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How To Make Your Kitchen Colors POP!

Your kitchen is the central area of your home, where family and friends gather and delicious meals are served. You’ll definitely want to be sure that your kitchen reflects your own style and personality with gorgeous colors and the right accessories. Making your kitchen the hub of your home is as easy as finding the right color scheme to make your kitchen instantly noticeable. Here’s how to make your kitchen colors POP!

Paint Your Pantry Door a Fun Color

(Photo Credits: Willow Hill Farm Girl)

Make your pantry door stand out and add a pop of color to your kitchen by painting it a unique color that stands out from the colors used in the rest of your kitchen. Go bold with a bright hue, or choose something more subtle like the photo above that still highlights that area of the room.

Opt for Darker Cabinets

(Photo Credits: Remodelaholic)

Dark cabinets are a great way to make a kitchen look bold, polished and modern. Turn white or even wood cabinets into something spectacular with a coat of deep espresso paint, and replace old, outdated hardware with something more sleek and modern.

Go Orange

(Photo Credits: Decor Pad, Banarsi Designs)

Tuscan orange is a super hot and trendy color right now for kitchens, and can be used to make your kitchen feel bright and inviting. Avoid overwhelming your kitchen with orange by painting only an accent wall and incorporating pops of color with orange kitchen towels, rugs and a bold decorative tablecloth or vibrant placemats and napkins.

Paint Your Island

Your kitchen island is the center of the area, where everyone gathers to make meals, snack and chat. Make your island stand out from the rest of your kitchen cabinetry by painting it a bold, coordinating color. While you want to keep the focus on your kitchen island by avoiding the use of that same color on the rest of the walls, you can add splashes of it around the rest of your kitchen through the use of appliances or other countertop items.

A kitchen is the go-to place in every home, and deserves to be the center of attention. Make your kitchen colors pop by utilizing bright colors, unique tablecloths, placemats, table runners, and other kitchen accessories. Your family and friends will enjoy gathering in a warm, inviting and comfortable place and will notice your attention to detail.

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5 Cool Ideas For an Elegant “Frozen” Theme Party

Disney’s “Frozen” is ultra-hot right now, and millions of Elsa-themed birthday and holiday parties are being planned at this very moment. Hosting a Frozen inspired get together is a chic way to kick off the winter season. However, even if kiddie stuff isn’t your thing, you can still enjoy a Frozen get-together in an elegant way.

Here are 5 super cool ideas for a chic Frozen themed party.

1. Choose the Right Color Scheme

(Photo Credits: Catch My Party)

There are a few different color schemes that are associated with the Frozen movie: blue and purple, and blue and white. Blue (Elsa) and purple (Anna) are an excellent choice for a kids’ party, while a blue and white color scheme captures more of Elsa’s sophisticated elegance. Dress up your party area by using icy white and a soft, wintery blue for the ultimate impact.

2. Set Up a Candy Station

(Photo Credits: Catch My Party)

Just because you’re an adult doesn’t mean you can’t “stuff some chocolate in your face.” A sweet Elsa-themed candy table is easy to achieve with glass apothecary jars or vases, marshmallows, blue peppermints and Sixlets in coordinating colors.

3. Put Up Some Ingenious Decorations

(Photo Credits:

You don’t have to spend a ton of money to transform your party space into a winter wonderland. The cool look above was achieved by simply threading different size cotton balls on a fishing line and suspending them from the ceiling. How neat is that?!

4. Choose an Elegant Tablecloth or a Table Runner

You’ll for sure need a tablecloth, table runner, or elegant placemats whether you’re setting up a candy table or having a stately meal with your guests. Choose a decorative table linen that is befitting of an ice queen, with hand embroidered details.

5. Serve Themed Treats

(Photo Credits:

Princess cupcakes may be a great choice for a child’s party, but your elegant Frozen themed party needs something more refined and stylish. Great ideas for an adult winter wonderland party include a blueberry and marshmallow frozen punch, white chocolate covered pretzels, and salty-sweet popcorn balls.

Hosting a Frozen themed party for adults in the winter can be a great way to capture the meaningful essence of the movie in a dignified, polished way. Your guests will love your attention to detail, and with the right decor and food, they’ll be instantly transported to the magical land of Arendelle. When coming up with your own ideas for an Elsa themed party, remember to use your imagination!

