Paisley Prints: From Ancient Persia To Today

Raise your hand if you like a good paisley print! **Stretches hand to the ceiling** Thought so! Bold, boho and always on trend, we would be as mad as a hatter if we didn’t welcome this print into our home with open arms.

But what if I gave you a bit of a paisley pop quiz? Where does it originate from? Are their meanings behind the prints? Luckily, I’ve scrubbed up on my paisley knowledge and am ready to serve you with a brief history of these punchy prints.

So read on for all and everything about paisley prints…

The Origin Of Paisley Prints


(Photo Source: en.wikipedia.com)

Ok… so this one is a bit of a shocker… often being associated with ethnic prints and bohemian culture, we would perhaps expect the word paislet to originate from India or the far East.Guess again, these babies the world paisley itself originates from **insert drum roll* Scotland!

Better known for haggis and tartan, the Scots are certainly the Einstein’s of the print world. Paisley is named after the town of, well, ahem, Paisley in Western Scotland. The town had a large factory that produced these prints.

Although many may give the Scot’s credit for paisley itself, the actual print originated from ancient Persian culture. The original floral motif dates waaay back to 200-650 AD during the rule of the Sassanians.

Azerbaijani researchers believe that the print comes from the ancient religion of Zoroastrianism and remains the national symbol of Azerbaijan to this day.

Paisley patterns came to the west in the 18th Century, predominately from the region of Kashmir in India, and the prints became a status symbol for rich, Western individuals.


(Photo Source: rubylane.com)

Due to the region of Kashmir being the predominant provider of this funky print, India became synonymous with the paisley. The paisley is often associated with Indian philosophies and cultures.

In later years, it became a symbol of an artistic, alternative lifestyle and of rebellion. It featured in the artistic works of The Pre-Raphalites, a rebellious art movement that wished to take art back to it’s detailed and complex forms and away from the ‘mechancisms’ of the Mannerist artists.

Paisley print was famously worn by rebellious author Oscar Wilde, who stated: “One should either be a work of art or wear a work of art”. (Source: bbc.co.uk)

The Meaning Of Paisley Prints

The original Persian motif, know as a buta, is a symbol of life and eternity. In Zoroastrianism, the paisley was thought to represent a flora spray and a cypress tree.

In India and in Buddhism, the paisley is associated with fertility, due to its seed-like shape. This meaning has transcended into modern culture, with many believing that the print represents both fertility and the tree of life.

Paisley Prints In Modern Culture


(Photo Source: thenudedesign.com)

Paisley prints sprang back into fashion during the youth culture revolt of the 1960s. Associated with the psychodelic hippy movement, paisleys were seen on The Rolling Stones, The Kinks and The Beatles. In fact, John Lennon even had a Paisley Painted Rolls-Royce!

Paisley also had a significant role in homosexual culture in both the 60s and 70s. In San Francisco, gay men invented ‘the handkerchief codes’, in which they sported a paisley handkerchief in their back pocket to state their sexuality.


(Photo Source: theguardian.com)

Paisley prints in the 60s and 70s undoubtedly shaped our views about this print today, which is commonly known for it’s boho vibes and multicultural elements. Lucky for us paisley lovers, the print is currently right at the top of the trend charts! Wear it on you, style your home with it…. it’s time to embrace paisley in all its pretty glory!

Styling Paisley For Your Home

If you like your decor to be wild, colorful and free, you NEED some paisley print in your abode. To keep it looking chic and modern, I suggest opting for pops of paisley print in amongst solid colors and textures.


(Photo Source: nordstrom.com)

Now this is boho-minimal done perfectly! Scandi shapes and clean whites make way for that statement paisley print bedding.


(Photo Source: scsdesign.net)

If you prefer your paisley in high doses, this exotic bathroom will be right up your alley! Teamed with an exotic, statement mirror, this bathroom will truly bring the east to your home.

Our Paisley Picks

Ready for a paisley fix? Here at Banarsi Designs we are all about that paisley! With all products hand crafted in India, you are getting the real deal too! Here’s our top paisley picks to give your home that boho edge!


From top left: floral paisley placemats, paisley embroidered pillow cover, jacquard paisley table runner, paisley leaf pillow cover, chic jacquard table runner

Don’t you just feel like a paisley expert? Stay tuned for part two, when we look at paisley in fashion!


