These Fall Wedding Color Palettes Are Divine

When choosing Fall wedding color palettes, the choice goes far beyond the standard white and blush concoction. In nature, Fall is an abundance of stunning colors; a picture-perfect painting of golden leaves and burnished orange flora. What better place to draw Fall wedding inspiration from than nature itself?

Whether you are getting ready this Fall, next Fall, or just dream of saying those vows under the cool October sun, this inspiration post is dedicated to you! Here’s our favorite Fall wedding color palettes that are the sheer definition of ‘divine’.

Cranberry, Orange & Ivory
Fall Wedding Color Palettes cranberry orange ivory

(Photo Source: junebugweddings.com)

This palette is a softer take on typical Fall colors. Burnished oranges are replaced with softer, more tangerine-like hues. Cranberry stunningly reflects the seasonal berries, whilst the ivory tones keep it traditional.

Cranberry bridesmaid dresses are a stunning choice for an Autumnal wedding. Darker hues will compliment the Fall landscape and will also ensure that the classic, ivory bridal gown really stands out. After all, this day is all about that lady in white! Tie the bridal party together with seasonal bouquets with pops of tangy orange and dark, green foliage.


(Photo Source: himisspuff.com)

This mason jar seat embellishment is a must-do for wedding DIY-ers! The concoction consists of a glass jar, some ribbon and a bunch of Fall flora, making it an embellishment that is cheap and stunning in equal part.

For A Beauti-Fall Table

For a fresher look, begin by layering your tables with a clean, cream table cloth. Bring out cranberry and orange tones with a table runner and placemats. We recommend the damask style table runner and the floral paisley placemats.

Red, Rose & Green

Fall Wedding Color Palettes red rose and green

(Photo Source: weddingcolors.net)

Exchange those vows surrounded by the classic colors associated with love: red and rose. But this isn’t your standard Valentine’s Day chocolate box palette; deeper reds and duskier pinks give it a classier and more grown up edge. Add dark forest green into the mix and you are looking at a palette that is reminiscent of a Fall forest fairy tale.

A deep green suit is a wonderful alternative for any groom, whilst dusky pink lace is what dreams are made of for vintage-loving brides.


(Photo Source: brit.co)

These lanterns look like they have been hand picked from Shakespeare’s ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’. Red berries give an undeniable Fall edge to any classic red or pink rose adornment.

Everything’s Coming Up Roses

When styling your table in this stunning palette, we would suggest keeping deep green to an absolute minimum. Leafy centerpieces will make the green look more complimentary and less St Paddy’s day! As for rose and red, keep them in perfect harmony in soft table runners and floral embellished place mats.

Floral embroidered placemats

Beige & Maroon

Glamorous border table runner

Burgundy, Cream & Gold

Fall Wedding Color Palettes burgandy cream and gold

(Photo Source: theperfectpalette.com)

If you’re special day is headed into the Winter months, this palette is one way to make it look slightly festive, without it looking like a literal chorus of ‘Deck The Halls’.

Despite the combination of both velvet and glistening gold, the cream base of the table layout above ensures it looks classy.

burgundy cream wedding fall color palette

(Photo Source: deerpearlflowers.com)

Burgundy is one of the few darker colors that can look truly uplifting and this is certainly true when it comes to bridesmaid dresses. Although darker bridesmaid dresses can be viewed as gothic, the plum undertones of this piece keeps it fresh and modern.


(Photo Source: brendasweddingblog.com)

A gold cake? This beauty shows that anything is truly possible! Deep red flowers and perfectly placed leaved make it look almost too pretty to eat.


(Photo Source: etsy.com)

Despite gold being associated with Christmas, if used in moderation, it can look incredible. Vintage gold dining-ware and candles are a wonderful way to inject the color into your table layout without going overboard. The lace runner gives this table an extra innocent edge too.

Going For Gold

Out of all the Fall wedding color palettes, this one is undoubtedly the trickiest. However, keep the gold as an embellishment and the effect is perfect for Fall. Burgundy table runners with gold accents are a great way to do this.

Arabian velvet table runner

Orange & Navy

Fall Wedding Color Palettes orange and navy

(Photo Source: modwedding.com)

If you are really looking for a color combination that your guests have never seen before, look no further than navy and orange! Because these two tones sit at exact opposites of the color wheel, they are incredibly complimentary. Plus: they are so Fall! Navy echoes the darkening skies, whilst orange refers to the falling leaves.


