Typical Decor Styles From Around The World

As a Brit living in Australia, I am prone to being stereotyped. From being asked if I regularly hold tea parties, to really bizarre comments about the royal family, it’s become a part of my everyday life. It got me thinking about stereotypes from around the world, stereotypical home decor in particular.

Completely engulfed by visions of American home decor and Indian home decor, I thought I’d share some incredibly beautiful, albeit stereotypical, home decor inspirations from around the world…



(Photo Source: houzz.com.au)

When you think of quintessential Indian decor, you think of luxurious, embroidered detailing, rich pink and orange tones and beautiful, carved embellishments. This living room above encompasses all 0f these elements to perfection. Rich wooden carvings frame a sofa bed and embellished details take the wooden table to the next level. More is more when it comes to Indian decor, which is highlighted through the colorful abundance of throws, foot cushions and pillows.

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Transform a plain table or sofa into an Indian work of art with our saree border table runner.

Golden Orange

Indian print pillow covers in warm tones will bring the vibrancy of Mumbai to your home

Hand embroidered throw pillow cover

Floral embroidered throw pillow cover


American Home Interior Design With Fine New Classic American Home Design Idesignarch Interior Design Best Decor - Home Interior Design

(Photo Source: bizdale.com)

This living room is the perfect balance between country bumpkin style and American new colonial. If this doesn’t say 1950s Southern home, I’m not sure what does! Block-y, country prints are combined with soft pastels and traditional furniture. Tan leather and wood elements make a stark contrast, but their undeniable cottage-y edge makes them very quintessentially American.

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Adorn your sofa with pastel cushions in retro and floral prints for a look that says ‘classic Americana’.

Jacquard paisley pillow cover


Spring garden floral pillow cover




(Photo Source: decor.966v.com)

When it comes to home decor, this certainly screams Canada! The snug, log-cabin feel could quite easily be found in the middle of the Canadian wilderness. An overindulgence of brick and wood give this bedroom a naturally rustic feel. Plush carpets and gilded bed heads add an air of glamour, whilst the muted palette keeps it looking understated. If this room is anything to go by, Canadians certainly know how to mix textures!

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Beige bedding will adhere to the neutral palette of the room, whilst letting wooden and brick elements be the focal point.

Hand embroidered duvet cover set



(Photo Source: exterior.creairtive.com)

Draped ceilings, wall lights and room-round curtains, this room embodies the luxurious elements of Egyptian culture to perfection. The windows surrounding the bed ensured that it is the key focal point, making the owner feel like absolute royalty! Although the plain white bed seems simple, it is the small details that make this room look like an Ancient Egyptian treasure. The gold embroidered cushions and bed runner add a classy amount of detail, whilst the drapes make the room seem even more regal. As for the mood lighting, I bet Cleopatra would have approved!

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Inject an exotic edge onto your bed with our hawthorn leaf table runner.



(Photo Source: zarindumasia.blogspot.com)

Russian decor always comes with an edge of East-meets-West. This beautiful living room takes Russia back to its soviet days. Ditsy florals, pastels and an abundance of wood make it look uniform, yet quaint. The symmetry in the room of both the sofas and the floral wallpaper is unexpectedly appealing to the eye.

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Adorn your living room with floral cushions in baby blue tones.

Jacquard floral pillow covers



(Photo Source: newsonair.com)

You can honestly imagine a man in leiderhosen chilling out on these sofas! A classic, Tudor, exposed-beam roof instantly gives this room a typically Bavarian vibe. Further Tudor elements are present in the on-wall light fittings and the chandelier. The room has that snug vibe that you would typically expect from cold Northern Europe. Brick floors are warmed up by red leather sofas, warm-hued patterns and oaky wooden furniture.

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Warm up your room with burnt tones.

Hand embroidered brocade pillow cover

Arabian velvet table runner



(Photo Source: suemariedesign.com)

Fancy some tea with that typically British bedroom ma’am? Curved carvings on the furniture and an abundance of Laura Ashley style pastels, this is a stereotypical mixing pot of modern day British decor and the ‘Jane Austin’ stereotype. We adore the soft pairing of sea lavender and white and the simplicity of the palette ensures that the room doesn’t look cluttered, despite the large amount of furniture. Speaking of the furniture, those stunning curved details make this room look fit for Queen Lizzie herself.