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15 Stylish Ways To Use A Table Runner

On first glance, table runners may seem to be limited to fancy dinner parties, dining table-scapes and the odd picnic, but do not be fooled! These items are absolute gold when it comes to decorating! What if I told you that there were five stunning ways to use table runners in your bedroom alone? Yep: you got it!

Whether you want to uplift your lounge room or add a colorful edge to your office, here’s 15 unique and stylish ways to use a table runner. So get those table runners out of your linen closet and have a go at recreating some of these!

In The Bedroom

A Boho Wall Hang


Who needs a fancy bed head when a table runner can create just as stunning an effect? To recreate this look, blue tack your table runner above the center of your bed, securing with blue tack all the way down.

For my room, I used the exotic oriental table runner in purple and complimented with hand embroidered pillow covers in black and gold.

A Runner For Your Vanity


A retro-print table runner will finish off your vanity to perfection! Plus: if you spill makeup, you can wash it and not sacrifice ruining your wooden furniture.

I gave my dresser a shabby-chic edge with the jacquard paisley table runner in purple.

A Bed Footer


You know the ugly part where your mattress meets your bed stand? Hide it with a table runner. Simply tuck in the top edge of the runner under your mattress for a regal look.

This exotic oriental table runner gives your bed that luxury edge.

A Bed Runner


A table runner is a cheaper alternative to a defined bed runner and looks almost identical.

I clashed this mandala print table runner with my mandala print bedding for a look that’s oh-so-boho. The hand embroidered pillow covers in black and gold adds some extra boho luxe.

In The Living Room

A Statement Throw


Break up a long or square sofa with a printed table runner. Compliment plain sofas with vibrant patterns, or tone down an overly-brash sofa with a solid-colored runner.

Keeping in line with the beach theme of my living room, I lifted my knit-grey sofa base with the suitably oceanic chic jacquard table runner. I injected a bit more tropicana with a stunning pair of floral embroidered pillow covers.

Ocean Blue

A Messy Shelf Hideaway


We all have that shelf in our home that is choc-o-block full of absolute random junk. If it’s things you really do need, you can hide it away from eager eyes with the simple addition of a table runner.

The chic jacquard table runner hides mine and my partners mess to a tee!

A Sofa Topper


If you want to add a simple embellishment to your sofa, add your runner to the very top!

I kept things simple and creamy with the hand embroidered table runner and made things a bit more boho with a jacquard damask pillow and a jacquard paisley pillow cover.


A Furniture Makeover


This old set of drawers NEEDS to go! But until we can afford a stunning TV unit, this chic jacquard table runner makes it look far more presentable!

A Rug


Me and my partner are not exactly electricians, hence the huuuuge, whopping, argghhh-look-at-it power cord running all the way down the room. What cord, I hear you ask? Well, this one has being chic-ly masked by the jacquard floral table runner. Yep: they make great rugs too!

A Breezy Window Blocker


Long, tall windows are about as 80s as Tina Turner’s hair. Give them an oomph by hanging a table runner over them. Extra points if your runner is an exact fit to your table!

The hand embroidered table runner lets the light through, whilst minimizing the chance of neighbors seeing me in my bloomers.


In The Kitchen


Our kitchen table isn’t exactly as hot as Channing Tatum. But with the simple addition of the deluxe floral table runner, it’s a fair Zac Efron.

Rustic Orange

Everywhere Else

A Boho Nook


A chill out area next to an office may seem crazy to you, but I adore it! Create a simple, but stunning, boho hangout by attaching and draping runners from the ceiling or walls.

To create my nook, I draped the embroidered floral table runner across the corner and highlighted with the jacquard floral table runner. The exotic oriental pillow covers really complimented the burnished color scheme.

A Hallway Rug


Before the addition of this damask-style elegant table runner, my hallway was about as interesting as a broken kettle.

A Chair Topper


Believe me when I say that you do NOT want to see this chair sans runner. A printed runner and pair of printed cushions are a comfy way to upgrade your office chair!

This ugly duckling became a swan thanks to the floral embroidered table runner and exotic oriental pillows! Pssst- spot the cute tissue box cover!