(Photo Source: fabmood.com)

Stripes and navy are like salt and pepper: they always seem to come hand in hand. Despite navy and white stripes having a nautical edge, orange tones make them incredibly Autumnal. To ensure that you’re table doesn’t look too cluttered, keep the majority of it plain.


(Photo Source:theknot.com)

Navy has to be one of the most flattering colors out there and it makes a wonderful choice for Bridesmaid dresses.

In The Navy

You don’t have to be Einstein to know that orange is an incredibly brash color. To ensure it stays classy, decorate the majority of your tables navy and add bright splashes of orange in flowers and placemats.

King Blue

Hand embroidered rectangular tablecloth

Embroidered leaf placemats

Which of our Fall Wedding color palettes is your favorite?



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These Cozy Homes Are SO Fall

How on Earth is it almost Halloween! As I sit here pondering on how this years seemed to go faster than a NASA space ship, I got thinking about how close Winter is. Cozy homes are becoming more and more appealing. I wouldn’t be surprised if there was some sort of scientific connection between falling leaves and the need for hot coco.

Now it’s over to you! Today, I am to make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside, whilst inspiring you for the colder months. I think you will admit that these cozy homes are so quintessentially Fall. Now go and get some chai tea, snuggle under the blanket and take a look at these cozy caverns…

Straight Out Of A 90s Family Movie

cozy homes that are perfect for Fall

This is the kind of home you expect to see in every 90s family movie that is based in Fall or Winter. The classic, white fireplace looks like it’s being photo shopped straight out of ‘Home Alone’.  Although you may think that the red sofas are a bit too ‘Deck the Halls’ to be Autumnal, the pale green walls tone them down and give them more of a harvest-like edge.

The rug, the footstool and the mantelpiece are all so 90s, but I think that is why we love it! It provides a sense of childhood nostalgia, of chilly nights snuggled up by the fire next to Holly the Border Collie. And that, my friends, is what makes you feel all warm inside!

Get The Look

I can’t sell you a fire, or even start one for that matter! But I can recommend a stunning combination of red and apple green table runners and pillow covers that will give you the color-scheme reminiscent of the one above.

Damask style elegant table runner

Solid geometric pillow covers

Moody, Yet Snug


(Photo Source: hngn.com)

This bedroom is one big fat materialized oxymoron!! Silver, possibly the coldest color known to the human eye, is padded and cushioned to absolute snug perfection. Ah!! The lashes of mustard add a big Fall stamp on top of this high-sheen silver too.

Although silver isn’t what comes to mind when we think cozy homes, it really does work well in this case. The red-toned wood, lashings of cushions and warmly-dimmed lighting certainly help too! We certainly could imagine snuggling up in here and watching Halloween flicks. Pass the popcorn!

Get The Look

Bouncy cushions, a pop of mustard and seem silky silver are what you need to recreate this Autumnal juxtaposition .


Elegant dahlia pillow cover

Hand embroidered 7 piece duvet cover set

Cozy & Cushioned


(Photo Source: theanamumdiary.co.uk)

This conglomeration of stereotypical Fall prints and textures is about as cozy as it gets! With an overriding palette of grey-toned beige, this dark sofa is uplifted by red far isle cushions, neutral grid prints and classic tartan. The glowing candles make a gorgeous centerpiece that have us craving crackling logs, fluffy blankets and egg nog.

Get The Look

Wintery prints and beige tones will give you this country, cottage style kind of look.

Modern squares tablecloth

Elegant colorblock placemats

Jacquard floral pillow covers

Paisley embroidered pillow covers

Fire Side Nook


(Photo Source: splenik.ru)

I don’t think that anything looks more appealing for a cold and cloudy day than this! Snuggle up in a knitted blanket in front of a coal or wood fire, or indulge in the glowing atmosphere of a fake fire. The hanging lights add a modern, festive touch. But if you have an open flame, don’t try this at home! The tassel adorned blanket and textured cushions add even of a cozy air. All that’s missing is a warm cup of coco and a furry pal!

Get The Look

Alongside a chunky knitted blanket, layer up printed cushions in cute, Fall prints.

