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3 Upscale & Unexpected Holiday Dinner Themes

Hosting a holiday dinner can be a lot of fun, but how do you make sure your meal is memorable for your guests? Instead of serving traditional holiday foods like turkey and pie or decorating according to the season, try adopting a holiday dinner theme that is both upscale and unexpected.

Here are three fun themes to choose from for your holiday dinner this year.

1. Wine & Hors D’Oeuvres Party

(Photo Credits: Blovely Events)

Many people have more than one holiday gathering in a single season, and if everyone is serving ham and mashed potatoes, it’s easy for guests to get sick of the same type of food, and eating in general. Instead of serving a heavy meal, have a wine and hors d’oeuvres party that celebrates the season in a unique and different way.

2. Indian Dinner Theme

(Photo Credits: Komalinunna)

An Indian dinner during the holidays can be a refreshing departure from tradition, or a way to create your own tradition. Pair colorful table linens (such as our unique table runners) and simple table decorations with delectable Indian fare that includes favorites like naan, biryani and tandoori chicken. Your guests will love your attention to detail, and they’ll enjoy experiencing a holiday dinner that treats them to delicacies and decor from far off lands.

3. The Great Gatsby/Roaring 20’s

(Photo Credits: Style Me Pretty)

If you’re looking for a theme that is completely different from anything you’ve done before, opt for a timeless classic that oozes upscale perfection for your holiday dinner party. Stay close to the book and/or movie, or simply host a roaring 20’s party that encompasses all the food, decor and activities from the elegant era. Add a super cool and unexpected twist by playing a murder mystery game, or playing 20’s style music on low throughout the party.

Stepping outside the box for a holiday party can be a little nerve wracking at first, especially for those who have been ingrained with holiday tradition. However, the holidays are about spending time with your family and friends, and creating an atmosphere and a meal that they won’t soon forget. This year, opt to do your holiday party a little different and use your imagination to create a fun wine themed party, an Indian themed party or a roaring 20’s dinner. Let your creativity go wild!

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Posh Gift Ideas for the Hard-to-Gift Person In Your Life

Everyone has at least one person in their family or circle of friends that is notoriously difficult to buy for. Whether it’s because they already have everything they could ever want, or you’re just not sure what they’re into, shopping for a hard-to-gift person can quickly dampen your holiday spirit. Here are 5 posh gift ideas for that one person on everyone’s gift list.

1. A Special Glass For Their Favorite Drink

(Photo Credits: Something Turquoise)

You can’t go wrong by creating a special glass for their favorite drink, complete with a mini bottle of liquor and any other ingredients that are needed. You know for sure that at least the ingredients will be used and enjoyed! Make the glass ultra personalized by painting their name on the outside with glass paint.

2. Photo Pillow

(Photo Credits:

Copy their favorite pictures from Instagram or Facebook and have them made into a throw pillow for their sofa, bed or reading nook. Even the most difficult person to shop for will love this ultra-personalized gift.

3. Luxury Tablecloths

(Photo Credits: Banarsi Designs)

For the sophisticated person on your list that appreciates elegance and loves to entertain, get a luxurious tablecloth that can’t be found in stores. An Indian themed tablecloth with hand beading is the perfect, unexpected gift for the style conscious individual.

4. Bath & Body Gifts

Bath and body gifts are always in style for women, because they will undoubtedly be used at some point in time. Stock up when there’s a sale at your favorite bath and body store, or craft DIY bath salts or sugar scrubs that have a super personalized touch.

5. Ultra Useful & Unique Gifts

(Photo Credits: Buzzfeed)

Even the person who has everything probably doesn’t have something uber useful and cool like a portable humidifier that fits onto a bottle of water, or a transparent book weight. Gift something that is so neat and practical that you would almost rather keep it for yourself!

By thinking outside the box when it comes to getting gifts for the hard-to-shop-for person on your list, you can be confident that you’re gifting them something unique, personalized or something they don’t already have. Take note of what they get this year, so you can getting them any duplicate gifts next year.

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3 Unique Ways to Use a Tablecloth

You’ve fallen in love with a tablecloth, but there’s only one problem: you don’t want to put it on your table. Not to worry! There are actually lots of different things that you can do with a tablecloth that you love. Here are several fun and creative things you can do with a tablecloth that don’t involve using it on your table!

