How To Choose A Decor Style For Your Home

Whether you are buying a new home or simply refurbishing your dated abode, choosing a decor style for your home is crucial.

Think of your house as one large metaphorical jigsaw puzzle. If the pieces are the same and fit well together, the overall finished picture will be appealing. Even if the smaller piece of the jigsaw puzzle are stunning, when put together, they will look messy and disconnected from each other. A decor theme is a fantastic way to ensure that all the rooms in your home are cohesive.

So how exactly do you choose a decor style? Follow our easy steps and you will be well on the way to deciding the perfect decor theme for your home!

Consider Your Home’s Location

california beach house coastal decor style

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Your home’s location is the first thing you should consider when deciding on your decor’s theme. The location of some buildings or apartments lend themselves perfectly to certain decor styles. For example, a home in the country would look fantastic decorated in a country, shabby chic or traditional style. On the other hand, inter-city homes lend themselves to modern and industrial decor types.

Your town or city itself may have an air or culture that could inspire the style of your home. For example, San Francisco homes would fit right in if they were decorated in eclectic or bohemian styles. Whereas, homes in Florida or California would suit a beach style decor.

Compliment The Architecture

It may sound obvious, but the architecture of your home is the one thing that you cannot change. Consider your homes architecture as the skeletal form of your decor style, build on what you have and compliment the best features of your homes’ structure.

For example, if your home is a brick colonial home, you would want to avoid any incredibly modern decor themes such as Scandinavian minimalism. Instead, compliment those curved elegant windows and old fire places with a more upmarket, classic decor style.

Another factor to consider is the type of building your home is. Loft apartments lend themselves perfectly to industrial decor styles, whereas larger houses should be decorated in a less clinical way.

Consider Your Lifestyle


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They say that home is where the heart is. Keeping this in mind, it’s important to decorate your home in a style that represents you and your families lifestyle. If you are free-spirited travelers, don’t feel like you have to decorate your home in a traditional style purely because of it’s location! Make your home a reflection of who lives in it! After all, it’s you that will spend the majority of your time there!

Upkeep Is Key

Are you too clumsy to decorate your home in delicate vintage goods? Will you really clean that all-white, minimalist home every week? Take the amount of upkeep into consideration and remember that some decor styles are timeless and some are fleeting in fashion.

Sum Up The Costs

You may want a Marie Antoinette classic French style abode, but will your wallet allow it? Before you make any purchases, research how much the furniture, flooring lighting and other necessities will cost before you jump in!

Decor Style Thought Starters

Still looking for food for thought? Here are some decor styles you may consider and our favorite Banarsi picks!



Great for:

  • Those who like to buy lots of different decor places.
  • Apartments or houses.
  • Those who don’t want to spend too much money or want to buy second hand goods.
  • Quirky architectural styles.
  • Those who like to incorporate lots of colors and patterns.

Our picks:


Exotic oriental table runner, spring garden floral pillow cover, saree border placemats




(Photo Source:

Great for:

  • Small apartments.
  • Those who like to be clean and tidy.
  • Inter-city living.
  • Those who like the latest decor trends.
  • Modern architectural styles.

Our picks:

Solid geometric pillow cover, sophisticated two tone placemats



(Photo Source:

Great for:

  • Those who wish for something that won’t go out of trend.
  • Those who like neutral decor.
  • Any geographical area.
  • Any architectural style

Our Picks:


Shimmering spiral hand embroidered place mats, hand embroidered 7 piece duvet cover set

Cottage Style/ Shabby Chic

Great for:

  • Small homes or cottages.
  • Older homes, or homes with thatched roofs.
  • Homes in the country.
  • Those who like a homely feel

Our picks:


Jacquard floral table runner, Jacquard paisley table runner, damask throw pillow cover

Which home decor style has caught your attention?

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5 Instagram Hotels For Your Bucketlist

Once upon a time, hotel owners and managers relied on brochures, travel magazines and travel agents as their primary source of marketing. Today, it’s a whole different game; one that fits in the palm of your hands. The idea of ‘Instagram Hotels’ is something that more and more companies are looking into.

2017 is set to be more about influencer marketing than ever, with more and more of the travel market jumping onto its perfectly filtered bandwagon. And who can blame them? Instagram influencers offer a type of advertising that is not only glossy and picturesque, but relatable.

