A Decade In Scarf Styles: 1950s

The 1950s had many style icons: Marilyn Monroe, Grace Kelly, and, of course: the printed scarf.

If you are wanting to inject a little retro elegance into your everyday wardrobe, look no further than these 1950s scarf styles…

The Hair Wrap

The 195os saw the birth of a trend that would be huge for the next three decades: the hair wrap.

Soft curls often peeped out of pretty printed scarves that were worn loosely over the hair and wrapped around the neck to secure.


(Photo source: stylecraze.com)

Pastel hues and silk fabrics ensure that this scarf look is a total feminine dream. Whispy strands of hair further add to the ladylike innocence.


(Photo source: pinimg.com)

Scarves were also tied more tightly around the hair and tied at the back.

This style is similar to the bandana trend of the 1960s.

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Solid color scarf

The One Shoulder Belt Tuck


(Photo source: tumblr.com)

Look familiar? The scarf ‘belt tuck’ has certainly made an appearance over the last few seasons.

Interestingly enough, this look was huge in the 1950s, when it was all about the waist. A large waist belt perfectly cinched in this double breasted jacket and flowing scarf combination.

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Artistic print silk scarf

The Striped Scarf

Stripes were a huge print trend in the 1950s, so of course striped accessories were too!

Striped scarves were a popular accessory and were worn both around the neck and on the head.


(Photo source: pinimg.com)

This powerful suit is given a nonchalant Parisian edge with the addition of  striped monochrome scarf.


(Photo source: theniftyfifties.tumblr.com)

This striped hair-scarf instantly nails ‘Riviera chic’, which was a huge trend in the 1950s.

The Loose & Lovely

Hair scarves weren’t always worn tight and in a neat bow. Silk scarves worn loosely on the hair were just as popular.


This matching dress and hair scarf set is simply adorable!

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Floral paisley silk scarf


(Photo source: google.com.br)

Grace Kelly looks every bit the original preppy queen in a linen pinstripe shirt and bohemian print hair scarf.

The peep of hair keeps it effortless and casual.

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Exotic silk scarf

The Belt


(Photo source: whosafraidofelizabethtaylor.tumblr.com)

Screen goddess Elizabeth Taylor has a fantastic way to enhance her curves, with a scarf!

She ties a brightly hued scarf around her waist to draw attention to her tiny waist.

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Solid color scarf

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Inspiration: Boho Christmas Decor

Bo ho ho! Not a fan of everything Santa-embellished or snowman covered? These boho Christmas decor set-ups are so stunning, that you’ll be decking your halls with pom poms and tassels ASAP.

Oh Trendy Tree


(Photo source: advicefromatwentysomething.com)

Who said that Christmas decor has to be tacky? This minimalist bohemian Christmas tree is so stunning and chic, that we’d keep it up all year round!

Tassels and wooden instruments bring in an earthy element, whilst matte metallic baubles keep it festive in the cleanest possible way.

Fluffy cushions and bohemian rugs look incredible under a Christmas tree. As a matter of fact, we’d be happy to find those fluffy white cushions waiting for us on Christmas morning!

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Hawthorn leaf table runner and floral embroidered pillow cover

Rum Pum Pom Pom


(Photo source: conveythemoment.com)

We’ve said it once, we’ll say it a million times: bohemian decor doesn’t have to be a literal rainbow of colors.

This minimalist boho Christmas decor shows that creamy dreamy textures and little details can indeed be beautiful and boho.

Switch out traditional Christmas bunting for oversized pom poms and replace your red and green stockings with white, chunky knitted numbers.

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Coffee Brown

Hand embroidered throw pillow cover

Oh Color-ye Faithful


(Photo source: auntpeaches.com)

Christmas is the epitome of ‘out there’, but this doesn’t necessarily mean a whole ton of snowflakes and glitter.

This rainbow tree is quirky, out there and is bound to put a smile on anyone’s face this Festive Season!