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It’s all about that sea lavender and white palette!

Jacquard floral table runner

Which country’s ‘typical’ decor style is your favorite?



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Safari Inspired Homes

When it comes to life bucket lists, an African safari is inevitably a popular occurrence. But if you can’t afford to fly to Cape Town for a face-to-face rendezvous with Lions and Zebras, we have a second option for you: Safari-style home decor!

Lashings of rich wooden tones, animal prints and vibrant, tribal patterns make African-inspired decor a sure-fire way to add a warm, exotic edge to your home all year round!

Today we show you how to style Safari-inspired home decor in every room in your home!



(Photo Source: gypsyyaya.com)
This bedroom is all about taking something raw and plain and adding an abundance of texture and color! The clashing colors and prints of the bed throws make it look very raw and undone, and the even more vibrant printed cushions add to this look. The touch of animal print through the zebra cushions makes it quintessentially African, which compliments the raw bed ends. The plethora of artisan pieces and pottery above the bed ensures that all of the focus is solely on the area of the room containing the bed. The lace curtains add an air of femininity, which compliments the African themed decor beautifully. Despite the large amount of adornments in this room, it still looks clean due to the white falls and floor and natural fabric furniture.

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Coffee Brown

Arabian velvet table runner

Hand embroidered brocade pillow cover



(Photo Source: pier1.com)

The hallway is often the part of the room that we don’t put enough effort it! But, if done right, it can really set off the over-all look of your home, especially if your hallway is directly behind the front door!

African-themed decor ensures you receive a warm welcome every time you enter your home. Terracotta tiles are stunningly complimented by an Aztec-printed carpet, which is beautifully adorned by a vibrantly printed cushion. Wooden animal statues add an air of safari to an otherwise plain wooden table, whilst carved mirrors turn the hallway into an African hallway. Faux flowers in a weaved basket incorporate warm, red tones into the hallway, which warms up the color scheme even more.

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Oriental blossom table runner

Floral embroidered pillow cover

Living Room


(Photo Source: homedit.com)
Who knew that such harsh fabrics could look so fresh? Grey floors are given a funky edge with a chartreuse rug. Animal prints and black marble tables make a welcome clash, whilst complimenting the darker floor. Tan leather sofas scream Africa, especially when they are adorned with lashings of brown, tribal printed cushions! But the perfect finishing touch? Those beautiful leafy greens that shade the living room window!

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Jacquard damask pillow cover

Solid geometric pillow cover

Velvet sparkle rectangular tablecloth




(Photo Source: cdn.decoist.com)

Ethnic, rustic and minimal, all rolled into one, this African-inspired kitchen would look at home in many abodes! Classic, wooden tables and chairs are given a minimalist ethnic edge with a fringe table throw. The burnished metal vase and flowers make another lovely juxtaposition. However, the real stand-out aspect of this room has to be those stunning, weaved artisan wall hangs!

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Chic jacquard table runner

Paisley leaf placemats

Outdoor Area


(Photo Source: bohemianshoebox.tumblr.com)

With outdoor areas like these, who needs to take a vacation? This beautiful, undercover area is some kind of natural pagoda surrounded by giant branches and leafy bushes. Perhaps the most African element is the furniture, which quite literally looks like Artisan sculptures. The colorful and vibrant aspects of African culture are brought in by printed cushions n an array of warm orange and red tones. How cute are the elephant print cushions? The colors are enhanced by the fabric draping that cascades from the center of the roof. The result? This warm, uplifting and artistic outdoor area!

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Beige & Maroon

Glamorous border table runner

Ornamental embroidered throw pillow cover

Modern two accent pillow cover



(Photo Source: bloglovin.com)

We have never ever seen printed walls and floors that look this classy and expensive! Sticking to a monochrome palette and understated, geometric prints, this wall and floor clash is anything but unsightly! Add some natural textured baskets in hickory and peanut shades, and it becomes oh-so-quintessentially African! The faux leaves add a much welcome touch of the outdoors, whilst burnished metal taps make it just the right amount of rustic. However, what we are really drooling over is this intricately, printed rug: Yes please!

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Shimmering spiral placemats

Arabian velvet table runner

Are you a fan of African artisan decor? Which of these Safari Inspired rooms would you like in your home?



