7 Boho Scarf Hairstyles You Must Try

Fed up of your daily hair do? No need to do a Kylie Jenner and invest in a trillion wigs!

A statement scarf is a quick and quirky way to add a bohemian flair to your locks. So grab your fave statement scarf, a brush and get in front of that mirror!

Wrap It!


Wearing: Exotic silk scarf in berry

This style is perfect when you’re in a rush and just want to add that little something extra to your hair. Just take a silk scarf, follow the steps below and voila; total bohemian perfection!

  1. Take your silk scarf and fold until it is about 5 inches thick.
  2. Starting from the back centre of your head, take half of the scarves length in each hand and wrap round head.
  3. At your centre parting, tie the two lengths of scarf loosely in a knot.
  4. Continue wrapping the fabric around your head and tuck in at the back.


Wearing: Solid color scarf in royal blue

The simplest style, this regal look is all about that flowing scarf!

  1. Fold your scarf so it’s your preferred width.
  2. Wrap around crown and tie at the back.
  3. Take half of your hair and place above the scarf for a tousled look.

Braid It!

DSC_0221 DSC_0220

Wearing: Exotic silk scarf in berry

Pretty, feminine and undone, this look is equally as striking for the beach or bar. It may look like something that only Picasso can create, but rest assured it is totally easy to do!

  1. Put your scarf under your hair, leaving about two inches of hair loose in front of the scarf
  2. Knot at the top and cross the two fabric lengths over.
  3. Tie each scarf side in pigtails with your hair.
  4. Do a three strand plait on each side (using the scarf fabric as one section of the three)
  5. Secure the ends of the plaits with a hair tie.
  6. Cross the plaits over each other at the back and secure.

Stuck? Check out the step by step diagram below:pigtails

(Photo Source: kitsylane.net)


Wearing: Exotic silk scarf in berry

This twisted treat looks like it could equally be Swiss or Moroccan in origin. Twist your way to this statement boho updo by following a few simple steps.

  1. Tie one end of your scarf  discreetly in the underneath of the back centre of your hair.
  2. Take the scarf length in your hand and begin twisting the hair around your scarf, adding hair as you go (as you would a French plait).
  3. When you have no more hair left to twist, wrap the scarf length under your hair and secure.


Wearing: Exotic silk scarf in berry

Add instant vibrance to a braid with a silk scarf! The longer your hair is, the better!

  1. Tie your hair in a low ponytail.
  2. Wrap the scarf around your ponytail and tie so that two pieces of fabric are hanging down.
  3. Do a four strand braid (using two hair sections and the two fabric pieces.)
  4. Secure and tie the scarf around your hair and into a bow.

Bun It!


(Wearing: Solid Color Scarf in maroon)

Bring your top knot into boho territory by adorning it with a statement scarf.

  1. Brush your hair into a high ponytail and secure.
  2. Make into a bun by wrapping your hair around and securing. If you have fine or short hair, add some va-va-voom with a hair doughnut,
  3. Wrap your scarf around the base of your scarf.


(Wearing: Floral Paisley Scarf in Autumn)

Keep fly-aways at bay with a printed scarf wrapped widely around your crown.

  1. Make that perfect high bun.
  2. Starting at the back of your head, wrap the scarf around your crown and secure by tucking the scarf into itself at the back.

Which scarf style will you be trying? Let me know in the comments below…

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5 Christmas Gift Ideas For The Travel Lover

We all have that friend/relative who seems to have a passport constantly glued to their hand. Whether they’re hiking in the Himalayas or cruising round the Greek Island’s, they eat, drink and breathe wanderlust.

As they touch base for the festive period, they bring with them tales of places unknown, a trillion photographs and a sack full of souvenirs. So what are you supposed to place under the Christmas tree for them? Read on for the ultimate gift guide for the wanderluster…

The Embroidered Table Cloth

If you can’t buy them a trip around the world, why not buy them something that brings that trip to their home?