Floral embroidered pillow covers

Jacquard embroidered pillow covers



(Photo Source: tuvaluhome.wordpress.com)

If the thought of a cozy hallway makes you snicker, look no further than this Autumnal hallway above. The harvest-themed centerpiece stunningly combines the rawness of corn with the luxurious silk ribbon. The tall candles and fruit bowl give it a comforting and elegant vibe. This is a hallway you could see in your Grandmother and Sister’s house alike and that is what makes it so comforting.

Now that you’ve indulged in these cozy homes, it’s time to update your home for Fall! Whether you inject chunky blankets, harvest-themed decor or just an Autumnal printed cushion here and there, you are sure to feel instantly warmer!




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Embellishments Explained: From Beading To Batik

Here at Banarsi Designs, we love a good embellishment. From florals to sparkles, there is something so intricate and unique about embellishments; they have the ability to truly transform a piece of home decor or fashion alike.

If you’re reading this, I could bet my bottom dollar that you can’t get enough of embellishments either? But do you really know the different between embroidery and applique? Those decor lovers who think that batik is a food: this post is specially dedicated to you!

Today we give you a little insight into the most common embellishing techniques. Whether you are a decor junkie, or maybe want to try your hand at embellishing yourself, this post will give you the perfect insight!



(Photo Source: atua.com)

I remember attempting to create a batik cushion at school. It’s safe to say that clumsy little me ended up with a waxy mess . However, if done well, batik can be a unique and stunning embellishment.

Batik is an ancient, Indonesian tradition that involves placing hot wax on fabric. The wax is applied prior to dying the fabric and the parts covered with wax resist the dye and remain the original color of the fabric. This can be repeated over and over to create multi-colored and stunning multi-faceted designs.

As opposed to traditional batik, which derives from the Indonesian word for ‘dot’, modern Batik can be done in many ways. Artists are known to use etching techniques, stencils and various tools.

Traditional batik patterns vary from region to region, with Inland Javanese Batik often consisting of earthy colors, with diamond and floral shapes. Coastal Javanese Batik is colorful and is inspired by the wide range of cultures that infiltrated the country via trading. Motifs were often inspired by nature and included European-style flowers and peacocks.

Shop Batik Style

Although batik itself can be expensive and hard to find, batik inspired prints can be just as stunning! Our chic jacquard table runner echoes traditional batik styles perfectly.



(Photo Source: farahshawls.com)

The most well-known of all embellishment techniques, embroidery consists of decorating via artistic stitching using a needle and thread. Although the definite origin of embroidery is unknown, evidence of this decorative technique date back to 5th-3rd Century AD. Fast forward thousands of years and embroidery is a mass-produced embellishment technique that is seen on a range of home decor and fashion products alike.

Some more luxurious pieces are still embroidered by hand, such as our range of hand embroidered home decor products.

Shop Embroidery

Give an air of luxury to your bedroom with our hand embroidery duvet cover set or up your living room game with our paisley embroidered pillow covers.


Hand Painting


(Photo Source: texeresilk.com)

Hand painting is literally as it sounds: applying paint to a piece of fabric as you would a canvas.

Fabric painting is one of the most ancient embellishing techniques and can be traced to as far back as 3000 B.C. Originally associated with royalty, fabric painting used colors from plants and animals and pieces were gifted to elders as a form of respect.

By 200AD fabric painting had become mainstream and was available all over the world. Fabric painting still remains popular as a form of art today, however, hand painted textiles are more of a rarity.

Shop Hand Painted

The best thing about hand painted pieces is that exactly no two pieces are the same! Add a little bit of luxury and uniqueness to your home with our hand painted deluxe accent pillow cover and our hand painted deluxe floral table runner.

Rustic Orange



(Photo source: utsavpedia.com)

Applique quite literally means ‘application.’ This embellishment technique involves applying one piece of fabric on top of another.

Although these types of embellishments have been around since the start of sewing, they are traditionally associated with Benim in South Africa. It is also commonly used in quilting.

Several types of techniques are used in applique. The first is straight stitch, in which the embellishment fabric is attached 20-30mm from the edge. Satin stitch attaches the piece all around, overlapping the edge, Finally, in reverse applique, the attached materials are sewn together then cut away.



(Photo source: vintageandyou.com)

Beading refers to the attachment of beads, either individual, or in strings, to a piece of fabric. Bead embroidery refers to when the beads are added as a final embellishment after the fabric has been produced, whereas bead knitting and bead crochet are embellishment techniques that are woven into the fabric during production.

