How To Throw A Vintage Tea Party

2016: The age of Instagram, reality TV, the never-retiring and the I Phone. Wouldn’t it be great if we could get in some sort of time machine and go back to a simpler time? News flash: You can  and you can make it an actual social event. And no, I don’t know the scientist from ‘Back To The Future’! A vintage tea party is the perfect way to indulge in the simpler things in life.

What do you need? A plethora of vintage tea ware, floral fabrics, retro tablecloths and strings of pearls. Get ready to send out those floral embossed invitations, as you are about to throw a vintage tea party!

One Word: Shabby Chic

The magic of a vintage tea party lies in the atmosphere. You want your guests to feel like they have walked into your home and gone back to the 1940s. How do you achieve this? One phrase: shabby chic! Transform your abode with a plethora of ditsy florals, lace-y garnishes and damask-style patterns. Drape pearls over vintage tea cups, make bows out of chiffon and add an array of fresh flora.

how to throw a vintage tea party

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If you are looking for something really original for your vintage tea party, treat your lovely ladies to a spot of tea in a cosy outdoor area. Simply layer a floral picnic blanket in your garden and add a plethora of our printed pillow covers. Then, sit back and talk about how you used to have similar tea parties with your teddies.

vintage tea party

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Jacquard floral pillow covers


Spring garden floral pillow cover

Vintage Attire
ladies tea party

Vintage tea parties give you the excuse to be a total girly girl (Photo Source:

What makes themed parties fun? The chance to dress like someone completely different from yourself without snickers from others! When it comes to vintage tea party attire, just think of your Nans curtains and lace tea coseys….got that image? You’re halfway there! Rock a 1940s tea dress in a fit and flare shape and opt for lace fabrics and floral patterns. Indulge in your inner lady with lashings of pearls, floral headpieces and silk gloves. Sure…you and your friends may look like rejects from a 1940s finishing school, but it’s all in the name of fun!

vintage bridesmaids tea party shabby chic

This is what vintage tea party dreams are made of! (Photo Source:

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Get a quick retro, floral injection with our spring roses wool scarf.

It’s All About That Table-scape

If there’s one thing that really matters at tea parties it’s that table layout. It needs to be so cute, girly and shabby-chic that it would melt Marie Antionette’s heart. In need of some inspo? Here’s some tea party table porn…

princess tea party table layout

Well doesn’t this look fit for some sort of fairy tale woodland princess? Cherry red pops from under soft layers of dreamy crochet. Shabby chic burnished metal contrasts stunningly with pastel roses and crystal embellishments. And just when we thought that it couldn’t get any prettier, they throw on a glittery table runner!

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Go for a cherry red vibe with our damask style table runner.

vintage books decoration

(Photo Source:

Who knew that old books could make such a stunning centerpiece? To recreate this shabby look, adorn your table with a white table cloth and layer on a beige table runner. Take the oldest books you can find and arrange in a stack on your table’s center. Layer dainty tea cups on top and fill with fresh flowers. Finally, take a string of pearls and drape nonchalantly across your books.

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If you want more glam, less shab, adorn your table with our stunningly retro hawthorn leaf table runner.

Black & White

pastel shabby chic table layout

(Photo Source:

It doesn’t get much prettier than soft pastels, floral cups and frilled plates. Opt for a soft vintage palette of calming mints, whites and pops of blush. The lacier, frillier and more floral, the better.

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Place your cutlery on folded floral embroidered place mats for an overdose of femininity.


Finger Foods

Going to a tea party without fingers foods is like going to a McDonalds with no fries! Long story short, you’re going to need food! The trick is to keep it classic and cute and serve it up vintage style. Here’s some munchies that are pretty and tasty!

tea party vintage food

(Photo Source:

Layer up cupcake stands with pastel-toned macaroons and cream-topped cupcakes. The flowers in stacked teacups make the prettiest garnish ever!

scones high tea

(Photo Source:

Ah…. cream scones… does it get any more quintessential?

Sent out those invites yet?