Take for example, popular travel bloggers Lauren Bullen and Jack Morris, who, before racking up a massive 2 million followers, were just normal, everyday Joe’s like you and me. It gives us that tiny glimpse of hope that we don’t need to win the lottery or be born a Kardashian to have moments of pure lavishness.

With more and more Instagram hotels popping up on our feeds, we can’t help but feel serious FOMO. As we sit on our 9-5 desks, we dream of that square of Marrakech pool with the perfect level of ‘Clarendon’. **Sighs**

Put down your phone and bring out your bucketlist, as we show you 5 Instagram hotels you have to visit. Plus, if you have the budget of a pauper, we show you how to bring elements of these Instagram hotels to your home decor. Double win!

Riad Yasmine, Marrakech

instagram hotels marrakech


This is the one that haunts you in your dreams: that perfect symmetry, that tiled aqua pool, those impeccably placed palms. This slice of paradise is the Riad Yasmine in Marrakech, ‘a safe haven of peace’ with only seven rooms.

the best instagram hotels


Any travel lover will have undoubtedly seen several of their favorite travel bloggers floating in this heavenly pool, and that’s no coincidence. The Riad Yasmine was specifically created to be aesthetically pleasing, in order to go ‘viral’ on Instagram. The hotel regularly works with travel bloggers, who, in turn, share their perfect squares of paradise with their thousands of followers.



As if the main pool area wasn’t enough, the rooms themselves also boast classic Moroccan architecture in a photogenic brick palette. To top it off, there’s also a cute resident cat called Bowie. And nothing goes viral like a cute cat.

Home Inspiration

If a flight to Morocco is totally out of your league, take decor cues from the hotel’s clean, Moroccan tiles and neo-gypsy vibes.

Floral embroidered pillow cover

Beige & Maroon

Glamorous border table runner

Azulik, Tuluum



A favorite of celebrities and Instagrammers alike, Azulik is a jungle tree house wonder that suspends right into the Mexican ocean. This eco-retreat has absolutely no electricity, allowing guests to completely detach from the post-modern world and go back to nature, all whilst staying in the lap of luxury.



There’s swings at the bar, staircases cascading down into the turquoise ocean and outdoor private bathtubs. Sounds like the perfect playground for adults!



If that wasn’t enough to make you turn greener than Shrek, the resort itself is in a rainforest canopy and, quite literally, stands above the jungle.

Home Inspiration

Despite it’s reputation with Instagram royalty, the decor of Azulik is rustic, natural and clean. Bring this wanderlust-filled vibe to your home with driftwood, drapey white fabric and an abundance of greenery.

Embroidered leaf placemats

Elegant dahlia pillow cover

Urban Cowboy B & B, Nashville/Brooklyn



The Urban Cowboy looks like the love child of a wandering bohemian and a concrete cowboy. With two photogenic locations in Nashville and Brooklyn, the Urban Cowboy is fast becoming a favorite destination for Instagram-lovers.



The antithesis of the upmarket New York hotel, the Urban Cowboy Brooklyn is ‘a much needed antidote to the mind-numbing pace of Manhattan’. Known for attracting artist, this super hipster spot has certainly gained recognition in the two years it’s been open.

Home Inspiration

The decor of the Urban Cowboy is undeniably unique. Bring this Western-meets-bohemian vibe into your home with seventies style boho prints, carved wood and clashing patterns in brown tones.

Damask style table runner

Solid geometric pillow covers


Byron Beach Abodes, Byron Bay



This Byron Bay holiday rental company offers a number of wonderful rental properties in the stunning, Australian coastal town.



Clean white decor, immaculate pools and outdoor bath tubs make these properties truly amiable. Many of the properties have a unique, cottage-like charm combines with an edge of tropical bohemia.

Home Inspiration

Bring Byron Bay home with clean whites and blues, juxtaposed with cottage-like prints and splashes of cacti.

Chic jacquard table runner

Sophisticated two tone placemats

Hotel du Cap-Eden-Roc, Antibes



Celebrities and Instagram stars flock to this Southern France hotel in abundance and who can blame them? This former private mansion boasts a salt water swimming pool that is literally carved into a cliff overlooking the French Riviera.



Although it’s been around since the 1800s, the Instagram generation have undoubtedly given it a new lease of life. It’s popular with the fashion pack and has hosted the Chanel couture house.