Bead embroidery dates back to ancient African cultures over 72,000 years ago, where it was used on a variety of clothing and textiles. There has also been evidence of beading embellishments in Russia as far back as 30,000 years ago.

Shop Beading

Beaded pieces are always just that little bit special! Our hand embroidered pillow cover combines intricate embroidery with beautiful beading.


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What Does Your Favorite Color Say About You?

Have you ever wondered what your favorite color says about your personality?

Your favorite color is something you often use to identify yourself in preschool; girly girls choose pink and red is often associated with the rebellious. But, according to psychologists, the colors we like can provide an interesting insight into our personalities.

Read on to find out what your favorite color says about you (featuring our fave preschool pals)…

If Your Favorite Color Is Blue

what does you favorite color say about you blue cookie monster

(Photo Source: pinshape.com)

Although you may appear strong and brave on the surface, deep down you are a vulnerable softy! This sensitive side makes you calm and easy for others to talk to about their problems.

Not one to overly care about what others think, you march to the beat of your own drum and aim to truly find your inner peace. Although you may be a little bit different, you certainly are lovable!

Your Favorite Color For Your Home

Find your inner serenity by adorning your home with your top color pick.


Hand embroidered duvet cover set

Ocean Blue

Hand embroidered decorative tissue box cover

If Your Favorite Color Is Red

what does you favorite color say about you red

(Photo source: twitter.com)

You are a confident extrovert who loves to experience life through all five senses.  Psychologists have found that both genders are attracted to those who wear red and this air of sexual confidence is certainly part of your personality!

You love to be a leader and work in an action-orientated way and set yourself pretty high expectations! Despite your motivation in all aspects of life, you can be easily aggravated and are known for loosing your temper.

Your Favorite Color For Your Home

If you love red more than the rest of the spectrum, dot your home with stunning red accents with an exotic edge.

Ocean Blue

Floral embroidered pillow cover

Coffee Brown

Arabian velvet table runner

If Your Favorite Color Is Yellow


(Photo Source: huffingtonpost.com)

You are already a rarity, as only 5% of the world choose yellow as their favorite color. Keeping away from the norm, you enjoy trying out new things and always approach your day to day life with an infectious smile. Despite your positive outlook on life, you tend to keep your problems to yourself in order to please others.

Creativity and intelligence are part of your nature and with your idealist attitude, you have the power to change the world!

Your Favorite Color For Your Home


Damask throw pillow cover


Elegant dahlia pillow cover

If Your Favorite Color Is Green


(Photo source: etonline.com)

Genuine, kind and balanced, your love of green shows you to be a genuinely nice person. Your friends describe you as down-to-earth and loyal, but underneath it all, you feel the need to be reassured that you are truly loved.

Security is one of your greatest needs in life and you constantly strive to find it in your relationships, hobbies and career.

Your Favorite Color For Your Home

Embrace your earthy nature by adding more of your favorite color to your home!


Shimmering spiral hand embroidered placemats


Hand painted floral table cloth


If Your Favorite Color Is Pink


(Photo Source: pinterest.com)

Something tells me that you are avoiding growing up. The impending doom of adulthood scares you and you cling to a childlike sense of wonder to try and make them disappear. This may be the sign of a deeper need to be accepted and loved unconditionally.

Despite this, your kind nature makes you one of the sweetest people out there. You’re a romantic at heart and always put your heart and soul into your relationships.

Your Favorite Color For Your Home

Girly is your middle name, so why not make your home super feminine too? All it takes is your favorite color: pink!

Coffee Brown

Arabic velvet table runner


Hand painted deluxe accent pillow cover


If Your Favorite Color Is Orange


(Photo Source: tinsel.tv)

Hello you social butterfly! You love to be part of a group and are a self-confessed extrovert. Although your bubbly nature may make you the life and the soul of party, try not to be too much of a drama queen!

You have an inner strength and fearlessness that makes you strive for your goals and passions.

Your Favorite Color For Your Home

Compliment your flamboyant nature by styling your home with pops of orange.


Floral paisley placemats

Jacquard Floral Table Runner

Jacquard floral table runner

If Your Favorite Color Is Purple


(Photo Source: sundaytimes.lk)

An endless dreamer, you tend to get stuck in your imagination. Due to this people often don’t get you, but this doesn’t stop you from wanting to help those in need. As a result of this, you crave emotional security.

