Planning A Spring Wedding? Here’s 7 Things You Need To Do!

With Spring being all about growth, life and new starts, there isn’t a better time to have your big day! If you’re planning a Spring Wedding, here’s seven things you need to do…

1. Give Spring-Themed Wedding Favors

We’ve all seen endless chocolate favors and scented soaps, so it’s without a doubt that your guests would have seen these too! The season of Spring is all about growth and life, so why not give a wedding favor that reflects this. After all, chocolates just get eaten before your guests have even left…


(Photo Source: storymixmedia.com)

Seeds are a great idea for a Spring wedding. Plus, they carry a beautiful metaphor that your guests can take home with them. If displaying them in a wheel barrow is a little too messy for your liking, lay them out on a table on top of a printed table runner.

Our jacquard floral table runner is perfect for Spring.

(Photo Source: deerpearlflowers.com)

A succulent is another great Spring wedding favor that carries the same metaphor of growth and love.

2. Have A Quintessentially Spring Bouquet

Just as a Winter wedding wouldn’t be complete without sprigs of holly, a Spring bridal bouquet needs flowers that bloom in Spring time.

Traditional Spring flowers include:

  • Peonies
  • Tulips
  • Roses
  • Dahlias
  • Freesias
  • Cherry blossoms
  • Apple blossoms
  • Poppies


(Photo Source: brides.com)

This pastel pink and green peony bouquet perfectly captures the spirit of Spring.


(Photo Source: brides.com)

This mix of tulips and lillies is great for those who like a more understated approach.

3. Utilize The Outdoors

Spring is all about the resurrection of nature. Bring this in to your wedding by having a cozy outdoor space at your reception or ceremony. An outdoor  bar, seating area, or even photo booth will give your wedding those happy Spring vibes.


(Photo Source: patchworkharmony.blogspot.co.uk)

A cosy wigwam will make a unique spot for your guests to chill out and catch up. Recreate this cute look by layering up cozy blankets and printed pillow covers.


Hand painted deluxe accent pillow cover, jacquard floral pillow cover


(Photo Source: colincowieweddings.com)

Forget Instagram frames! This cute and rustic frame is super fun for your guests to take photos in!

4. A Floral Arch Canopy

Whether you plan to have your wedding inside or in the great outdoors, a floral arch canopy is sure to take your wedding to that fairytale level. Keep it fresh and pretty by opting for nudes, creams and whites and integrate pretty fabrics such as lace and crochet.


(Photo Source: himisspuff.com)

These hanging roses make this canopy the definition of dreamy.


(Photo Source: washingtonian.com)

This cherry blossom canopy brings the outdoors inside in classiest way.

5. Pastel Bridesmaid Dresses

Pastel bridesmaid dresses are always a stunning choice and the demure, fresh palette makes them an ideal choice for a Spring wedding.


(Photo Source: modweddings.com)

Go for flowy, feminine fabrics such as tulle. Leave heavy satin’s for Fall and Winter weddings.

6. Cover Your Tables In Flowers

Spring is all about new blooms, so there really is no such thing as too many flowers! When it comes to your dining tables, use Spring flowers to create dramatic, yet demure centerpieces. Believe me when I say, you’re guests will remember these for years to come…


(Photo Source: bodasnovias.com)

Now this is making a statement! Soft beige table cloths are uplifted to new heights by an array of stunning flora. Note how the flowers are all at different heights here, giving the table center a ‘full’ look.

Get the look with our stunning hand painted floral rectangular table cloth.

Rustic Orange


(Photo Source: oncewed.com)

If you are looking for a more rustic vibe, this simple, indoor table layout is perfect for you. Combine classic white roses with Spring florals and leafy greens for something truly stunning. High pillared candles will add to the cottage-like, undone vibes.

Our chic jacquard table runner will make the perfect base for your stunning centerpiece.