Home Inspiration

If you dream of staying in this palace, why not inject its decor into your home? Think Marie Antoinette on vacation and you’re on the right tracks!

Jacquard floral table runner


Vibrant throw pillow covers

Which of these Instagram hotels is at the top of your travel list?





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bedroom loft apartment

Decorating A Loft Apartment: What You Need To Know

When it comes to decorating a loft apartment, it’s all about enhancing a unique and structurally interesting area. Unlike standard apartments, loft apartments are often one large space, without interior walls. Often found in old, industrial buildings, loft apartments are a popular and trendy choice for inter-city living.

If you’re the lucky owner of one of these spaces, here’s everything you need to know about decorating a loft apartment…

Draw Attention To The Architecture

decorating a loft apartment with pendant light

(Photo Source:

When decorating a loft apartment, it’s important to enhance and draw attention to its quirky architecture. Many of these spaces are blessed with detailed roofs, such as exposed beams or an angled roof.

Draw attention to your apartments quirky roof, through the addition of pendant lights, hanging plants or simple down lights.

The only rule is: no plastering! This space is all about that interesting, industrial roof!


Keep Flooring Raw

loft apartment wooden floor

(Photo Source:

As a loft is a single open space, carpet would completely swamp the area, making it appear smaller. Instead, opt for wooden flooring that compliments your exposed beams or roof.

To add an element of coziness to the ‘bedroom’ or ‘living room’ area of the apartment, use a printed table runner as a luxurious rug or under a coffee table.

Opt for a neutral table runner, such as the hand embroidered table runner or hawthorn leaf table runner.

BeigeBlack & White

Stay Neutral

Although apartments with separate rooms can get away with color, loft apartments are best kept neutral. As all of the ‘rooms’ are in one space, you want to stick to one color scheme. When decorating a loft apartment, you should aim to make the space look as large and open as possible. This is best achieved through incorporating a neutral color scheme.

However, a neutral color scheme doesn’t mean that decorating a loft apartment has to be boring! Here are our tips for neutral decorating that will make your loft apartment feel like it has elements of separate ‘rooms’, whilst keeping it breezy and open.


bedroom loft apartment

A wide rug, slightly larger than your bed frame, is a great way to create the illusion of a ‘bedroom’. Keep it detailed, yet neutral, with one of our embroidered duvet cover sets. The hand embroidered duvet cover set in beige will look fantastic!

Keep away from large clumps of furniture and opt for two bedside tables either side of your bed frame.


loft apartment kitchen

(Photo Source:

Keep it minimalist and clean with a wooden or metal table, dotted with neutral place mats. You could also add to the industrial feel of the apartment with metal chairs.

Shimmering spiral place mats

Living Room


(Photo Source:

Although it depends on the shape of your loft apartment, the living room is best suited to one corner of the space. Arrange neutral sofas in an L shape to keep your living area open. Opt for a coffee table in a neutral or industrial material, such as marble, wood or metal.

Finally, add detail to your sofas with printed pillow covers. We love these neutral ones below:

Solid geometric pillow cover and damask throw pillow cover

Give It An Arty Edge

loft apartment gallery wall

(Photo Source:

We’ve all watched enough sitcoms to know that loft apartments are synonymous with arty people. As a matter of fact, these large, open spaces are made to be given an arty edge!

Why not dedicate a whole wall to photographs or art works? Make it really hipster by using vintage-style white photographs. Or if your not one for personal photographs, put up some interesting paintings or canvasses.

Another great way to give your loft apartment an arty edge is to add a small sculpture. This could be a great centerpiece for a coffee table or kitchen table.

Bring The Outdoors In

loft apartment plants

(Photo source:

As most loft apartments don’t have their own gardens, it’s important that you still get your dose of greenery! An easy way to do this is to integrate house greenery into your apartment. As well as making your apartment look more stylish, it will also give your space clean, fresh oxygen.

Statement plants such as leafy ferns are a great way to break up the ‘rooms’ in your loft apartment. Hanging plants are another great option, as they will attract attention to the interesting architecture of your roof.

Are you decorating a loft apartment? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below…

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How To Choose The Right Color For Your Skin Tone

Ladies: There is indeed the right color for your skin tone. Don’t believe me? Watch and learn…

Ever thrown on a piece of clothing and thought ‘this just isn’t my color’; you’re not alone. For generations, women have been baffled by what colors  suit them. Many of us are all too quick to blame the other factors when we dislike a piece of clothing, whether it be the fit, the cut or the fabric. Although all of these factors inevitably add up, choosing a color that clashes with your skin tone is one of the most common mistakes that you can make.