Use It As a Tree Skirt

When the holidays roll around, it’s time to break out the tree and other holiday decorations. While there are many different tree skirts that are designed specifically to go around the bottom of a tree, they may not be right for your decor. Use a tablecloth that you love instead by simply draping it around the base of your tree in a circle, and clothespinning it in the back.

Here are a couple of our beautiful hand painted round tablecloths that can be used for a base of your Christmas tree:

(Photo Credits: Banarsi Designs)

Create No-Sew Tablecloth Curtains

If you have a tablecloth that you absolutely adore, you can hang it as a curtain in a prominent area of your home to enjoy all year long. All you need is a gorgeous tablecloth, traditional curtain hardware, and special curtain clips. These curtain clips have the same concept as shower curtain rings, but clip onto the fabric so as not to damage it in any way. Putting up a tablecloth as a curtain takes just minutes using these tools.

(Photo Credits: Anderson Grant)

Put a Table Runner At the End of a Bed

Add an extra pop of color to a bedroom by draping a bold, bright table runner across the end of the bed. It takes literally no time at all and can punch up the decor in a guest room or your bedroom for a special event, or for every day. Purchase a luxurious matching table runner and pillow cover set to really tie the color scheme of the room together.

(Photo Credits: Banarsi Designs)

The use of a tablecloth doesn’t have to be limited to just your kitchen or dining room table. You can use tablecloths and table runners in a variety of ways to bring color to your home, or to add the perfect finishing touch to a Christmas tree, a bedroom or a window.

Note: No tablecloths were harmed in the making of this blog. Never cut or alter your tablecloth in any way. Instead, look for creative ways to use a tablecloth or table runner that uses clips, clothespins or other non-damaging accessories. This way, you can always take it down and use it as a tablecloth again if you like.

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Fashionable Home Decor Trends That Make a Big Impact in Your Kitchen & Living Room

Decorating your home to suit your personality can seem challenging, because there’s literally no end to the different things you can do if you use your imagination. From quirky to classic, you can create a look that is totally your own in a variety of different ways. Here are 3 fun and easy home decor trends that will make a big impact on your surroundings without spending a ton of cash.

1. Swappable Throw Pillows

(Photo Credits: Banarsi Designs)

Throw pillows can add a pop of color to your living room, and can help you tie together a seasonal or themed look. They’re also super comfortable to cuddle up with on movie night. But who wants to have a closet full of throw pillows for every mood and holiday? Instead of having a different throw pillow for each look that you want for your living room, purchase plain throw pillows that can be used with a variety of accent pillow covers. Opt for a luxurious, hand beaded throw pillow cover for a unique look, and swap it out for a bright, bold seasonal cover when you redecorate for the holidays.

2. Tablecloth Ladder

(Photo Credits: We Are All Muggles)

You can only have one tablecloth on your kitchen table at a time, but you can still display your fine linens by using a traditional blanket ladder in your kitchen. Simply fold clean, pressed tablecloths and drape them over each rung of the ladder, and set the ladder in a prominent place in your kitchen or dining room. Not only will the vertical storage keep the room uncluttered, you can keep your favorite linens on display all year long. Nobody really wants to store gorgeous, luxury tablecloths in a linen closet anyways.

3. Photo Collages

(Photo Credits: Decozilla)

Traditionally, it was customary to hang photos with a fairly large amount of space in between each one. Today’s trends throw this outdated notion out, allowing individuals to display many of their favorite photos in a single place in a photo collage. Keep your photo collage chic and stylish by using high quality frames, and keeping the color scheme the same between all the different photos.

Remember that the key to decorating your home with style and panache is to use your imagination and creativity to create looks that fit your individuality. Whether you’re going with a themed look or a particular color scheme, or simply want a look that captures the personality of you and your family, your imagination is your only limit.

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How to Give Your Guest Room That Coveted “Christmas-y” Feel

If you’re having guests over for the holidays, you want their guest rooms to look and feel spectacular while they’re visiting with you. Giving your guest rooms that “Christmas-y” feel can take a lot of time, money and effort if you’re not planning ahead of time. Here are several ways you can give your guest room a holiday look easily, by making noticeable, dramatic changes.

