7 Blue Living Rooms That Will Life Your Spirits

As juxtapositional as it sounds, blue living rooms are a fantastic way to embrace the Summer spirit in your home.

Blue (adjective): “depressed in spirits; dejected; melancholy”.

In linguistic terms, “blue” is often associated with low moods. In terms of color and it’s effects on the spirit and emotions, this definition couldn’t be more contradictory.

Often compared to the serene hues of the ocean, blue brings about wonderful daydreams of long, sunshine-drenched Summer days, exotic holidays and enough vitamin d to make your face seamlessly melt into a Cheshire Cat grin.

With the Summer solstice upon us, it’s time to uplift your living room and inject that irresistible Summer spirit.

Here’s 7 blue living rooms that are sure to lift your spirits…

Clean & Blue


(Photo source:

This soft conglomeration of gray, navy and steel blue fabrics is about as laid back as blue living rooms get.

Add cool-hued, industrial, wooden furniture into the mix and it becomes something modern, clean and versatile.

Also, is that pendant light some sort of hanger? We need this!!

Make This Blue Living Room Yours

Keep it cool and steel-hued, and avoid ruddy or overly warm woods at all costs.


Solid geometric pillow cover and damask throw pillow cover

Classic Greenery


(Photo Source:

There is something so stunning about pops of kelly green next to bold zaffre!

To keep it looking streamlines, opt for a color palette of predominately blue and  off-white, then add adornments of green with effortlessly placed accessories.

The inspiration photo above beautifully utilizes vintage-inspired furniture and prints to add further detail to the set up.

Make This Blue Living Room Yours

If you don’t want to invest in a giant rug or carpet, add a clever retro pop with the damask elegant table runner.  A floral, green cushion, such as the jacquard floral pillow cover will add that green hue whilst adhering to the theme.


Warm Meets Cool


(Photo Source:

This living room proves that blue and coral are a love affair that may just work. The key lies in the neutral base hues, which tie these opposite ends of the color spectrum together seamlessly.

When adding these hues, you need to be very careful. Add accessories, such as printed pillow covers, flowers, or art, in specific colors and keep them consistent.

Make This Blue Living Room Yours

Muted blue and pink-coral pillow covers are the easiest way to add this stunning clash to your living room.

Paisley embroidered pillow covers

Beautiful & Boho


(Photo Source:

Blue living rooms don’t get more uplifting than this! Soft bohemian textures, natural woods, nomadic prints and pops of cacti have us filled with wanderlust.

Although bohemian decor can often be incredibly vibrant, this muted palette has just as stunning an effect.

Also, how well are those pillows organized? If you’re not sure how to arrange your pillow covers, check out our guide.

Make This Blue Living Room Yours

A mix of blue pillow covers in various boho prints to recreate this look.


Jacquard paisley pillow cover, exotic oriental pillow cover, vibrant floral throw pillow cover

Modern Luxe

(Photo Source:

This relaxed, coastal living room mixes classic nautical elements with the clean lines of Scandinavian Minimalism.

Those smoky gray walls and that deep Oxford Blue sofa together are literal heart eyes. Add the marbled, matching artwork into the works and you have a stunning living room that will leave you feeling relaxed all year long.

Make This Blue Living Room Yours

Invest in a deep blue sofa and adorn it with retro blue printed pillow covers.


Jacquard floral pillow covers, damask throw pillow cover,

Add the hawthorn leaf table runner along the floor next to your sofa.

Black & White

Coastal Chic


(Photo Source:

Another example of how less is sometimes more! White walls, a jute sofa and white furniture make this coastal chic home fresh and chic.

Navy and white prints add an inevitably nautical edge, whilst live greenery brings the air of the Summer outdoors in.

Make This Blue Living Room Yours

Opt for nautical, navy cushion covers and a blue table runner to contrast with the white furniture.


Hand embroidered blue table runner and modern two tone accent pillow cover

Clean & Crisp


(Photo Source:

This abundance of baby blue is cuter than cute! Pops of gold and classic furniture makes this living room a set-up that will last for year!

There’s absolutely no trend fads here!

Make This Blue Living Room Yours

Opt for the lightest baby blue pillow covers and accessories you can find and combine these with neutral pieces.

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30 Signs You’re A Boho Girl

Think you’re more free than the ocean and a total moon child? Here’s 30 signs that you’re a boho girl…

1.If you had to be an emoji, you’d be a peace sign.


