Secret Style Tricks That Bloggers Swear By

Ah… bloggers, they always look so effortlessly stylish… What’s their secret? Is it a stylist? A muse? Nope, these ladies are simply equipped with an endless amount of style tricks.

Today we share the secret style tricks that bloggers swear by…

The Trick: Go Naked Under A Pantsuit

The Blogger: Chiara Ferragni of ‘The Blonde Salad’

(Photo Source:

Matching colored pant suits are in extreme danger of entered ‘eighties feminist’ territory.

Rather than tossing up between styling your pant suit with a white shirt, or a more casual top, take a note from Chiara’s book and wear absolutely nothing.

The jacket alone looks chic and modern, while flashing that extra bit of skin ensures it’s sexy as well as feminist.

She isn’t one of the top bloggers in the world for nothing…

The Trick: Tuck Your Scarf Into Your Sweater

The Blogger: Aimee Song at Song Of Style


(Photo Source:

You know those windy days when your perfectly wrapped scarf just unravels and sticks to your lipgloss? Super blogger Aimee Song has the creme de la creme of all style tips that we’ve all been waiting for!

Simply tuck the ends of your scarf into your sweater. As well as keeping it looking neat, this also gives printed scarves a dressier appeal too.

Genius. How have we never ever considered this?

Get The Look

Get Aimee’s look with a cute red, printed scarf. Our floral paisley silk scarf and exotic print scarf will jazz up a plain sweater or tee to perfection.

The Trick: On Tuck In 1/4 Of Your Shirt

The Blogger: Carmen Hamilton at Chronicles Of Her

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Anyone who was a prefect, head girl, or general. goody two shoes at school will have fallen into the trap of tucking their shirt in flawlessly. The problem? Whether you’re 18 or 50, you’re still gonna look like that wannabe prefect.

Modern shirting is all about being casual and effortless. Carmen Hamilton tucks in just a quarter of her shirt to keep her look on the casual side of the spectrum.

Want to look slightly dressier? Half tuck in your shirt!

The Rule: Layer a Bow Tie Top Under An Off-Shoulder Piece

The Blogger: Leonie Hanne of ‘Ohh Couture’


(Photo Source:

We love the off-shoulder trend as much as the next fashion obsessive, but it’s always great to change up your pieces for maximum wear.

Rather than letting her shoulders do the talking, Leonie Hanne has used the off-shoulder shape for print clashing perfection.

The addition of a printed puss bow blouse is just genius! It’s feminine, romantic and a fantastic way to make off-shoulder dresses appropriate for the office!

Get The Look

With Summer just around the corner, the last thing we want to do is cloak our skin in multiple layers. A fantastic alternative to this style tip is to tie a scarf in a bow and wear with your off shoulder dress.

Our geometric print scarf has the same stunning retro vibes as Leonie’s. Team with a pin striped dress for a fail-safe print clash.

The Trick: Layer A Long Top Over A Pencil Skirt

The Blogger: Sara Donaldson at ‘Harper & Harley’


(Photo Source:

Over and over again, we’ve been told that the best way to rock a pencil skirt is to tuck in a top! However, this stunning look from Aussie blogger Sara Donaldson has totally changed our perspective.

The fashionista stunningly paired a very long-off shoulder top with her fitted pencil skirt. The slits make it anything but drowning, whilst the heels add length and glamor.

The Trick: Layer A Bikini Top Under Overalls

The Blogger: Natalie Suarez at ‘Natalie Off Duty’


(Photo Source:

Overalls can be ridiculously tricky to style. Luckily, Natalie Off Duty has given us the perfect solution: a swimsuit.

Layering your cute bikini or swimsuit under your overalls gives off an effortless tropical vibe. Plus, you totally don’t need to change when you hit the pool later! This has to be one of our fave style tricks!

Loving these blogger style tips? See our top movie and TV style icons for even more inspo!

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7 Ways To Improve Your Home Decor In An Hour

Yep: You can improve your home decor in an hour

tick tock tick tock. Is it just me or are there not enough hours in the day? If the phrase ‘home renovation’ sends you into a fit of time-related stress, stop and breathe. Rome wasn’t built in a day, but that doesn’t mean it wasn’t improved in an hour.

Got an hour you can put aside? Use it to put that extra oomph into your home decor.

Before you press the ‘x’ on this page and declare me a mad woman, read on for 7 ways to improve your home decor in an hour…

1. Hang Y0ur Artwork Differently


(Photo Source:

These decor tips may have entered a whole new level of crazy! Jokes aside, there actually is a specific height to hang your artwork which is proven to be more aesthetically pleasing.