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Rustic Home Decor: The Fail-safe Guide

When thinking of rustic home decor, what images flood to mind? Burnished metal? Lashings of unpolished wood? Or perhaps exposed brick and ceiling beams? Despite its popularity in the recent years, rustic home decor is a term that is, in itself, hard to define. The Oxford Dictionary defines rustic decor as decorating in ‘A plain and simple fashion, in particular made of untrimmed branches or rough timber.’ (Source)

Despite the obsession with the ultra polished Scandi minimalist trend, there seems to be an air of rustic that is gaining popularity and pushing the more ‘pretty and perfect’ look to the sidelines.

Looking to give your home a rustic edge? Read on for our fail-safe guide on how to achieve that rustic look…

Warm & Wooden Color Palettes

rustic home decor

(Photo Source:

Think about the last time you strolled through a sunshine-filled, Summer forest. Take these colors and mold them into your home decor. Warm, oak browns, leafy greens, river greys and the blue of the Summer sky are all commonly used in rustic decor. The general rule of thumb is to stick to a mostly neutral palette, then bring in hints of soft color to add a natural edge.

As for textures, the more the merrier, just ensure you keep them more towards the natural side of the spectrum. The inspiration photo above has a beautifully balanced amount of lighter and darker neutral tones and the darker wooden ceiling and floors really adds to the warm, rustic atmosphere.

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Bring in little pops of color to your neutral palette with our printed pillow covers.

Floral embroidered pillow cover

Jacquard damask pillow cover

Burnished Metals


(Photo Source:

Burnished metals are a must when it comes to getting that rustic look! Opt for metal pieces that look worn in copper, rose gold and antique silver shades.

This bathroom takes the burnished metal trend to a whole new level with a copper bathtub! Although it may be a little too much metal for some, we can’t deny that it looks absolutely stunning against the exposed brick walls.

If large chunks of metal are not your thing, opt for statement embellishments in burnished metal, such as vases, hanging lights and Moroccan-style lanterns.

Natural Textures

rustic dining room

(Photo Source:

If it’s from the earth, it belongs in your rustic home! Marble, wood, bamboo, wool and brick are all huge a huge yes when it comes to this trend. The best part? Nothing is too much! Simply keep your palette fairly neutral and throw in as many natural textures and building materials as you like.

This open plan kitchen, dining and living room is what rustic dreams are made of. Exposed brick walls, a wooden table and floor and bamboo chairs give it that soft and homely ‘thrown together’ look.  The mish-mash of textures works especially well as the room stays towards the light beige-y end of the neutral palette, meaning more textures can be clashed without it looking cluttered.

The dining area is cleverly separated from the rest of the open-plan design by a carpeted floor. The dining area itself is kept tidy and polished through a raw wooden table and bamboo chairs in very similar beige shades. A simple table runner brings in the tonal elements of the living room, whilst remaining relatively simple.

We Recommend

Decorate your table with natural textures and tones to add detail, but not overpower your dining room.

Black & White

Hawthorn leaf table runner


Shimmering spiral hand embroidered placemats

Exposed Building Materials

rustic bedroom

(Photo Source:

Rustic decor is all about the raw and unfinished, so if you have an exposed brick wall or wooden beams, use them to your advantage! No plastering needed! As well as saving you your precious earnings, exposed building materials give an air of something vintage and  cottage-y.

Take the stunning rustic living room above as a prime example. The exposed brick feature wall makes a stunning contrast to the rather lavish four poster bed, with dark polished wood. This air of luxury is carried on through the house in more dark polished wooden furniture and textured rugs. The exposed beams come with an air of Tudor to them and give across the vibe of a snug and homely country cottage.

When using exposed bricks in your home, particularly the bedroom, I would suggest having one feature wall. An entire room of exposed brick risks feeling cold and messy.

We Recommend

Exposed brick walls provide the perfect backdrop for a lavish and over-stated bed, so add silky textures, hand embroidery details and subtle patterns to your hearts’ content.

