10 Wanderlust-Filled Boho Areas

The love of gypsy decor and the love and travel come hand in hand. Those who have a soft spot for bohemian style often are filled with fernweh; the longing for somewhere they have no yet been.

Whether you’re traveling, or simply looking for inspiration for your own home, these boho areas are so dreamy, you’ll have to pinch yourself!

A Mountain-side Picnic

wanderlust boho areas picnic on mountain
(Photo Source:

We hope you don’t have vertigo! This dreamy picnic has the views to please a million gypsy souls. Printed cushions and beautiful throws make for boho areas that are pretty and comfy in equal part.

To recreate, grab a printed throw and two printed cushion covers. Then pack your favorite treats and head to the most beautiful view you can find.

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Black & Gold

Hand embroidered brocade pillow cover, modern two tone accent pillow cover

Cappadocia, Turkey

girl under sheets watching balloons over turkey
(Photo Source:

Wouldn’t this be a wonderful sight to wake up to? Archaic Turkish architecture reflects a stunning sunrise, whilst hot air balloons decorate the sky.

For a snug boho area that is made for views, grab a large throw, a quilt or comforter and several pillows.

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Ornamental embroidered rectangular tablecloth, hand embroidered throw pillow cover

Boho Glamping

wanderlust boho areas camping under the stars
(Photo Source:

If you’re not down with the kids, ‘glamping’ is basically the upmarket version of camping. Dowdy tents and camo have been switched for an airy boho dream of fairy lights, hanging lanterns and an abundance of printed pillows!

Just don’t forget to take bug spray!

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Printed table runners are a wonderful way to add texture and print to this makeshift ‘ceiling’.

Golden OrangeCoffee Brown

Saree border table runner, Arabian velvet table runner,

Boho Beach Party

boho beach party
(Photo Source:

This dreamy set-up is perfect for weddings, baby showers, birthdays, or just for the fun of it! The only rule is: there needs to be enough people to carry this heavy wooden table!

Keeping the palette sandy, this set-up is made for the boho beach babe. Embrace textured pieces such as hemp, bamboo and wood to keep it rustic and add pops of print in understated, neutral tones.

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BeigePurpleBlack & Gold

Hand embroidered table runner, velvet sparkle throw pillow cover, hand embroidered brocade pillow cover

Shabby Seaside Set Up

boho beach picnic
(Photo Source:

Vintage lovers: this one’s for you! An abundance of lace, brocade and mish-mashed colors make this shabby chic set-up one of the easiest boho areas to recreate!

Bring florals to the seaside in the form of retro vases and flora-embellished crockery.

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Organza hand embroidered table runner,

Forest Dream

boho forest party
(Photo Source:

If you’re more of a forest fairy, this stunning, boho picnic area is certainly for you! With a stunning hanging canopy cascading from the trees, an abundance of hanging decorations, and an abundance of prints and textures, it really does go to show that more is more in boho areas.

To stop it looking too cluttered, stick to a predominately pastel palette. Add several throws or blankets in various prints and top with as many printed pillow covers as you can carry.

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Hand painted floral rectangular tablecloth, damask style elegant table runner, jacquard floral pillow cover

RV Goals

boho campervan RV road trip
(Photo Source:

Every gypsy girl gang needs a retro campervan! These ladies have fitted theirs out to absolute bohemian-dream perfection!

Hanging dream catchers, Native American prints and beaded curtains make for something truly stunning that is surprisingly easy to recreate.

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If you can’t find a printed blanket you love, why not use a boho print table runner as a bed runner?

Exotic oriental table runner, ornamental blossom table runner

Minimal Boho Beach

boho beach set up picnic
(Photo Source:

Forget heavy tables and actual furniture, this cute picnic area is all about keeping it simple.

Beachcomb to find a large swig or piece of driftwood to hang lanterns off. Then dot the floor with printed pillows in two contrasting tones. Dot the surrounding sand with mini lanterns for something truly magical.

Get The Boho Look

Hand embroidered brocade pillow cover, velvet sparkle throw pillow cover

On The Pier

boho areas in park
(Photo Source:

If you’re not lucky to live out in the wilderness, it doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy your own inner-city boho areas! Find a pier, park or green area and get it set up!