7. Don’t Toss Confetti

Confetti tossing has become somewhat of an overused cliche. Instead of giving out confetti to toss on the send away, try dried flower petals instead. After all, rose petals are far better for the environment (and the poor person who has to clear up after your wedding).


(Photo Source: deerpearlflowers.com)

Lavender is another great alternative to confetti.

Looking to add something different to your wedding. Here’s some beautiful wedding color palettes you may not have considered.

Got your wedding planning under wraps? Check out our range of beautiful table runners, table cloths and placemats.

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Dreamy Boho Kitchens You Have To See To Believe

Looking to add a little boho to your home decor? Boho kitchens are a wonderful way to give your home a laid-back, gypsy edge. As a matter of fact, Pinterest is bulging with dreamy, boho kitchens that come with the unspoken promise to make cooking more stylish!

From stunning hanging herbs, to gorgeous Aztec prints, here are the boho kitchens that you really have to see to believe.

We promise they really do exist!

Greenery & Copper


(Photo Source: instagram.com/luna_zorro)

Ever since Pantone named greenery and kale as some of the hottest colors for 2017, we knew that green was going to be a huge hit on the kitchen scene!

Bringing about visions of leafy salads and smoothies, green is the perfect choice for any kitchen. And when rose gold is added into the equation, the result is truly mesmerizing!

Simple, copper accessories make a wonderful contrast to deep greens. Best of all, pieces such as cooking spoons are relatively cheap. Vases, candle holders and salt and pepper shakers make wonderful additions too.

This dreamy, green kitchen adds a further green element through an abundance of live greenery. Wooden shelves keep it looking natural and bring an appetizing air of the outdoors in.

Moroccan Inspired


(Photo Source: brit.co)

Raise your hand if you are well and truly bored of plain black or white splash backs? **Raises hand** Thought so! Statement splash-backs are a fantastic way to take a plain kitchen to the next level. This Moroccan-style print really gives this neutral kitchen a bohemian edge.

The wooden shelves and worktop really work with the print too. Add basil, thyme and other herbs to one side of your worktop for a decor accent that is edible!

Get The Look

Printed tiles can be expensive. Luckily, this isn’t the only way that you can inject a Moroccan edge into your home. A boho printed table runner, or boho placemats, can instantly transform a worktop. Which, in turn, transforms your kitchen!

Above: Exotic oriental table runner and saree border placemats

Gypsy Dining


(Photo Source: instagram.com/salvagedior)

There’s something so raw and natural about this boho dining set-up, that it almost makes us feel like it’s outside. The rustic wooden dining table is beautifully complimented by the stripe table runner. The cacti centerpiece really makes it modern and Aztec.

However, perhaps the most distinctly stunning aspect of this dining area is the wall art. The Aztec-print wall hang and hanging succulent cleverly separate the dining area from the rest of the open plan home.

Get The Look

Invest in some gypsy-style fabrics and adorn the dining table and wall to create a boho dining area.

Coffee Brown

Arabian velvet table runner

Rustic Western

Processed with VSCOcam with f3 preset

(Photo Source: magicdreamlife.com)

We wouldn’t be surprised if this house was in the wild west! Classic ‘cowboy style’ prints and rustic, metal bar stools look straight out of the saloon. Hanging plants and flowers add a distinctly feminine vibe to stop it looking too ‘Clint Eastwood’.

That hanging light fixture is actually genius. We adore the way it floats so perfectly above that breakfast bar. Where can we find a handyman to make us one?

Get The Look

Opt for a table cloth or runner with a Western-style boho print and drape over one side of your breakfast bar. If you’re not lucky enough to have a distinct bar, simply throw over your dining table.

Black & White

Above: Hawthorn leaf table runner and ornamental embroidered table cloth.

Hanging Gardens


(Photo Source: casykaui.tumblr.com)

No matter what kind off state your kitchen is in, it can easily be uplifted with hanging leaves or faux leaves. To add to the boho vibes, hang quirky plates on your walls too. There really are no rules when it comes to boho kitchens!