This stunning hand embroidered table cloth injects an air of wanderlust into any kitchen. With a vibrant Paisley design that brings vibes of Morocco, India and Aboriginal Australia alike, your wanderluster friend can dream about lands far-far-away every meal time!


(Photo Source: nomadicdecorator.com)

If their walls need a quick update, this stunning design can also be mounted on the wall to make a bohemian wall hanging! It ticks all the boho-trend boxes and is sure to add some much needed warmth to the Winter chill!

A Statement Scarf

If you thought scarves were just for keeping the chill at bay, think again. Here’s how a scarf could be a beneficial gift to your travel-loving friend:


(Photo Source: boardwalk-style.com)

A scarf can be used as a cute beach cover-up to keep sunburn at bay. The tropical floral scarf is the perfect gift for any beach babe!


(Photo Source: dornob.com)

Scarves can be used to snuggle up in during a flight. The pure wool print animal scarf is 100% wool. SUPER COSY!

neutral on neutral-summer

Above: Wearing the abstract floral wool scarf

A scarf acts as a quick and easy shoulder cover-up when visiting Mosque’s, Temples and places of worship.


(Photo source: banggood.com)

A scarf makes a cute addition to a backpack and makes it easier to find in that hostel back pack mound! With the artistic print silk scarf, her bag is bound to stand out for all the right reasons!


(Photo Source: chicfashion.co)

Last, but certainly not least, a scarf is a stylish, boho injection to any outfit! Traveling is all about embracing that on-trend nomadic vibe. Plus: It takes up ZERO space in their backpack! You can’t get more fashionably bohemian than the exotic silk scarf!

Foreign Currency


(Photo Source: cashstop.com.au)

Know where they’re headed to next? A great and thoughtful gift idea is to give them some foreign currency. It show’s your interested in their adventures and ensures they have that little bit of cash tucked away for necessities when they get there. If their itinerary is a total mystery to you, travelers cheques may be a better choice!

A Cushion/Throw Pillow Cover

What better way to remind them of their epic travels than with a decorated cushion cover? With various prints and colors, you are sure to find one that will give them sweet dreams of their travels! Check out my guide below….


watphoBlack & Gold

(Photo Source: thailandmusings.thaivisas.com)

The hand brocade pillow cover will bring back memories of the stunning architecture of Wat Pho.



(Photo Source: thesmartgirlstravelguide.com)

This floral embroidered pillow cover perfectly captures the bustling vibrancy of a Marrakesh market.



(Photo Source: aboriginalartstore.com.au)

The ornamental embroidered pillow cover is very reminiscent of Indigenous Australian art.



(Photo Source: viaa.nl)

Nothing says The Netherlands tulips like the Jacquard Damask Pillow Cover.

Boho Print Place Mats

A set of stunning bohemian print place mats gives your loved one the perfect excuse to invite friends round to show them holiday snaps.

They could show off their newly acquired Asian cooking skills with the Saree Border place mats:


Alternatively, they can echo the sophisticated vibe they felt in Europe with the two tone place mats:


Now sit back, relax and enjoy listening to the travel tales these presents bring out…

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6 Christmas Fashion Campaigns We LOVE

‘Its the most wonderful time of the year’! As ‘holiday’s are coming’, it’s time to get into the Christmas spirit and ‘have yourself a merry little Christmas!’. Ok.. I’ll stop now, I am getting far too carried away in my festive excitement!

As we continue ticking off our Christmas shopping lists and begin to put up those fairy lights, our favorite fashion magazines and television channels begin to encourage our festive spirits through an array of adverts. Whether snowy or couture, country or city, one thing is for sure: Christmas fashion campaigns will get us in the Holiday spirit!

From your Grandmother’s hay day, to the just printed, here’s six Christmas fashion campaigns we love…


(Photo Source: trendhunter.com)

Why we love it: The perfect mix of art and fashion, Hermes manages to create a snow-filled world that is on the borderline of reality and whimsy. This could quite easily be a chic girl in Alaska with her moose as it could be a scene from a snow-filled fairytale. Plus: there is a moose wearing a scarf! Need we say more?

