3 Quick & Simple DIY Boho Reading Nooks


With the temperatures getting lower and lower, relaxing outside is becoming more and more uncomfortable. If you’re looking for a new area to chill out in, DIY boho reading nooks are certainly for you!

Crafted from simple materials you are likely to have lying around the house, these reading nooks were made for snuggling up on with a cup of hot cocoa and a good book.

Today, we show you how to create three different reading nooks, all with an on-trend, boho edge.

All you have to do is decide on one!

The Snug Autumnal Corner

DIY boho style reading nook with bean bag

If you have a spare corner in your home, give it a snug, Autumnal makeover! This cute nook combines luscious Fall-appropriate orange and red tones, snuggly knit fabrics and feet-warming faux fur. Lush.

How To Recreate

Place a faux fur rug on the floor about half a foot away from your chosen corner. Next, add that snug comfort with a bean bag and duvet, then cover with a knitted throw to ensure that it looks stylish. Add some bohemian printed cushions (we have used the exotic oriental pillow cover and the embroidered brocade pillow cover) for extra comfort and an on-trend edge. Finally, add an on-trend wall hang to separate your nook from the rest of the room. A stunning, bohemian table runner can make a wonderful wall hang and is incredibly versatile if you choose to redecorate.

You Will Need

The hand embroidered brocade pillow cover in beige

The exotic oriental pillow cover in golden orange.

Rustic Orange

Hand embroidered floral table runner in rustic orange.

The Comfy Cushion Concoction

diy boho reading nook using cushions

Don’t throw away your old sofa just yet, you may just be able to re-purpose those cushions!

This snug, almost closed-in, reading nook is the definition of cosy. The light blue color palette brings in Summer-y, beach-y vibes, which will uplift you when you’re suffering from the bad weather blues.

Still warm enough to chill outside? This DIY outdoor boho area may be of use before it gets far too chilly!

How To Recreate

Take several large sofa cushions and arrange into a floor style sofa. Cover up any ugly or worn sofa cushions with knitted throws. Add an element of boho luxury by layering a table runner down the center of the ‘sofa’. Compliment this with boho printed cushions and get ready to relax.

You Will Need

The chic jacquard table runner in sky blue


Jacquard paisley pillow covers


Jacquard damask pillow covers

The Re-Purposed Bed

diy boho reading nooks using beds

Your next relaxing hideaway may be in a room you barely even use: your spare bedroom! All you need to do is makeover the bed!

We recommend moving the bed to a window, that way you can watch the beautiful nature of Fall from the comfort of your own home. This is the creme-de-la-creme of DIY boho reading nooks!


How To Re-Create

Move your bed (or mattress) in front of a window. Add some colorful, boho bedding and embellish with printed table runners. Hide any unsightly bed stands by using a printed table runner and tucking under your mattress. Make it extra comfortable with a plethora of bohemian printed cushions, the more the merrier! Finally, add a further boho element by hanging a mandala-print table runner or wall hang from the center of the curtain rail.

You Will Need

The chic jacquard table runner in sky blue

Exotic oriental table runner in purple


Hand embroidered table runner in beige.


Jacquard paisley pillow covers


Jacquard damask pillow covers


The hand embroidered brocade pillow cover in beige

10 Things To Do In Your Nook

You’ve created your DIY boho nook, now it’s time to use it! Here’s 10 Fall-friendly things to do whilst relaxing in your nook

  1. Read an engrossing book or magazine. Diy boho reading nooks are perfect for getting lost in your own imagination.
  2. Watch a movie or TV series on your laptop. So much more snuggly than a sofa!
  3. Surf the net.
  4. Learn a new language. Read a vocabulary book or tune into an educational CD.
  5. Study. Students rejoice! Writing assignments just got a whole lot comfier!
  6. Color In. Coloring in is a great way to relax while embracing your inner child’s creativity.
  7. Write a book or poem. Forget the reading nook, make it the writing nook!
  8. Listen to music. DIY boho reading nooks + your fave tunes= relaxation.
  9. Write a bucket-list.
  10. Cuddle your pet. A nook is better with a furry friend!

Enjoy your new nook!

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10 Fall Wedding Ideas That Are Beyond Dreamy

With cascades of golden leaves and an abundance of berries, Fall makes the perfect fairy tale backdrop. Whether your wedding is in a months time, or you are just considering a Fall wedding, we have got the perfect inspiration for you!

