Scarves that Are Fashionable and Will Keep You Warm

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Scarf season is almost here and we can’t wait for it! Whether you live in a warm weather state, such as Florida, or a cold weather state, such as New York, there are several different scarves you can wear that are both fashionable and will keep you warm. You really found the perfect scarf that can serve both purposes  – keep you warm and looking fabulous with any outfit you choose! Take a look at some of our favorite scarves this season.

Artistic Print Silk Scarf in Fuchsia

Add a splash of color to your dreary winter ensemble with the Artistic Print Silk Scarf. Bright and vivacious, this scarf easily transfers from winter to spring.   This is your go to accessory for dressing up a casual t-shirt and jean or adding a touch of romance to a classic dress. Made with 100 percent pure silk, this scarf will certainly add elegance to any wardrobe.

Artistic Print Silk Scarf in Fushia

Floral Pure Wool Scarf in Blue

On a cold, windy day, the Floral Pure Wool Scarf is not only functional, it’s also chic. Why wear a plain, bland scarf when you can wear this trendy scarf and get some style along with the cozy, warm, comfort? The floral pattern and lively colors will leave you feeling put together and sophisticated.

Floral Pure Wool Scarf

Paisley Wool Scarf in Blue

If floral patterns just aren’t your thing, the Paisley Wool Scarf may be exactly what you are looking for.  This subtle print is easily matched with any outfit and any occasion. Go from a day at work to a night out with friends seamlessly with this timeless scarf.

Paisley Wool Scarf

Mystic Branches Wool Scarf in Turquoise

The Mystic Branches Wool Scarf is a great option for those looking for a more organic, earthy pattern. This print reflects the natural splendor of tree branches blowing in the wind. Effortlessly graceful, this is the perfect accessory for those looking to add a little class to an everyday outfit.

Mystic Branches Wool Scarf

Banarsi Designs Geometric Print Scarf in Orange

Do you go for a more modern look? Then the Geometric Print Scarf is right up your alley. This scarf will never go out of style with its mod design and expert craftsmanship. Add a bit of warmth to a chilly day with the bright shades of orange and red seen in this must have accessory.

Geometric Print Scarf


What is your favorite scarf to wear that is both fashionable and will keep you warm? Tell us in the comments below!

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Housewarming Gift Ideas Everyone Will Love

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Housewarming gifts are a great way to congratulate someone you love and care for on their new home. Housewarming gifts are more about the thought than the size or price, and when you’re on the hunt for the perfect housewarming gift for someone, it can be a little challenging if you aren’t sure what they will like, how they will decorate their home, or what they are utilize. Take a look at some of our favorite housewarming gift ideas below that anyone will love!


Who doesn’t love candles? Whether they’re purely decorative, flameless, or scented, candles can make a house feel like a home. The soft light, hypnotic flicker, and calming fragrance can create a very relaxing environment for the first few nights in a new place. A great personal touch would be to pick up a candle in the recipient’s favorite fragrance or to even to monogram the candle’s holder.

photo credit: Triple Mint

A Personalized Cutting Board

This is one of those sensible and personal gifts. Everyone needs a cutting board. Even those who don’t cook need to cut up a piece of fruit or some vegetables every now and then. Adding a name, a touching quote, the move in date, or all three can take this gift from purely practical to extremely thoughtful.


photo credit: EtsyStatic

Table Runner

If you know someone who loves to host get-togethers, this may be the perfect gift to give. A beautiful table cloth can set the tone for a big holiday dinner or a milestone birthday party. An elegant table runner can also create the feeling of a formal dining space, even if there isn’t one. Take this beautiful Chic Jacquard Table Runner, for example. This makes an excellent housewarming gift for its whimsical yet elegant design for a practical yet luxurious look for any table.

Chic Jacquard Table Runner


Bringing the outdoors in may not always sound like the best idea when it comes to entering a new home; but a potted plant or vase of flowers can brighten up any space. Something about colorful plant life seems to really bring a room together – even if there are still packed boxes lining the walls.


photo credit: CImages

Food Gift Basket

Giving the gift of delicious treats is always a great way to congratulate others. Remember to try to pick a gift basket filled with things the recipient likes; fruit, vegetables, and spreads for the health conscious, wine, cheese, and crackers for the sophisticates, and cookies, cakes, and candies for those with a sweet tooth.

Baskets by Rita

photo credit: Baskets by Rita

What type of housewarming gift do you like to get your friends and family?

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Best Fall Scarves for Any Occasion

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With the fall season just a few weeks away, we can’t help but start to stock up on our favorite fall scarves. Whether going out for a casual lunch, or a night out out on the town, there are many different scarves that can be worn many different ways. Check out some of our favorite scarf trends to wear for any occasion.

Wool Scarf

There are a few reasons why a wool scarf is a great accessory for the fall. First and foremost, it will keep you warm if the temperature drops. Another reason is because it can go with so many different outfits. You can find really cute wool scarf prints with a cute pattern or maybe just a solid color to wrap around your neck. Take this Floral Pure Wool Scarf, for example. It is perfect for matching with your elegant, casual, formal, and everyday outfit.