Get the look: Keep warm this snowy season by layering silk scarves around your head. To re-create Hermes’ seamless red-navy effect, we recommend layering three of the stripe scarves in red, brown and blue.

If you prefer a patterned look, the floral paisley silk scarf in maroon will look stunning paired with the artistic print silk scarf in blue.


Coca Cola

(Photo Source: redbubble.com)

Why we love it: Nothing says ‘holiday’s are coming’ like the good old Coca Cola ads! From the time when it only cost 5 cents to chugging train of 90s adverts, Coca Cola always manage to perfectly capture the holiday spirit! This vintage ad gets our tick of approval for it’s fashionable take on st Nick’s get up! Pass us some knee highs and a bottle of Coca Cola pronto! If only it still cost five cents…

Get the look: Don’t you just love how the belted scarf trend has come back around? Go vintage-inspired in the geometric print scarf tucked into your fave waist belt. Santa get-up optional.

Or if you want that little bit of sexy Santa in your daily attire, opt for the solid color scarf in red. Warning: will result in waltzing around singing ‘Santa Baby’ Marilyn Monroe style!


(Photo Source: stylist.co.uk)

Why we love it: It’s a fashion super duo! Anything with both Naomi Campbell and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley gets the big-fat-fashion tick of approval! These printed Maroon dresses remind us of a quintessential English forest becoming coated in soft snow. The golden-flecked snow flakes add a little luxury to a typical Festive vibe.

Get the look: Chances are, a Burberry scarf is not on your shopping list (unless you are the Queen). Luckily, we have some bargain alternatives in the same warm, maroon palette that you won’t actually be too afraid to wear!

The geometric print scarf in red has a classic Burberry vibe written all over it and it’s a total steal at $18!

Or opt for a more bohemian vibe with this luxurious floral paisley silk scarf.


(Photo source: fashiongonerogue.com)

Why we love it: This shot truly captures the romantic and whimsical vibe of the festive period! It feels like we have opened a vintage jewellery box and the spinning ballerina has come to life! Plus: check out the couture dress Karlie Kloss is wearing! We wouldn’t expect anything less from Mario Testino.

Get the look: Dark, romantic and taken from a ballerina’s wardrobe, re-enact the Victorian vibes with the solid color scarf in black. Tie around your slicked-back hair to copy Kloss’s look.


Tiffany & Co

(Photo Source: trendhunter.com)

Why we love it: It perfectly combines the childhood magic of Christmas and the sophistication of the festive season as an adult.

Get the look: If you can’t have the blue box in your life, don’t fret! You can still have the luscious shade of ‘Tiffany blue’. The artistic print silk scarf in sky blue has got you covered!

For a look that will make you sparkle like a Tiffany diamond, layer up the stripe scarves in ocean blue and silver.


dior beauty sasha luss
(Photo source: thedailyluxe.net)

Why we love it: Subtle, glamorous festive party vibes. There is something so glossy and perfect about this campaign. The contrast of the gold ribbon and the black gloves has a strong old Hollywood glamour attached to it.

Get the look: This one is all about creating an air of luxury! Contrast gold and black, for a subtle and classy Festive vibe. The exotic silk scarf in dark gold gives this sophisticated palette a bohemian edge.

Mix and match the solid color scarves in black and orange for a glamorous evening look.

Which Christmas campaign gets you in the festive spirit? Let me know in the comments below.

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How To Add A Moroccan Flair To Your Home

With the Winter approaching fast, the last thing you want to do is re-enact the dull, dark weather in your home decor. To add a spark of sunshine that is guaranteed to make you feel at least twenty degrees warmer, why not deck out your home in a Moroccan get up?

If you thought that Moroccan meant bright colored walls and carpets, think again! You can create a Marrakesh wonderland in any home; all you need is a few clever accessories. As a matter of fact, most classic Moroccan styles combine neutral, stone-like structures with accents of color, texture and pattern.