This stunning Aztec-print conglomeration of feminine pinks is all a girl needs to escape to fantasy land…

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Spring garden floral pillow cover, paisley leaf pillow cover, exotic oriental table runner

Rooftop Hang

boho wedding picnic area on New York City rooftop
(Photo Source:

Now this is what we call city living! Go up to the highest roof top in your city and set up a teepee, pronto!

Add velvety cushions, flowers and aztec print rugs and you have the cutest boho hangout in town!

Get The Look

Ornamental embroidered rectangular tablecloth

Want to create a boho outdoor area at home? Here’s how…

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5 Spring Colors To Instantly Update Your Home

With Spring, erm springing (?) into our life in just a few days, it’s time to ditch that dreary, Winter decor and opt for light and airy Spring colors.

Luckily, giving your home’s interior a Spring clean doesn’t have to mean breaking the bank. All it takes is the right accessories in the right places.

Here’s five Spring colors to instantly update  your home and give it that little bit of new life!

Pastel Yellow Green


(Photo Source:

With Spring, comes the promise of new life. Taking this into account, pale yellow-green shades are reminiscent of freshly budding blooms, baby leafs and Spring blossoms.


  • Use this color in cheeky accessory pops and larger chunks.
  • Combine with neutral, clean, tones, such as white and cream.
  • Opt for prints in this color.
  • Color block pastel yellow-green with white.



  • Pair this shade with brown- hello Seventies!
  • Paint walls this shade, or go for carpets or walls in this shade. Small pops of yellowish green are sweet, but large amounts can look a little sickly.
  • Go for textured pieces in this tone. Doing so can risk looking a little dated.

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From top left: damask style elegant table runner, floral embroidered pillow cover, shimmering spiral hand embroidered placemats, hand embroidered decorative tissue box cover

Soft Blush


(Photo Source:

In the fashion world, blush is the color for Spring. Considering that many interior trends are rooted in fashion, its no surprise that blush is set to be huge for home decor too.

Both in name and in nature, blush screams Spring. New blossoms and rising temperatures come to mind when faced with this soft, warm hue.


  • Mix this shade with monochrome tones, such as gray, black and white.
  • Opt for patterns.
  • Mix up your textures. Fluffy rugs and pastel pink= oh so feminine.
  • Team with rose gold; this truly is a match made in heaven.
  • Mix soft blush with other pastel tones.


  • Use this tone on curtains or upholstery. Doing so can look a little dated.
  • Mix this tone with an abundance of hot pink. Unless you’re 10.

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Coffee Brown

Arabian velvet table runner



(Photo Source:

Of all the Spring colors featured, turquoise is the one that you will love all the way through Summer too! This uplifting cool tone is beautifully reminiscent of aqua oceans, balmy Summer breezes and the beautiful months to come.

This tone looks equally as great with other bright colors, or with a more neutral palette.


  • Mix turquoise with hot, Summer colors, such as fuchsia, orange and coral.
  • Team solid turquoise pieces with printed turquoise pieces.
  • Go all out bohemian with an abundance of prints, textures and colors.
  • Team with white or cream.


  • Mix with black or gray.
  • Opt for turquoise if your house has a lot of natural bricks or is decorated in an industrial style..

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From top left: Exotic oriental pillow cover, hand painted 7 piece duvet cover set, chic jacquard table runner, floral embroidered pillow cover



(Photo Source:

Slightly more orange than coral, this Spring color is fantastic for an instant uplift! A combination of tropical coral and sunshine orange, this tone is made to warm the home up for Spring.

This is a wonderful accent color for homes with monochrome decor. However, it looks equally as fantastic in colorful homes.


  • Go bold! This color is equally as stunning in larger chunks as it is smaller.
  • Team with contrasting colors. Go for aqua for a Summery look or team with purple or mauve for something with an air of Arabic mystery.
  • Use in monochrome rooms. This hue in a retro print will instantly update any black and white home.
  • Use with pastel tones.


  • Go for anything with too much of a strong texture. The color alone is enough of a statement.

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From left: jacquard floral table runner, floral paisley placemats, hand painted deluxe accent pillow cover, elegant dahlia pillow cover

Duck Egg


(Photo Source:

Pastel colors and Spring come hand in hand and duck egg blue is a wonderful choice for those who prefer muted or more neutral hues.

A stunning love-child of baby blue and gray, this hue is not just wonderful for Spring, but all year round!


  • Team this hue with other pastel tones.
  • Use with white, cream and neutrals.
  • Embrace patterns and textures.


