round!

2. Hand Embroidered 7-Piece Duvet Cover Set


Whether your daughter is at college, moving into her first home, or still living in her childhood abode, this bright and vibrant duvet color set will add some instant hippy-luxe to her room. Want to spoil her? Treat her to the matching place mats to decorate her bedside table too.

3. Pure Wool Animal Print Scarf


This vibrant animal print scarf is an instant outfit update in one! With a luxurious wool design, this scarf is a stylish was to ensure your daughter stays warm this Winter. Choose the monochrome option for a piece that will match any coat or jacket.

4. Floral Embroidered Pillow Cover


Bright, girly and fashionably bohemian, this set of two floral pillow covers will add a touch of glamour to your daughters college dorm room.

5. Hand Embroidered Place Mats


This set of 5 luxurious, hand-embroidered place mats will add a colorful flair to shelves, bedside tables and surface tops. With an equally stunning matching bedding set available, these two products provide an entire room makeover!