(Photo Source:

2. The ocean totally ‘gets you’

(Photo Source:

3. This print appears so much in your home, that you may as well live in a giant mandala.


Exotic oriental table runner

4. You spend your days dreaming up awesome road trips in a vintage RV.

(Photo Source:

5. If you were a superhero, this would be your weapon.


6. You always carry a moonstone.


(Photo Source:

7. And a rose quartz. You can never be too careful!

(Photo Source: fengshui.about,com)

8. When you shop online, your basket looks like you’ve robbed the entire audience at Coachella.


(Photo Source:

9. Talitha Getty is the absolute babe of all babes. #styleicon


(Photo Source:

10. You get weirdly jealous when your parents talk about their ‘wild and free’ youth in the 70s. If only time machines existed.


(Photo Source:

11. This GIF is your ultimate outfit.


12. Crochet is the new black for you.


(Photo Source:

13. Speaking of fashion, your boho girl wardrobe wouldn’t be complete without a boho printed scarf.


Exotic silk scarf

14. It it ain’t organic or cruelty free, you don’t buy it!



(Photo Source:

15. You own at least 2 pieces of furniture older than you.


(Photo Source:

16. And you adorn them with an abundance of boho printed pillow covers.

Black & Gold

Hand embroidered brocade pillow cover

17. You’ve always had an unhealthy obsession with Indian culture.


(Photo Source:

18. You plan on getting married barefoot…


(Photo Source:


19. …And with flowers in your hair.

(Photo Source:

20. You are your real self when you are totally indulged in nature.


(Photo Source:

21. You’ve dated a guy with dreadlocks


(Photo Source:

22. You sing along to Fleetwood Mac with your dad.


(Photo Source:

23. Raw chocolate cake is an actual gift from the divine.


24. This print speaks to your soul.

Floral embroidered pillow cover

25. The Olson twins were so much cooler in the Naughties.


(Photo Source:

26. You have an entire drawer/box solely for the purpose of holding your chunky, burnished metal jewellery.


(Photo Source:

27. You spend more time on the Free People website than you do eating.


(Photo Source:

28. As a child, your favorite Disney princess was Esmeralda.


(Photo Source:

29. When you enter your house, there is an actual haze from all the incense you burn.


(Photo Source:

30. YOU READ THIS POST! After all, being a boho girl is all about what you feel inside!


(Photo Source:

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Decorating Small Bedrooms: Dos & Don’ts

When it comes to decorating small bedrooms, one step in the wrong direction can make a room feel cluttered or claustrophobic.

Small bedrooms are about making the most and enhancing the space that you have.

So how exactly do you do that?

Like this! Here’s our ultimate guide to decorating small bedrooms and what to avoid…

Do: Hide Your Storage


(Photo Source:

It’s an inevitable fact that bedrooms always need storage space. However, when it comes to decorating small bedrooms, it’s important that storage doesn’t clutter the room.

Rather than invest in specific storage furniture, opt for hidden storage options, such as under-bed storage, or built in wardrobes.

Opt for bed frames with built in drawers for something streamlined, or go for cute, woven baskets for a country cottage effect. Hanging printed table runners around the perimeter of your bed is a great way to hide your storage area and adds detail to your decor too.

Our Favorite Bedding & Runner Combos

These bedding sets and bed runners were made for each other…


Hand embroidered 7 piece duvet cover set and exotic oriental table runner


Hand painted duvet cover set and hand embroidered table runner

Don’t: Go Overboard On Furniture

Clunky wardrobes and double bed-side tables will make you feel like you are Harry Potter living in that cupboard under the stairs!

Keep pretty furniture pieces for your larger rooms.

Do: Create An Illusion With Mirrors


(Photo Source:

Mirrors reflect the space that you have and make it look larger. Using mirrors is a fantastic way to maximize your space.

Rather than going for free standing mirrors, opt for mirrored wall hangs.

Don’t: Hang Mirrors Below Eye Level

Floor mirrors or mirrors hanging below eye level will make your room look short and stumpy. To create an illusion of both height and width, hang mirrors at eye level.

Don’t: Use Harsh Lighting

Harsh, or overly yellow lighting tend to make small bedrooms look a little sickly.