According to decor gurus at, the golden height, which is used at museums and art galleries, is 57 to 60 inches above the ground. Why? This is the average level of the human eye. Interesting stuff…

2. Spray Paint An Old Chair


(Photo Source:

I hate to break it to you, but that lime green chair isn’t exactly doing much for your living room. Rather than tossing it, why not spray paint it a more neutral color such as white or cream.

Alternatively, turn up the luxe and go for rose or copper.

Compliment your new gold or copper chair with boho printed pillow covers. We love:


Exotic Oriental pillow cover, floral embroidered pillow cover, elegant dahlia pillow cover

3. Change The Lightbulbs

How many home decor gurus does it take to change a lightbulb? None! It just takes you!

Even the most stunning home decor can be turned sickly by bad lighting. If you find a certain room in your home is to dull, harsh, warm or cool, all it could take is a new light bulb. But how do you know which to choose?

When considering your lighting, think about the purpose of the room, the ideal ambiance and whether you want warm or cool tones.


4. Wallpaper An Accent Wall


(Photo Source:

Lazy DIY-ers rejoice: the accent wall is totally making a comeback!

Choose a wall in a larger room in your home and add a printed wallpaper for a really unique edge. If you prefer something a bit plainer, paint your wall.

Now that’s an hour well spent!

5. Give Your Bed A Lift


Before you bend down and attempt to pick up your bed frame, we are speaking metaphorically here! Your bed is a huge part of your everyday life, so put aside an hour to make it as luxurious as The Ritz itself.

Scents can do wonders and some scents, such as lavender, are proven to improve sleep quality. To scent your sheets, add a quarter of a cup of scented bath salts to the rinse cycle of your wash.

Next, give your bed an instant makeover by adding a printed table runner along the foot of your bed. If you have a printed comforter, opt for a plainer runner. However, if you like to take risks, why not try your hand at print clashing?

We love:

Hand embroidered table runner, chic jacquard table runner, jacquard paisley table runner

6. Add A Color Pop To Your Furniture


(Photo Source:

We adore this easy and quick DIY hack from House Beautiful!

Rather than painting the outside of your furniture, paint the inside. This quirky pop of color will add a subtle vibrant edge without being too overpowering.

7. Paint A Sink Or Toilet


(Photo Source:

Over time, plastic toilets or sinks can start to yellow. Rather than throwing them out, give them a new lease of life with a layer of paint. That’s home decor in an hour that could save you a fortune too!

You could even consider painting your sink matte black for a unique and on-trend look.

Got a bit more than an hour? Give your furniture a DIY upgrade. Here’s how to makeover an old sofa and how to transform an old table.

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Beautiful Tropical Beach Wedding Inspiration

There’s something so dreamy about a tropical beach wedding. Perhaps it’s the idea of saying ‘I’ll do’ in the dictionary definition of paradise.

Whether you are dreaming of heading to the Maldives for a tropical beach wedding, or want to host your nuptials at your local beach, the perfect tropical beach wedding is all about vibrant colors.

Read on for beautiful tropical beach wedding inspiration that will have you dreaming of Hawaaii, Bali and everywhere in between!

The Venue

Tropical weddings are all about lush greenery and getting back into nature. If your climate allows it, choose a stunning beach-front venue, dotted with tropical palm trees and surrounded by lush ocean.


(Photo Source:

This walkway to the beach is like something out of a fairytale. As a matter of fact, if Ariel from The Little Mermaid were human (and real), we are pretty sure she’d say ‘I do’ here.

The wooden boardwalk and lantern-dotted walkway make this venue ideal for sunset or evening ceremonies too.


(Photo Source:

It doesn’t get much more dreamy that this floating pontoon. As long of your guests don’t mind getting their feet wet!


(Photo Source:

If your budget isn’t huge, a simple fabric arch hung between two trees is a stunning option. Add flowers in vases and around the arch to add a further element of beauty.

The Dress

Tropical beach weddings are made for dresses with a bohemian edge. Whether you want something all-out boho, or classic with a subtle beachy hint, go for white and flowing.

These dresses are made to be worn on white sands…


(Photo Source:

Subtle crochet overlays add a beachy edge to traditional wedding shapes. Spaghetti straps may seem casual, but for a beach wedding, they work beautifully!


(Photo Source:

This flowing, chiffon number will let any bride indulge in her inner fairy tale!


(Photo Source:

If you are looking for something really unique, a two piece is perfect for a beach wedding. Beachy in nature, the two piece wedding dress is made for the beach babes who spend half their lives in a bikini.

To keep it luxurious, opt for lace or embellished fabrics.

The Bridesmaids

Tropical weddings allow so many fun options for bridesmaid dresses. From vibrant colors, to punchy palm prints, tropical bridesmaid dresses are fun, fresh and flirty.