Abstract Print

A unique abstract print scarf is a perfect accessory for any fall look. It can be dressed up or down, will certainly turn heads and will keep you warm all at the same time. Upgrade your look with an Abstract Floral Scarf that will surely get people talking. Striking colors and a unique pattern will dress up any outfit.


Animal Print

We can never get enough animal prints! Animal prints can really be worn any season, but we mostly love it in the fall. Choose from many different colors with an elegant animal print design to dress up or down any outfit! This Animal Print Scarf is a fun scarf that makes a statement with its beautiful, contemporary design and one-of-a-kind animal prints.

Animal Print


Who says you can’t wear florals in the fall? We happen to think florals are excellent trend and can be worn any season for any occasion. Take a look at this gorgeous Roses Wool Scarf. This dreamy roses wool scarf brightens your look with a vivid array of color-splashed flowers.


Geometric Shapes

Last, but certainly not least, we can’t get enough geometric shapes in our scarves. Shapes that vary in colors and patterns are just what we like to add a little extra something to our outfit. Whether a casual day out, or a night out with friends, this Geometric Print Scarf is comfortable and will surely keep you warm during the fall and winter months. 



What scarf trends will you be wearing this fall? Tell us about it in the comments below!

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Simple Tips for Duvet and a Duvet Cover Care

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Duvets and duvet covers are one of the most important parts of your bed. It adds colors, character and a decorative touch to your room. Read about how to care for duvets and duvet covers to help them last. However, just like any other fabric in your home, duvets and duvet covers will need a good cleaning from time to time. Read about how to care for duvets and duvet covers to help them last.

What is a Duvet?

A duvet is a type of blanket that is made to be the top layer of your bed. It my look like a large bag, usually made of high-quality fabric, high-thread-count cotton, filled with feathers, down, silk, wool, or polyfil. A duvet takes the place of a sheet and blanket, all in one piece.


photo credit: Sobela Home

 What is a Duvet Cover?

A duvet cover is like a large pillow case for a duvet. The duvet fits inside the cover which buttons closed at one end. Some duvet covers are basic and plain made from fabric like a sheet. Some duvet covers are made from decorative fabrics to complete the bedroom decor. Take this beautiful Hand Embroidered 7-Piece Duvet Cover Set as an example. Give any bedroom or guest room a look of class and sophistication with a beautiful duvet cover set such as this one.

Duvet cover

Care for a Duvet

There are simple steps to do everyday that can help keep your duvet in great condition. For example, be sure to shake and fluff a duvet every morning after use. This will help to keep the feathers or other fill evenly distributed. If you keep a duvet cover on the duvet, you’ll rarely need clean it. When you do wash it, be sure to wash your duvet in a large, commercial washing machine.

When you’re ready to dry, go a head and put the duvet in the dryer on gentle head. When it’s partially dry, take it out and shake it, this will break up damp clusters of filling. Put it back in the dryer and let it finish drying. Hang a duvet out to air dry for at least 24 hours to make certain all sections are dry before replacing on the bed.

Care for a Duvet Cover

Wash or clean the duvet cover according to manufacturer’s instructions. Press and replace over the duvet.


photo credit: Fine Bedding

Do you have any tips for duvet and duvet cover care? Tell us about it in the comments below!


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Turn Your Bedroom Into Your Sanctuary

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One of the most important rooms in your home is your bedroom. Your entire home is your own little oasis, but your bedroom is the real spot where its important to feel like you’re in your own piece of heaven. There are several ways to turn your bedroom into a sanctuary and if you need some ideas, check out a few tips we recommend.


The first and most important part of turning your bedroom into you sanctuary is having great bedding. Find bedding that will compliment the style of your room well. For example, this Indian Duvet Cover Set is a perfect option for your bedding. These Duvet Cover Sets are available in unique glamorous colors and exclusive decorative patterns and are featured in gorgeous hand embroidered and soft hand painted designs. They will surely redefine your bedroom décor as well as any guest room.


Gallery Wall

Even though we love a gallery wall in any room in your home, we REALLY love one in the bedroom. Remember that every wall in your home is worthy of great artwork, not just the living room. Group a collection of your favorite framed prints or photographs on the wall. You’ll love wake up and gazing at your favorite pieces of art everyday.


photo credit: Restored Style

Make a Sitting Area

We love sitting areas! If you have the space, consider adding a cozy sitting area to your bedroom. This is particularly beneficial if you have a large family and need a place for solitude. You’ll love having a spot to curl up with a good book, drink a cup of tea, or just unwind after a long day.


photo credit: Created House

Find a Bed Bench for a Nice Touch

The thought of a bed bench may have never crossed your mind. You may not think you need one, but once you have it, you’ll wonder what you did without it. A bed bench gives you a spot to tie your shoes and can even provide extra storage depending on the style. And it looks really great too!


photo credit: Hnxtld

Light up the Room With a Chandelier

Who says a formal room is the only place for a beautiful chandelier? We think these can be displayed anywhere – especially in the bedroom! Bring a hint of glamour to your bedroom by replacing your light fixture with your favorite chandelier. You’ll be in love with the way it lights up the room.


photo credit: RachelHelie 

How do you decorate your bedroom to make it your own sanctuary? Tell us in the comments below!

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