From Autumnal bouquets, to quirky guestbooks, here’s 10 Fall wedding ideas that are beyond dreamy…

Pumpkin Flower Arrangements

fall wedding pumpkin flower arrangements

(Photo Source:

There’s nothing more quintessentially Fall than a pumpkin, but how exactly do you add pumpkins to your big day in a classy and stylish way? Introducing the pumpkin flower arrangement! Simply cut a pumpkin in half, scoop out the yucky insides and replace with an abundance of Fall flora.

We recommend keeping these flowery fiascos to your tables only. Walking down the aisle with a pumpkin may just look a little too corpse bride!


Burgundy and Gold Table Layouts


(Photo Source:

If you’re wedding is situated in the gray zone between Winter and Fall, it’s essential to bring in elements of both seasons when it comes to your decorations.  Combining burgundy, a typical Fall color and gold, a typical festive color, is a stunning way to do this!

We suggest beginning with a shimmery, gold table cloth and then topping with a burgundy table runner. If glitter is a bit too ‘Little Saint Nick’ for you, opt for a matte tablecloth , such as our hand embroidered rectangular table cloth. The subtle leaf embroideries on this piece make it a total winner for an Autumnal theme too!

Carry on this Fall-appropriate theme with our damask style table runner. This piece is sure to add an on-trend retro vibe to your wedding tables too!

Get The Look


A Bucket of Sparklers


(Photo Source:

Whether you celebrate Guy Fawkes night or not, sparklers are sure to add a bit of magic to your wedding reception night. Get your guests to warm up with gloves and then let them release their inner child with this lead-adorned box of sparklers.

Leaf Guestbook


(Photo Source:

A guest book has been seen a million times, so why not make your wedding memories Fall themed? This leaf-embellished wooden plaque is a fantastic idea! Simply ask guests to write a message on a leaf and you end up with a beautiful, and personal, piece of wall decor.

Get The Look

If you really want to make an Autumnal impact, present your ‘guest plaque’ on a burnished orange table runner, such as our hand painted deluxe floral table runner.

Rustic Orange

Leaf-y Place Mats


Whether you use these leaf embellished place mats or as gifts for your bridesmaids, it’s hard to deny that they are the epitome of Fall.

Use on your dining tables and dot with candles or seasonal berries. Alternatively, roll up and embellish with a bow for super cute bridesmaid’s gift.

The Perfect Fall Bouquet


(Photo source:

Your bridal bouquet is meant to be three things: feminine, beautiful and complimentary to your wedding theme. Flowers themselves have the first two points covered, but how exactly do you give a bouquet a Fall edge? Simply add some darker pink or red flowers for a seasonal appropriate look. If you really want to be unique, twigs of berries can look beautiful in a bouquet too!

An Aisle of Leaves


(Photo Source:

With a Fall wedding on the mind, it’s safe to assume that you and your partner are lovers of the outdoors. Bring the beauty of Fall nature directly to your wedding ceremony by adding lines of leaves either side of the isle. How beautiful! Best of all, it won’t cost you a cent!

Outdoor Head Table


(Photo Source:

If you’re home town is warm enough to allow it, outdoor ceremonies can really make the most of the beautiful Fall surroundings.

This covered gazebo makes the perfect throne for the bride and groom come speech time. An abundance of ivy and sprinklings of flower petals ensure it is oh-so-romantic.

Get The Look

Keep the table adornments, simple , yet classy. Begin with a round, metallic table cloth, such as our hand embroidered round table cloth. Then embellish with a white or cream toned table runner, such as our chic jacquard table runner.



A Basket of Blankets


(Photo Source:

If we said that Fall was guaranteed warm weather, we would be liars! Keep your guests warm and snug with this adorable basket of blankets. Co-ordinate the blankets to the rest of your wedding decor for the ultimate style statement.

Apple Bobbing Wedding Cake


(Photo Source:

If feminine flowers and a mini figurine of you and your partner aren’t your thing, why not go all-out crazy? This apple-bobbing cake is so much fun and will make your wedding super memorable! Just one thing: do the apples make it healthy?

Thinking of having a Fall wedding? Let us know in the comments below.



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6 Cozy Ways To Warm Up Your Home For Fall

As the leaves begin to turn golden and crisp and the air starts to chill, it’s time too warm up your home for Fall!

Although venturing outdoors may be enough to slowly turn you to an icicle, the heartwarming nature of snuggling up indoors is really what we love about fall. Get ready for hot chocolates under blankets and knitted socks among warm-toned cushions! Here’s six cozy ways to warm up your home for fall…

1. Add Autumnal Throws


(Photo Source:

You don’t have to be the Einstein of home decor to know that red and orange are Fall’s top colors. A quick and easy way to add these warming colors is to simply add throws to your existing decor set up.