Use Plenty of Evergreens

Evergreens can not only instantly transform your guest room into a winter wonderland, they will also make it smell absolutely divine. No need to light a scented candle when you put a real tabletop tree, evergreen swag or a large, bushy wreath in your guest room. Guests will feel as though they’ve been transported to a swanky Christmas lodge!

Replace the Bedding

The bed is the focal point of any guest room, and putting on a new set of sheets and a brightly colored duvet cover can quickly give any room that “WOW!” component you’re looking for. Combine a gorgeous duvet cover set like the ones above with holiday inspired throw pillow covers to achieve a sweet and festive Christmas feel.

Decorate Your Bathrooms

(Photo Credits: My Sweet Savannah)

If your guest room has a bathroom too, don’t neglect to add some holiday inspired decor there as well. Evergreen swags are always stylish, while festive hand towels, seasonal soaps, and tissue box covers can make even the most basic bathroom feel like a luxurious holiday hotel.

Don’t Forget the Lights

Part of the appeal of the holidays is the sparkling lights that seem to pop up everywhere. Don’t leave your guest room out of the mix! Add a strand or two of holiday “twinkle” lights to your guest room decor to help your guests feel the Christmas spirit. Just be sure to make them easy to unplug in case your guests prefer to sleep in the dark!

Provide Lots of Warm Blankets

It’s always a pain to have to ask your host in the middle of the night for an extra blanket because you’re cold. Winter is made for snuggling up, so be sure to stock plenty of extra blankets in your guest room to anticipate their needs.

Sprucing up your guest room to prepare for your holiday guests is much more than just making sure the sheets are clean and there’s ample space for them to store their baggage. Give your guests something more to remember by taking the time to decorate their space and providing sweet, holiday inspired treats like scented soaps and Christmas candies.

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Stylish Winter Color Schemes For Your Home

Winter is arriving, and it’s time to revamp your home’s decor to reflect the season’s air of mystery and wonder. Whether you’re opting for a classic look or staying up to date with the most modern decorating trends, here are several stylish winter color schemes that are perfect for your home.

White and Pastels

(Photo Credits: Centsational Girl, Banarsi Designs)

A white and pastel color scheme can make your home feel clean, comfortable and serene, with just the right pop of color. Great pastels to use with an all-white theme would be gold, a shimmering green or even a pale grey. A hand embroidered or hand painted throw pillow can add the perfect focal point to a pristine white seating area.

Mint Blue and Cardinal Red

(Photo Credits: The Yellow Cape Cod)

Perhaps one of the boldest and most unexpected winter color scheme trends to emerge this year is the combination of a sweet, minty or aqua blue with a bright, bold red. Combine these two colors easily by using white as a backdrop and adding a splash of color here and there. This color combo evokes a modern, whimsical feel, but can still create an air of elegance when used in moderation.

Chic Black and White

(Photo Credits: Apartment Therapy, Banarsi Designs Table Runners)

Make your home a black tie affair this season by utilizing the sharp contrast of black and white throughout specific areas. Stick to strictly black and white for an ultra-contrasted look, or incorporate several shades of grey to give the area a multi-hued look. Our black and white table runners will beautifully complement any room. Transition your winter home decor to Christmas by adding pops of Christmas colors like red and green, and then transition back to the cool new year by adding silver or gold.

Pink & Pretty

(Photo Credits:

This year’s surprising color trend is hues of both soft and bright pink. Evoking the magic of pink candy coated confections, using pink in combination with other holiday colors can help bring out the childhood excitement of Christmases past.

No matter what you choose to do with your home decor in the winter, keeping a solid base color underneath — like white, silver, or gold — can help you easily add or remove coordinating decor items with the seasons, without rearranging the look of your entire home.

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How To Make Your Kitchen Colors POP!

Your kitchen is the central area of your home, where family and friends gather and delicious meals are served. You’ll definitely want to be sure that your kitchen reflects your own style and personality with gorgeous colors and the right accessories. Making your kitchen the hub of your home is as easy as finding the right color scheme to make your kitchen instantly noticeable. Here’s how to make your kitchen colors POP!