Want to visit Marrakesh but can’t afford the plane ticket? Read on for my top tips on how to add a Moroccan flair to your home…

The Bedroom


(Photo Source: flickr.com)

Got that inner-child that screams Princess? Let her out in a classy and chic way with this rich, pink and purple Moroccan paradise. Begin by topping your bed with a vibrant pink or purple duvet cover. The hand painted duvet set in purple features a hand embroidered design that is more than perfect for this feminine set-up.

Next, it’s time to inject a little Princess into your bed head. A statement Moroccan tapestry with metallic accents will truly give your room that royal treatment. The hand painted floral tablecloth will make a vibrant and sturdy wall tapestry.

What a palace be without statement drapery? We recommend hanging the solid color scarf in fuchsia firmly above your bed head.

As for your night table, give it a Moroccan makeover with a statement place mat. Try the saree border place mat for a little Eastern injection,


(Photo Source: somerollingstone.tumblr.com)

For a more earthy and neutral Moroccan vibe, keep you bedding neutral, but detailed. The Hand embroidered duvet set in beige echoes the stone-like colors of classic Moroccan architecture, whilst adding a modern flair through it’s stunning embroidered detailing.

If you own a four poster bed stick to this stone palette when it comes to fabric draping. The rich, regal vibes of Marrakesh are all down to the accessories! Juxtapose your stone-hued duvet with a patterned throw in deep ocher and red tones. The hand painted floral table cloth in rustic orange will compliment wooden furniture perfectly.

Take these rich burnt orange tones and compliment them in two pattern pillow covers. Both the damask throw pillow cover and the exotic oriental pillow cover have undeniable Moroccan vibes.

For your third pillow, opt for a rich, metallic tone, such as the elegant dahlia pillow cover in silver. This will work wonderfully with any metal accents you decide to add to your decor.

Finally, add some metal hanging lanterns and you will truly feel the balmy warmth of Marrakesh.

The Living Room


(Photo Source: destinationdesignblogs.com)

If you have a beat up old sofa that is waay too expensive to replace, a little Moroccan makeover might be just what your living room needs. Begin by highlighting your sofa with a fabric runner, the Arabian velvet table runner will add instant luxury to your sofa.

Make your living room a comfort haven by adding six or more colorful cushions. The more colors and prints, the merrier! The hand embroidered brocade pillow case and paisley leaf pillow case will bring the color of a Marrakesh market right to your couch!

Add a touch of metal with decorative trays, flower vases and lanterns.

The Bathroom


(Photo Source: s.ameblo.jp)

This dreamy bathroom looks like the inside of a genie’s lamp! Although we can’t magically guarantee you star-dotted ceilings and turret-shaped details, we can help you inject that little bit of Moroccan magic into your bathroom.

Firstly, swap your dowdy bath mat for a lush, bohemian print rug. It may not be as absorbent, but it certainly looks a million dollars!

Add fresh flowers and tall candles around your sink. For extra trend-points, add burnished silver accessories.

Take a vibrant piece of purple fabric and hang is a cascade from a corner of the bathroom. This solid color scarf will work a treat and is only $12!

Use outdoor fairy lights (as they are waterproof) along your ceiling as an easy cheat for this star-dotted effect. Add a few hanging lanterns and poof! You are officially in the genies lamp!

For an ultra-easy injection of Marrakech, try adding one of our hand decorated tissue box covers.

The Kitchen


(Photo Source: casaselegantes.com)

A Moroccan-esque kitchen is the perfect excuse to cook up Moroccan cuisine every night! Mmmm! To make your kitchen a cultural experience, simply change your table decor!

Bring the bright hues of the Marrakesh markets home with the hand embroidered table cloth. To re-create this vibrant, floral effect, top your tablecloth with the deluxe floral table runner.

Now; sit back relax and enjoy! You can practically smell the Moroccan food…

No matter how you decide to inject Morocco into your home decor, one things for sure; it’ll keep you warm throughout the long winter! Who needs a plane ticket?