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Beige & Maroon

Glamorous border table runner

It’s The Most Colorful Time of The Year


(Photo source: emiliyaclark.com)

How cute is this? Adding a kitsch reindeer or Christmas character adorned pillow to an array of colorful cushion covers makes an on-trend Christmas living area.

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Paisley embroidered pillow cover and jacquard paisley pillow cover

Oh Starry Night


(Photo source: thejungalow.com)

Holly and stars are both quintessentially festive. This hanging decoration incorporates them in the most magical way possible.

As for the table, sparkling gold tableware and a textured white tablecloth make for something truly stunning.

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Ocean Blue

Ornamental embroidered table cloth

The Holly & The Ivy


(Photo source: air-we-inspire.livejournal.com)

Team classic Christmas red with folky Artisan prints for a trendy and festive vibe.

Black furniture can be easily updated for the Christmas season with printed colorful cushions and fancy throws.

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Jacquard floral pillow cover and paisley print pillow cover

I’m Dreaming of a White Christmas


(Photo source: instagram.com/)

Whether you live in a college dorm or an intercity apartment, this boho Christmas decor was made for a small space!

A corner Christmas tree looks right at home alongside chunky knits, warming winter rugs and knitted pillow covers.

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Solid geometric pillow cover

Baby It’s Chic Outside


(Photo source: stylemepretty.com)

Wooden chairs, golden details and flowing, beige table runners make this Christmas tablescape a Scandinavian dream.

Add festive greenery and tall candle holders for a Winter warmer that will be more than welcome for your guests.

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Organza hand embroidered table runner

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A Decade In Scarf Styles: 1960s

Scarves were a big hit in the 1960s. From Mod-esque bandanas, to polished pussybows, this was a decade in scarf styles that inspired trends for decades to come.

Let’s take a look at some of iconic ways that scarves were styled in the 1960s…

The Hair Bandana

On-trend Mod dresses were teamed with punchy printed scarves wrapped around the head and secured in a bow at the nape of the neck.

Popular scarf trends included polkadots, monochrome and various geometric shapes.


(Photo source: born-late.blogspot.com)

It doesn’t get more 1960s than a black and white collared shift dress!

An orange and monochrome printed bandana reflects the Andy Warhol pop art era to perfection.

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Geometric print scarf


(Photo source: photosdemode.blogspot.fr)

Statement sunglasses were massive in the 60s! Rather than opting for a sunhat, 1960s fashionistas often wrapped large scarves around their hair.

Well… that’s one way to avoid sweaty/sandy/salty hair!

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Striped print scarf

The Pussy Bow

Prior to the 1960s, the implementation of menswear in a woman’s wardrobe was pretty much non-existent.

Rather than opting for a typically masculine tie, many women found middle-ground by using a scarf and tying it as a pussy bow.

The pussy bow was often paired with collared shirts or shift dresses.


(Photo source: gq.com)

Bridget Bardot is one of those women whose style influence is eternal.

The sizzling 60s starlet complimented her white shirt with an oversized polkadot pussy bow.


(Photo source: newenglandwoodstock.com)

Shift dresses were often given an edge with a pussy bow. Those women wishing to truly borrow from the boyfriend wore their silk scarves as ties.

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Artistic print silk scarf

The Silk Neck Tie


(Photo source: fashionsmostwanted.blogspot.co.nz)

Silk neckties were bright, bold and beautiful and were paired with an array of looks.

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Artistic print silk scarf

Long & Flowing


(Photo source: flickr.com)

As this 1960s Christian Dior campaign shows, the longer the scarf, the better!

Longer silk scarves were tied around the hair, with the lengths of fabric left flowing down the back.

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Geometric print scarf

The Cap

Hair scarves were prominent throughout the 60s and 70s. However, one style that was typical of the 1960s alone was the cap.

Scarves were wrapped around the top of the head and tied under the chin, appearing like a cap or bonnet.

(Photo source: sixties-gal.tumblr.com)

This shot of supermodel Twiggy in a daisy cap is one of the most iconic in 1960s fashion.


(Photo source: the60sbazaar.tumblr.com)

Silk scarves were often worn loosely and tied in a bow for a classy and feminine look.