(Photo Source:

Palm print maxi dresses make a beautiful contrast to the bride’s white gown.

Choose a bouquet to compliment the prints on the bridesmaid dresses for something really aesthetically pleasing.

(Photo Source:

If you prefer more traditional dresses for your bridesmaids, lace pieces in cute, cocktail colors are a perfect choice.


(Photo Source:

If you’re planning an off-season beach wedding, keep your bridesmaids warm in cute, printed scarves. Worn around the neck, or as a shawl, this accessory is a fantastic way to add print and color.

We Recommend


Tropical floral scarf and paisley wool scarf


(Photo Source:

Dressing the bridesmaids in different dresses really suits the relaxed aesthetic of beach weddings. To stop it looking messy, opt for different cuts in the same or similar prints.

The Accessories


(Photo Source:

A bright bouquet of tropical blooms is a must. Go for longer leafy greens and create a blossoming center with various tropical flowers.


(Photo Source:

Going shoeless? Keep it boho chic with floral anklets. Opt for the same floral arrangement as your bouquet to keep it cohesive.


(Photo Source:

Tropical climates are often too sweaty for veils and extravagant hair pieces. Embrace your inner nature babe with a flower crown made from tropical blooms.


(Photo Source:

Swap a classic groom’s corsage for a mini bunch of tropical goodness.

The Table Layout

Outdoor weddings in tropical paradise call for bright hues, palm tree-themed decor, and an abundance of tropical blooms…


(Photo Source:

Green, magenta and orange make for a stunning contrast.

Go for a plain white table cloth and let the accessories to the talking! A natural textured table runner compliments wooden plates, whilst palm leaves make a fantastic alternative to place mats.

We Recommend


Organza hand embroidered table runner and floral paisley placemats.


(Photo Source:

Tropical mandarin tones, corals and pinks pop from what is otherwise a traditional wedding table.

This one is all about symmetry, so ensure all flowers and tableware is equally spaced.

We Recommend

Golden Orange

Tropical floral placemats and Saree border table runner


(Photo Source:

This table example proves that when it comes to tropical beach weddings, more is more!

Natural textures, palm-like greenery and contrasting blue and orange glassware make it the ultimate tropical dream.

Want more wedding inspiration? Check out these Summer wedding table layouts.

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Flea Market Shopping: 10 Tips To Getting Great Decor Deals

Flea market shopping is a bit like embarking on a mystery treasure hunt. There may be bad waves, you need a solid crew with you and sometimes, if you’re lucky; you pick up a real gem.

For those of us who can’t afford to deck out our homes in the latest high street finds, flea market shopping is a fantastic way to find affordable and unique decor pieces.

The one problem? Flea markets can be seriously hard to navigate.

Buckle up bargain hunter: here’s ten tips to get great decor deals at flea markets…

Get In Early

flea market shopping tips

(Photo Source:

If you head to a flea market at 1PM, chances are, all of those fantastic decor pieces will have been snapped up by other buyers.

To increase your chances of bagging a great deal, we recommend getting to the flea market as early as possible. Although setting your alarm for 6.30 on a Sunday may be as painful as a bikini wax, it’ll be worth it for that vintage dressing table!

Comfort Is Key

If you’re trying to look super stylish when going flea market shopping: don’t. Light layers and flat, comfortable footwear will keep the experience enjoyable and easy.

Take A Trailer

Home decor pieces can be pretty hefty and who wants to scratch their car trying to squeeze in a kitchen table?

If you are looking at thrift shopping as a means of decking out your home with larger pieces of furniture, take a trailer. This will avoid having to negotiate pick up and delivery arrangements with the seller too.

Navigate Before Entering


(Photo Source:

Flea markets often have different areas for different products, for example, one area may be dedicated to furniture, whilst another may be dedicated to clothing.

Flea market shopping  is all about preparation, so check out the markets Facebook page or website to see if there is a map or layout. Many entry points to flea markets may also provide you with a map.

Take A Mate

Whether it’s your fiance, your great aunt, or anyone in between, flea market shopping is far better with others.

Why? They can give you an honest opinion about that 1960s dresser you’re about to splurge on….

Flash That Cash


(Photo Source:

Ok.. we are not telling you do go around waving fifty dollar bills in the air like you just don’t care. Actually, please don’t, it’s pretty much the equivalent of standing on a table and screaming ‘mug me’.

Jokes aside, the majority of sellers at flea markets will not have card machines to cater for your AMEX. Take plenty of cash with you, you never know what kind of treasures may be there!