Boho Accents


(Photo Source: domino.com)

Sometimes less is more and this minimalist-style home certainly proves this! The clean, white fixtures and wooden floor are beautifully uplifted by this statement, boho rug. This alone transforms the room and makes it feel homely rather than clinical.

Cute pendant lights and wooden accessories add to this bohemian vibe, without making it too overcrowded.

Get The Look

We are all about mixing it up, so why not try using a bohemian print table runner as a rug?

Glamorous border table runner

Which of these boho kitchens will you be dreaming of?

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8 Killer Street Style Looks From New York Fashion Week

Well that’s it folks, the New York Fashion Week Autumn/Winter 2017 shows are coming to a close. But what a beautiful ride it’s been; from Prabal Gurung’s political statement tees, to Kate Bosworth wearing counterfeit Calvin Klein (yes really!).

Although we’re excited as a kid in a candy store for the new trends to take over our wardrobes, the street style of the show-goers offered a whole different kind of inspiration. Outfits we can totally rock NOW.

Today we bring you the brrr-illiant (see what we did there) street style looks from New York Fashion Week. Best of all, most of these are oh-so-appropriate for cold weather. So wrap up warm and get ready to sizzle like a street style star!

Mix Your Textures


(Photo Source: telegraph.co.uk)

If the New York Fashion Week street scene proved anything, it’s that there is no such thing as too many textures! Take the outfit above as a prime example: glitter, cotton and fur make one heck of a statement!

The look is polished off perfectly with the addition of a silk scarf.

Get The Look

The artistic print silk scarf is so street style worthy!

Party In The Back


(Photo Source: elle.com)

We often put so much focus on the front that we forget that the back can make a huge statement! Exhibit A: This lace-up wonder. The clash of shapes works so well and the simple palette means that those details really do the talking!

Floral Embellishments


(Photo Source: harpersbazaar.com)

Ditzy florals keep making an appearance season after season at New York Fashion Week and we couldn’t be happier! Add a little Spring into your look with cute, fine floral prints and lace details. However, add a thick, woolly, coat to ensure that you don’t freeze!

Get The Look

If you’re still too cold, our tropical floral scarf is a fabulous way to add florals to your look and warm you up!

The Not-So-Mellow Yellow


(Photo Source: lifestyleone.com)

Forget orange, mustard is the new black! This retro hue screams 70s harder than The Beatles themselves. Not one to be afraid of taking a risk, our fave fashion blogger, Margaret Zhang, went all-out in a head-to-toe mustard ensemble. This is literal evidence that she can make us want to buy anything.

Get The Look

If head to toe mustard is waaaay too intimidating for you, ease yourself into the trend with mustard accessories. Our exotic silk scarf has pops of mustard and will uplift any ensemble.

Make A Statement In A White Bandana


(Photo Source: popsugar.com)

The white bandana isn’t just a pretty accessory to throw on with every outfit, it also makes a strong, political statement. As a matter of fact, the white bandana represents equality, unity and an appreciation for all mankind.

After the Business of Fashion stepped in to give the bandanas a push, they were seen on show-goers and in collections a-like. The white bandana made it’s runway debut in both Tommy Hilfiger and Prabal Gurung’s collections.

To make yours Winter appropriate, style with a conglomeration of cozy textures, such as sheepskin and wool. We are literally obsessed with this cape above. Where can we get one?

Get The Look

Our solid color scarf has the versatility of a white bandana, but is snug enough to get you through those cold, Winter days.

The Chic-Sporty


(Photo Source: harpersbazaar.com)

The clean sports luxe trend of the past season has been replaced with something far more raw and urban. Striped tracksuit bottoms and oversized hoodies have got us totally reminiscing about our childhoods.

This show-goer has added a polished twist to the look with a silk neck scarf and stunning handbag.

Get The Look

Take your urban style to the next level by nonchalantly throwing on the artistic print silk scarf.

