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5 Reasons You Should Buy Instead Of Renting Your Wedding Tablecloths

Your wedding is quickly approaching, and getting every last detail in place for the reception can be difficult. From wedding table centerpieces to the cake and the music to the food, it’s easy to get lost in wedding reception planning. Wedding tablecloths might be lower on your list of priorities, or you may assume that your venue of choice has tablecloths that you can rent. However, renting is not always the best option. Here are five reasons buying might be the better choice for your upcoming nuptials.

Wedding Tablecloths: Buying vs Renting

1. You Can Customize The Look And Feel Of Your Reception

Most wedding tablecloth rental establishments offer solid colors only. While color blocking in your chosen wedding colors can be nice, it often looks very monotone and basic once it’s all put together. You can combat that with extravagant wedding centerpieces, but that often ends up adding more cost than simply purchasing decorative tablecloths.

You can completely customize the look and feel of your reception with gorgeous, luxurious decorative tablecloths and allow them to take center stage at your meal by using minimal centerpieces.

2. Many Venues Do Not Rent Tablecloths

If you are not using a full service wedding venue, they likely aren’t going to be able to provide your tablecloths. You would have to go to a third party, adding time, stress, hassle and cost to your tablecloth rentals. You can make it much easier on yourself by purchasing the tablecloths you really want and simply having them shipped directly to you.

3. You Can Save Money By Gifting Your Tablecloths

Instead of purchasing expensive gifts for family and friends for upcoming gift giving holidays, why not beautifully wrap one of your wedding tablecloths as a personalized and unique gift? The recipient will likely remember that these were the stunning tablecloths used at your reception and treasure them for years to come.

4. Save On Shipping

When you rent tablecloths online or from a rental establishment that is not in your hometown, you are not only having to pay shipping on having the rentals delivered to you, you will also be paying shipping to return them. This can quickly add up, especially if you have a number of tablecloths to return. Depending on what you need and what is available in your area, buying tablecloths may not be much more expensive than renting them and shipping them back.

5. Consider Combining Rentals & Purchasing

One unique way to dress your reception tables is to rent basic color tablecloths and then purchase decorative table runners to place on top of them. This may end up saving you money in the long run than if you simply rented all of your table linens, or if you purchased decorative tablecloths in full size.

Every wedding is different, and every bride’s needs and wants for her big day are unique. While renting wedding tablecloths may seem like the easiest choice at first, that is not always true. Consider what your options are, what is available in your area and what you truly want for your wedding day. Your wedding day is a once in a lifetime event, and how you dress your reception tables will be immortalized in your memories and photographs for the rest of your life. Cost is an important factor, but having wedding tablecloths that truly express your unique style and the love you and your partner have for each other is even more essential.