Do: Go For Pops Of Interesting Lighting

(Photo Source:

Rather than having one large source of light, small bedrooms look better with multiple smaller lighting sources.

The bedroom above is a prime example. Bedside lamps and a statement pendant with two lights keep it looking symmetrical, without entering overpowering territory.

Do: Pops Of Color On The Bed

(Photo Source:

In many small bedrooms, the bed becomes the center of the room. A fantastic way to make a small bedroom look bigger is to decorate in a predominately neutral palette, then add pops of color to the bed.

These pops of color will draw the eyes inwards, creating the illusion of a larger space.

Recreate the stunning look above with a mix of coral, navy and white pillow covers.


Paisley embroidered pillow covers, elegant dahlia pillow covers, hand embroidered pillow covers

Don’t: Colored Walls

Nothing will make you feel more boxed in than brightly colored walls.

If you really want to add colorful details to the walls, opt for artworks and canvases and hang them at eye level.

Do: Hang Curtains High & Mighty


(Photo Source:

Home decor boffins at HGTV recommend opting for a curtain rod slightly wider than your window and hanging your curtains as close to the ceiling as possible.

This creates an optical illusion of height and makes your room appear larger.

Do: Add Shelves & Storage Above The Bed


(Photo Source:

Small shelves or furniture fittings above the bed are a great way to inject extra storage space.

Make sure you opt for small fittings and place them either at the head at the bed or towards foot. Otherwise, the bed itself could begin to feel boxed in.

Is your entire home full of small rooms? Here’s how to make a small room look bigger.


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Pet Home Decor Hacks That Dog & Cat Owners Will Love

These pet home decor hacks are the answer to every cat or dog owners prayers.

Anyone who has ever owned a furry friend will know that it’s hard to incorporate their needs into our homes without having to sacrifice on style.

From hidden litter trays, to cat hammocks, here’s the pet home decor hacks that dog and cat owners will love…

Pet Home Decor Hacks For Dog Lovers


(Photo Source:

This nautical style dog bed is so darn adorable, that I’d be tempted to crawl in there myself and have a nap!

This old chest of drawers has been truly transformed into a treasure. I bet my bottom dollar that the most spoiled dog in the world sleeps in here.

Yep: it’s pretty much nicer than my entire living room…

If you fancy turning your dog into some sort of pirate and re-creating this captain bed, opt for rustic blue hues, with pops of bright red. Finish with nautical printed pillow covers and sailor style wallpaper.

Solid geometric pillow cover

DIY Dog Crate Bunk Bed


Whether you are beginning to crate train your puppy, or have a dog who loves to chill out in his crate, this next hack is for you!

A crate, which is essentially a large cage, isn’t exactly appealing to look at. I turned my crate into a bohemian-style bunk bed by covering the top with two table runners. I then added the exotic oriental pillow covers to ensure it blended seamlessly into my decor.

Artie loves sleeping up here above his best friend!

Rustic Orange

Above: Jacquard leaf table runner, hand painted deluxe floral table runner, exotic Oriental pillow cover.

Under Stair Dog House


(Photo Source:

Are you the lucky owner of an under-stairs closet? It’s time to clear out all the junk and turn it into a built-in dog house!

This means that toys, dog bits and bobs, and of course your buddy himself can dwell in one neat, organized corner of the house.

Pet Home Decor Hacks For Cat Lovers

What Litter Tray?


(Photo Source:

Cat litter trays are about as aesthetically pleasing as a punch in the retina. Luckily, there are ways to hide Salem’s, ahem business, from those who visit your home.

A fantastic way to hide a litter box, is to put it under a table. Next, add a funky curtain to hide the tray. I love the way that the above design has incorporated scratching posts into the table legs too.

If you have zero sewing skills, or simply want to keep your table intact, grab a printed table runner and drape off the end of the table until it is just above ground level.

What litter box?

Cat Condo


(Photo Source:

This old drawer set, turned cat condo is a fabulous example of how pet home decor can be aesthetically pleasing and purposeful!

Rather than throwing away this old draw set, this crafty pet owner removed some drawers and turned the remainder into a multi-purpose cat decor piece. The best part? It’s a litter tray hider and a bed all in one! Plus, it has oodles of rustic charm.

Under-Chair Hammock


(Photo Source:

As a crazy-cat lady in the making, I can honestly say that I am doing this!