The New Suit


(Photo Source: harpersbazaar.com)

No longer is the suit just for the office. With the nifty addition of platform heels and a longline, faux-fur coat, this workplace staple is taken truly into retro territory.

Add red lips and hippy-style aviators to make a real style statement, as seen on this New York Fashion Week babe.

Contrasting Colors


(Photo Source: vogue.co.uk)

Layering coats is a great way to keep warm. However, layering two contrasting colors is an incredible way to look on-trend. When layering coats, choose a coat with a warm collar to layer underneath, wear won closed and let that collar pop!

Get The Look

A scarf in a contrasting color is another great way to nail this look! Our solid color scarf comes in 19 colors, so there’s one for every outfit!

Which of these street style looks is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below…


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De-clutter With These Hidden Storage Spots

‘Out of clutter, find simplicity’, Albert Einstein

To de-clutter is the new trend.  In a world where we have everything, the ‘less is more’ mentality is something that is an up and coming zeitgeist. As a matter of fact, ‘The Japanese Art of De-Cluttering’, by Marie Kondo, is a New York Times #1 best seller.

But as much as we would like to dwell in a sparkling, ridiculously minimalist home, let’s be real. We need ‘stuff’. Those boxes of Christmas decorations are literal joy come December, those gardening tools are not just ‘a waste of space’ and your childhood toys can be as uplifting as a whole crate of chocolates. Long story short, ‘stuff’ is a must, but that doesn’t mean that it has to be on display to gather dust and be frowned upon by our tidier relatives.

It’s time to de-clutter without throwing any necessities away! All you need is some sneaky hidden storage spots for a clutter-free home!

Under Stair Storage


(Photo Source: roomdecorideas.eu)

This has to be the neatest storage area we’ve ever seen! Rather than having a simple cupboard under your stairs, opt for open-out drawers to store all of your bits and bobs in an easily accessible and organized way.

Unless you are a DIY expert, we highly recommend you bring in the experts for this one!

The Easy Hide


Even the most organized shelves can look as messy as a pig stye. The easiest, and quickest, solution is simple: cover it up! Use a printed table runner to hide the contents of your shelves! Plus, the design itself will add a further stylish edge to your room.

This is also an easy hack for covering under-bed storage areas, or even under shelving units.


I used the hand embroidered table runner to hide my internet and electricity cables.

DIY Under Bed Storage


(Photo Source: bobvila.com)

When storing bits and bobs under the bed, it doesn’t have to look ugly! Invest in some stylish, wooden crate boxes to give your bed frame an industrial edge. Opt for boxes in a wood that is the same shade as your bed frame to avoid unsightly clashes.

If your boxes end up a slightly different shade to your bed frame, add some printed pillow covers to your bed in the same shade as your new storage boxes.

The Bookshelf Hack


Book shelves filled with old classics add a little bit of class and culture to every home. But if your books weren’t, ahem, books? For an easy, and really safe, storage space, glue old book spines to a large box.

This is a fantastic space to store keys, passports and everything valuable.

Extra Bathroom Storage


(Photo Source: buzzfeed.com)

The bathroom is undoubtedly one of the rooms in the house that always needs a de-clutter! And with your bathroom drawers bulging, how on earth are you expected to find your bobby pins or nail clippers?

Take a cue from this ingenious hack and add a magnetic strip to the side of a bathroom drawer. This is the perfect place to store all of your essentials that would normally get lost in a sea of ‘stuff’.

De-clutter Your Garden Shed


(Photo Source: craftriver.com)

Gardening is far much more fun when your tools are organized! De-clutter your shed by installing a simple rack made from PVC pipes.

Laundry Storage


(Photo Source: homeanddecor.org)

The space between your washing machine and tumble dryer can totally be utilized! A small, pull-out shelf is the perfect place to store cleaning products and other necessities.

Happy de-cluttering!