Rustic Orange

A Beanbag Cover


It’s official: you can throw a table runner on any cosy area and make it instantly look chic! The jacquard floral runner makes this beanbag look expensive!

Time to get those runners out and let the fun begin!




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Tips For Decorating Your First Home

So you’ve finally got your keys to your first home? I give you permission to throw your hands up in the air and do a happy dance! **Insert hallelujah chorus** With the average Joe buying their first home at 33, getting onto that real estate market is now harder than ever. But, you’ve done it: you’ve hit the home run!

Now, it’s time for the fun part: decorating your home! But with an empty space and absolutely zero furniture, where on earth are you supposed to start? Don’t fret, I’m here to help! Having moved into my first home four weeks ago with my boyfriend, I know all about how to fill your home with necessities when you have the budget of a pauper!

Here’s my tips for decorating your first home…

Choose Your Theme/Style

First things first, you need to have a clear picture in mind about how you want your home to look. Do you like lots of color? Or do you prefer a minimalist style? Take into account the location of your home and the style of the building. Houses near the sea are practically made for beach decor, whilst rustic cottages would suit shabby florals and burnished wood.

If you are not sure what decor style you would like, start by doing off some research. Pinterest, home decor magazines and open home viewings can all spark a flame of inspiration.

Here’s a few themes to get your creative juices flowing:

Beach Style

beach decor style bedroom with seahorse lamp sea painting and wooden bed head

(Photo Source: viemagazine.com)

Soft, cool and soothing, this decor style is suitable for all beach bums, especially those who live near the coast!

Get The Look

Hand painted 7 piece duvet cover set


eclectic bohemian style bedroom wth ethnic priint cushions indoor prints and hanging lanterns

(Photo Source: blog.justinablakeney.com)

If you love clashing patterns, unique pieces and all things Ethnic, a boho themed home may be for you! The best thing about boho is that anything goes and that thrift stores and flea markets are an absolute gold mine!

Get The Look

Floral embroidered pillow cover

Exotic oriental table runner


all white Scandinavian minimalist kitchen with silver and black accents

(Photo Source: bloglovin.com)

If you like your home clean and clutter free, go like the Scandi’s and opt for clean and minimal.

Get The Look

Sophisticated two-tone embroidered placemats

Solid geometric pillow cover


shabby chic cottage style bedroom red and white retro houndstooth print

(Photo Source: homedesignetc.com)

Cute retro patterns, frills, lace and rustic wood are the ingredients for a gorgeous, quintessential, cottage-y homes. This style of decor would look so absolutely gorgeous in a cute building or in a country.

Get The Look

Damask style elegant table runner


Floral embroidered place mats

Get Thrifty!

still from Macklemore thrift shop music video

Go pop some tags!

(Photo Source: capitalxtra.com)

As much as your wallet wants you to live in an empty house, there are some things you just need to survive! I suggest writing a list of the furniture and appliances that are a MUST. In my opinion, you need the following if you are wanting to set up a new home:

Table & chairs, bed, fridge-freezer, oven, kettle, sofas/ comfort area, microwave, wardrobe, washing machine

This list may burn a hole in your pocket, but you don’t have to get brand spanking new things. Thrift shops & flea markets need to become your new hang outs and never underestimate the amount of junky furniture your older relatives may have lying around. Sure, it may smell of moth balls, but it’s a start!

Little By Little

Rome wasn’t built in a day so don’t expect your home to be either! You’ve just forked out major dollar on the house itself, so no one will expect it to look like the Kardashian’s abode! Decorate one room at a time and upgrade borrowed, thrifted, or downright ugly furniture bit by bit.

In the mean time, why not give your furniture a stylish and cheap makeover with a stunning table runner, place mat or table cloth?

For Tables

Use a full-coverage table cloth and no-one will have a clue about the hobo-looking mess that lies beneath.

Rustic Orange

This hand embroidered table cloth will make your dining area feel a whole lot finer!

That wooden brown table may be out of reach, but this table cloth will make your old table look brand new, whilst remaining neutral.

For Dressers & Cabinets

A table runner is a chic addition to a feminine piece of furniture, such as a dresser or a cabinet. Go for a tasseled piece and let the feminine fringing hang or opt for punchy prints to instantly makeover a room.

