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How To Measure For A Tablecloth

There’s nothing more frustrating than finding the perfect tablecloth and discovering that it doesn’t fit your table. Whether it was a tablecloth in a pattern that you loved, or in a color that just put the perfect finishing touch on your current dining room decor, it is so disappointing to put a beautiful tablecloth on your table only to find that it’s too small or way too big.

Measuring for a tablecloth before you make the purchase is a wise idea and can keep you from being heartbroken when your tablecloth arrives.

How to Measure for a Tablecloth

How To Measure For A Round Tablecloth

First, measure the diameter of your table. Then, consider how much “drop” you would like to have – i.e., how far towards the floor you want the edges of the tablecloth to go. Add the diameter of your table to your desired drop to determine the size of tablecloth you need for your round table. For example, if your table is 30” in diameter and you want a 23” drop, you would need a 53” tablecloth.

Most decorative tablecloths don’t go all the way to the floor, so if you’re looking for a tablecloth that does this, you may want to choose to use double tablecloths. This means using a plain tablecloth with a very long drop underneath a shorter, decorative tablecloth. Often, a square or rectangular tablecloth is used over a long round tablecloth.

How To Measure For a Rectangular Tablecloth

Measuring for a rectangular tablecloth depends on two components: the length and the width. Determine the desired length of your drop. Then, measure the length and width of your table. Add the drop to your width to determine the total width you need in your tablecloth. Then, add the drop to the length of your table to determine the total length you need in your tablecloth. For example, if you want a 10” drop and your table is 35”x 80”, you will want your tablecloth size to be 45”x 90”. If you want a 15” drop and your table is 39”x 95”, you will want your tablecloth size to be 54” x 110”.

Measuring your table before purchasing a tablecloth is an important step in making sure you will be satisfied with your tablecloth and the way it looks on your table once you put it on.

Have fun measuring your table to choose the perfect tablecloth, and let your tablecloth express your personality!