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Does Your Thanksgiving Get-Together Have These 8 Things?

Planning a Thanksgiving get-together that goes smoothly can seem downright impossible, especially if you’ll be cooking for several guests. However, there are several things that can not only make hosting easier, but will also make the dinner more enjoyable for your guests. Make sure your Thanksgiving party has these 8 essentials.

1. Helping Hands

If you’re cooking for a lot of people, don’t turn down offers for help. It will free you up to focus more on the big ticket items, like the turkey. Let someone else bring the pie, or the mashed potatoes.

2. Wine

(Photo Credits: Williams Sonoma)

Wine for the cook, wine for the guests. And more wine for the cook! Stock up on several bottles of your favorite wine before the big day so you don’t run out.

3. Appetizers

Your Thanksgiving get-together will quickly turn into a bust if guests are hungry and dinner isn’t ready yet. Put out appetizers as soon as people start arriving and let them nosh and chat while you put the finishing touches on the turkey.

4. A Cooking Timeline

A few days before cooking day, make a timeline of what needs to go in when. Following the timeline will make your day go much more smoothly and will get dinner done on time.

5. Tried and True Recipes

Don’t bother fooling around with more than a couple new recipes. Stick to what you know how to cook, and what you know will be delicious and enjoyed by all.

6. A Killer Table Setting

A beautiful table setting with a decorative tablecloth or a table runner, and specialty dinnerware is a must for this meal. Set the table the night before to give yourself time on cooking day to focus solely on making the meal.

7. A Meat Thermometer

Nothing ruins a Thanksgiving dinner more than an undone bird. Don’t rely on the pop-up timer that comes on your turkey — instead, use a high quality meat thermometer and make sure the temperature reaches 165 degrees before serving.

8. Favors For Your Guests

(Photo Credits: Etsy)

Give your guests a small token of your appreciation for coming to your get-together by sending them home with a small favor. A gourmet candy bar or a decorated wine glass make great gifts.

Hosting a Thanksgiving dinner can be stressful, but the rewards are plenty. Remember to have fun and take lots of pictures as mementos for the evening!

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6 Hot Thanksgiving Table Trends

This year, everyone is going to be looking at your Thanksgiving table. It will be the subject of many pictures and Facebook posts, so you want to be sure it looks as good as your food is delicious. Here are 6 super hot Thanksgiving table trends that will set your table apart from the rest.

Pumpkin Flower Pot

(Photo Credits: Southern Piphi)

Instead of setting your flower centerpieces in a boring vase this year, empty out a pumpkin and let it act as as a flower pot. Simply remove the top and scrape out the insides as though you were carving a jack-o-lantern, and then fill the inside with water. Surprisingly, your pumpkin flower pot will last for a week or more.

Bread Cornucopia

(Photo Credits: Taste of Home)

If you don’t want to waste space on a centerpiece, turn your food into a gorgeous looking centerpiece instead! A bread cornucopia is easy to make using pre-made refrigerated breadstick dough and a foil form. Simply wrap the dough around the form and bake. Let cool, and fill with vegetables, cheeses and other foods of your choice. Never did a Thanksgiving table centerpiece look so good and taste so delicious!

Luxury Tablecloths

(Photo Credits: Banarsi Designs)

While it may not make sense to have a luxurious tablecloth on your table for the kids’ mac & cheese night, dressing up your table for Thanksgiving is all part of the fun and can give your table a great new look. Choose an elegant decorative tablecloth that works with your Thanksgiving decor, and gives your table a sense of warm comfort and sophisticated dining.

Mason Jar Drinking Glasses

(Photo Credits:

Forget champagne or wine glasses. Get creative with Mason jars and use them to hold beverages for your guests. Tie a ribbon around the jar that coordinates with your table linens for a seamless, pulled together look.

Herb Napkin Rings

(Photo Credits: Media Cache Eco)

Give your Thanksgiving table a fresh, woodsy scent with simple rosemary napkin rings. Simply tie fresh sprigs of rosemary around your folded napkins with twine. The herbs can also double as a seasoning for your guests’ dinners!