Hand embroidered duvet cover set

Solid geometric pillow cover

Elegant dahlia pillow cover

Are you a fan of rustic home decor? Let us know in the comments below…




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DIY Outdoor Meditation Area

Meditation retreats are the new all-inclusive cruises. In today’s fast-paced, post-modern, society, those with blessed bank accounts are switching the glossy, Las Vegas resorts for something a little more zen: the meditation retreat. It seems that the phrase vacation is finally living up to it’s unwinding definition!

Meditation is an easy and relaxing way to escape and alleviate from everyday stresses, and with one in four individuals suffering from mental health issues, it’s time that we all sat down and got our ‘ooooom’ on!

Unless you’re Bill Gates, chances are you can’t escape to a meditation retreat every time your stress levels peak. So why not create your own outdoor meditation area at home?

Whatever your level of building expertise, there’s a DIY outdoor meditation area for you to create in your own home. Time to find yours…

For The First Time DIY-er

If a hammer and a saw are your arch nemeses, this easy to create area is for you! All it takes is a whole lot of patience and some cracking decor….oh yeah, and maybe a ladder.


(Photo Source:

The wonderful thing about this meditation mecca is that it takes absolutely zero building skills! Wahoo! Let nature be your structure, and find a tall, sturdy and leafy tree in your back yard.

  1. Let’s start from the top! Take two large, plain white sheets and secure to the center-point of the tree. Take the fabric and create drapes, securing to near-by tall structures of trees to create a shaded cover.
  2. Whilst you’ve got that ladder handy, hang a string of fairy lights underneath the white sheets. I suggest you hang these i the central focal point of the drapes, as they may come in handy for meditation!
  3. Hang two dream catchers or hanging macrames at either side of your drapes, creating a welcoming ‘entry’ to your meditation area.
  4. Take three Arabian velvet table runners and layout consecutively on the ground, creating an Indian-inspired meditation mat.
  5. Dot around colorful, bohemian print cushions and enjoy!

You Will Need

3 x Arabian velvet table runners

2 x Elegant dahlia pillow covers
Black & Gold

2 x hand embroidered brocade pillow covers

2 x exotic oriental pillow covers

2 x large white sheets

2 x dream catchers/ hanging macrames

1 x string of fairylights


For The Handyman

With only one timber structure and a whole lot of prettiness, this four poster bed style retreat is ideal for anyone who has a little bit of building knowledge.


(Photo Source:

What’s more zen than a four poster bed and fresh air combined? This Meditation area is all about options, with mat-covered floor areas or a make-shift bed both ready for your relaxation techniques. The mini Buddhist shrine on the wall gives in a extra edge of spirituality too.

  1. Let’s get the hardest bit out of the way first! Create a timber four poster bed frame and secure on top of a raised area.
  2. Once secure, hang plants and lanterns from your frame to create a zen atmosphere.
  3. Take an old mattress and adorn with the hand painted floral duvet cover set. Place this under your frame and dot with colorful cushions of your choice.
  4. Decorate the lower-level ground with the hand painted floral table cloth and the hand embroidered table cloth.


You Will Need

1 x hand painted duvet cover set

2 x paisley embroidered pillow cover

1 x floral embroidered pillow cover

1 x solid geometric pillow cover

1 x hand painted floral tablecloths

1 x hand embroidered table cloth

1 x single matress

1 x wooden frame

3 x hanging lights

For The Building Guru

Up for a challenge? This curtained gazebo is what meditation dreams are made of! So get yourself a hammer, an array of wood and a builder, if needed, this one is well worth the hard slog!


(Photo Source:

Who needs to go to some swanky resort when you could have this in your backyard? It’s fabulous for outdoor entertaining as well as meditation. If you are not a pro builder, entrust your mecca in builder or a handy friend.

  1. Lay down timber boardwalk in the area you wish to have your meditation retreat.
  2. Build a gazebo on top of the boardwalk and adorn with drapey white curtains.
  3. Surround by statement shrubs and plants in stone columns.
  4. Add a stone coffee table to the center-back of your area and dot with vases of fresh flowers.
  5. Add neutral, Moroccan decor and add a few of the floral embroidered pillow cases for comfort.