Ask About Pick Up Policies

So you’ve found a huge sofa that will look so amazing in your front lounge. Before you hand over that cash, have a chat with the buyer about pick up policies. Make sure they want to hold it until you finish shopping.


home-decor-flea-market-shoppin g

(Photo Source:

Sellers always incorporate ‘haggling costs’ when pricing their items, so don’t be afraid to put in an offer when something seems a little bit too pricey.

Don’t go too low though, you will just get laughed at if you offer $20 to something priced $150.

Consider Renovations

Don’t pass on a great deal if it can be easily renovated to look amazing. Painting, replacing screws, or varnishing are all cheap and easy procedures that can make that dated decor piece look amazing.

Pair The Old With The New

When thrift shopping, think about how you are going to style a potential item. Although it’s tempting to buy everything second hand, doing so can make your home look a little like a thrift store.

The general rule of thumb is: Pair the old with the new.

These stunning decor set ups below how paired thrift-store finds with new buys perfectly:


(Photo Source:

This stunning shabby chic bedroom ticks all the cute vintage boxes. A flea market bought bed frame and re-purposed wardrobe are beautifully combined with a new bed linen and throw to create something vintage-inspired, yet not too granny-ish.

Get The Look

That ‘farm house’ look is all about neutrals and red. Give your flea market shopping finds a modern uplift with our jacquard paisley table runner and matching jacquard paisley pillow covers.


(Photo Source:

Above is a perfect example of how re-staining wood can truly transform worn-looking flea market finds. Top it with vintage-inspired, monochrome prints and natural textures and it equals something truly beautiful.

Get The Look

Whatever your flea market find, monochrome prints will give it a modern edge, without letting it loose its rustic charm. We recommend our solid geometric pillow covers, colorblock placemats and hawthorn leaf table runner.

BlackBlack & White

Check out our full range of vintage inspired decor.

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Cushion Arranging 101

Cushion arranging: yep, it’s actually a thing.

As tempted as we are to throw our cushions onto our bed/sofa/general seating area and lay on down, cushion arranging can actually make a huge impact on your decor.

Ready for a crash course in cushion arranging?

Fantastic. Here’s cushion arranging 101….

For The Sofa

A sofa without cushions is a little bit like an ice cream sundae with no toppings. Grab those cushions, arrange them for your sofa type and get cozy!


(Photo Source:

The most simple way to arrange cushions artfully, is to place them next to each other, coming forward, with a slight overlap. Think of your sofa formation as a V shape and you’re on the right track!

Although you don’t necessarily have to, it’s a great idea to place similar cushions in the mirror image spot. Symmetry is proven to be aesthetically pleasing.


(Photo Source:

The illustration above highlights the key fundamentals of cushion arranging. Start from the outside with the largest cushions at the back, alternate between patterned and block colors and put shaped pieces in the center.

Yep: it’s really that simple!

Using Textures


(Photo Source:

If you have a neutral sofa, textured pillow covers can really make it look interesting. However, style textured pillow covers with caution! Too many and it looks like you have the cast of The Muppets taking camp on your sofa!

Alternate fluffy or knitted cushions with plain textured pillows. Keep the palette minimal here too, otherwise your risk it looking a little brash.

For The Bedroom

Mixing Shapes & Sizes

Wanting to up your cushion game? Try adding various shapes and sizes.


(Photo Source:

As the above examples show, rectangular cushions look great grouped in front of square cushions. If you have various sized square cushions, start with the largest at the back and gradually get smaller towards the front.


(Photo Source:

Dotting smaller cushions in between a line of larger ones also looks polished and effortless.


(Photo Source:

When it comes to round cushions, less is more. Draw attention to contrasting shapes by dotting one or two round cushions in among square or rectangular ones.

Playing With Color & Pattern

With an absolute rainbow of cushions out there, why stick to white? Add pops of print and block colors to really make your bed come to life!


(Photo Source:

Clever cushion arranging is vital when it comes to mixing colors and patterns.

The bedroom above combines vintage, floral cushions and navy blue cushions perfectly. The reason it works so well is that the two different types of cushions are in separate lines. This ‘line’ mimics the effect that the blue bed runner has on the white bed.  This also compliments the lined wallpaper. It’s all about repetition.

Recreate It

To recreate this stunning combination, line three of the hand accent pillow covers behind two of the elegant dahlia pillow covers.



(Photo Source:

Only got one printed pillow cover? Make it an accent piece by putting it right at the front-center of the arrangement. Spread the other colored pillow covers equally throughout to make it symmetrical.

Now you’ve got the cushion arranging skills, it’s time to invest in some stunning pillow covers! Check out our beautiful range of hand embroidered and painted Indian cushion covers here.


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