  • Pair this hue with anything too harsh, such as bright red or fuchsia.
  • Paint entire walls in this color. Break it up by opting for a feature wall or printed wallpaper.

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Jacquard floral pillow cover

After Spring colors that will last you all the way through Summer? Here’s some gorgeous home decor colors for Spring and Summer.

Love it? Pin it!



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Laundry Room Ideas That Are So Chic

Laundry room and chic aren’t exactly known for being synonymous. As a matter of fact, our laundry rooms can often consist of dirty piles of clothes, strewn boxes of laundry powder and a whole lot of junk that we can’t seem to find a home for.

It’s time to turn this room from blah to beautiful! These gorgeous laundry room ideas will make you actually want to take your guests through the laundry room as they enter and exit the house!

Let’s make the laundry room the room we no longer want to avoid!

For The Tiny Laundry Room

laundry room idea for small room

(Photo Source:

If you’re laundry room is little more than a cupboard, don’t fret! Having a chic laundry room doesn’t mean it has to be the size of Texas!

The tiny, yet stylish laundry room above packs a whole lot of function into a small space without looking cluttered. This is a fantastic example of making the most of the length of the room.

When using numerous shelves and stacking white goods, keep the decor clean and minimal to ensure it doesn’t look cluttered. This white and wood combo looks neat and tidy.

If you do wish to add a little print or color, do so by hanging an ironing board on a side wall. This ensures it’s functional as well as stylish.

The Navy Bohemian

navy bohemian laundry room
(Photo Source:

Who knew that a laundrette could look so darn nautical and boho? Rather than leaving your washer and dryer bare and boring, build a small structure to put them under. This is great for neatly storing washing powder and another goods too.

We often place the ugliest and cheapest sinks that we can find in our laundry rooms, however, this laundrette makes us really re-think our choices. A navy sink with matte gold hard wear makes doing menial chores seem just that little bit more glam.

The room is topped off perfectly with a wooden shelf, hanging plant and stunning, contrasting boho rug. Add some boho chic to your laundrette with our hand painted deluxe floral table runner.

Rustic Orange

For The Pet Lover

laundry room with dog bed
(Photo Source:

We love our fur babies, but litter trays and dog beds aren’t exactly gonna make our house look like The Ritz! The laundry room is often where our furry friends sleep, so what better way to make them feel at home than to build their amenities into your laundrette?

This little fella above is loving his new hideaway! Best of all, you don’t need to be a tradesman to do this yourself. Simply take the door out of one of the kitchen cabinets and add his dog bed!

This set up is fantastic for anyone who is refurbishing their kitchen and wishes to reuse their old cabinets. Simply paint them the same color as your washer and dryer and you’re ready to go.

Add color to this neutral set up with statement pots and ornaments. Then compliment this color by using a printed table cloth on your floor.

P.S. Does this dog seriously have this own private shower?
laundry room with cat bed and feeder
(Photo Source: BHG Style Spotters)

Cat parents, rejoice! We have found somewhere that litter tray will not be an eye soar! Place a double shelf in between your washer and dryer. Place the cat food on the top level and the litter tray on the bottom.

To make the cats area look glamorous, add a place mat under the feeding area. Our Saree border place mat is great for all neutral decor.

Alternatively, opt for a matching set to use under the litter tray and the feeding station, such as our placemat and table runner set.

Cute & Clean

clean minimal chic laundry room
(Photo Source:

If this isn’t the definition of a chic laundry room, we don’t know what is! The best part of this design is that it’s relatively simple to recreate.

Begin by adding a wooden shelf on top of your washer and dryer. Add cupboards and shelves and then finish by attaching a clothes rail for those freshly washed linens!

Finally, add cute touches such as shabby chic laundry baskets, faux roses and vintage jars.

Rustic Touches

rustic industrial laundry room
(Photo Source:

Here’s one for the thrift shop lovers! Although this laundry room may not be as clean and neat as the others, it still has that stylish charm that makes us want to recreate it!

Metal shelves and hangers give it an industrial edge, whilst floral print rugs and woven basks place it into rustic territory.

To ensure your laundrette doesn’t look overly cluttered, keep it neutral and add a few statement colors and prints. Add one of our printed table runners to add a pretty, vintage edge to this room.

Ocean Blue

From left: jacquard paisley table runner, exotic oriental table runner, ornamental blossom table runner

Still want to de-clutter? Check out these hidden storage spots!