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5 Ways To Update Your Home With Cushions

I have a confession to make: I am addicted to buying cushions. Printed, plain… you name it! There is just an understated air of luxe that comes with adding that perfect cushion to your decor.

As someone who lives in a rental property, it can be hard to inject an air of myself into my home. After all, wallpapering, painting and even drilling holes in the walls are totally out of the question… unless I want a hefty bill. No thank you!

Luckily, printed cushions are a cheap, cheerful and non-permanent way of upping your home decor game. And the best part? When you move home, you can simply move them with you!

Ready to funk up your decor? Read on for five easy, yet effective ways to update your home with cushions.

The Random Bed Cluster


(Photosource: wheretoget.it)

Your plain and boring sheets getting you down? Add a sprinkle off happiness into your bedroom with a random cluster of colorful cushions. Opt for four different patterns in vibrant prints for a little injection of bohemian warmth.

For a plain white bedding set, this combination will add some oomph:


(From Left) Jacquard damask pillow cover, Ornamental embroidered pillow cover, Exotic Oriental pillow cover, Velvet sparkle pillow cover.

Is your bed donning blue sheets? Warm it up by going for warm-hued cushions with blue accents, mixed with blue cushions with red or orange accents:

(From Left) Floral embroidered pillow cover, Hand Painted deluxe accent pillow cover, Hand embroidered brocade pillow cover,  Hand Embroidered pillow cover

Metallic sheets call for an equally regal cushion combo. Opt for cushions with a metallic sheen:


(From Left) Hand embroidered brocade pillow cover, Paisley leaf pillow cover, Elegant dahlia pillow cover, Exotic oriental pillow cover

Balcony Chic


(Photo Source: 2015decor.com)

Turn your apartment into a resort! No matter how small your balcony is, it can accommodate for a couple of patterned cushions, some matching flora and a glass of wine. If it’s a substantial size, this crate seat is a cheap and chic way to give it a makeover!

The key for this sophisticated look is to opt for two matching cushions in a vibrant palette. Luckily, all of our cushions come in packs of two!


The Jacquard floral pillow covers will add a little air of Springtime to the cooler months. Add a matching wool blanket to enjoy your balcony this fall!

A co-coordinating floor never hurt and this hand embroidered tablecloth adds a touch of hand-crafted royalty to your balcony.

Reading Nook


(Photo Source: myidealhome.tumblr.com)

You don’t need a thousand dollar sofa to snuggle up with a good book! This cosy reading nook needs absolutely zero furniture! All you need is around sixteen cushions. For the warm-meets-minimal look of our inspiration photo, go for a mixture of neutral, orange and red cushions. This combination would make a stylish, yet vibrant reading nook:

(From Left) Damask throw pillow cover, Jacquard paisley pillow cover, Solid geometric pillow cover, Jacquard damask pillow cover, Paisley leaf pillow case, Vibrant floral pillow cover, Velvet sparkle pillow cover, Hand embroidered brocade pillow cover, Ornamental embroidered pillow cover

Makeover An Old Sofa

Can’t afford a new sofa? Inject a little bit of life into your old sofa by topping it with vibrant cushions. Go for bohemian prints and bright tones and your friends will think that the old sofa is all part of the hippy vibe!


(Photo Source: indulgy.com)

The best part? Boho styling has absolutely no rules: so combine prints and colors to your hearts content!

We recommend:

(From Left) Ornamental embroidered pillow cover, Exotic oriental pillow cover, Paisley Leaf Pillow Cover

Brighten Up Your Home Office


(Photo Source: camillestyles.com)

No matter what kind of chair you have in your home office or dorm room, give it a little lift with a few simple steps. Firstly, add a fluffy rug or fluff blanket to give it a shabby chic edge. Then top with one or two statement cushions. We recommend the floral embroidered pillow cover to fit with the shabby chic vibe.

Add some faux or real plants to inject further life into your work space.

Time to get creative with your cushions!

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