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Artistic print scarf

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20 Things That Prove That You Literally Live For Christmas

Do you literally live for Christmas?

Find yourself rocking around the Christmas tree when everyone else is still dreading the big Xmas buzz?

Here’s 20 things that prove that you literally live and breathe for everything Christmas..

1.It’s November 1st & your home looks like the inside of the Macy’s Christmas isle


(Photo source: theodysseyonline.com)

2. Your house is decked out in red and green all year round

If it isn’t covered with snowman prints it doesn’t count right?


From top left: Arabian velvet table runner, floral embroidered pillow cover, hand embroidered duvet cover set, luxurious artistry table runner

3. You can say “Merry Christmas” in at least 15 languages


…Yet you failed high school Spanish.

4. The Children in your family actually think you are lame for how excited you are on Christmas Eve


Erm… what happened to your Christmas spirit kiddies?

5. You’d rather eat actual poop than go a year without an iconic Starbucks red cup


You actually have a small display of cups from previous years in your spare bedroom. What can you say, you live for Christmas coffee.

6. This Mean Girls scene makes you excited for Christmas


Christmas is less than a quarter of a year away!!! **squeals**

7. You own Michael Buble’s ‘Christmas’ in both regular and deluxe editions


(Photo source: me.me)

Come to think of it, ‘I’ll Be Home For Christmas” would be a good first dance song.

8. When you were a kid you wanted to work in the Elves toy factory when you grew up


(Photo source: magnumlady.com)

And you still hold a slight grudge against your parents for telling you that wasn’t an actual profession.

9. You’ve totally tried to set up some of Kevin McAllister’s traps from Home Alone


And you totally fell down the slippery staircase yourself.

10. People who don’t like Christmas actually scare you


We call is Scrooge-a-phobia.

11. Your friends don’t recognize you when you’re not rocking a Xmas sweater.


Hey, they are cozy!

12. Your December electricity bill is approximately as much as the entire Las Vegas strip added together


(Photo source: me.me)

Who said that money can’t buy happiness?

13. You once asked for mulled wine in a bar…


…and the barman actually laughed at you.


14. It’s November… and you’ve already watched The Grinch 23 times


And by the 19th time, you literally know when the hilarious ‘what will I wear scene’ will come on and laugh before it’s actually happened.

It’s just so darn moving.

15. You are pretty sure that your neighbors have heard you belting out ‘All I Want For Christmas Is You’


….In June.

16. You have an entire Pinterest board dedicated to Christmas


(Photo source: https://www.pinterest.com.au/marthastewart)

Actually, you have one for ‘Christmas decor’, one for ‘Christmas food’ and one for “Christmas movies.”

17. You can’t drink Coca Cola without murmuring ‘Holiday’s are coming’ with matching train actions


Ah… childhood!

18. The sauciest thing in your closet is this.


And sometimes you just wear it around the house…

19. This dog is your spirit animal


**Cue chorus of awws**

20. By the end of this article you are singing a Christmas song out loud!


Caught you!

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5 European Castles That Are Straight Out Of A Fairytale

Did you spend your childhood dreaming of being a Princess? Feast your eyes on these European castles that are straight out of a fairytale.

Schloss Neuschwanstein in Bavaria, Germany


(Photo source: expatior.com)

Surrounded by a seemingly enchanted forest and perched on a snowy hilltop, Neuschwanstein Castle in Bavaria looks like it is a screen shot from a Disney Movie. As a matter of fact, the castle inspired Disneyland’s iconic Sleeping Beauty Castle.

One of the most modern European castles, Neuschwanstein was built in 1869 as the retreat of Ludwig II of Bavaria. After his death in 1886, this fairytale wonder was opened to the public. It has received approximately 61 million visits in it’s lifetime.

Despite its relatively young age, its romantic architecture and dreamy location make it a must-visit for any wannabe Princess or architecture guru.

The Interior


The castle is decorated in a classical Medieval style. The interior was heavily decided by Ludwig II himself who had a keen interest in decorating and architecture.