Your sofas can be given a snuggly edge with the simple addition of knitted throws in an array of burnished orange and red tones. Prefer something more fancy? A decorated table runner will add that stunning fall touch to your table, sofa, or floor.

Get the Fall Look With…

Jacquard Floral Table Runner

The jacquard floral table runner reminds us of Autumnal harvests.

If you’re not a blessed with an open fire, the Arabian velvet table runner will give you that warm, fuzzy feeling.

2. Warm Toned Bedding

That oceanic blue bedding may remind you of a warm land far far away, but, due to it’s cool tones, it may leave you feeling the chill. Switch out those cool tones and opt for warm toned bedding to beat the cold!

In addition, we recommend opting for a exotically printed piece. This will give you an injection of the Indian Summer, which is sure to warm you up!

Get The Fall Look With…

Saffron Red

The ornamental embroidered duvet set comes with a side of Easter warmth. Because of this, you’ll get that warm nights sleep you crave.

3. Open Flames

There is nothing more comforting and warming than an open flame! Although you may not have a roaring fire to beat the chills, a simple candle may be all it takes to warm up your home!


(Photo Source:

Even better, use candles to make your home smell like coffee! Simply place vanilla scented candles in coffee beans and your house will smell like a Fall Starbucks special.


If the smell of caffeine sounds like your worst nightmare, why not pop your candles in Fall-themed lanterns? After all, it’s never too early for a bit of pumpkin-themed decor (or pumpkin pie, for that matter!)

Get The Fall Look With…

Love candles but worried about wax spillage? Simply pop your candle on one of our Fall-appropriate place mats.

The embroidered leaf place mats brings the beautiful fallen leaves indoors.

4. Yellow


(Photo Source:

Yellow may not scream fall, but psychologists have found that this sunny color has a warming effect. Due to it’s heat-inducing and positive qualities, yellow is a wonderful color to incorporate into your home this fall.

Due to it’s vibrancy and element school associations, yellow can be tricky to style. We recommend injecting flourishes of yellow wherever your home needs warming up. For example, a sofa can be warmed up stunningly with a chunky knit yellow throw. The bedroom feeling a little chilly? Add some burnished yellow flowers to your bedside table. Alternatively, treat yourself to a yellow wall hang. Then lie back, relax and feel the warm glow!

Get The Fall Look With…


The damask throw pillow cover will add an injection of warming sunshine to your sofa or bed.


The modern squares table cloth is what you need for a snug kitchen.

5. Cosy Cushions


(Photo Source:

Just like blankets, the softness of cushions makes us feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Opt for Fall-appropriate prints, such as leaves, for that extra Autumnal feel. In addition, red and orange cushions will make the area feel more snug and warm.

Get the Fall Look With…


The paisley embroidered pillow cover is made for Fall! Autumnal flowers and leaves remind us of the harvest season.

Warm up your home with the lovely and leafy jacquard floral pillow cover.


6. Create A Fall Tablescape


There’s nothing more snug and typically ‘Fall’ than a harvest themed tablescape. Begin with a red or orange table runner, than adorn with an array of Fall-themed goodies. Pumpkins, squashes, apples and berries all make wonderful choices. Alternatively, give your table a statement centerpiece with burnished orange flowers. Finally, add as many candles as your heart desires.

Get The Fall Look With…

Golden Orange

Warm up your home with the Saree border table runner. The beautiful combination of orange and gold is made for harvest table-scapes!

Or if you really want to make a statement, the hand embroidered 7 piece runner and place mat set is for you!

Are you ready for Fall? How are you hoping to change up your decor this season? Let us know in the comments below.

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Print Trends: New York Fashion Week S/S 2017

Print trends are coming out of fashion week faster than we can keep up with! As New York Fashion Week, the creme-de-la-creme of the sartorial world, comes to a close, we are left with a stunning glimpse of the trends that will be taking over our wardrobes next Spring/Summer.

Florals were in abundance, from Eastern European style folklore at Tory Burch, to ditsy and dainty daisies at Rebecca Taylor. All of these florals, together with artistic hippy prints and saucy stripes, proves one thing: retro is still in!

It’s undeniable that the runways have a huge effect on both our wardrobe and our home decor, and believe me when I say that there is a lot to get excited about!

To mark the end of New York Fashion Week, we show you the print trends you will be craving in your wardrobe and home decor in Spring/Summer 2017!