Easy Tie Silverware

(Photo Credits: Crafty Texas Girls)

Punch up the look of your Thanksgiving table settings by quickly tying a coordinating ribbon around each set of silverware. This will give your table a casual yet sleek look that your family and friends will love.

No matter what you choose to do with your Thanksgiving table, if you use your creativity and stick to modern trends, you’ll do nothing short of impressing your guests!

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5 Ways to Transition Your Fall Home Decor Into Winter

Transitioning your home decor from fall to winter doesn’t have to be difficult. By using basic elements like apothecary jars, manzanita branches and burlap wreaths, you can change your home’s seasonal decor from autumn to winter easily. Check out these fast and easy tips!

Swap Out Items In Your Filled Jars

(Photo Credits: Styleburb,

Decorating your home with apothecary jars makes transitioning your decor super simple. Pinecones work well for both fall and winter, and you can swap autumn leaves and pumpkins for holiday ornaments in just a few minutes!

Change Your Pillow Covers

Update your living room decor easily by changing out your pillow covers. Choose a color that works for both autumn and winter — like gold — and then pair that pillow with colors for each season. Gold, orange and brown are lovely colors for fall, and the gold can be accented with white and red for the holiday season.

Update Ornaments on Manzanita Branches

(Photo Credits: Free Home Decorating IdeasChoose To Thrive)

Manzanita branches lend themselves exceptionally well to decorating, because the same centerpiece itself can be used from season to season. To change your home’s decor theme from autumn to winter, simply replace autumn ornaments on your branches with holiday or winter themed ornaments. A big, color coordinating bow will provide the perfect finishing touch.

Switch Up Your Burlap Wreath

(Photo Credits:

Burlap is trending right now, and there are so many things you can do with a basic burlap wreath. Attach autumn flowers, berries and bows to your burlap wreath to display a festive fall look, and then simply remove them and attach winter themed picks and poinsettias for a fast and easy transition to winter decor.

Exchange Your Tablecloth

Exchanging your tablecloth is one of the simplest, fastest and most noticeable ways to update the color scheme in your home. Select a bold and luxurious tablecloth that works with the color scheme you’ve chosen for the season and watch your home’s decor instantly come together.

When you decorate smartly, there’s truly no need to entirely redo your home’s decor with each season. A few simple changes can help you take your autumn decor seamlessly into winter with minimal time and effort.

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5 Tips For the Perfect Thanksgiving Meal

Thanksgiving is on its way, and so is the meal that everyone is looking forward to. If you’re hosting Thanksgiving this year, you’re searching hard for ways to make this year’s meal absolutely unforgettable. Check these five easy items off your list for the perfect Thanksgiving dinner.

Tip #1. Use a Turkey Bag

Forget opening up the oven and basting your turkey every hour. Shave hours off your bird’s cooking time by popping it in a special poultry bag, putting it in the oven, and forgetting about it until the timer goes off. Voila! Juicy, perfectly cooked turkey every time.

Turkey Poultry Bag

Tip #2. Make Refrigerated Items Ahead of Time

The last thing you want to be doing on Thanksgiving Day is running around the kitchen like a chicken with your head cut off. Cut your meal prep down significantly by making refrigerated items like dips or pies the day before. Or, make most of your meal the day before and throw it in the oven for thirty minutes on the day of the dinner to heat back up.

Tip #3.  Serve Appetizers

Having a bunch of hungry, cranky guests in your home waiting to eat can make Thanksgiving less than stellar. Keep appetizers out on the table for guests to nosh on while you put the last few finishing touches on your meal.

Tip #4. Don’t Be Afraid to Get Pre-Made Items

The less time you spend in the kitchen up to your elbows in food prep, the more time you get to enjoy spending with your family and friends. Don’t be afraid to buy a few pre-made items, like rolls or side items. Or, consider having your Thanksgiving catered by a nearby restaurant or order a holiday meal package from a deli and enjoy relaxing all day!

Tip #5.  Set Your Table Beautifully

Photos will be abound of your Thanksgiving spread, and how you present the meal is a big part of what makes it memorable for you and your loved ones. Set your table with a unique luxury tablecloth, and bring out your best china for the occasion. Banarsi designs features one-of-a-kind holiday tablecloths and table runners that make the perfect backdrop for a delectable feast.