So how exactly do you choose the right color for your skin tone? Today we decipher the color spectrum and bring you our favorite printed scarves that will suit your skin tone…

How To Determine If You Have A Warm or Cool Skin Tone


(Photo Source:

There is a never ending spectrum of skin tones, from alabaster white to stunning ebony. But although skin tones vary greatly, it is in fact the undertones of your skin that determine what colors will suit you.

There are several ways to determine your skin tone, the easiest, and perhaps quickest way is to look at the veins on the back of your hand. If your veins appear blue, you have a cool skin tone. If your veins appear green, you have a warm skin tone.

A more accurate way to determine your skin tone is to literally look at the undertones in your face. Hold up a piece of paper to your face, if your skin appears yellow, green or light brown, you have a warm skin tone. On the other hand, if you notice pink or blue undertones, you have a cool skin tone. Neutral skin tones will appear gray or ash.

Once you have a basic idea of your skin tone, it’s important to do a few more tests to ensure you have the right result. Hold up a bright yellow piece of fabric to your skin, if it appears glowing, your skin is likely to have warm undertones. Cool tones will have a similar glowing effect when next to blue fabric.


(Photo Source:

Testing out various foundations is also a great way to determine skin tones. Many brands have specific colors for warm, cool and neutral toned skin. Get to your local makeup counter and have a play!

Colors For Warm Skin Tones

You may be surprised to hear that warm skin tones can rock a range of both warm and cool colors. Not sure what to go for? Here are the colors that you can rock!!

Warm Colors

Actress Sofia Vergara arrives to the 63rd Primetime Emmy Awards at the Nokia Theatre L.A. Live on September 18, 2011 in Los Angeles, United States. 63rd Primetime Emmy Awards - Arrivals Nokia Theatre L.A. Live Los Angeles, CA United States September 18, 2011 Photo by Jeff Vespa/ To license this image (125597075), contact

(Photo Source:

Honey, coral, orange, amber and red will look incredible with your sizzling warm skin.

Your Perfect Scarf

A scarf literally frames your face, so embrace your warm skin with one of these stunning bohemian printed scarves.

Tropical floral scarf, solid color scarf

Cool Colors


(Photo Source:

Opt for cool tones that are on the warmer side of the scale, such as olive, moss green, deeper turquoise, magenta and orchid.

Your Perfect Scarf

Contrast a warm-toned outfit with one of these uber flattering cool toned scarves.

Multicolor abstract print scarf, striped print scarf

Neutral Colors


(Photo Source:

Go for neutral colors that lean towards the warmer side of the color scheme, such as chocolate, taupe, wheat and latte. Opt for cream rather than white.

Your Perfect Scarf

Tone down a printed outfit with our solid color scarf or add a talking point to your plain look with the geometric print scarf.

Colors For Cool Skin Tones

Whether your fair and freckly or have raven skin with blue undertones, here are the colors that will look incredible on you…

Cool Colors


(Photo Source:

It doesn’t take a genius to know that all shades of blue will look incredible on you! Lilac, emerald and deep purples will also look great on you. Bring on the jewel tones!

Your Perfect Scarf

Blue and white are both made for you, so wear them both with pride with our exotic silk scarf. Or bring out your sweet side with the floral paisley scarf.

Warm Colors


(Photo Source:

Avoid yellow and orange like the plague, as they tend to wash out cool skin tones. However, ruby, dusky pink bright rose and cerise will look incredible on you! Hot pink is certainly the right color for your skin tone.

Your Perfect Scarf

The artistic print scarf and the exotic silk scarf is all of your ideal colors mixed together.

Neutral Colors


(Photo Source:

Keep it cool in gray, navy and white.

Your Perfect Scarf

Mixed print scarf

Colors For Neutral Skin Tones

(Photo Source:

Neutral toned ladies, you can rock more colors than your cool and warm toned counterparts! Despite this, some colors still look better on you! The right color for your skin tone is just around the corner…

Neutral tones near the middle of the spectrum were made for you, such as blush, jade and cameo green. When choosing vibrant colors, such as red, opt for the more muted variation.