Creativity is your middle name, and, as a result of this, you strive to be a unique individual who tends to rebel from societal norms.

Your Favorite Color For Your Home

Add a unique mystery to your home with your favorite color.

Hand painted 7 piece duvet cover set

Ocean Blue

Ornamental embroidered rectangle tablecloth



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10 Cute Halloween Costumes That Are Surprisingly Easy

Remember that scene in ‘Mean Girls’ when Lindsay Lohan entered the party looking like a demented corpse bride? That is our worst nightmare right now! Luckily, cute Halloween costumes can be easier than you think and can often be created using pieces that you can wear again and again.

Halloween may be all about blood and death, but that’s just not us! Here’s 10 cute Halloween costumes that are surprisingly easy to recreate.



(Photo Source: costumepedia.com)

Suede and fringe are all the rage right now! If that wasn’t enough of a reason to invest in them, they can also be put together to create a stunning Pocohontas costume.

Opt for a suede, fringe embellished top or skirt, than cinch in with a brown leather waist belt. Recreate her iconic necklace with blue ribbon and a plain pendant.

Daenerys Targaryen


(Photo Source: pinterest.com)

Costumes don’t get much more stunning than the Mother of Dragons. Best of all? You can recreate it with a versatile Grecian maxi dress. Tie a scarf between your shoulders, such as our solid color scarf, to recreate her cape. Finally, curl your hair into effortless waves and add a Daenerys style braid.

1950s Rockabilly Babe


(Photo Source: perfectsuits.tumblr.com)

This 1950s costume is about as easy as Halloween costumes come! Begin with a high waisted flared midi skirt or a pencil skirt and team with a bustier or collared top. Polka dots and gingham are a sure fire way to get this one right! Finish with a bold red lip, a hair bouffant and a silk hair scarf. Our artistic print silk scarf has 1950s chic written all over it!



(Photo Source: tumblr.com)

This one is perfect for any makeup moguls! This cute and sculpted deer makeup can easily be recreated with a highlighting and contouring kit.  Add a cute pair of antlers or even braid your hair into two ‘ears’. So cute!

As for the costume, a brown top or dress will suffice. Hardcore costume-ers can stick felt circles onto the back of a brown jumpsuit for a more authentic Bambi look.

Haute Hippy

(Photo Source: luvit.com)

With so many gorgeous bohemian pieces around at the moment, a stunning hippy costume is really easy to put together. The general rule is the more textures and fabrics the merrier. Opt for suede, lace and bold prints. Embellish with chunky belts, lashings of jewellery, flower crows and hair pieces. Finally, drape a floral scarf, such as the Spring Flowers Wool Scarf over your shoulders for a final touch of effortless 70s style.

Greek Goddess


(Photo Source: stylishwife.com)

Got a white maxi dress or even a sheet? Boom! Your Halloween costume is sorted!

Turn a white maxi into a stunning Greek goddess outfit with chunky gold arm cuffs, gold leaf crowns and gladiator sandals. All of these pieces will make wonderful additions to your outfit too.

Cookie Monster


(Photo Source: punchedclocks.com)

If you’re after cute Halloween costumes that no one else will never even consider, look no further than this cookies monster ensemble! Simply take a blue t-shirt and attach two felt circles for eyes. Then do your best art with a permanent marker. Add a blue tutu or skirt and embellish with cute cookies.



(Photo Source: pinterest.com)

This leopard costume is another one for the makeup moguls! Team this stunning face makeup with a cheetah print outfit and you will look grrr-eat!! (Sorry: had to!)

If you don’t have any animal print clothes in your wardrobe, this leopard print scarf is the answer to all your problems.



(Photo Source: pinimg.com)

Fear not: this scarecrow costume is anything but Jeepers Creepers! All it takes is a plaid shirt, some distressed denim and a bandana. Our stripe print scarf would be a great addition to your scarecrow costume!

Then all that is left to do is add a hat and get funky with some facepaint!

Marilyn Monroe


How to guarantee you’ll have the cutest costume at the party? Recreate the most iconic look of the sexiest woman alive.

Recreate Miss Monroe’s famous ‘Seven Year Itch’ look with a white, halter neck dress. Add red lippy, pearl earrings and tightly curled hair and you’re ready to go! Watch out for those pesky vents though!

Which of these cute Halloween costumes takes your fancy? Happy Halloween!




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