You Will Need

2 x floral embroidered pillow covers

1 x high quality timber gazebo

White curtains

Timber board walk

1 x stone coffee table

1 x mini table

A variety of adornments

4 x vases of fresh flowers

Have you tried Meditation before? Let me know your techniques in the comments below…


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5 Boho Home Offices That Are #Goals

How important is your office? Sure, you may spend all day in there slogging away, but how many times to you glance up and actually absorb your surroundings? Nonetheless, hundreds of studies have all shown the same results: a bad office vibe equals a bad level of productivity. This is especially important when it comes to those of us who work from home. Whether we are full time freelancers, run our own business or are a first year University student, the distractions of the fridge and re-runs of ‘The Jerry Springer Show’ always lurk in the background like the smell of a tempting pie. In other words, procrastination is a killer. Guilty? We may have the solution…

A productive and well divided work space is key to any at-home work. It’s important to have a space set aside in your home where you can work work work without any distractions.

A dedicated work space doesn’t have to be as boring! With the boho home trend still hot on our heels, why not create a zen, organized work space that is relaxing and fast-paced in equal manner. After all, anxiety is the antithesis to productivity. Here’s 5 boho offices that are serious #LifeGoals…



(Photo Source:

Who knew that a simple, wooden work desk and a few stacked crates could create the base for something this chic? Instant wanderlust vibes are embraced with a colorful world map canvas placed above the desk. This is complimented by oh-so-boho wooden arrows and colorful, hippy-ish cushions. What better way to convince you to work than the constant need for travel money?

Boho It Up!

Adorn your work chair with our jacquard damask pillow cover and exotic oriental pillow cover for an uplifting and comfortable working day.


(Photo Source:

Could you ever imagine being stressed in this easy breezy work mecca? With so much light and greenery, this office provides all the zen of the great outdoors with the productivity of an indoor office area. The tie-dye fabric draped across the curtain pole adds an on-trend bohemian vibe, whilst leaving natural light levels at a maximum. Fluffy rugs adorn the office chair, providing comfort. But the real show-stopping element of this office is that Moroccan-print rug. Top tip: if you don’t have an ‘office’ room, section off a corner of another room by using a rug. This ensures you still have that area in which you have t be ‘switched on’.

Boho It Up!

Section off your ‘office area’ the boho way, with our exotic oriental table runner.

Let that natural sunlight inspire you and swap your heavy curtains for our paisley wool scarf



(Photo Source:

This desk crossed with shelves crossed with some sort of architectural pyramid has to be one of the best things we’ve ever seen! And if that alone wasn’t good enough, there’s even a magical ‘floating’ shelf somehow pivoted on the top. Top it off with lashings of natural-fiber boxes and hipster suitcases. Oh yeah…. and there’s even a nonchalant plant on the floor. If there was some sort of hashtag dictionary, this would appear next to #officegoals.

Boho It Up

Although I can’t give you a crazy pyramid table-shelf, I can provide you with these natural-hued place mats to add to the raw vibe of your office.



(Photo Source:

If the Aztec trend and Scandinavian minimalism had some sort of office baby together, this is what it would look like! A giant triangle-dotted wall hang provides a vibrant backdrop for this simple, yet effective, concoction of block-y, white furniture and burnished metal adornments. I adore how the entire desk is surrounded by leafy greenery. As well as giving the serene atmosphere of the outdoors, live plants act as an air purifier, so you can, quite literally, send more oxygen to your brain. Once again, the rug is used to section the ‘office area’ away from the rest of the room.

Boho It Up!

Section off your office, whilst adding uplifting color with our chic jacquard table runner. Perfect as a wall hang or as a rug!


(Photo Source:

Remember when your Grandad moaned about how people ‘used to work harder in his day’? Put that theory to the test by putting your office in a time machine and sending it back to 1955. Top raw wooden tables with retro books and a simple flower. Keep stationary and files in retro hat boxes: how shabby chic! Finally, re-purpose mesh crates as makeshift shelving and mount above your desk. I am not sure about the sofa that has seemed to have crept into the office area, it looks too comfy to be productive. Falling asleep at work is a total no-no, even if it is in your own home!

Boho It Up!