Paint Your Pantry Door a Fun Color

(Photo Credits: Willow Hill Farm Girl)

Make your pantry door stand out and add a pop of color to your kitchen by painting it a unique color that stands out from the colors used in the rest of your kitchen. Go bold with a bright hue, or choose something more subtle like the photo above that still highlights that area of the room.

Opt for Darker Cabinets

(Photo Credits: Remodelaholic)

Dark cabinets are a great way to make a kitchen look bold, polished and modern. Turn white or even wood cabinets into something spectacular with a coat of deep espresso paint, and replace old, outdated hardware with something more sleek and modern.

Go Orange

(Photo Credits: Decor Pad, Banarsi Designs)

Tuscan orange is a super hot and trendy color right now for kitchens, and can be used to make your kitchen feel bright and inviting. Avoid overwhelming your kitchen with orange by painting only an accent wall and incorporating pops of color with orange kitchen towels, rugs and a bold decorative tablecloth or vibrant placemats and napkins.

Paint Your Island

Your kitchen island is the center of the area, where everyone gathers to make meals, snack and chat. Make your island stand out from the rest of your kitchen cabinetry by painting it a bold, coordinating color. While you want to keep the focus on your kitchen island by avoiding the use of that same color on the rest of the walls, you can add splashes of it around the rest of your kitchen through the use of appliances or other countertop items.

A kitchen is the go-to place in every home, and deserves to be the center of attention. Make your kitchen colors pop by utilizing bright colors, unique tablecloths, placemats, table runners, and other kitchen accessories. Your family and friends will enjoy gathering in a warm, inviting and comfortable place and will notice your attention to detail.

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5 Cool Ideas For an Elegant “Frozen” Theme Party

Disney’s “Frozen” is ultra-hot right now, and millions of Elsa-themed birthday and holiday parties are being planned at this very moment. Hosting a Frozen inspired get together is a chic way to kick off the winter season. However, even if kiddie stuff isn’t your thing, you can still enjoy a Frozen get-together in an elegant way.

Here are 5 super cool ideas for a chic Frozen themed party.

1. Choose the Right Color Scheme

(Photo Credits: Catch My Party)

There are a few different color schemes that are associated with the Frozen movie: blue and purple, and blue and white. Blue (Elsa) and purple (Anna) are an excellent choice for a kids’ party, while a blue and white color scheme captures more of Elsa’s sophisticated elegance. Dress up your party area by using icy white and a soft, wintery blue for the ultimate impact.

2. Set Up a Candy Station

(Photo Credits: Catch My Party)

Just because you’re an adult doesn’t mean you can’t “stuff some chocolate in your face.” A sweet Elsa-themed candy table is easy to achieve with glass apothecary jars or vases, marshmallows, blue peppermints and Sixlets in coordinating colors.

3. Put Up Some Ingenious Decorations

(Photo Credits:

You don’t have to spend a ton of money to transform your party space into a winter wonderland. The cool look above was achieved by simply threading different size cotton balls on a fishing line and suspending them from the ceiling. How neat is that?!

4. Choose an Elegant Tablecloth or a Table Runner

You’ll for sure need a tablecloth, table runner, or elegant placemats whether you’re setting up a candy table or having a stately meal with your guests. Choose a decorative table linen that is befitting of an ice queen, with hand embroidered details.

5. Serve Themed Treats

(Photo Credits:

Princess cupcakes may be a great choice for a child’s party, but your elegant Frozen themed party needs something more refined and stylish. Great ideas for an adult winter wonderland party include a blueberry and marshmallow frozen punch, white chocolate covered pretzels, and salty-sweet popcorn balls.

Hosting a Frozen themed party for adults in the winter can be a great way to capture the meaningful essence of the movie in a dignified, polished way. Your guests will love your attention to detail, and with the right decor and food, they’ll be instantly transported to the magical land of Arendelle. When coming up with your own ideas for an Elsa themed party, remember to use your imagination!

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Does Your Thanksgiving Get-Together Have These 8 Things?

Planning a Thanksgiving get-together that goes smoothly can seem downright impossible, especially if you’ll be cooking for several guests. However, there are several things that can not only make hosting easier, but will also make the dinner more enjoyable for your guests. Make sure your Thanksgiving party has these 8 essentials.