On a roll with a home decor makeover? Here’s how to make your home look more expensive.

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Bohemian Bedroom Ideas For College Dorms

Bohemian bedroom ideas for the dreamy college girl with the #GypsySoul.

Calling all college babes: you spend waaay more room in your college dorm than you think! From sleeping and ahem, napping, to studying, to chilling out, to eating re-heated McDonald’s at 2AM, your college dorm is pretty much your entire home. So you know what would make your time at college a whole lot better? A cheeky dorm makeover.

By nature, a bohemian bedroom is dreamy and relaxing. So if you want to lower those stress levels, whilst making your room cute and on-point, keep on reading for some major inspo…

The Cool & Blue


(Photo Source:

Ok, so the photo above is actually some chicks’ college dorm. Us? Jealous? Never! As well as that oh-so-cute blue Mac Book, this boho babe has kept it clean and soothing with a mixture of baby blue, navy and white.

The arrangement of the boho cushions immediately transform the bed into a functional ‘work sofa’. Hey: college dorms are small, so multi-functional spaces are a must!

The Dorm Ingredients

To recreate this luscious, blue, pop of goodness, you will need:

  • A printed blue bedding set. Paisleys and florals are most certainly welcome!
  • A variety of wall canvases and art works. Think dreamy scenery, dream catchers and inspirational quotes.
  • A string of fairy lights.
  • Faux hanging ivy.
  • 6-10 printed boho cushions. We suggest these beauties (they come in sets of 2- BOOM!):

Ocean BlueBlueGoldYellow

Left to right: floral embroidered pillow cover, ornamental embroidered throw pillow cover, hand painted deluxe accent pillow cover, damask throw pillow cover

The Hippy Hidaway

Processed with VSCOcam with t1 preset
(Photo Source:

The best thing about this bohemian bedroom is that everything can be purchased from a thrift store! Check out how good those hideous, standard, dorm room drawers look: yes really! This bunk bed provides a perfect basis for a hidden sleeping area underneath. All you need to do is cover it up with a mandala wall hang. There’s being disturbed by your night owl room mate instantly sorted!

Best of all, the top bunk makes a really cool ‘living area’. Simply add cushions and throws and voila!

The Dorm Ingredients

  • A mandala hang
  • A hammock chair
  • An old sofa cover
  • Various cushions
  • Fleece throws
  • Fairy lights

If you can’t find a mandala hang, a boho print table cloth would make just as chic a cover up!

Ornamental embroidered table cloth

The Minimal & Neutral


(Photo Source:

If you are after a more polished take on the bohemian bedroom, this one is for you! What this stunning minimalist boho dorm room lacks in color, it most certainly makes up for in texture. So get ready to embrace lots of fluff, knit fabrics and natural wood!

What makes this boho dorm room so appealing is the stunning mix of geometric shapes. The shelves are a great way to store pretties and those faux deer horns mean that your necklaces will never be tangled again!

The Dorm Ingredients

  • 2 x triangle shaped hanging shelf units
  • 1 x hexagonal hanging shelf unit
  • Shell chandelier/hang
  • Faux deer horns
  • 1 x knitted cushion
  • 1 x faux fur cushion
  • Faux fur throw
  • 2 monochrome printed cushions, we recommend:


Solid geometric pillow cover, elegant dahlia pillow cover

  • Plain white or cream bedding. We recommend:

Hand embroidered 7 piece duvet cover set

The Wanderluster


(Photo Source:

Whether you are a seasoned traveler, or you are just holding out for that gap year, this boho dorm room is what you’ve been dreaming about girl!!

With a colorful world map as the ultimate focal point, this dreamy dorm room picks out the colors from the map and pairs them with stunning cushions.

As the rest of the room is quite basic, this is great for all those ladies out there who want a dorm room that is #goals, but do not want to spend a fortune. All it takes is a world map throw and some colorful cushions…

The Dorm Ingredients

  • Plain bedding
  • A fringed cream throw or blanket
  • A world map wall hang
  • A dreamcatcher
  • A wooden arrow
  • 7 cushions, a mix of neutral and colorful prints. We recommend:


Floral embroidered pillow cover, paisley leaf pillow cover, jacquard damask pillow cover, paisley embroidered pillow cover

The Finishing Touches

Integrate these into your dorm room for something really special!