Luxury Tablecloths

Although planning and prepping a Thanksgiving meal can be stressful, remember the purpose of the season and be thankful for the opportunity to break bread with your family and friends. A gorgeous table, delicious food and a friendly atmosphere is sure to make this Thanksgiving meal memorable.

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Give Your Tables a Run for Their Money: Tips to Getting More Creative with Table Runners

(Photo Credit: Banarsi Designs)

Imagine your favorite shirt or dress. What makes it your favorite? Is it the fabric, cut, or texture? Or is it the fact that that particular article of clothing is versatile enough to be dressed up or down for different occasions? You may find yourself wanting to agree to all the questions posed, which is completely fine! Likewise, when it comes to decorative table linens, you want to be able to use them in a variety of ways that will compliment virtually any occasion that you can dream up. Table runners don’t have to be limited to just your dining room table. So today, we want to inspire you to start thinking of some new and out-of-the-box ways to use table runners!

Housewarming Gifts

(Photo Credits: Banarsi Designs)

Finding out that your friends have just purchased a new home or became new homeowners is most certainly something to celebrate. If you find that you have been invited to their housewarming but not quite sure what would be a purposeful gift, an elegant hand-painted table runner would be the perfect touch. For housewarming gifts, it’s best to give items that will be beneficial to the general upkeep of the house, but we also believe that it’s even more beneficial to include gifts that will spruce up the decorative aspects of their home as well. After all, everyone secretly wants their home to resemble a page out of Better Homes and Gardens!

Make Your Dining Room Table Jealous

(Photo Credits: Russet Street Reno, West Elm, & Banarsi Designs)

There are other furniture items in house that may need a little extra loving. Sometimes you need to take a quick survey of what other décor could be boosted throughout your lovely abode. Maybe you have some furniture that seems a little bland but you decided to look past that because you know you won’t be able to find a piece like that anywhere else. Or perhaps that bland furniture fits perfectly with the layout of your room and switching it out for something else may completely kill the flow. Whatever the case may be within your reasoning of keeping plain furniture, you can always keep it right where it is and add a little something to it that will transform the entire room or area! Livening up your living room or even bedroom with luxurious table runners for dressers, bookcases, coffee tables and the like will create great contrast with an exciting burst of culture!

Out with the Old, In with the New..DIY!

(Photo Credits: Oh Joy! Blog, Fab You Bliss, & Meant 4 A Moment)

Are you itching to take matters into your own hands? If you have some cool fabric and other random décor items laying around your house that could serve a much better purpose in your home, why not start brainstorming ideas to craft together your very own designer table runner? Not only will you be creating your own custom design straight from your own creative prowess that can potentially turn into designs used for social events, but you will also be reducing the amount of dust accumulation in your home from unused (and sometimes forgotten) knick-knacks. How’s that for a good spring cleaning?

Whichever directions you are thinking about going in, remember to always find keep it fresh and interesting!

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Home Décor Gift Ideas for Any Occasion!

(Photo Credit: Oprah

Just like events, gift-giving is a very abundant part of life that will never fade. As a matter of fact, they go hand in hand! Picking out a gift for someone and sharing it with them is the best symbol of your token of appreciation. You may have probably figured out by now that gift-giving can be quite the skill to attain if you find yourself invited to many events and milestones. It’s not as simple as you may think! Big chain businesses make a ton of money on mass producing typical gifts that they expect consumers to buy for numerous occasions, which results in gift-giving becoming a little generic. Why not focus on beautifying their home for a change? After all, home is where the heart is. Today, we want to give you some gift ideas that will set you apart from the rest!

Company Parties

(Photo Credit: Mix Ultra Lounge & Banarsi Designs

If you are in the corporate world, you are aware that you spend most of your day with your coworkers and colleagues. Add that up and you’re spending a significant amount of hours per week with them throughout the entire year. When you’ve been at a job for a good amount of time, it’s only natural that you become comfortable and form relationships with the team you got hired into. A good job usually has corporate events that are designed to strengthen the relationships between workers in order to accomplish the common goal. Events like Employee Appreciation Day, award ceremonies, and holiday parties are among the most popular. If you’re tired of the meager selections you‘re forced to choose from at regular stores, try checking out some hand-painted placemat sets! People generally enjoy gifts that will provide great function, multiple uses and long-lasting protection against wear and tear. Giving your fellow colleague the gift of a deluxe placemat set will make them cherish it even more!