The retro appeal of the jacquard paisley table runner is perfect for a dresser or vanity table.

This exotic oriental table runner is an instant fix for a damaged floor, TV unit, or even a hole in the wall. Plus, it’s super stylish!

For Small Furniture Pieces, Damaged Wall Parts or Stains

Don’t let a little stain, scratch or mark ruin a piece of furniture! Cover it up with a cute place mat.


The Saree border place mat will add some ooph to any old wooden furniture.


The embroidered paisley place mat adds a vibrant hit to worn out furnishings.

All that’s left to say is enjoy! Time to make your house a home!



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Styling Boho For Kid’s Bedrooms

When I was five I had Minnie Mouse bedding, Minnie Mouse wallpaper and pink walls. When I hit nine and realized that this wasn’t hip, I switched for horse-printed bedding, starry walls and everything circa 2000. Then, when I was 13, I hated it again. My poor parents.

This is the main problem when it comes to styling kid’s bedrooms. They grow out of it faster than they grow out of their school shoes. Sure, he may want Thomas The Tank engine now and she may cry and cry for Frozen, but what about in five years time? Kids need something, fun,  colorful and timeless.

The bohemian style is a wacky way to style your child’s bedroom, without having to sacrifice character. Plus, they are not going to grow out of it! Today, we share with you our  favorite fun ways to style boho for kid’s bedrooms…

The Native American Hideaway

Native American style childrens bohemian bedroom decor

(Photo Source: thebooandtheboy.com)

This teepee-meets-bed idea is a fun and stylish bedroom idea for both boys and girls between the ages of 3 and 12. The teepee bed head acts as a secret hideaway and bed head in one, whilst the wooden floor and furniture is sturdy and will last their entire childhood! The vibrant, yet versatile palette of ocher and grey-blue makes this room a hit with kids of all ages!


Get The Look

Solid geometric pillow cover

Jacquard paisley pillow cover

The Pink & Minimal


(Photo Source: instagram.com)

Bunny prints, frills and lashings of pink make this just about girly enough for your little princess. However, the Scandinavian style furniture, plan walls and floor and pretty, boho bed head make it a palace that she won’t grow out of!

Get The Look

Arabian velvet table runner

Hand painted deluxe accent pillow cover


The Little Mermaid


(Photo Source: beachwoodplace.blogspot.com)

This Mermaid-themed bedroom is everything a wannabe-Ariel could ask for! Aqua sheets, fairy lights and a chandelier are girly enough for a child, but will be equally as suitable for a beach-loving teenager.  The earthy toned walls and white highlights are a great base to change up bedding and accessories as she grows up.

Get The Look

Hand painted duvet color set

Vibrant floral throw pillow cover


The Colorful Crib


(Photo Source: stylemepretty.com)

As tempting as it may be to go all-our rubber ducks and pacifier prints for your babies nursery, this soft, bohemian decor will save you having to re-decorate in the long run. Cute details, such as puppy photos, make it appropriate for a toddler, whilst a large, colorful rug protects expensive floors from accidents. Now all you have to change as they grow up is the bed!

Get The Look

Exotic oriental table runner

The Color Explosion


(Photo Source: ricotanaoderette.com)

Who said that fun had to mean Barbie and Disney? This floral, bohemian room is just as beautiful for a little girl and will transcend her taste in toys and cartoons. White walls and a wooden bed are truly timeless, whilst vibrant bunting, hanging plants and bedding would be equally as at home in the room of a four year old or an eleven year old.

Get The Look


Hand painted floral table cloth

Ocean Blue

Floral embroidered pillow cover


Jacquard floral pillow cover


The Real Life Boho Doll’s House


(Photo Source: babyaspen.com)

This living area is undeniably adorable. Pops of pink and punchy Aztec-prints make this super fun and chid-appropriate. The white walls, furniture, walls and boho decor are suitable for girls of all ages. Although you may need to upgrade to a larger table and stool!

Get The Look


Spring garden floral pillow cover


The Gender-Neutral Hideaway


(Photo Source: pinimg.com)

If you’re on a budget, this colorful hippy hideaway is perfect for your little one! A plain carpet and walls are instantly transformed by a DIY wooden headboard and a floor bed. Add a chevron print teepee and a wall hanging and it becomes a cute abode for your child!