Your Perfect Scarf

Go dark in moody in our solid color scarf, or lighten it up in our tropical print scarf.

Now that you’ve found the right color for your skin tone, it’s time to rock it!




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Winter Dinner Party Themes Your Guests Will Love

As Christmas and New Year sizzle away into a time gone by, our social calendars are feeling more empty than ever. Rather than resorting to endless Netflix sessions, why not host a Winter dinner party?

With the cold, Winter weather setting the scene, a themed dinner party is a fun way to lift those post-Christmas blues! These Winter Dinner Party Themes are a good time guaranteed!

Game Of Thrones


(Photo Source:

Never has the phrase ‘Winter is coming’ been so appropriate. Grab your mates and have a Game of Thrones themed dinner party!

If you’re really up for a laugh, make it fancy dress! Who doesn’t want to be Kalysses or Jon Snow?

The Menu

Although they may feast on all sorts of disgusting beasts in the hit TV show, we suggest that you keep your menu a little more appetizing. Think medieval style dining, such as stewed meat, roast chickens or game birds.

Quirky pun-filled names for your dishes are a must! Tyrian shortcake anyone?

The Table Setting

game of thrones winter dinner party

(Photo Source:

Take inspiration from the red wedding and opt for medieval, gold accents, tassels and burnished silver table wear. As for your colour scheme, a deep red will keep it looking straight out of the HBO drama.

One of our table runners will transform your table into something from Westeros.

Rustic Orange

Hand painted deluxe floral table runners

Golden Orange

Banarsi saree border table runner

Coffee Brown

Arabian velvet table runner


Murder Mystery


(Photo Source:

Ever noticed how murder mystery movies are always set when it’s cold and stormy outs. Let the cold Winter weather create a spooky and predictable atmosphere, as you host a murder mystery themed Winter dinner party.

Murder mystery storylines can be found online in abundance and are a fun and unique experience for you and your friends. Give out characters before the night for hilarious fancy dress opportunities!

The Menu

The best thing about a murder mystery party is that the menu can be whatever you choose: this Winter dinner party is made to be versatile!

For a vintage, mansion-style, feast opt for upper-class nibbles such as mussels, prawns or stuffed chicken breast. Entertain your guests with fancy cocktails or mocktails.

The Table Layout

Murder mysterious are synonymous with the luxurious mansion setting. Opt for lavish, embroidered creams, metallic accents and sparkling crystal cups.

Begin by layering your table with the suitably luxurious hand embroidered table cloth. Next, add a glimmer of luxurious metallics with the exotic oriental table runner. Add crystal glasses and pillar candles for that typical ‘Cluedo’ vibe.


Ski Lodge


(Photo Source:

If you can’t afford that luxury ski getaway, host it! A ski lodge themed dinner party is perfect for when the snow starts to fall! Host your guests around a roaring fire and treat them to hot chocolate with all the trimmings.

If your friends are brave, take the theme outside and roast marshmallows around an open bonfire. The dress code? Thick fairisle prints, hats, scarves and gloves. Fancy dress has never been so snug!

The Menu

Keep it warm! Opt for hot beef stew, or go all-out Swiss ski lodge with a cheese fondue! Mulled wine and cider will make your guests feel right at home.

The Table Layout

Keep it snowy and icy with Nordic-printed table cloths and runners. Add an element of the great outdoors with twigs of Winter berries and evergreen leaves. Finally, turn up the heat with large, woodwick candles that sound like a roaring fire.

Our embroidered leaf placemats will add an edge of wilderness to any table layout.

Soup Extravaganza


(Photo Source:

Winter may as well be made for soup, so why not plan your whole dinner party around this yummy, hearty dish? Dress in your Winter woolies and indulge in a Winter dinner party theme that is sure to both please the palette and warm the heart!

The Menu

Soup, soup and more soup! For culinary experience will a touch of hominess, get each of your guests to bring a pot of soup that is a family recipe, reminds them of their childhood, or is just their favorite.

Make it interesting by having a ‘soup topper’ station, with a variety of croutons, bacon bits and extra vegetables.

The Table

Make it cottage-like and opt for warm colors in statement, retro prints. We think that our jacquard floral table runner is the perfect choice! Keep table wear snug and simple and stick to warm materials such as pot and metal.

Jacquard Floral Table Runner

Which Winter dinner party theme would you like to try?


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