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5 Beautiful Boho Dressing Rooms

Men dream of that perfect ‘man shed’, whereas women lust over that perfect dressing room or walk in wardrobe. With the shabby, boho trend still high up in the home decor stakes, a boho dressing room is a cheap and easy way to get that ‘celebrity wardrobe’ in your home.

Messy at heart, but polished on the surface, boho dressing rooms can be created using everyday items. Absolute zero rotating shoe racks & fancy cupboards are needed! The best thing about this look is that you don’t even need a designated room, just choose a wall or corner somewhere in your home and you are ready to go!

Have I peaked your excitement? Good! Here’s five beautiful boho dressing rooms that you will want in your home…

The Pretty & Simple


(Photo Source: frenchyfancy.com)

Who knew that creating such a show-stopping dressing room could be done with such few ingredients? The minimal, yet quintessentially b0ho nature of this dressing room is what makes it so in Vogue. Pops of color look great against the rustic floor and walls and potted greenery brings that sense of outdoor wanderlust in.

Recreate It!

Begin by propping an oversized mirror (preferably wooden) against the wall. Surround your mirror with fresh or faux greenery in clay pots, and arrange on different sized stands to ensure it looks random. Add some color to the floor by adorning it with the exotic oriental table runner. Add a freestanding clothing rack and arrange your garments randomly. Hang vibrantly hued hats on the wall to add some more color and add a variety of adornments to the floor, alongside a metal chair.

Above: exotic oriental table runner

The Geo-Girly


(Photo Source: everythingjustpurelovely.tumblr.com)

Disney Princess meets Scandinavian minimalism, this living room is all pinks, squares and burnished metals. A Vintage-style dressing table adds an air of shabby chic, while a modern lamp and scaffolding-style light fitting bring it forward to 2016. This boho dressing room was made for the girly-girl with an edge!

Recreate It!

Go to an antique or second hand shop and pick up a vintage-style table. Don’t worry if it’s a bit too shabby, it can be easily be transformed by a coat of white paint! Add some bright pink flowers to your table and attach a large, metal rimmed, mirror just above the table. Adorn your table with a array of girly stationary and a rustic gold lamp. Compliment the lamp with a large, burnished metal vase, under the table. Add a cushioned, pink chair and dot with the paisley embroidered pillow cover. Compliment with other square furniture and adornments.


Above: Paisley embroidered pillow cover.

The Western Wanderer


(Photo Source: blog.soulmakes.com)

If there was a definition of rustic, boho, I think this was sum it up down to a tee! The mish-mash of furniture, dream catchers and hanging jewellery is an absolute dream. If you have a lot of beautiful jewellery pieces that you would like to show off, this dressing room is perfect for you!

Recreate It

Grab an old chair and dress it up with a couple of printed cushions. We recommend floral embroidered pillow cover and hand embroidered brocade pillow cover. Adorn your dressing table with some feathers in glass jars and hang fringed accessories up for an extra statement. Attach a small wooden self set and a photo frame and decorate with jewellery. Finally, hang dream catchers and statement bohemian, necklaces and voila!

Above: floral embroidered pill0w cover & hand embroidered brocade pillow cover

The Hepburn


(Photo Source: picslove.com)

How’s this for timeless with an edge? Think Audrey Hepburn, in 2016, who spends her days trekking the globe. The flawless wood and sleek, white cupboards would be a worthy addition to any home. The aztec-style, mon0chrome rug and makeup bags adds a modern, boho flair, whilst remaining glamorous.

Recreate It

Begin by adding two printed, monochrome table runners in front of your wardrobe. We recommend the hawthorn leaf table runner and the hand embroidered table runner. Add a minimalist, white stool to your vanity and dot the shelf with a few patterned, monochrome makeup bags. For an extra classy edge, add vintage black and white fashion photos.

Black & White

The Vintage Attic


(Photo Source: dominiquedecoratrice.wordpress.com)

Now you can have a literal vintage treasure chest in your home. Transform your attic into a shabby, silky wonderland with brocade florals and metallic-hued seating. Although this dressing room may be the hardest to recreate, it is undeniably the most lavish!

Recreate It!