(All photos are sourced from

The Print Trend: Folk Florals

We have seen the shift towards bohemian prints in both fashion and interior design over the last few seasons and Spring/Summer 2017 saw this trend explode into a literal plethora of folk-y florals. Out of all the print trends, folk florals are certainly the one to watch!

tory burch print trends spring summer 2017 new york fashion week folk floralstory burch print trends spring summer 2017 new york fashion week folk florals

Tory Burch (above) was a folk fairytale! Contrasting patterns of floral and paisley were weaved together in wanderlust-inducing wrap dresses. The more feminine side of folk-law was present on asymmetric dresses, that were embellished and printed to utter perfection.

alice-olivia-folk-florals-print-trend alice-olivia-print-trend-folk-florals

Alice & Olivia‘s designs came with a side of Elizabethan elegance, with the kind of high a-line shapes and embroidered florals we would expect to see on Anne Boleyn. Pair this with cute butterflies and scalloped lace and get ready to embrace your feminine side.


If Scotch & Soda isn’t the epitome of folk, we don’t know what is! Flow-y gypsy skirts were teamed with floral embroidered waistcoats and slipper shoes. Embroidered stars screams from out-of-this-world metallics that take us back to the 60s at one glance!

Get The Look: Home Decor

Arabian velvet table runner

Floral embroidered pillow cover

Get The Look: Fashion

Paisley designs floral scarf

The Print Trend: Mod Florals

Keeping in close call with fashions retro love affair, huge punchy florals came with an air of 60s radical!


Orla Keily packed a punch with explosions of oversized posies and multi-colored daisies that echo 70s wallpaper. Add flared shapes and wooden wedges and get ready for a psychedelic time!

Get The Look: Home Decor

Jacquard floral table runner

Tropical floral place mats

The Print Trend: Stripes

Due to the timeless nature of stripes, they make an appearance every season without fail. This season, they came in a plethora of clashed ways. Stripes headed in different directions were combined to sculpt the body and create movement. Different colors were combined in close proximity and spread across garments. It’s time for the new era of the stripe.


Whistles combined different colored stripes to create statement ‘super stripes’. Add fringing and interesting textures and here you have evidence that stripes are anything but boring!

alice-olivia-spring-summer-2017 alice-olivia-stripes

Alice & Olivia cleverly combined horizontal and vertical stripes to slim, or add volume to the body. The result? Interesting, feminine shapes. The striped hair scarves look like they were created for cruise season!


Zimmerman gave us the most girly stripes we’ve possibly ever seen! Combined with frills pinned diagonally across garments, the prints were used to create movement and dimension.

Get The Look: Home Decor

Sophisticated two tone placemat


Solid geometric pillow cover

Get The Look: Fashion

Striped print scarf

The Print Trend: Hippy Art

This is Warhol’s kind of fashion. Swirls of mod-esque color and paintbox patterns make hippy art a total prints trend to watch! If it looks like a psychedelic rainbow or wave, you’re on the right track!

red-valentino-2017-spring-summer red-valentino-spring-summer-2017

Red Valentino was all kinds of oceanic swirls and vibrant rainbows. Waves of color were clashed with sheer fabrics, leather and suede. How cute is that handbag? It’s like a mini ode to nature!

trina-turke-new-york-fashion-week-2017 trina-turke-spring-summer-2017

Trina Turke was a spectrum of vibrancy! Multi-colored CD prints came with an air of late 80s funk, whilst rainbow halter necks combined the best of all decades in one crazy piece!

Get The Look: Home Decor

Exotic oriental table runner

Get The Look: Fashion


Geometric print scarf

The Print Trend: Ditsy Florals

Ditsy florals were accompanied by a beautiful romance of dainty ruffles, pleats and frills. This is the most innocent and demure of all this seasons’ print trends.

rebecca-taylor-spring-summer-2017-florals rebecca-taylor-spring-summer-2017

Rebecca Taylor presented a ditsy floral dress for every kind of girl. The tomboy can embrace florals by baby steps in sporty, shirt dresses. On the other hand, the romantics at heart can live their dreams in enough frills and florals to put Laura Ashley to shame.


3.1 Phillip Lim, on the other hand, mixed elements of ditsy florals with solid-toned chiffon and yoke blouses. Cute as a button!

Get The Look: Home Decor

Hand embroidered 7 piece duvet cover set


Floral embroidered place mats

Get The Look: Fashion

Tropical floral scarf

The Print Trend: Animal Print

karen-walker-2017-animal-print karen-walker-spring-summer-2017

Karen Walker made a roar with striking leopard prints, which were ruffled and silky. This is animal print that you can totally wear to the office!