(Photo Credits: Happy Wedding Anniversary & Banarsi Designs)

Admit it. The celebration of the day you officially united with your significant other is just as important as the actual day! If this wasn’t the case, you wouldn’t find yourself sweating and making sure you remember to get something extra special to commemorate. As the years that you’ve been together start accumulating, you want to make sure that you keep things fresh and lively. Husbands, the regular flower arrangement gift may be getting a little stale. Wives, his watch collection is probably overflowing by now. Try surprising each other with something different by considering an embroidered 7-piece duvet cover set with a matching 5-piece placemat set to accompany it. These sets are sure to add some much needed zest into your bedroom!

Birthday Parties

(Photo Credits: New Party Ideas & Banarsi Designs)  

We saved the best for last! Birthday parties provide the ultimate opportunity for unique gift-giving. You are helping to ring in another year of life with your loved ones. With all that goes on in the world, this is definitely something to celebrate! Birthday parties are one of the most popular events known to be completely customizable according to the individual’s creativity. That means that they can go all out! You can go all out with your gifts as will, but again, you want to think about functionality when it comes to giving something of value. No one wants a ton of stuff that they really have no purpose for but to collect dust and take up space. The simplest things can really help transform even the smallest of spaces. Initially, it may sound crazy to give your tissue box a makeover, but you’d be surprised in what can create eyesores in the overall look of a room. Choosing a decorative tissue box cover as a gift to give is a great way to show genuine care for the décor of their home.

Gift giving really doesn’t have to be all that difficult. Putting a little more thought into what you give really makes a difference in the way your gift is cherished. Before you go, here’s a little insider. If you’re looking for more gift idea examples, click here!

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Do You Know How to Make Up Your Bed?

(Photo Credit: Banarsi Designs)

That may sound like an elementary question but what makes up a great bedroom space is its main feature: the bed. At the very beginning of the day, you are probably used to jumping out of bed and throwing a waterfall of clothes and other trinkets on it as you rush around to get ready for work. There’s a good possibility that you didn’t think to make up your bed and probably didn’t have time to think ahead to the end of the day where you become a bit irritated with what resembles a tornado. All you wanted to do was collapse and melt into your bed after a grueling day of work, right? Now if you’re a person who had very anal parents that were adamant about an immaculate bed, this one is for you. Do you have times where you do make up your bed often, but you still feel like something is missing to complete the daily experience? Do you constantly walk into your room not feeling the way you should feel when rest is needed? You may want to go with your gut feeling on this one, then. If you’re tired of not getting the best comfort and relaxation from your bed, it may be due to the fact that you aren’t utilizing its features to its greatest potential. Let us help you remedy that!

Where Is Your Bed?

(Photo Credit: Black Turtle Feng Shui)

Remember that little thing called Feng Shui that we talked about in an earlier post? Yes, the concept has come back to visit us once again! One of the reasons why you may not feel particularly comfortable in your own bed is because the placement of it may be slightly off. The art of Feng Shui basically teaches us that every part of a room should flow seamlessly with the natural life force energy that is around us day in and day out. Any disruption in that natural flow will result in a blockage that can affect you in different ways. Now who finds joy in having a bedroom but not being able to sleep in it properly because it’s not aligned right? Yea, we don’t know of anyone either.

Pillow Placement

(Photo Credits: Flickr & Banarsi Designs)
Pillows will always be near and dear to our hearts. However, too much of anything can turn into a bad thing really quickly! The amount of pillows on your bed can affect your feelings of comfort big time! If you have too little, you’re not really getting the support you need for those nights that you unconsciously find yourself sprawled out like a frog. Too many pillows can make your bed feel a lot smaller and confined. And bland, lifeless pillows might as well not even be there. Arranging your pillows the right way, which usually encourages lining up pillows from biggest to smallest, not only maximizes space on your bed, but it also allows for all your decorative pillow designs to be seen. Speaking of pillows, it’s always good to have ones that make a statement. Our accent pillow cover selection is extensive enough for you to play around with different colors and textures.