The designs throughout the castle also pay homage to the German legends of Lohengrin. Alongside this, various scenes from the operas of Richard Wagnar inspired murals and decorative borders.


(Photo source: http://www.neuschwanstein.de)

The bedroom features two murals depicting the legend of Tristan and Isolde.  The two characters are also prominently featured in the rooms wooden carvings and as ceramic tiles on the stove.

The stunning bed is certainly fit for a king and features silk bedding with hand embroidered lions, swans and lilies.

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Hand embroidered 7 piece duvet cover set and hand embroidered throw pillow cover

Chateau De Chambord, France


(Photo source: travelfeatured.com)

Once upon a time, in the Loire Valley, King Francis I built one of the most extravagant hunting lodges in the world. Fast forward 500 years and Chateau de Chambord remains one of the most recognizable castles in Europe.

As a matter of fact, this French wonder even inspired the Beast’s home in the 2017 ‘Beauty and The Beast’ movie.

Chateau de Chambord is a perfect example of French Renaissance architecture and blends traditional French Medieval forms with classic Renaissance elements.

The Interior


(Photo source: travelcaffeine.com)

As the largest castle in France, the Chateau de Chombord features a whopping 440 rooms, 282 fireplaces and 84 staircases.

The ground floor consists of reception rooms, the mezzanine level consists of the Royal Houses and the top level is a hunting museum.

The Royal Houses have very lavish interiors, including gilded gold walls, painted murals and chandeliers.

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Coffee BrownSilver

Arabian velvet table runner and exotic Oriental pillow cover

Balmoral Castle, Scotland


(Photo source: watchmesee.com)

Scotland may be best known for kilts and haggis, but it’s pretty impressive in the castle scene too!

Balmoral Castle is located in rural Scotland in Aberdeenshire and has acted as residence for the British Royal Family since the mid 1800s. The estate and original castle were purchased by Queen Victoria in 1852 and has since housed Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Phillip.

Despite being known as a castle, Balmoral has the architectural structure of a Victorian country house. It features various architectural styles and influences including Scottish Baronial style and 16th Century French Chateaux.



(Photo source: traveltriangle.com)

With an estimated price of $500 million, we can only expect that the interior of Balmoral Castle is as stunning as the exterior.

This beautiful dining room combines elements of a classic country lodge with stunning regal details.

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Modern squares rectangular tablecloth

Prague Castle, Czech Republic

View on Church Of Our Lady Before Tyn, Oldtown Hall and Prague Castle
(Photo source: travelandleisure.com)

As well as looking straight out of the pages of a fairytale, Prague Castle is reportedly the largest castle on the entire globe. Spanning a huge 70,000 square meters, this castle features an array of eclectic architecture styles.

Prague Castle has elements that were built in 870, some that were built in the 1920s, and everything in between. Due to the construction of the castle spanning 1059 years, it has buildings that represent almost every architectural style from the last Millennium.

The Interior


Although Prague Castle offers a wide variety of interior styles, this library looks like it has been taken straight out of Beauty and The Beast.


(Photo source: http://www.alchymistpraguecastle.com)

Do you dream of being a princess for a day? Prague Castle has a variety of suites that visitors can stay in! It is one of the few European castles that offer this service and with decor this grand, how can you say no?

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Beige & Purple

Hand embroidered 7 piece duvet cover set and game of chess checkered pillow cover

Hohenwerfen Castle, Austria


(Photo source: reddit.com)

Hohenwerfen Castle certainly proves that the Austrians know how to build the picture perfect fairytale castle!

Situated on a 623 meter hilltop overlooking the small town of Werfen, this castle has the Alps as its stunning backdrop.

The Medieval castle was built in 1075 by the Archbishop Gebhard of Salzburg for war purposes. Since then, it has been used as a hunting lodge, a world war 2 training camp and a prison.

The Interior


(Photo source: ricardo-mireille.com)

Despite areas of the castle being badly damaged by fire, traditional Medieval interiors can still be viewed by visitors.

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Coffee BrownGold

Arabian velvet table runner and luxurious artistry table runner

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