Get The Look

Jacquard paisley table runner


Solid geometric pillow cover

The Fairy Boho Abode


(Photo Source: mrsboho.blogspot.com.es)

Although the array of twinkling boho beauty above may seem like a nursery, switch out that crib and it is a boho fairytale for a little girl! With neutral furniture, stars and sooooo much pink, it’s what girly dreams are made of!

Get The Look


Floral embroidered place mats

Which boho bedroom is your top pick?





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Wedding Gifts: A Guide

When it comes to weddings, buying a gift can be a big fat confusing rut surrounded by something that is otherwise beautiful. Whether the groom is your childhood best friend, or the wife is a work acquaintance, the words ‘wedding gifts’ seem to make any knowledge of that couple about as relevant as Kim Kardashian at a political conference. Trans: you could know the person like the back of your hand and still find yourself in utter confusion. How on earth are you meant to find something they don’t already own? How do you choose something they will really appreciate? And, the biggest question mark: how much dollar do you fork out?

Luckily, we are here to give you a helping hand! Read on for our guide to wedding gifts…

How Much To Spend On A Wedding Gift


(Photo Source: arabiaweddings.com)

Let’s start with the big one: how much do you spend on a gift. Some may say that as long as the gift is thoughtful an high quality, price isn’t really an issue. Others believe that the amount you fork out all boils down to your relationship with the bride, groom or couple. If the to-be-wedded is a close friend or relative, $75-$100 is enough to buy something really great. For a friend, co-worker, or acquaintance, $50-$75 is more than enough.

What To Get?

First things first, check if the couple have a wedding gift registry. Around 85% would prefer a gift from their registry list, so this one is sure to be a hit!

No list? No problem! Here’s our gift picks. All you have to do is choose the description that your bride and groom best fit!

The Adrenaline Junkies


Kurt and Jamie were known for taking their love to ridiculous new heights!

(Photo Source: bungeejumpscotland.co.uk)

This couple are out of their bloomin’ minds. Climbing mountains, high ropers courses, bungee jumping…. and we are the one’s left feeling scared! They love anything that quickens a heart beat, and if it includes heights, near-death, or great white sharks, even better!

Buy them an experience! Chances are these two aren’t all wrapped up on physical things, so why not give them some crazy memories? Sky diving, scuba diving and other crazy activities can break the bank, so opt for an experience below the $100 bracket. A jet boat ride, go-karting or watersports are all cheaper options that your adrenaline lovers will adore!

The Travelers


(Photo Source: dailymail.co.uk)

This couple are …are…actually: where are they? Jokes aside, these lovers are thinking anything but babies after the big day, their eyes are all on the globe! Open minded and free spirited, this couple delve into new cultures and experiences wholeheartedly.

Buy them something that reminds them of their travels or fills them with wanderlust. Chances are, you cannot afford to buy them a trip to India (if you can, can I be your friend?) but you can bring India to their home through beautiful pieces of home decor.


Give them memories of a European Autumn with the embroidered leaf placements

Or spark wanderlust for the East with the Arabian velvet table runner.

The Luxury Lovers


(Photo Source: januaryfebruarypromotion.blogspot.com

This couple are fans of all the finer things in life. Oysters, champagne and spa retreats are what they live for. Coming across as high maintenance to some, this couple are always preen, polished and proper.

Buy them a couples pampering session! If this is too pricey, luxury toiletries or fine wine are a great idea too!

The New Home Owners

Couple with keys to new home
Couple with keys to new home

(Photo Source: thepropertypartners.ca)

This Couple have just bought their first home! Overcome with excitement, they have this huuuge space and absolutely nothing to fill it! Bless them!

Buy them a pretty piece of decor that will add luxury and personality to their home without breaking the bank. As they’ve just forked out on a wedding, chances are they will have to scrimp on furniture. We all have to start somewhere and the gift of a table cloth will turn that ugly thrift store table into a work of art!

King Blue

This hand embroidered table cloth is an instant beautiful table without breaking the bank!

Still have no clue?

Why not opt for a matching table cloth and place mats combo? With eight stunning color to choose from, there’s one for every couple!


And if all else fails…. there’s always the option of gifting money for the honeymoon! Happy gifting!


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