1. Helping Hands

If you’re cooking for a lot of people, don’t turn down offers for help. It will free you up to focus more on the big ticket items, like the turkey. Let someone else bring the pie, or the mashed potatoes.

2. Wine

(Photo Credits: Williams Sonoma)

Wine for the cook, wine for the guests. And more wine for the cook! Stock up on several bottles of your favorite wine before the big day so you don’t run out.

3. Appetizers

Your Thanksgiving get-together will quickly turn into a bust if guests are hungry and dinner isn’t ready yet. Put out appetizers as soon as people start arriving and let them nosh and chat while you put the finishing touches on the turkey.

4. A Cooking Timeline

A few days before cooking day, make a timeline of what needs to go in when. Following the timeline will make your day go much more smoothly and will get dinner done on time.

5. Tried and True Recipes

Don’t bother fooling around with more than a couple new recipes. Stick to what you know how to cook, and what you know will be delicious and enjoyed by all.

6. A Killer Table Setting

A beautiful table setting with a decorative tablecloth or a table runner, and specialty dinnerware is a must for this meal. Set the table the night before to give yourself time on cooking day to focus solely on making the meal.

7. A Meat Thermometer

Nothing ruins a Thanksgiving dinner more than an undone bird. Don’t rely on the pop-up timer that comes on your turkey — instead, use a high quality meat thermometer and make sure the temperature reaches 165 degrees before serving.

8. Favors For Your Guests

(Photo Credits: Etsy)

Give your guests a small token of your appreciation for coming to your get-together by sending them home with a small favor. A gourmet candy bar or a decorated wine glass make great gifts.

Hosting a Thanksgiving dinner can be stressful, but the rewards are plenty. Remember to have fun and take lots of pictures as mementos for the evening!

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6 Hot Thanksgiving Table Trends

This year, everyone is going to be looking at your Thanksgiving table. It will be the subject of many pictures and Facebook posts, so you want to be sure it looks as good as your food is delicious. Here are 6 super hot Thanksgiving table trends that will set your table apart from the rest.

Pumpkin Flower Pot

(Photo Credits: Southern Piphi)

Instead of setting your flower centerpieces in a boring vase this year, empty out a pumpkin and let it act as as a flower pot. Simply remove the top and scrape out the insides as though you were carving a jack-o-lantern, and then fill the inside with water. Surprisingly, your pumpkin flower pot will last for a week or more.

Bread Cornucopia

(Photo Credits: Taste of Home)

If you don’t want to waste space on a centerpiece, turn your food into a gorgeous looking centerpiece instead! A bread cornucopia is easy to make using pre-made refrigerated breadstick dough and a foil form. Simply wrap the dough around the form and bake. Let cool, and fill with vegetables, cheeses and other foods of your choice. Never did a Thanksgiving table centerpiece look so good and taste so delicious!

Luxury Tablecloths

(Photo Credits: Banarsi Designs)

While it may not make sense to have a luxurious tablecloth on your table for the kids’ mac & cheese night, dressing up your table for Thanksgiving is all part of the fun and can give your table a great new look. Choose an elegant decorative tablecloth that works with your Thanksgiving decor, and gives your table a sense of warm comfort and sophisticated dining.

Mason Jar Drinking Glasses

(Photo Credits:

Forget champagne or wine glasses. Get creative with Mason jars and use them to hold beverages for your guests. Tie a ribbon around the jar that coordinates with your table linens for a seamless, pulled together look.

Herb Napkin Rings

(Photo Credits: Media Cache Eco)

Give your Thanksgiving table a fresh, woodsy scent with simple rosemary napkin rings. Simply tie fresh sprigs of rosemary around your folded napkins with twine. The herbs can also double as a seasoning for your guests’ dinners!

Easy Tie Silverware

(Photo Credits: Crafty Texas Girls)

Punch up the look of your Thanksgiving table settings by quickly tying a coordinating ribbon around each set of silverware. This will give your table a casual yet sleek look that your family and friends will love.

No matter what you choose to do with your Thanksgiving table, if you use your creativity and stick to modern trends, you’ll do nothing short of impressing your guests!

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