In your attic, fill one wall with freestanding clothes racks. Add drawers under half of the racks and leave the other half for full-length garments. On the other wall, add shoe racks or a dressing table. Add a metallic chaise to the center of the room and non-nonchalantly throw on pillows and blankets. If you want to add the floral brocade print, use our jacquard floral table runner.

Which dressing room is your dream?






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yoga at home

Start Yoga At Home

Today’s world is fast paced. It’s like someone has pressed the fast forward button on life’s remote control and have forgotten to turn it off. Between demanding jobs, bills, childcare and everything else life may throw at you, it’s always important to hit that pause button.

If you struggle to find time for both exercising and relaxing, yoga is a brilliant option for you! Known for it’s calorie burning, toning and relaxing benefits, this zen sport is super easy to do from your own home.

So put aside half an hour, grab a yoga mat and let’s get going!

Create A Zen Yoga ‘Studio’

To make your yoga experience authentic, I suggest giving a quiet corner of your home a bit of a makeover. As yoga originated in ancient India, bring some ethnic Indian elements into your home through wall hangings, table decor and vibrant color schemes.


(Photo Source: globalyogajourneys.com)

The studio above pays homage to yoga’s Indian roots, whilst remaining in a relaxing, noise-free color palette. The eff0rtless combination of purples, reds and browns is inevitably relaxing, whilst detailed wall hangings make great focal points for any meditation practices.

The fresh plants are great for feng shui! They also remove any air pollution, ensuring that the air of the room is quite literally free from distractions.

Get The Look

Dress up your wall with a quintessentially Indian print in soothing tones. Our exotic oriental table runner would make a great choice.

For extra comfort, sprinkle some matching pillow covers around your workout area. These may come in handy for some of the trickier positions too!


(Photo Source: anantayogastudio.com)

If you’re a fan of the outdoors, but not always blessed with the best weather, setting up your yoga haven in front of a large window may be a great option for you.

The at home studio above combines nature and spirituality perfectly, as you have the choice to look both out of the window and at the Buddha. The two large cushions provide comfort and color and fresh greenery once again ensures that the air is fresh during the yoga practice. The curtain hang also adds an Eastern vibe, which compliments the Buddha beautifully.

Get The Look

Open your curtains, then place two of our elegant dahlia print cushions on either side of the window.


Fold a saree border table runner over the curtain pole for an added Eastern injection.

Golden Orange

Beginner’s Yoga Positions

Is it just me or are there so many yoga positions that it seems almost impossible to choose a starting point? Luckily, I’ve taken these yoga positions for a test drive and if little, old me, with zero experience, can do them; so can you!

Mountain Pose


(Source: fitnessmagazine.com)

This is a great beginners pose to improve posture and work on your breathing techniques.

Stand up straight with your feet together and shoulders down and relaxed. Inhale deeply and raise your hands upwards until they are above your head, palms facing. Reach as high as you can and hold.

The Warrior


(Source: buzzfeed.com)

If you’re after an ankle remedy, this one’s for you! The warrior pose is sure to stretch them out!

Stand with your legs 3-4 ft apart, with your right leg in front. Lift up your arms to the sides, keeping your palms down. Ensure your shoulders are kept down at all times. Do a lunge on your right leg until your knee is bent to 90 degrees. Hold, keeping your focus on your hands, then repeat on the left leg.

Downward Facing Dog


(Photo Source: yogaoutlet.com)

This position is great for building strength and stretching the entire body when doing yoga at home. It has also been show to improve symptoms of mental illnesses, such as depression, insomnia and stress. If that’s not enough to make you get in this pose pronto, it’s also effective in improving asthma and symptoms of menopause.

Begin on your hands and knees (all fours), then bring your hands slightly forward. Exhale, then draw your belly button into your spine. Push yourself up  by lifting up your hips and back. Keep your knees bent at this time. After you have risen, straighten your knees to make an upside down v shape. Press your shoulder blades down towards your spine. Hold and breathe for as long as you feel comfortable.



(Photo Source: mindbodygreen.com)

This pose is great for correcting any alignment issues of the shoulders and back. It is also great for relieving digestive issues.

Stand with your feet just a little wider than hip width. Turn your right foot out at a 90 degree angle and turn your left foot in. Keeping both legs straight, stretch your right hip down towards y0ur leg. Maintain a stretched spine. Place your right hand just below your knee and pull your left arm up to directly above your shoulder. Gaze to the floor and breathe deeply for ten seconds. Repeat on the other side.