(Photo Source:

Get some glue and faux flowers and make this statement mirror!


(Photo Source:

Crystals can make surprisingly nifty candle holders…


(Photo Source:

Dorm rooms are often stuffy with no windows, making it hard for plants to survive. Cacti are hardy little dudes, so they are perfect for adding a bit of life to your room.

(Photo Source:

How cute are these fringe wall hangs? What’s even more amazing is that you can make them yourself. See the tutorial here.

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Processed with VSCOcam with f3 preset

Dreamy Boho Kitchens You Have To See To Believe

Looking to add a little boho to your home decor? Boho kitchens are a wonderful way to give your home a laid-back, gypsy edge. As a matter of fact, Pinterest is bulging with dreamy, boho kitchens that come with the unspoken promise to make cooking more stylish!

From stunning hanging herbs, to gorgeous Aztec prints, here are the boho kitchens that you really have to see to believe.

We promise they really do exist!

Greenery & Copper


(Photo Source:

Ever since Pantone named greenery and kale as some of the hottest colors for 2017, we knew that green was going to be a huge hit on the kitchen scene!

Bringing about visions of leafy salads and smoothies, green is the perfect choice for any kitchen. And when rose gold is added into the equation, the result is truly mesmerizing!

Simple, copper accessories make a wonderful contrast to deep greens. Best of all, pieces such as cooking spoons are relatively cheap. Vases, candle holders and salt and pepper shakers make wonderful additions too.

This dreamy, green kitchen adds a further green element through an abundance of live greenery. Wooden shelves keep it looking natural and bring an appetizing air of the outdoors in.

Moroccan Inspired


(Photo Source:

Raise your hand if you are well and truly bored of plain black or white splash backs? **Raises hand** Thought so! Statement splash-backs are a fantastic way to take a plain kitchen to the next level. This Moroccan-style print really gives this neutral kitchen a bohemian edge.

The wooden shelves and worktop really work with the print too. Add basil, thyme and other herbs to one side of your worktop for a decor accent that is edible!

Get The Look

Printed tiles can be expensive. Luckily, this isn’t the only way that you can inject a Moroccan edge into your home. A boho printed table runner, or boho placemats, can instantly transform a worktop. Which, in turn, transforms your kitchen!

Above: Exotic oriental table runner and saree border placemats

Gypsy Dining


(Photo Source:

There’s something so raw and natural about this boho dining set-up, that it almost makes us feel like it’s outside. The rustic wooden dining table is beautifully complimented by the stripe table runner. The cacti centerpiece really makes it modern and Aztec.

However, perhaps the most distinctly stunning aspect of this dining area is the wall art. The Aztec-print wall hang and hanging succulent cleverly separate the dining area from the rest of the open plan home.

Get The Look

Invest in some gypsy-style fabrics and adorn the dining table and wall to create a boho dining area.

Coffee Brown

Arabian velvet table runner

Rustic Western

Processed with VSCOcam with f3 preset

(Photo Source:

We wouldn’t be surprised if this house was in the wild west! Classic ‘cowboy style’ prints and rustic, metal bar stools look straight out of the saloon. Hanging plants and flowers add a distinctly feminine vibe to stop it looking too ‘Clint Eastwood’.

That hanging light fixture is actually genius. We adore the way it floats so perfectly above that breakfast bar. Where can we find a handyman to make us one?

Get The Look

Opt for a table cloth or runner with a Western-style boho print and drape over one side of your breakfast bar. If you’re not lucky enough to have a distinct bar, simply throw over your dining table.

Black & White

Above: Hawthorn leaf table runner and ornamental embroidered table cloth.

Hanging Gardens


(Photo Source:

No matter what kind off state your kitchen is in, it can easily be uplifted with hanging leaves or faux leaves. To add to the boho vibes, hang quirky plates on your walls too. There really are no rules when it comes to boho kitchens!

Boho Accents


(Photo Source:

Sometimes less is more and this minimalist-style home certainly proves this! The clean, white fixtures and wooden floor are beautifully uplifted by this statement, boho rug. This alone transforms the room and makes it feel homely rather than clinical.

Cute pendant lights and wooden accessories add to this bohemian vibe, without making it too overcrowded.

Get The Look

We are all about mixing it up, so why not try using a bohemian print table runner as a rug?

Glamorous border table runner

Which of these boho kitchens will you be dreaming of?

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