Attack of the Comforter!

(Photo Credits: The Raw Project & Banarsi Designs)

Another reason why you may not be feeling comfy in your bedroom may be due to the fact that your bed is a little too comfy. Your comforter or duvet may be made of some of the plushiest fabrics on the planet, but you may find yourself getting swallowed up by it more times than you care to admit. Not to mention, you have probably pressed the snooze button and been late to work more times than you can count. It shouldn’t feel like quicksand every time you fall into (or out) of your bed and you shouldn’t feel like you’re wrestling Sasquatch trying to tame it when needed. Ditch the bulky fabric and opt for something a little lighter. Our 7-piece duvet cover sets allow for you to completely revamp your bed and start from scratch. Aren’t you lucky you found us?

Of all the rooms in your home, you should feel the most peaceful in your own bedroom. All stress should left at the door. You can now say with confidence that all your bed-making woes are no more! With just a few adjustments, you’re well on your way to an oasis of pure slumber!

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How to Spruce Up Your Event Décor

Event Decor
(Photo Credit: Banarsi Designs)

Home décor is always taken to the next level when there are guests involved! Designing décor that suits your own personal style is from the perspective of mainly you. However, designing your décor in order to accommodate and suit other people with different tastes and styles can be a little more challenging. If you are the type of person who loves to host numerous social gatherings at your home, I’m pretty sure this is like music to your ears! With event décor, you are going for a more overall approach with the way you present your home to your guests. Today, we’re going to highlight a few ideas for the most common events that you may find yourself preparing for.

Precious Moments: Baby Showers

(Photo Credits: The Ladybugs Picnic & Banarsi Designs)

There’s no doubt about it. New bundles of joy are always coming into the world! Baby showers give family and friends the opportunity to celebrate the arrival of a little bun in the oven. It’s also a way to help support the parents-to-be as they prepare for one of the most important days of their lives. Creating an atmosphere of love and support really helps to amplify the good vibes and wishes needed. And as the host of this beautiful event, it’s important that you can deliver that. Tablecloths have a knack for not only setting the tone of the décor, but also keeping the balance between all the other elements. Choosing tablecloths that feature beautiful and subtle designs will really add onto the youthful bliss circulating in the room. Whether it be for boy or girl, our embroidered tablecloths in Pink and Blue will really add a chic element to the next baby shower you are honored to host.

An Exquisite Evening for Cocktails!

Cocktail Party
(Photo Credits: Banarsi Designs)

Let’s switch it up and get a little grown and sexy for a minute! The summertime is perfect for those nights where you want to throw a little get-together for your closest friends to celebrate relocating, new jobs, a visit into town or just as a well overdue pick-me-up from a rough week. Whatever the case may be, a cocktail party will never be an outdated venture. One way to make your cocktail parties more engaging is to have a wine glass painting session prior to the delicious concoctions you have planned to serve. This would promote great bonding with your friends while also providing a timeless keepsake as a reminder of great memories and laughter. With newly painted wine glasses, why not already have a placemat set in place to complement those newfound art skills? Our hand-painted placemat sets in various colors would definitely complete the classy look you’re going for.

New Beginnings: Housewarming

Home Sweet Home
(Photo Credits: B Lovely Events & Banarsi Designs

Are you hosting an event that is also honoring your accomplishments as well? Housewarmings are a way to reconnect with family and loved ones while you embark on the journey of being a first-time homeowner. This is also a milestone in life that is well worth the celebration! Being that this kind of gathering will be one you host and participate in, you have a little more autonomy over how you prefer the style of the event décor. Additionally, a housewarming event includes a little tour of the new home. While your guests are admiring your many rooms, why not give them a little something to remember? Incorporating our hand-painted and hand-embroidered accent pillow covers would be a great addition to your living room, guest rooms and bedrooms.

Although there are a plethora of events to explore, we thought to leave you with this teaser in order to really get your creative juices flowing. If you don’t see any of your exact events listed, you can always use this as inspiration to build off of to save you a little time!

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