Get The Look: Fashion

Pure wool animal print scarf

Which of this season’s print trends is your favorite?




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7 Reasons We LOVE Decorating Our Homes With Boho Decor

If you’re a regular reader of this blog, you will know that boho decor and Banarsi designs go together like salt and pepper. If you’re yet to get on the boho decor bandwagon, I suggest you hop on there with dreams of exotic prints, paisley and everything hippy.

Get ready, as you’re about to seriously fall in love with bohemian decor! Here’s seven reasons why we are obsessed with boho decor.

1. Boho Decor Represents A Nomadic Lifestyle

If you dream of backpacking the world and getting lost in nature, boho decor is a perfect reflection of who you are. This is because boho prints became popular in the 60s an 70s when travelers brought them back from India and the Far East.  Whether you have traveled the world, or simply dream of doing so, bohemian decor will bring that nomadic lifestyle into your home.

nomadic boho decor with world map and morrocan prints

(Photo Source:

This decor is about as nomadic as you can get! Moroccan printed cushions and throws sizzle in an array of warm oranges and reds, whilst the world map mural is the epitome of wanderlust. Recreate this stunning living room by topping your sofa with our floral embroidered pillow cover and ornamental embroidered pillow cover. Top your sofa with our Arabian Velvet Table Runner.

2. It’s Uplifting

Consider how you feel when you walk into a clinically styled doctors surgery. Chances are, it makes you feel worse rather than better. There is something incredibly uplifting about boho decor. In among the rainbow of colors and punchy prints lies positive vibes. Due to this reason, it’s unsurprising that many spas and massage parlors choose to decorate in a bohemian style.


This boho pool area is what dreams are made of! Recreate the muted and relaxing tones with our exotic oriental pillow cover and solid geometric pillow cover.


3. There Are No Rules

The best thing about boho decor is that there absolutely no rules! No color palettes, no texture limits, nothing! So if you love a plethora of prints, a bucketful of textures and just about everything under the sun, a boho themed home gives you the excuse to get away with it! As a matter of fact, more is often merrier when it comes to bohemian. So feel free to chuck absolutely everything up on your walls and rejoice in the random, yet stylish look.


When I created my DIY boho outdoor area, I mixed and clashed as many prints as my heart desired.

4. It’s Creative & Artistic

By definition of the Oxford dictionary, the term ‘bohemian’ refers to ‘a person, as an artist or writer, who lives and acts free of regard for conventional rules and practice.’ (Source: The artistic nature of boho undeniably translates into boho home decor. Exotic, detailed prints are indeed works of art themselves, and, when styled well, can act as an inspirational creative space.

The artistic and unconventional aspects of boho decor are also present in the way the pieces are made or purchased. Boho homes often incorporate pieces that are vintage, hand made, from overseas and from flea markets.

5. It’s SO On Trend

Due to fashion’s revival of everything Seventies over the last few seasons, boho decor is huge! So if you’re looking for a cheap and easy way to make your home more stylish, bohemian is one hundred percent the way to go!

6. It Makes Everyday Feel Like Summer

Fall may be coming faster than a freight train, but that doesn’t mean that our homes have to feel dull and cold.  With boho decor, it’s Summer all year round. Be whisked away to the Greek islands with beautiful Mediterranean prints in an abundance of white and snorkel blue. Or feel the heat of India with saree prints, stunning embroidery and beautiful embellishments. In short, boho decor gives you the flight to the place that you can’t afford to visit!


(Photo Source:

Bring the sunshine of Santorini to your living room with printed blue and white cushions. We recommend the jacquard paisley pillow cover and the solid geometric pillow cover. Add the oriental blossom table runner for a beautifully oceanic effect.

BlueOcean Blue

Or opt for a warming, Indian bedroom with an array of red and fuchsia silks.


(Photo Source:

To recreate this look, turn up the heat with the hand embroidered duvet cover set. Embellish with the paisley leaf and exotic oriental pillow covers.

7. It Takes Us Back To The ‘Peace’ Era

Boho and hippy style decor has a comforting nostalgic effect. Just a few paisley prints and earthy browns is all it takes to be transported to the peaceful era of the 1970s. We live in a post-modern, turbo speed world, full of terrorism, mental illness and environmental damage. Boho decor takes us back to a less scary time in the world.


(Photo Source:

This genuine 1970s decor captures the ‘free spirit’ of the era to perfection! Get that hippy effect with pops of red and orange tones. The jacquard floral table runner is super 70s!

Jacquard Floral Table Runner

What do you love about boho? Let me know in the comments below…



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