Hope you enjoyed your at yoga at home class! Who knows, maybe one day you will master that crazy upside down thing they do on TV!



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How To Style Citrus Tones In Your Home

Ah…citrus tones, you are like vegemite: we either love you or hate you. Punchy oranges, vibrant chartreuse and loud lime may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but there are beautiful ways to style these colors in your home without it looking like you live in a pack of highlighter pens.

Let’s call these colors our under-rated, little secret. Although they are not necessarily the most popular choice in home decor, if used in small quantities and styled in a certain way, they can produce an absolutely stunning effect!

Today we show you a plethora of bright and beautiful decor inspiration and show you how to style citrus tones in your home.

A Slight Splash Of Chartreuse


(Photo Source: tinywhitedaisies.tumblr.com)

This room is a baby steps introduction into citrus colors. A monochrome and wood palette is a stunning backdrop for pops of beautiful chartreuse. The chartreuse pillows really reflect the foliage on the bedroom balcony and give the room an instant fresh feel. The neutral patterned rug and blanket juxtapose this crisp freshness stunningly, and give more of a vintage, homely vibe to the room.

The placement of the chartreuse embellishments is incredibly important. If you look at the photo, you will see that the chartreuse items are all at the same height, this ensures it looks streamlined, rather than messy.

Get The Look

Dot our elegant dahlia pillow covers upon your bed and compliment with fresh greenery.



Nautical Orange


(Photo Source: housebeautiful.com)

Who knew storage areas could actually be a feature of your house? Although orange is a color that many fear when it comes to home decor, this storage area has gone all-out clementine! The result? Something surprisingly classy, Summer-y and nautical!

The beauty of this area is due to the clever combinations of colors. Icy mint is laid against sizzling orange walls, then is brought back down to earth by the addition of red, pink and yellow tones. Keeping this room to a very nautical theme by using seaside ‘props’ such as anchors, wicker baskets and ship wheels, ensures all of these crazy colors run together smoothly. Then there’s that very clever rug, which has a pattern that contains all the colors in the decor. Smart stuff!

Get The Look

Combine our saree border print table runner and our floral embroidered pillow cover for that striking color contrast and complimentary, Summery prints.

Golden OrangeOcean Blue


Lemon & Gray


(Photo Source: homedit.com)

Lemon and gray go together like lemons and pancakes! There is something so beautiful in the contrast between something very dull and something very vibrant! Can you imagine the living room above without yellow? It would be no where near as stylish! The pops of yellow in the artwork, cushions and table may be small in quantity, but they really give this room a ‘mod’ element.

Proving that other detailed elements can indeed be used with citrus colors, this decor cleverly brings in monochrome and grey scale prints to make it really retro chic! This room still looks classy and polished due to the large quantities of wood, white, grey and black. The decor has also been kept detailed and colorful solely around the sofa area. This ensures it doesn’t look to ‘busy’ and avoids any unsightly clashes.

Get The Look

Add some retro luxe to your living room by using our damask style table runner as a feature rug, then adding this print to the sofa with our damask pillow covers. Then add that gorgeous yellow pairing with out jacquard paisley pillow covers.



Vibrant Bohemian


(Photo Source: bhg.com)

Before I saw this living room, I never ever would have thought that a bright yellow sofa could look good. Enter the color clashers best friend: bohemian. Rather than adding citrus tones, this living room has toned down the bright yellow sofa by adding a plethora of bohemian Aztec prints. The printed cushions and complimented by an aqua cushion, which is, indeed, on the exact opposite side of the color wheel to the yellow. This marvelous clash, alongside the mish-mash of random textures is what makes this room quintessentially boho. In some ways, bohemian decor has no rules!

This color explosion remains stunning due to the plain,white walls, oaky floors and rustic, wooden furniture. Although this much color may not be the easiest look to pull off, if done right, it is undeniably gorgeous.

Get The Look

Add some serious bohemian prints to your floor with our exotic oriental table runner. Then add clashing boho prints to your sofa with our paisley leaf pillow cover.

Are you a fan of citrus? Have I managed to convert you? Let me know in the comments below…



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