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Trendy Dining Table Decor Ideas For Small Tables

Finding trendy dining table decor ideas can be a bit of a struggle, especially when you own a small kitchen table. Pinterest and home decor magazines are jam packed with inspiration from large tables. I hate to break it to you world, but not everyone owns a ten seat, ‘Mad Hatter’ style, dining set!

Got a small kitchen table? I feel you. As a relatively new first home owner, my partner and I eat our dinner on a second hand four seat. It isn’t exactly glam, it isn’t the trendiest thing in the world, but hey, it gets the job done!

It’s time to turn your small table into a hip dining destination! Using the cutest decor pieces, I have transformed my tiny table into six different on-trend table decor layouts.

Get your small table at the ready, it’s about to have a makeover!

The Trendy Boho

table decor idea boho on trend

Who doesn’t love marble and funky, tribal patterns? This table decor is so on-trend that it is almost a cliche!

The best thing about it, is that it can be edited to suit any home decor palette! Simply switch out the colorful table runner to one that compliments your abode.


The way that the red table runner pops from the predominately white accessories is so stunning! Succulents and small, marble shapes are a wonderful way to add detail to a small dining table without it looking swamped.

Keep your table decorations to a minimalist, bohemian theme to ensure it looks streamline. Think chunky shapes, cacti and geometric prints and you’re on the right track!


My puppy, Nala, loves her new ‘den’!


To add a further element of style and comfort, I dotted my seats with the stunning exotic oriental throw pillows. That’s one way to sort out uncomfortable chairs!

Products used: Damask style elegant table runner in red, exotic oriental pillow covers in coffee brown.

Rose Gold Accents


Rose gold is set to be a huge home decor trend for 2017! Combine rose gold accents with cottage-like neutrals and nature-inspired prints for something that feels immediately like home.

To make the place markers, I folded the floral paisley placemats into chic triangles, than dotted with marble coasters. Using fruit or faux fruit is a fabulous way to compliment the stunning embroidery.


If this table layout didn’t already make you feel fuzzy inside, I added some fairy lights in a jar. This accessory alone made my table a force to be reckoned with!


As well as being fantastic to drink, wine can also look really elegant in a fruit bowl. **Wink wink**

Products used: Jacquard floral table runner in gold, floral paisley placemats in beige

Welcome To Bollywood


Minimalists: overt your eyes! This one is for the color-lovers and the gypsy souls! Whether you dream of the exotic East, or even plan to throw a Bollywood-themed dinner party, this is for you!

Bollywood is an abundance of color, so don’t feel shy to clash to your hearts content! The slightly warm edge of this purple table runner works really wonderfully with the red place mats.


If this table had feelings, it would feel like a freaking Princess right now!

I added a chandelier style candle holder and crystal glasses for something really glam. Yes: those are statement necklaces hung on the candle holder! There are no rules and I think that jewelry really can be used as table decor.

Products used: Exotic oriental table runner in purple, hand embroidered placemat and runner set in red.



If this doesn’t make you want to eat healthily, I don’t know what will! Succulents make fantastic center pieces, so why not adorn your entire table runner with their green goodness?!


I used a variety of real and faux succulents here. I then used sweet potato runners to weave them together. The greenery really brings out the stunning khaki shades in the floral paisley place mats.


When going for a large amount of plants or table decor in your center, keep the rest of the table neutral and simple.

Products used: Hand embroidered table runner in beige, floral paisley placemats in beige

By The Seaside














Summer may still be a few months away, but that doesn’t mean seaside decor shouldn’t make an appearance! Pops of blue, natural materials and fun characters make this table decor a little bubble of happiness in your home.


In order for a look that combined authenticity and fun, I added terrariums dotted with shells and a wooden fish and boat.

Rather than using place mats, I used a piece of coral and a large shell to mark each table place.


Keep your table on the right side of tacky by opting for pale blue tones and neutrals. As fun as turquoise may seem, it may place your table decor in childish territory.

Product used: Chic jacquard table runner in sky blue

Which table layout is your fave?


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