The dinner table is a place for everyone, so surely that includes your furry pals? Thanks to these creative hammocks, your cats can have a place at the dinner table too!

Cat Tree & Bed


(Photo Source:

Got any old milk or vegetable crates lying around? Grab some white paint and some nails and create this oh-so-adorable cat tree and bed.

To ensure it fits in with your home decor theme, adorn the top with a printed pillow cover. The hand painted deluxe accent pillow cover adds perfectly to the shabby boho vibes.

Cactus Scratching Post


(Photo Source:

Thought cat scratchers had to be as ugly as the back end of a camel? Think again!

This DIY cat cactus, or catcus (sorry, had to), adds all the beautiful bohemian vibes to your abode, whilst giving your feline friend a place to sharpen his claws.

Head over to Buzzfeed for the DIY tutorial.

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Find Your Perfect Decor Style by Telling Us About A Day In Your Life

Looking for a home decor style that fits your personality and lifestyle? Simply tell us about a day in your life and we’ll tell you your perfect decor style!

It only takes ten questions!! Take our quiz below:


The Results


Those who love bohemian decor are a bit like a colorful leaf caught on a warm Summer’s breeze. They go with the flow, they are creative and they tend to see the metaphorical glass of life as half full.

Boho babes and boys are all about that color and texture; the more of it the better. Add in prints and quirky details that look like treasures from an around the world trip and it becomes truly magical.

If bohemian is the perfect decor style for your home, go bold or go home! These absolute palaces of color will provide enough inspiration to get those creative juices flowing…



(Photo Source:


(Photo Source:


(Photo Source:

Our Recommendations

Boho is the perfect decor style for going all out! Clash ethnic prints, quirky details and bright colors.

Exotic oriental table runner, velvet sparkle pillow cover, ornamental embroidered duvet cover

Scandi Minimalism

Whether it’s a skim cappuccino, or a crisp white shirt, you’re all about the classics with a modern twist. With sleek lines and a muted palette, Scandinavian minimalism is your perfect decor style.

Although this decor style may seem as dull as dish water to more eclectic souls, Scandinavian minimalism is all about understated magic.

Practical, minimal and clutter free, this decor style invites neutral hues, soft wood and metal furnishings, and modern textiles.



(Photo Source:


(Photo Source:


(Photo Source:

Our Recommendations

Go for streamlined shapes and a neutral black and white palette.

Coffee Brown

Sophisticated 2 tone placemats, hand embroidered throw pillow cover

Shabby Chic

Retro and vintage are like oxygen to you! As a matter of fact, you’re friends often describe you as an ‘old soul’ and you can totally talk all things 1950s with your Mum, even though you didn’t even exist in that era!

Shabby chic is all about mixing the lavish and haute-feminine with worn and torn treasures. Your perfect decor style is lashings of lace, crystal chandeliers, rustic metals and more chintz than the 80s could possibly provide.

Embrace retro and cute prints, thrift store finds and pastel hues. Shabby chic decor proves that there is no such thing as too girly!



(Photo Source:


(Photo Source:


(Photo Source:

Our Recommends

Girly girl retro prints, florals and pastels are a must for this decor style!


Damask style table runner, hand painted duvet cover set, spring garden floral pillow cover

Laid Back Coastal

Is laid back coastal your perfect decor style? If so, I can bet my bottom dollar that you’re  favorite place is the beach!

Bring the effortless beauty of the seaside to your home with an array of blue tones, nautical prints and muted wood.

If you like to live on the bolder side of life, opt for chunky navy and white stripes and anchor prints for a Hamptons-worthy look.

Prefer a more muted look? Opt for natural textures, such as driftwood and rope. Top them off with an effortless color palette of pale blues, beige and cream.



(Photo Source:


(Photo Source:


(Photo Source:

Our Recommendations

Opt for an aurora of ocean hues and natural textures.


Floral embroidered pillow cover, shimmering spiral hand embroidered placemats, chic jacquard table runner


The rough and tough older sibling of Scandi Minimalism, industrial is all about the raw, the exposed and the unfinished.

Exposed concrete, wooden beams, dark hues and natural materials make this decor style seem utterly effortless. Perhaps your own lifestyle reflects this?



(Photo Source:


(Photo Source:


(Photo Source:

Our Recommendations

Top off raw materials with dark accessories with strong lines.


Solid geometric pillow covers, colorblock placemats

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