If you have to have that little bit of comfort, pop our jacquard paisley pillow cover onto your office chair instead!

Which office is your #officegoal?

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A Fashion Guide To Print Clashing

As fashions on-going obsession with everything norm-core starts to die down a little, I let out a silent ‘hallelujah!’ Although monochrome and lack of prints are inevitably stylish and chic, is it just me, or do they take a little bit of fun out of fashion?

Luckily for me, and all the other walking rainbows in the world, prints, color and everything sunshine-filled is back with a vengeance! From flirty florals, to perfect paisleys, fashions current love affair with the Seventies makes boring style totally inexcusable!

One of the more boisterous trends is pattern clashing. Done right, it can make you look like you’ve stepped out of Vogue itself. Done wrong, well… you might as well have a name tag saying ‘granny’s curtains and carpet.’ Luckily, we are all about those vibrant, boho prints here at Banarsi designs and we’re here to help! So sit back, relax and get ready to learn the A to Z of print clashing…

Florals & Stripes


(Photo Source:

Don’t know the first thing about print mixing? Florals and stripes are the perfect stepping stone for this trend. If your stripes are monochrome, treat this as you would a solid black and white piece. In short, you can mix any floral print with stripes if you rock it with confidence! Word of warning: stick with one striped piece and one floral piece and pare back with solid color pieces.

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If you’re shy about print mixing, a really easy way to rock this trend is to simply accessorize a striped top or dress with a floral scarf. If you’re stripes are monochrome, make the print the statement and opt for the tropical floral scarf.



(Photo Source:

If your striped piece is colored, ensure you stick within the same color palette to avoid unsightly clashes. This Dolce and Gabbana look (above) is a prime example.

Get The Look

Keep your florals simple and opt for a clean, rose print, such as the one on our Spring roses wool scarf.

Animal Print on Animal Print


(Photo Source:

This pattern clash is Olivia Palermo approved! The key to this one is the overused cliche ‘less is more’. Choose one larger animal print and one smaller animal print and ensure that one item is a key piece in the look (pants, top, skirt). For your second piece, ensure that it is more minimal (handbag, shoes, scarf). Bring them together by wearing solid pieces in colors that are present in both prints. Now that’s fierce!

Get The Look

This black and white mixed print scarf is a fail-safe option!

Muted 70s Tones


(Photo Source:

If you’re into this seasons bohemian trends, it’s time to mix and match! Boho prints such as ditsy florals, paisleys and folk prints are super easy to clash. After all, the wanderlust-filled, random vibe is all part of the trend! But before you go ahead and clash away, there are a few rules that come into play. Firstly, it’s important to stick to a palette that is mainly black or neutral, such as browns, beiges, creams and greys. Secondly, ensure that you are clashing one small print and one large print.

This trend is one that can be easily molded to different body shapes too. Wear the smaller print on an area you would like to make appear smaller and the larger print on an area that you would like to make appear larger. For example, if you are a pear shape (larger hips, smaller bust) balance out your shape by wearing a large print floral top with ditsy paisley print trousers or culottes.

Get The Look

The neutral tones in this floral paisley silk scarf make it super easy to clash with other boho pieces.


(Photo Source:

If you’re feeling brave, funk up a brown-toned boho print dress with prints with pops of color. Throw in embellishments too for a real gypsy vibe.

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The exotic silk scarf is perfect for adding color to your boho look.




(Photo Source:

Pretty pop art prints and punchy geometrics are made for clashing! This is one pattern that you can clash two prints of the same size. However, if you choose to do this, it’s important to stick within a set color palette.

Get The Look

This geometric print scarf is perfect to add a punch to a clashing geometric look.


Animal & Floral


(Photo Source:

It doesn’t get much more Summery than leopard print and florals! The key here is to choose a tone that appears in your leopard print and bring it out through your floral print. Black and brown leopard prints can easily be mixed with any florals that contain these tones! As always, ensure that you are mixing one large print and one small print.

Get The Look

This pure wool animal print scarf would be amazing with a smaller animal print or mixed with florals.

Which combination is your favorite? Let me know in the comments below…


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